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Re: Sedona Method Release Technique - WRECKS MARRIAGES, divorce, cheating
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 21, 2009 11:17AM

If you look at the View count for the thread, relative to the number of posts, there are a lot of people reading this thread.
So it would hit the radar of those who sell this stuff for money.

That is when the soft-apologists arrive, with the general pitch..."hey, it worked for me"...
Or more typical..."I never went to a seminar"...or..."I went to one and that was enough".

They always try to massage the message, and blame the victims of these seminars.
Meanwhile hundreds of people read these threads, in the privacy of their own home, and then CANCEL their plans to attend the Sedona Seminar, and others.
Have to say that again, for the Sedona salespeople who read it...yes...they CANCEL.
(that is the worst word on earth for an LGAT salesperson, people who CANCEL their seminar ticket, before they pay any money down).

So post away, put the facts down, so people can see what they are in for.
Describe exactly what goes on in the seminar, the sales pitches, and what happens after.

It does seem their area of expertise is creating divorces, similar to PSI Seminars.
Divorce messes up people's lives, and if it is engineered in the seminar, can make people more dependant on the seminar system.
Also, if they then hook-up with another Sedona seminar junkie, then they will blow tens of thousands of dollars together on more seminars.

So for LGAT seminar people, divorce is a wonderful payday.
It does seem the Sedona people encourage Sedona people to hook up with other Sedona Method people, and dump the spouse who is not interested in Sedona.

That is a very very common, and standard technique in these LGAT seminars.
So keep telling it like it is.

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SCAM, Sedona Method and Release Technique, Larry Crane, Larry Crane,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 21, 2009 11:49AM

also, there is a main Sedona Method soft-apologist right in this thread, (disconnect) who has been posting pretty much only in this Sedona Method and Release Technique thread, since May 2007. That's 2 years.

Why would someone only post in basically one thread for 2 years?
Its possible a personal name close to them, had been brought up in the thread, notified by a Google alert, and made them aware of what was being said.
The classic names from Sedona had come up, also the name Larry Crane came up, and detailed his behaviors. (stay away from all Larry Crane seminars).
The thread comes up in searches for Larry Crane and Sedona.

The reality is that the Sedona Method, as marketed in its various methods, is your typical LGAT style moneymaking SCAM.

They make a HUGE CLAIM, that you can get anything you want without effort.
That is LGAT sales 101, and is preying on human weakness.

Also, the same Sedona apologist, was offended by a thread about covert influence...
The only people who want to pretend that covert influence doesn't exist, are those who do it for a living.

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Re: Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: skeptic ()
Date: May 21, 2009 12:05PM

I wasn't involved in Sedona Method but the operating styles of lgats seem to be the same. As I look back on the one I was involved with I see how breaking families and relationships apart brings dollars and more victims for the lgat. Drama = dollars. Lgats stir up as much trouble in peoples' lives as possible, that way the subjects, as you say Anticult, become dependent on the lgat, as they hope and need to "fix" things (the things the lgat screwed up). I saw people go from one relationship to another, and if the new partner wasn't an lgatee that person was recruited, which was new material for the lgat. And when the lgat successfully broke up that relationship, that sent out two disciples into the world looking for mates, who, when found, would be brought into the lgat, and it multiplies. Also after your relationship/s fall apart, you're gonna go back to the lgat to get yourself back together, to "get back on your game" (gag). It pays to wreck peoples' lives. Just ask any lgat profiteer. Such scam.

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Sedona Method and Larry Crane's "release technique"
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 21, 2009 12:38PM

A message comes up in the alt.crime newsgroup about Larry Crane.
There is probably a lot more info out there on Larry Crane, this guy has been at this for a while.
Just search for words like this.

"Larry Crane" release technique
"Larry Crane" Sedona


Newsgroups: alt.crime, alt.consumers.experiences,,,
Date: 24 Feb 2004
Subject: Larry Crane's "release technique"

I got the Larry Crane "release technique" tapes at the urging of a
friend who for unexplained reasons thought it would improve my golf
game. When I couldn't make heads or tails of any of the 20 tapes, or
Crane's website, I called Larry – actually got through to him directly
on my first attempt to his number listed on his website – 888-333-9***
(guess a secretary is too much overhead for him).

Anyway, he went on and on about being a good friend of Arnold Palmer,
but the last time he himself went golfing was with his 13 year old
neighbor several years ago. He went on to talk a lot about
"abundance" and how anyone can make millions applying certain
principles found only on his tapes. His website has these ambiguous
testimonials from such people as "E. Pavlock" director of education
for Touche Ross and a retired basketball coach for LSU I've never
heard of.

So I took to the newsgroups to see what experiences other people have
had with Crane's "release technique." It looks like Mr. Crane just
waited for Lester Levinson to die off and he then bastardized his own
version of the "Sedona Method."

