A charismatic leader used an LGAT to 'prep' followers
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 18, 2004 11:12AM

This is an interesting scenario: a charismatic leader sent his followers to an existing LGAT (in this case, a group called Harmony) whose methodology broke down boundaries and conventional ethics.

The followers were 'processed' by the LGAT, and rendered yet more malleable for the leader's purposes.


The leader exploited the malleability created by the Harmony LGAT. The leader and his followers are now on trial for several ghastly murders.


All three defendants participated in a Sacramento self-awareness program called Harmony (that bears some resemblances to the old EST program-Corboy).

Witnesses said ``devastated'' some members with its harsh, confrontational approach. Harmony participants would stand in front of a room full of people and talk about being molested and raped, trial witnesses have said. Bathroom breaks during the group's marathon empowerment sessions were allowed only with a staff escort.

It was Harmony that Taylor Helzer valued most among the belief systems he, Justin Helzer and Godman toyed with, several witnesses have said. Taylor Helzer demanded that people close to him complete the organization's three levels of training. People who didn't could not be trusted, he told his friends.

'Another of his plots involved having small-town mayors enlist their townspeople to self-help training. The residents then would donate money to help Taylor Helzer create a nationwide Harmony organization.

'In contrast, Justin Helzer purportedly was taken with New Age interests. Former roommates have testified that he often did yoga, grunting loudly with the exertion. He would debate Buddhism and other world religions.
Groups such as Harmony, which began in Salt Lake City and includes a lot of Mormons, have drawn warnings from Mormon leaders for the faithful to beware.'

'Further references to the Harmony group are here
Harmony, where "facilitators" confronted participants about their "lies," would help some people improve their lives, but would leave others crying and unable to complete the program, Carter said.

"You learn about yourself and the obstacles in life that are keeping you stuck or immobile," she said. "It's very intense."

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A charismatic leader used an LGAT to 'prep' followers
Posted by: LoriS ()
Date: June 19, 2004 01:45AM

Only we didn't kill anybody.

Same LGAT too! Harmony has it's base in Salt Lake, but at one time had the "branch" in California, which later broke off and became seperate from the Salt Lake Harmony.

The guy who got us involved was the "leader" in an online based investment group. The guise was, he would train people in each area of the country for a fee, then all these people would network, and cooperate together to help each other be successful. It wasn't long before he had established himself as a "guru" and when asked for the secret of his success encouraged everyone to go to Harmony. After the first wave of people were converted, he started traveling around the country under the guise of offering a "free" workshop, which basically consisted of him badgering people until they agreed to go to Harmony. And they went. This made the particpants in this group devoted lap dogs, and the swindle became deeper. When about half the group had gone, it was suggested (not directly by him, how clever) that everyone of the 130+ people should be paying him 10% of every investment deal they closed (Cashiers check or money order please) out of "gratitude" whether he actually assisted in any way with the deal or not. People lined up to give him cash, which he explained to all of us how he handled so that the IRS would never know about it.

People starting losing thousands and thousands of dollars as a result of his faulty investment advice, but those who'd been "harmonized" still saw him as a god. As far as I know he still has several dozen people in his group, and is "training" more all the time at around $7,500 a pop.

He is a master manipulator. And he owes it all to a little LGAT out of Salt Lake City.

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A charismatic leader used an LGAT to 'prep' followers
Posted by: Marcos ()
Date: June 19, 2004 03:19AM

Harmony was the name of the LGAT that I went to, and thanks to my very strong and committed girlfriend(LoriS) was able to exit after the first level of training.

For us however it wasn't just the four days I was at the "training". Our "charismatic leader" had us well indoctrinated for a few years prior to that. Including three day trainings before that, mostly about our investments, but also including long hours of testimonials and confessions, the oddest thing for a real estate training now that I think about it.

I can see how if you twist the teachings enough you could get to this state. After all, the only thing that matters are results, so a few people die, but I create this great new religion, well based on results how did I do?

And of course the narcissistic qualities that they teach you. The feeling that you are better than everyone else, and everyone else is so hollow and empty until they experience the training. Not a big stretch from there to feeling like it's ok to take down a lesser human being.


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A charismatic leader used an LGAT to 'prep' followers
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 19, 2004 04:01AM


Please use regular email.

The message board is not for posting notes to me.

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A charismatic leader used an LGAT to 'prep' followers
Posted by: Marcos ()
Date: June 19, 2004 04:10AM

I removed the personal note. Although as this board is an ongoing discussion, I felt it was an appropriate means of discussion, I will attempt to refrain from doing so in the future.

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