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Mohan Singh
Posted by: starfish ()
Date: January 17, 2007 11:36PM

Does anyone else think that a twice over nearly-convicted violent, serial rapist and abuser of women is hosting His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche (with all due respect to His Emminence, because someone from his establishment obviously knows the real truth) at his personal home and then the next week His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche is teaching at Tibet House in New York City?

Is there some sort of cover up going on in the Dalai Lama's administration like the Catholic Church? Do these high up people in the Tibetan Buddhist administration and Hollywood types think that they can just recirculate this felon and criminal, throw him a couple of Lamas to make him look good, give him Mystical Arts of Tibet and other Tibetan shows to make money in America, while allowing raping young American women to be raped? Is there any justice? This man is sick, he is insane and he needs to be in jail. He is not the next Osho, he is not a guru, he is a criminal.

This email was sent to me yesterday and I am posting it without a name:

I became aware of the allegations surrounding this
person only a few days ago.

I saw him in Tampa on Friday evening (01-12-07) at a
teaching by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche. I did not
notice his entourage and was unaware of the
allegations at the time. I was surprised at his
appearance since he was wearing monk colored clothes,
but had a beard and real shaggy hair on his head.

As of yesterday, when His Emminence was teaching in
Clearwater, H.E. (and/or his attendants) did not allow
him to sit with the other ordained (after we received
an email with the allegations.) I do not know if he
ever returned to the teachings.

His Emminence did go to Miami and stay with these
folks and give teachings last week, however I do not
think it will ever happen again.

Rinpoche is leaving tomorrow for Boston. I do not know
if this person will follow H.E. or if he realizes that
we are on to him. H.E.'s translator has the
information and a link to the forum entries on this

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Mohan Singh
Posted by: icare ()
Date: January 25, 2007 08:20AM

Walking down collins avenue on miami beach sunday night I was approached by a husky man in his mid to late forties with shaggy long hair who I have seen with mohan in NY before. He introduced himself as benzi?? and was with a very attractive blonde girl. Being alone and a woman I felt uneasy. After a little small talk he told me that my body looked out of aligment, that he could adjust me and stood behind me. Feeling uncomfortable I turned to him and said no thank you. He tried to reassure m

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Mohan Singh
Posted by: Ken Chan ()
Date: February 06, 2007 08:24PM

Is this animal still in the US ??

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Mohan Singh
Posted by: icaretoo ()
Date: February 13, 2007 10:38PM

I have been reading all the postings against Mohan Singh on this site...

This man you are accusing so hatefully has done nothing wrong and I for one, know 100s of people who have been benefitted from knowing him - and each and every one of those people would be prepared to say how much their life has changed for the better because of him. So what you write are total lies and lies and more lies... Absolute rubbish written by a bunch of angry hateful people.

You say that Mohan has committed many crimes, but the only crime I have ever seen him commit day in day out is to be continuously working for the benefit of all sentient beings.. I have peronsally seen people around him heal from sometimes life threatening diseases, heal family rifts and their relationships with their parents and get off drugs, smoking and bad food. I don't see where the crime is here.

Nobody has raped anybody. That is an utter lie[...]

I know this man and I've seen all these people and none of what you say about them is true. There's no cult and no following as you imply[...]And for every person on this site saying nasty things about Mohan, I know 100 people who would negate that.

Another thing is, I know this man is a millionaire, and he never took any money from any person. I know many people out there who can say he never took even one dollar from them. All those people blaming and talking about money, there's nobody on this planet who can say he took money from them. He actually pays for everyone.

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Mohan Singh
Posted by: Ken Chan ()
Date: February 14, 2007 09:15PM

I read Icaretoo's comments with intrest, I really think you shoud wake up !!
You say he's a millionaire, have you ever asked yourself how he has this money,is he a business man or a son a wealthy father, If so what's the name of his father. Check with the IRS or HMRC in the uk and see if he has paid a cent in TAX ever !!.

I can carry on but what's the point you are clearly blinded be him.......

I hope and pray that you will one day see the light !!

Your well wisher


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Mohan Singh
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: February 14, 2007 11:06PM


Let's try to be civil here and avoid flaming.

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Mohan Singh
Posted by: angel ()
Date: February 16, 2007 08:25AM

It is obvious that icaretoo is one of Mohan Singh's female groupies.... I have met many of them and they are such sad, pathetic women - they just live for him, give him their money and their lives - they have no life of their own apart from him and his group, no individuality , they have lost all ability to think for themselves and have no sense of themselves at all.