To quote one on-point posting, "Larry Crane has the sleeziest web-site
I've seen yet. It's got pots of gold. Check it out. His release
tech is a tube in your gut and does nothing. Maybe you imagine you
released. Crap." And then there's another, "The advertising copy for
the Larry Crane release technique was so far over the top as to seem
beserk. Talk about selling you the sky and the moon! I can't imagine
anyone with their head glued on buying that load. The claims were
beyond anything I've seen." Take a look at his website - - and I think you'll have to agree!!

Those postings pretty well summed it up for me, but then I found this
in another posting: "There's a sedona club at MSN and a release
technique club at Yahoo. The one at Yahoo is the worst. They both
obviously have employees of those companies posting there like they're
civilians and giving glowing reports of method. It's sickening." So
I checked it out, and it's TRUE!

Smelling a whiff of fraud emanating from my keyboard I considered
performing this simple test – Does it walk like a duck? Does it quack
like a duck? But those concerned might also consider taking it one
step further - Crane claimed a "double money back guarantee" if not
satisfied with his nonsense.

Has anyone ever gotten back anything from Crane except more Bull?

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Release Technique - Sedona & Larry Crane
Posted by: WIZARD ()
Date: May 22, 2009 04:41AM

Attendess to these retreats are there for a reason. They are searching for something .. trying to fill some gap in their lives... They are not really trying to screw things up. They tend to see this approach as a spiritual, magic-like solution, a way to make their life better. They become "believers" and see nothing untoward or scam-like. I had a particpant tell me I would find absolutley nothing in the retreat's message or presentation that would be objectionable to me -- i.e. "THIS IS NOT A SCAM!"

The belief and faith is sincere. And it becomes so engrained that it becomes a truth to them. They become so invested that that they will actually search for examples of how releasing has helped, is helping them - and surely their life is better!!! Finances and family may be crumbling, but if that the case, it is seen as a good thing and what must happen to be fully released ... They are so totally and completley committed to the new cosmic view that allows for a magic solution to provide for their every desire, that they are willing to sacrifice almost everything, and see that as good ... the big pay-off is just around the corner when the final & ultimate releasing is achieved. And during this time a few extra retreats will help, and keep things moving (plus the retreats are euphoric and the connectedness with those on the same path feels good ... etc.) so they keep paying out and signing up ... while letting previously important parts of their lives fall apart ... But this path has become real and important above all else ... they don't see anything wrong with what they are doing, do not feel guilty or selfish, or feel any of the agony resulting from their actions in following their new faith ... and in fact will generally condemn anything less then complete acceptance to this magic ... (anyone not "getting it" is likley to be accused of being spritually stunted and retarded!)

But for even an ardent releaser, how long can this go on? ... releasing and waiting for the big pay out? I suppose for many it becomes how they live their lives ... releasing and waiting .. while constanty identifying the "positive" things that releasing has provided ... knowing that the "big" pay will arrive when they have released completely ...

Now some attendees seem to be more balanced in how they handle these programs / retreats and integrate the message .. being more discerning and critical perhaps?? Taking the kernel of truth & helpfullness that is buried in these programs and applying it positively and realistically. I imagine - like so many things - the individuals' results exist on a spectrum -- on one end, those that drop their entire life for "releasing-magic" ... to the other end, for those that might pick and choose some of the more positive aspects and move on with their life. In any case it will tend to be a subjective assessment whether results seen in an indiviudual's "transformed" LIFE is "good / bad, positive / destructive" ... maybe the "old" life really was unsatisfying, unfillfilling and NEEDED to be dropped, and now they are pursuing a better, more fullfilling path, and releasing wsa the tool!.. that would of course be the arguement of the releaser! And who is to really say? ... not the family or divorced spouse, they are way to baised!!??? Its faith after all?

But the nasty part is someone is making money off of this!

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Re: Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: skeptic ()
Date: May 22, 2009 05:51AM

Hi WIZARD - If you're referring to my post, I didn't mean that the attendees are trying to screw their lives up (if that's what you were saying). The lgat profiteers are trying to do that. That will keep their supply of desperate people coming. I agree that the attendees are looking for quick, magic solutions to every-day human problems (yawn); these are the folks the lgats typically get. The lgats, then, play tricks on these seekers. They manufacture more desperation in the seekers (i.e. by screwing with their lives), which will keep them coming back for more & more seminars. The magic solution is just one more seminar away. When you believe that, you just keep going back & back. I saw a friend of mine do it. As her life fell more & more apart, she went back & back.

Another thing the lgat I was involved with did (I don't know if Sedona does this) is set up standards that are not attainable. It's a perfect set up. When you can't live up to the standards you get to (a) berate yourself and (b) be berated by the lgat. You're doing things wrong! You need more seminars, of course. It's a merry-go-round. You won't get anywhere until you get off.

