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Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: VJM ()
Date: June 14, 2007 02:58AM

Well, my 'update' is I finally got a hold of someone at Larry Crane Enterprtises and they totally caught me by surprise by being so nice and immediately giving me an authorization code for a return.

Just knocked me on my ass after what I've been hearing ... I was all set for some problems and maybe even with Larry himself. Glad it wasn't him because from what I hear I'd have signed up for two more programs after he was through with me, LOL.

But instead a very nice lady named Katie took care of it with out any sort of questions. I just said the course wasn't what I expected and that was that.

We'll see if it really goes through but would expect if it went this far in having me actually mail it back with a code, everything should be fine.

I just told the girl at the post office;

" ... can you just let this package go ? Just let it go ..... and more ...... and more ...................... and even more. It's not bad ; it's not good ; it's just a package passing through ... "

Just rolled her eyes like I was some nut ??? :shock: ???

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Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: question lady ()
Date: June 14, 2007 03:12AM

Glad to hear you got the code. I was afraid you might have to let go of [i:0fe9aa0b8e]wanting[/i:0fe9aa0b8e] it in order to [b:0fe9aa0b8e]have[/b:0fe9aa0b8e] it. :P

Sound like allowed yourself to release the package with ease. (or maybe they don't get that far in the program you got.)

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Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: question lady ()
Date: June 14, 2007 03:43AM

VJM, Thank you for giving me a much needed laugh about all of this.

It is so maddening to say something to my husband and just get back every RT cliche' in the book. I may as well just talk to the CD.

The worst part is, he used to have a very creative and original mind and would always suprise and amuse me with the things he would come up with. Now, after months of doing this stuff, it seems like these thought stopping cliches are all he's got going around in his head.

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Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: VJM ()
Date: June 14, 2007 10:14AM

Question Lady ;

When I found this site and this thread, it was because I was looking for answers to my own problems with this program which is nothing compared to yours. Being 100% honest , I have not read the entire thread concerning your husbands obsession with this course, but I will now.

Alot of people say I always make them feel better about things that have them down .... if I could do the same for myself I guess i wouldn't be looking for programs like this, huh ? LOL

I'm interested in reading your account now , because I never considered any of these programs as "harmful" to anyone , except if it was a bogus course and they paid good money for it and got royally ripped off - like I almost did. I might not look at these as criticaly as many here do, as I said I got[b:f21f05e465] a lot[/b:f21f05e465] out of both Robbin's Personal Power and Brian Tracey's Goal Setting Workshop. I woudn't hesitate to recommend either one. I thought this Abundance Course would be something good .... but was a complete waste , a complete crock of shit. This 'Release Technique' is supposed to be the same as the Sedona method ... so I can't believe that it has so many people backing it - to me the whole idea behind it sucks.

Talk about different wave lengths huh ? You have someone like your husband who easily was sucked into it and loving it when for me , after the second tape I'm like " WTF is this ASSHOLE talking about ?!" I had to force myself to listen from the third tape, and I mean FORCE MYSELF. I had to remind myself what I paifd and to give it a chance.

But I after that third or fourth tape, I threw the headphones off and I said to myself " Man, did you take it up the ass with this or what ?!?!" That's when I did some searching around and accidentaly found this site ...

Anyway, I'm glad[b:f21f05e465] YOU[/b:f21f05e465] got a laugh out of my 10 days of Larry Crane suffering ! But if it put a smile on your face after what you've been dealing with, it was worth it.

Any time, Question Lady. Any time for The Queen :)

Going to read your [u:f21f05e465]seriou[/u:f21f05e465]s encounter with it now ..... but just try to let it go . Put the imaginary tube in and just let it go ....... and more .....and more ....... blah blah blah ....

That'll be $239.00 .....

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Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: JoeyJoe ()
Date: June 18, 2007 02:43PM

This has been a pretty interesting thread. I too was looking for some criticism, or atleast some discussion, of the Sedona method. I'm not familiar with the Release Technique, but apparently it's pretty similar.

I purchased the Sedona book by Dwoskin about a week ago and have been working through it. So far, it's been amazing. I'll admit upfront that I have very little exposure to the actual organization, but the book is about as unthreatening as they come.