You can be sure that anyone who defends Mohan on here is part of this unfortunate circle of women, who have been cunningly hypnotised into group think. It is really very sad.

He is staying outside of England because he knows that the police there have a warrant out for his arrest . Several women there have gone to the police and accused him of rape,and it is all on official records now.

It is surprising that the US authorities are still not doing anything about this . If anyone sees him, they should immediately notify the local police .

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Mohan Singh
Posted by: icaretoo ()
Date: February 17, 2007 09:59PM

Ken Chan, I am not blinded by anybody... perhaps you are the one who is blinded by your anger and hate toward this man. How can you call someone brainwashed when it is their and 100's of others' inherent experiences that they speak of. When their life has visibly been changed for the better from knowing this man. When they are healthier than they're ever been before and happier. Maybe it is those who speak in bitterness and anger and hatred that are the ones who are brainwashed by their own poisions. It is subjective. I for one, am no follower, nor a grouppie of Mohan. I find the implication an insult to my intelligence. I happen to have met him many times and have witnessed many transformations of people around him. It is easy for you to brand me a groupie and say that I am blinded by him and dismiss the truth of what I am saying. It is interesting that the people who are running this forum have ommitted a vital part of my previous posting regarding the fact that I know the man responsible for these nasty accusations against Mohan to be a rapist of his own daughter... but that was not published... why is that...? Is it because there is truth in it...?

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Mohan Singh
Posted by: creation song ()
Date: February 22, 2007 02:28AM

dear all,
i am very grateful to find these words. a friend just posted me this link, and i almost lost my breath, as i have asked to find a window of opportunity through which to bring light to this situation and to speak the truth about Mohan for over two years now.

i was taken to meet Mohan just over two years ago, being led to believe i was going to meet a great spiritual leader.

i felt that there was something strange going on, but i was curios to meet this man, of whom i was hearing such good things about.

When he arrived at the house, we all went in, sat and ate as he spoke and gave teachings of great wisdom and knowledge. all through the evening, he kept asking me what my greatest fear was. i could not answer this. i could not find it in myself to speak it.

After dinner, which was an abundant meal, given to all who were there, i was "ritually cleansed" with incense and some prayers chanted over me by Mohan, after which one of the pale and "Vamped" women turned to me and said, he is ready, its your time.

i had developed a trust in this man over the course of the evening. we had talked a lot, and i felt a resonance with his teachings. i trusted in him as a teacher.

so, when Mohan said "we are going", and walked me down the road, i was a little nervous, but was not worried.

we arrived at his other apartment down the road, where Mohan told me to take off my clothes and get in the shower, while he prayed and chanted over me, with incense and crystal salts and "cleansed my body and spirit"... apparently.

im not normally so gullible, but i had for some reason, some trust and faith that this man was genuine, and that the wisdom and teachings that were coming from his mouth were with pure intent and integrity. i did not expect that he would take advantage of a young woman who had put her trust in him as a guide.

But he did...

and he took me to his bedroom, where he went on to climb on top of me and start penetrating me sexually.


i actually came to my full senses not long after this, and pushed him off me.

I realised that he was really a power sucking vampire, who was using women in order to drain them of their life force by means of sex.

It still makes me cringe to think about it.

The experience left me very disorientated and confused for a long time, for he went on to try and convince me that i was lost in my mind, and that there was something very wrong with me, that i was a bitch, and extremely selfish.

The thing that had me so confused was that he seemed to know all about me, the things that he was saying, were true, i was quite selfish, i was quite stuck in my mind. so i was very confused when he came out with all of these things, shouting at me, and at the same time telling me it was ok, that we could sort it out.

thats how he gets to people, and uses them. the women in his apartment were all pasty and weak... like they had all had their life force sucked out of them by a vampire.

I should have listened to my original feelings, and that was that something was not right, but my curiosity led me into it. And, i am grateful, as well, for this experience too, for i said no, and did not "sell my soul to the devil". it took me a log time to realise what i had been through, and now i am much stronger, and will never fall for such lies and trickery from another person again.

i tried to find out who this man was for a while, but i have been out of the uk for 2 years now, and had no success looking on the internet.

if anyone has a way to take this further and bring true justice to this situation, to reveal the truth of this man, to the teachers who's names he uses to justify his evil deeds (the Dali Lama, Osho, Caroline Myss and many others), and to the people of the world, so that he may not get away with this anymore,,, i am here to speak my truth and to assist in this process.

thank you.

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Mohan Singh
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: February 22, 2007 03:49AM

creation song:

It is against the rules to post contact information.

When you have ten approved posts you will be able to use the private messaging system at the message board.

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