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Release Technique - sedona & larry crane
Posted by: WIZARD ()
Date: May 22, 2009 09:10AM

No --I just reflecting actually -- the attendees believe they are doing something to fix & better their lives .. for the really "rabid" and indoctrinated, they will continue to believe that and follow thier "faith" as things crumble around them, and where an "unbaised / objective observer" (is there such a thing?) might say they are really screwing up their life!!!

For some(?) there is point where there might be a realization that maybe it wasn't really the best road in life after all? But even so, the investment has already been made and even if they are willing to accept the "loss" I imagine its very hard, maybe impossible, to go back and reclaim what you gave away to follow that path, or to pick back up where you left off ... there has to be a new course and that means past family and relationships, and "what could have beens", are gone forever. Maybe that's "good"? .. maybe just sad (to that unbaised / objective observer)? .. who is to really say? .. it becomes what is>

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Re: Release Technique - sedona scam & larry crane, release harder
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 22, 2009 10:58AM

Setting up unattainable and impossible standards, is the gift that keeps on giving, for the LGAT sellers.
Also, Magical Thinking is great for them too, as it doesn't work.
For example, in SGI, they get people to "chant" for what they want. When it doesn't work, then you need to CHANT HARDER and LONGER.

Same with the Sedona scam, when it doesn't work, they tell you, hey you are not doing it right...come to another Seminar, and learn how to do it better...ou have to learn to Release Harder, etc.

People try and try, and they can't there, so they keep coming back to the LGAT.
So the LGAT owners get rewarded for poor performance.
If people only came once, to one LGAT seminar, the seminar salespeople would go broke. They make most of their money from repeat customers, their LGAT seminar junkies.

Anyone who has worked in an LGAT system sees this right away. The same faces are up-front, and they don't get any better. They usually get worse.

But for the LGAT leader, worse is better.
Its a competitive business, and only the most ruthless LGAT seminar salespeople really are able to keep it going.
That is why when they find good "targets" like mentioned earlier in this thread, they give them their cell number for "special treatment". That is how they make half their money, scooping really vulnerable people. They clean them out.
Its obscene.

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Re: Release Technique - sedona & larry crane
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 22, 2009 11:27AM

Here's a follow-up to the post above.
Even back in 2004 the Larry Crane seminar were breaking up relationships.


Newsgroups: alt.self-improve
Date: 27 Apr 2004 01:36:08 -0700
Subject: Re: Larry Crane's "release technique"

> So, can you describe the technique?

It was your basic mumbo-jumbo mind-over-matter crap, but with a few
twists. Went to a weekend retreat to try to sort out if there was
anything to it (foolishly paid for in advance). It was some
modernized concepts of karmatic values and how you are the master of
your own destiny in whatever lifestyle you choose. There was a very
effeminate late-20's male in the class that compared the Crane
"releasing" technique to the relief sensation he got after waiting too
long before finally going to the bathroom (go figure). A later-30's
woman had a similar observation that releasing the distress over her
failed relationships was kind of like finding a new boyfriend – and
get this – her boyfriend hadn't wanted her to go on the retreat that
weekend so she broke up with him to go. It was a really bad group
therapy session in action, filled with just enough losers looking for
a cheap pat on the head to make it worthwhile to Larry Crane. There
was even this guy that kept talking to, none-other-than, himself.
They'd ask him to be quiet so the others could hear themselves think
and the guy would politely start whispering, but within 5 minutes he'd
be in practically full conversation again. Would be kind of funny if
not so sad. The second day one of Crane's cronies said that you could
even use the release technique to "cure the voices in your head" and
there was a practical exercise. The guy had a terrible outburst and
ran out of there, didn't even check out before he disappeared. You
should see the pictures of Crane on his website and he looks like a
mildly dorky mid-30's businessman, but you see him in person and he's
just a weird old man with these glossed over eyes. He looks at you
kind of like those gypsies fortune-tellers did that you could still
easily find in operation 25 years ago. I say "eyes" loosely though
because you don't get the idea these release techniquers themselves
actually see you when they look at you – but they're listening for a
change in the tone of your voice, a certain inflection, a pause in the
wrong place and they wait to jump on it at just the right time and try
to sell you one package or another. That's when, if you look, you see
the greed in their eye, a something-for-nothing leer, that's when you
realize the release technique works mostly on your wallet.

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Larry Crane Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: WIZARD ()
Date: June 05, 2009 07:48AM

I fear for my spouse -- she seems to have became a Larry Crane / Sedona Method Release Tecnique Junkie ... 10 days after returning from a 7 day retreat she talks about the next one ... ???! Nothing is more important then releasing == and since she will soon have a new mansion (soley by releasing) why take care of the house == or since a million dollars will soon arrive in mail, why worry about a family budget?? .. The magic / faith of RT has her captured .. she defends the "science" of it all .. its so darn sad.. seems so hopeless right now as our family break apart over her "releasing" .. and the releasing partners that "get it"!?

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