Impact Training in Utah
Posted by: Blanco ()
Date: March 23, 2004 04:47AM

Has anyone heard og Impact Training from Utah( The owners name is Hans Berger formerly of Harmony Institute which was formally International Impact. My wife was cinvinced by her brother to attend a weekend of "training", after over a year of working on her. My wife wanted more more confidence, what she got was four days of horror. They talked me into attending the "graduation" to surpprise her. What I saw shocked me. My wife was a total zombie. I thought I had lost her. I had no idea what had happened to her till I looked up info on the internet. I have read articles on the Forum and the training was almost identical to Impact's. Luckily I did not do the training with my wife or we both might be attending the 2nd of three weekend(actually 4 days) trainings. During her first(and last) 4 day training, My wife knew the training wasn't for her. But she could not leave. The group pressure was tremendous. "Don't let your buddies down".

It has been a week now since the training. My wife is getting better every day. Last night was the fist night she did not have a nightmare about her ordeal. I have been as patient and understanding as I can be. This site has been an awesome help.

I wrote my bro-in-law a letter and supplied alot of info on LGAT's. He said he would call me after he received and read the info. I know he should have received the info by now but he has not called. He has been involved with the organization for three years. His wife took the first 3 courses (1st class quest/$500, 2nd class Summit/$795, 3rd class Lift Off/$700). Then he took the 3 classes and then they brought their 3 daughters for the childrens training.

I'm afraid he is too far gone to save. Any suggestions?

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Impact Training in Utah
Posted by: liz ()
Date: March 25, 2004 04:04AM

Im thrilled to hearthat your wife is getting better each day
This website was an enormous help for me when I was in need
It took me about 3 weeks to be able to start sleeping through the nights and to stop having panic attacks
But it was not me that did thLGAT training
it was my husband

Luckily she got out when she did
the nightmares will go away
and you she can get your life back

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Impact Training in Utah
Posted by: Blanco ()
Date: March 25, 2004 11:46PM

Liz, I know what you mean. I was a basket case and I only witnessed the graduation. I thought I had lost my wife forever. I could not concentrate at work, It was the first thing I thought about in the mornings when I woke. I couldn't read the paper or even enjoy a movie. It's been 11 days now I'm sleeping better and my wife ist getting better. The day before she was due back for 2nd 4 day training session she said "it's weird I really hated the experience but I have an urge to go back to see what the 2nd session is like. I felt smarter and had a better vocabulary. I felt superior to others who had not had the training." I try to explain to her that she did not become smarter they just programmed the info in her head. She's "getting it" and I know it will take time and effort.

My bro-in-law though is still in denial. I sent him a letter and alot of backing info. He left me a message and said he had read it and would reply with a letter. He says he was not brainwashed and that I got it all wrong. In hind sight, my letter was probably too confrontational. My wife just wants to forget it. She says it is working for him and to leave it at that. I can't do that. He is being brainwashed and is recruiting more victims for the organization and he has sent his 3 beautiful daughters. I can't give up on him.

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Impact Training in Utah
Posted by: liz ()
Date: March 26, 2004 04:43AM

if your brotherin law is so far gone there is probably nothing thta you can do - Sad that he has gotton his daughters involved- but again, doesnt sound like there is much you can do.
We are horrified by what we see with these LGATS
And they are on cloud nine -
My experiance has been that to try to convince them
otherwise is detrimrntal- They are brainwashed. They
are not to try tpo be challanged.
When my husband spent 2.5 months with his LGAT
(Personal Dynamics ) or as I call the group
Pathetic Dreamers or Permanent Damage
myu life was a living hell - 24/7 everything was PD
If I had the money I would have left in a split second
Inthe midst off one of his weekedns (they did weekends away )
he had a change of mind - and exited . He came to realize the group,and their leader a guy named Lance were full of BS.
He realized the group was a scam, and finally got that they didnt care about him, but only wanted him to work as a commission free salesmaen puting big money in someone elses pocket. And he was sick of hering the jargon - everythinghaving to do with "INTEGRITY " He felt that they had none.
Im glad he got out and so is he-
We dont speak of the group at all today
His sellit like a zealot daughter is still in big time
it is her life 24/7 and she has accused her dad of leaving PD
because I was unsupportive - I sent her an email and set her straight. But we dont speak and I have no desire to spake with her again - I see her as a very dangerous cult member

Hopefully your brotherinlaw will have a similir experiane to the one that my husband did- It may take a while longer
Or he may not at all . I understand your feeling about not wanting to give up on him, but your actions may backfire-
He may get really annoyed that you are challanging his
LGAT. Best tpo let him find out on his own- eventually he
will find out the truth about this group-
As a member on this baord so appropriately verbalized
The Forum- A cold hollow trap deisgned to take your money.

