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Re: husband in mankind project...cult?
Posted by: O'Brother ()
Date: May 15, 2021 09:56AM

I guess I won't say that The Mankind project doesn't work for anyone. I'm sure there are plenty of men who find value in it. I'm just saying that those who do are hopelessly gullible suckers. I went to the training 12 years ago at my wife's insistence. Her new age hypnosis therapist suggested it to her when I was out of work and feeling down about failing in my role as the family provider.

I cannot begin to express what a bunch of New-Age, amateur psychologist, mumbo-jumbo it was. An incomprehensible tangle of military bluster, native American pseudo earth wisdom with a bunch of Spanky and Alfalfa's "He-Man Women Hater's Club" thrown in.

A bunch of beta males with pot bellies waving their dicks at each other and telling themselves they were true "warriors" just because they "claimed" back their masculinity from whichever mean, nasty, unappreciative woman who "stole" it from them.

I went through the thing thinking, "My Grandfather stormed the beaches of Normandy at age 19 and he didn't need any pansy "warrior training" to get in touch with his feelings. He went on the run a succesful machine shop, raise 5 great kids and watch 12 grandchildren born. And he never ONCE blamed a woman for anything bothering him....ever......Warrior training, my ass. It was a bitch and moan session for a bunch of closeted men too afraid to face the REAL truth and tell their wives that they liked dancing with naked men. THAT is what it was. A real man would get nothing but a laugh out of it.

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Re: husband in mankind project...cult?
Posted by: O'Brother ()
Date: May 15, 2021 11:16AM

Rossthings Wrote:
> My view point is mine and take it with a grain of
> salt. I have done a lot of transformational work.
> I read these just prior to attending Man Kind
> project and it actually made me apprehensive.But
> due to a horrific trauma this was recommended by a
> friend.
> Mkp isn't a cult in any way. By definition it does
> not even qualify or come close.
> Mkp is about men having integrity, family
> oriented, non religious, but spiritual in the
> sence of self reflection and learning to feel. If
> her husband were to have an affair, mkp will not
> be the place.
> Sadly I have learned about many personality
> disorders as my divorce was in the top 1% of worse
> case scenarios. How could someone who loves
> another lash out like this? Typically it is some
> or many personality disorders.
> Abusive people with pds hate boundaries and also
> do not like when their friend family or partner
> gets healthy because they lose their power control
> so they lash out vs looking for solution. The lady
> above matches this description.
> I was blinded by my own pain and could not see my
> abusers pain until mkp. And now for the first time
> in 4 years have deep compassion for her even
> though she is lashing out all over the place.
> The first writer is so completely out of integrity
> and I wish I hadn't read it prior to going. Omg, I
> have very healthy boundaries now after years of
> therapy and after reading i thought that I'd be
> utilizing all my skills. Safty and choice is
> there #1 concern and due to my anxiety/depression
> caused by my divorce and marriage. the course
> leaders checked in many times to ask how i was.
> And if you wish to pass on any activity you can. I
> didn't because I wanted my life back which by the
> way, I got. Not everyone is up to rigorous self
> reflection and this transformational work is very
> powerful.
> I wanted to get my old self back prior to divorce
> and that is what I did. The igroups are a place
> where we continue to develop integrity, male
> friendships, ongoing self reflection.
> After attending many seminars and transformational
> work, this is amazing stuff. And not everyone is
> going to love it as much as I do.

Ummmmm, yeah. This is complete bullshit. The "Warrior Training" or "Encounter Weekend" is straight-up brain washing and the i-Groups are a gay cruising opportubnity for men who want to maintain their charade of being straight. Just be honest. Openly Gay men are a LOT more courageous than Mankind Project members. At least they have the balls to openly be who they are and they don't try to create some Men's Therapy dodge to cover their desire to head out to the woods where their wife, kids, co-workers and neighbors won't see and frolic naked with a bunch of other closeted men......and then have the unmitigated NERVE to lecture anyone about getting in touch with their true selves. Talk about self delusion. Let me spell out the plain truth. IF you attend a lot of MKP outings or pay money to head out in the woods and watch new recruits dance are gay. G-A-Y. Whether you know it or not.....You GAY, boss. Gay as Liberace on Fire Island. Find the balls to admit it. Then you'll be a real man. A gay man, but much more real than pretending it's all about getting in touch with yourself and being honest..

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Re: husband in mankind project...cult?
Date: April 28, 2022 11:30PM

"ManProng" heh heh heh

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