There are a bunch of misconceptions in this thread about what the method actually is, but basically it just helps the individual to fully experience the emotion (not suppress it like we so often do), and then let go of it when we're ready to do so. The key is coming to terms with what we're feeling and why we're feeling with it, and then making a concious decision to stop letting it control us.

To me the process is alot like forgiving someone after you've held a grudge for a long time. You make the decision to face your misgivings, and then when you forgive, you let all those bad feelings go. Usually you feel some relief and peace afterwords too. It's not numbing yourself, or disconnecting yourself, or anything of the sort. To me the process seems completely healthy.

All that said, I do understand that good ideas can come in bad packages. It happens far too frequently that a person or a group of people take good ideas and package them in a dishonest and potentially harmful way. I can't say whether this is the case with the Sedona workshops or Larry's stuff, but all I would say is that anyone who dismisses the core of the material as rubbish simply because they don't like how it's packaged is making a mistake.

Yeah, it's true that neither of these teachers "discovered" the core elements that they teach, but the method of application seems to be really great and could help a person who's interested in living a better life. The bottomline is that it's made me into more of a happy, loving, and confident person.

If you find a loved one in a situation where they are literally doing damage to themselves or their lives, atleast attempt to acknowledge the positive things they may be experiencing. Talk with them about it and try to show genuine interest. Maybe even give the method a shot, if you can do so in an unbiased way.

If you really want to help them, don't alienate them. Recognize that there's some good with the bad. Identify with the good, figure out where they're coming from, and then help them out of whatever harmful situation they might find themselves in.

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Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 18, 2007 08:43PM

Is the "Sedona Method" taught through group training?

Is a licensed mental health professional such as a psychiatrist or psychologist the leader and/or facilitator?

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Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: disconnect ()
Date: June 19, 2007 10:39AM

Question Lady, I am sorry for the pain you (and your husband??) are going through. I wish you the best.
question lady
Dear disconnect,
I was struck by your user name - "disconnect". I'm not sure what that means to you, but "disconnected" is exactly how my husband seems when he is "releasing". He seems disconnected from himself and others and reality. It looks like it feels good, but it doesn't seem healthy to me.

Disconnect[ed] is the name of a song I liked to play a lot in In the Groove.

I really like what you wrote about narcissism, rswinters. I took a look inside and discovered that narcissism was a serious force in my earlier development. I was so self centered! Thanks for the heads up, and be sure to check yourself as well (... if you want :)

Take Care all y'all!
-Disconnected Disco

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Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: mindconcern ()
Date: July 03, 2007 06:03AM

Luckily they were someone elses. Unluckily, they are hooked on it. Small update though, the issue she was having with her hand and imagined that the release technique had cured, came back and she had to go to the doctor again anyway.

The first time I listened to the first CD and heard "and could you do it a little more... and more" I started to get suspicious. Then at the end when he does his rant about how mastering the technique will cure all stress, disease, and make unexpected checks for large sums of money show up in your mailbox, I realized its stated goals were geared to appeal to every gullible person available.

While some of the information is useful, if you get hooked by the bait and switch(es), you're gonna get yanked out of the water.

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Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: question lady ()
Date: July 05, 2007 06:50AM

I feel very sad today. I tried for 6 months after the Release Technique seminar/scam to try to save my marriage. I failed.

Again, my husband broke a time commitment to me in order to be on time for the phone call with one of his "releasing buddies". I'm not willing to be 2nd or 3rd place any longer. Do the LGAT's purposely pair people with opposite sex partners? Release Technique assigned female partners to my husband. I have to wonder because I know he has told the Release Technique people that I think the Release Technique is a scam.

Since I had nothing left to lose, I called one of his partners. She was actually very nice and said she also would be upset if she were in my shoes. She had no idea it was causing a problem in our marriage although she confirmed that he does talk to her about the problems in our marriage. It sounds to me like there is an "emotional affair" going on. Husband today acknowledged that she probably is more important to him than I am. So much for how the Release Technique improves relationships. Maybe extra-marital relationships.

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Sedona Method and Release Technique
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: July 05, 2007 08:08AM

Question Lady, I am so sorry. I can relate to the emotional involvement that goes on in these groups. Stay strong...........

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