Tenants are in Cult
Date: July 30, 2015 12:09AM

I just decided to join this forum because my tenants are in a cult. They joined the Christian Assemblies International, my tenant has been a part of their church for 4 years now.

I was very distraught by some of the information I discovered on the founder Anthony Scott Williams.

My one tenant thoroughly believes I am persecuting her for her beliefs, and that the founder is completely innocent, and they're all false accusations that have been prophesied in the bible.

We are on a month to month rental situation with them (thank god, no pun intended), and have drawn up strict boundaries to only communicate through My husband and not me. I cannot deal with the information I discovered or their complete brainwashing over the matter.

Sadly this feeds into their whole, "you are persecuting my leader and me for my religious beliefs."

The strict boundaries I feel are incredibly necessary.

I will mostly lurk the board, and may seek support and other information as our situation changes. They may just move out to disconnect from "non-believers" which would be ideal.

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Re: Tenants are in Cult
Posted by: SeePony ()
Date: July 30, 2015 04:15AM

Well, how bad is it? Has your tenant caused any trouble, maybe disturbed the other neighbors or otherwise exhibited bad behavior towards you ?

If you feel concerned for their wellbeing, just try to be nice to them, as possible. I don't know, maybe bake some cookies and send them through your husband. Or flowers or whatever.

I think it's important to show somebody that you are not rejecting them as a person.

I know nothing about this cult (just what I quickly googled), but I'm pondering ... if a cult has maybe thousands of members, chance is the leader isn't phisically abusing all of them. Besides the inevitable brainwashing, your tenant may not be in such a bad situation.

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Re: Tenants are in Cult
Date: July 30, 2015 12:11PM

SeePony Wrote:
> Well, how bad is it? Has your tenant caused any
> trouble, maybe disturbed the other neighbors or
> otherwise exhibited bad behavior towards you ?

Despite proseletyzing me and my husband, trying to force a one way conversation, and calling me an unread heathen I have no idea. I don't want to know unless I have to. They want an echo chamber and to push their church agenda. They have no contact with the founding pastor that I know of. They're not in the same country luckily.

I told them some news (founding pastor rapes, sexually abuses male members, male sex orgies, authorizes 4 members to beat a pregnant woman with a rod, mysogyny, physical emotional child abuse, fleecing members, money laundering etc) it upset me horribly but they've expressed they don't care about my opinion. It's persecuting them. My tenant laughed it off and said it was prophecy. She shoves information at me, and I read it and offer opinion. The moment I give information to her she refuses to listen. Funny thing is she wanted me to discuss it as a two way conversation.

I don't like hearing about people being abused. I particularly don't like hearing about clergys or churches doing disgusting things to cover up abuse. It's very ugly human nature and whatever brainwashed reason they pretend it's prophecy is their problem. That's what i needed to think to stop myself from feeling angry at them.

I will involve myself if the need is required. Otherwise I don't care. They've reciprocated that exact sentiment towards me.

Not sure if they're in trouble, or if they are trouble.

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Re: Tenants are in Cult
Date: July 30, 2015 12:49PM

I just want to put this out there. I did not deal well emotionally with this situation. I literally cried for a few days. Abuse like that is just awful. My tenants reaction really freaked me out.

I feel kind of used, as I did often try to be very neighborly - cook meals, buy presents for them. I felt I did a lot for them, and feel in turn my one tenant took a giant crap on my feelings.

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Re: Tenants are in Cult
Posted by: shakti ()
Date: July 31, 2015 01:21AM

Yeah, don't talk to them. That is the best thing you can do. From how you wrote this, I assume this is some kind of duplex or "landlord on property" situation where they are hard to avoid?

Personally, I've always tried to avoid "buddy" situations with tenants or landlords, regardless of which side I'm on. Keep a professional distance, this is a tough capitalist transaction, inherently an antagonistic one like "boss/worker". If the friendship goes south, the business end will go south as well.

Hopefully they will move out or you can maybe evict them? No idea what state you're in and the rental laws. Research that, maybe talk to an attorney before you do anything drastic. Also, just smile politely and say "hi" and don't get sucked into their proselytizing.

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Re: Tenants are in Cult
Date: July 31, 2015 03:38AM

Since hubby owns the place we've made it real simple. Don't talk to me. Pretend I'm invisible. Talk to him since they pay him rent each month. They have some really weird church doctrines about women never being aggressive, or questioning, and a church history with violence towards women. I think they're whacky and not the brightest bulbs either.

We've made it simple, and set it up so I see them almost never. Unfortunately the husband kind of wanders in the yard to make a point and to pretend he's got a sudden interest in a dead garden of his. But for the most part I'm comfortable pretending he's not there.

I like making boundaries clear like that. You're feelings might be hurt but you'll think little about it because I'm not around, and they'll soon enough move onto other things.

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