Oprah influenced by "Dark Side" of EST ?
Posted by: ajinajan ()
Date: May 08, 2008 05:36AM

Oprah Shifts to the Dark Side
Marsha West
May 4, 2008

“In her first class with Eckhart Tolle, Oprah asked if people had experienced the ‘shift’ while reading Tolle’s book, A New Earth. The question reminded me of Werner Erhard’s New Age EST program in the 1970s that taught this same idea of shifting one’s perception, and then similarly asking – ‘Did you get IT?’ Obviously, there is pressure to ‘get IT’ – to feel the shift: Oprah felt the shift – did you? Are you understanding this new [age] way of looking at yourself and the world? Or, are you being blocked by your mind and your ego from seeing this New Spirituality that can save our planet? Keep logging onto our classes. Keep reading Tolle’s book – you’ll ‘get it.’”

Read and discuss.


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Re: Oprah influenced by "Dark Side" of EST ?
Posted by: DownToEarth ()
Date: May 08, 2008 07:15AM

Interesting you should say that. :-) We were just talking about Oprah on another thread on this forum.


There is also a thread about Tolle:


This one about Byron Katie and Tolle is quite long and probably mostly about Katie, but I think there's stuff in there about Tolle worth looking at as well that may not be included in the other one.


I mentioned this in another thread, and I found the following fact odd in my case. I had been well into and enthusiastic about the 'new age' stuff and "New Thought" and so forth, and it's actually to the point where even now, when I'm out of it, reading certain stuff will flip some kind of switch inside me and I'll feel a sense of getting sucked back in. I have to be very careful, treat it like I'm allergic, even if I'm just looking at it now for research and debunking purposes.

And yet when it came to Tolle's work, even when I was a dedicated new ager, I simply COULD NOT "get it". I mean, I really, really TRIED. And I just couldn't do it. (Thank goodness!!) I guess I'm 'being blocked by my mind (GOOD!!!) and my ego (aw, shucks!) from seeing this new spirituality that could save our planet.'

I think rational, reasonable behavior and clear thinking and just being decent towards our fellow man will save our planet.

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Re: Oprah influenced by "Dark Side" of EST ?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 08, 2008 09:42AM

I can see how Oprah is connected in a sense to EST at this point.
Oprah is all about "Transformation"...Be Awakened, blah blah blah.

As far as Tolle, I can tell you as someone who has looked at this stuff for too long...there is NOTHING to "get".
I think that is his trick.
Take a simple concept from Zen Buddhism...and then complicate the shit out of it, confuse people, and sell them hundreds of hours of CD and DVD's.

But I think Oprah thinks there is an "it" to 'get".

Oprah is a talkshow host, and businesswoman.
Frankly, she is out to lunch with all this New Age stuff. Everyone has their weakness.

Or maybe she just uses it to expand her audience.

Notice how Oprah stays far away from real psychologists and real philosophers...those guys don't sell toilet paper and plastic pens as well.
The ridicuous social power given to US celebrities drives most of them wacko.

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