Just to add if you do happen to speak with him you may ask him
what credentials the leader of his group has ?
When i asked my husbands daughter what credentails
Lance had , she responded by calling me negative .
It may be the opening needed to get him to start thinking
about things -

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Impact Training in Utah
Posted by: LoriS ()
Date: March 26, 2004 05:06AM

My significant other went to the Harmony Institute last June. It was the most traumatic thing I have ever been through. I completely relate to the anguish you are experiencing. We know many people who have been completely sucked into it.

If you haven't yet, go to the Awareness Page,


and read the guest book all the way through. There is a battle of sorts that takes place there regarding Harmony and Impact. The stories they tell and the rationalizations they make are truely disturbing.

No matter what, don't let your wife return for the next level. It's more of the same horror, only worse. One person we know who dropped out after the second level of Harmony, said that his group decided he had some unresolved issues with his mother, despite his belief that he did not. They wrapped him in a blanket and 20 people held him down until he talked about it. We asked him if he was the only one, and he said there were 4 or 5 other people in the group they did this to, which leads me to believe it's a common practice.

They will do anything at all to break each other down.

I was able to keep my s/o from returning, and after about three months he fully realized what had happened to him. He has told me that he believes that had he returned for the other levels, he would have been lost for years.

I understand that you want to help your brother-in-law, but it sounds as though he is in very deep. Don't expect much right away. You have to erode three years worth of programming, and it can't be done overnight. He's seen your reaction before. It happens every time they send a new group home. They have their rehearsed answers for every objection, and they don't even listen to what you are saying.

Your wife is your first priority. They will try to work her over and get her back. It almost worked with my s/o. He turned on me, told me to leave. It took a lot of work to get him away.

I'll keep checking in, if you have questions, or anything.


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Impact Training in Utah
Posted by: Marcos ()
Date: March 26, 2004 06:28AM

I have some experience with what you are going through right now. I went to the sister program Harmony in SLC a little less than a year ago. Due to my girlfriend(who posts here as LoriS), I was able to fight off my programming and come back to reality. I may be able to shed some insight on what to expect and have the ability to talk to you and your wife in a way that can help shed some of the layers of BS that Harmony/Impact weaves into you.

Quite honestly I was pretty messed up from my Harmony experience. And to this day get a little choked up about my experience when I think about it. What I can share is how I was able to reinterpret my thoughts on what Harmony/Impact was, and what it meant. Honestly for me it was like I just all of a sudden woke up. One day my life was topsy-turvy and I didn't know up from down, and the next day all of a sudden I realized what I had just done, and that I had just "joined a cult". Me an intelligent, driven, articulate person had been completely and [b:865bc89700]unwittingly[/b:865bc89700] altered. It's the unwittingly that I have the problem with. They messed with my head, but didn't tell me what they were doing. They hypnotized me and didn't tell me what they were doing. They made me come up with all kinds of crazy ideas about how my mom and one incident when I was five was the reason I was so messed up now. They made me believe that everything good that I was, was newly discovered from Harmony. They made me think that either you were in with Harmony or you were out, and I couldn't stand to not be around other Harmony drones.

I would love to talk to you and your wife about this if you're interested. You can call me, or email me. My email address is (Take out the NoSpam)

Know that it can get better, and that underneath all that Impact training crap and jargon still lies the woman you love. Be patient and consistent, you can get through this.

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Re: Impact Training in Utah
Posted by: Anyonealive ()
Date: June 27, 2016 12:03PM

Currently my mother, father, siblings, and many people on my mother's side of the family is attending this. They staid at a member of Impact Training's house, never met before, and left my 10 and 8 year old sister in his one entrance basement. They're making extremely erratic decisions, isolating my from my family because I do not want to attend, and am worried about their financial state.

If anyone could give me any advice as well, I'd love to hear it. I've tried talking to them, kindly, and they retaliate immaturely and don't seem to hear a word I say.

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Re: Impact Training in Utah
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 27, 2016 06:26PM

See []

This book includes a chapter about LGATs (large group awareness training) like Impact.

The book can help you to better understand the situation and what possible options you might consider.

Don't argue, make negative comments or offer criticism.

First read and educate yourself and keep communication open.

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Re: Impact Training in Utah
Posted by: Ali5683 ()
Date: September 09, 2016 03:11AM


I know all too well. I was actually in Impact for 4 years starting in 2006 and it damn near ruined my life. I went through Quest, Summit, Lift Off, Inner Woman 1 and Inner Woman 2. I was brainwashed. The only advice I can give is to be as supportive as possible. No matter what you say or do, you will always be "wrong". Even though Impact preaches that their is no right or wrong. Everything they teach is completely contradictory. It's going to boggle your mind on how or why anyone would act the way they will. The logical part of the brain is completely brainwashed and it's frustrating watching those you love and care about go down a harmful path. It's a very selfish training. Your feelings pretty much won't matter so don't even try to get them to listen to you. Either they will wake up to see the truth on their own or someone who works at the center will do something stupid to shed light on the fakeness happening in Impact. The latter is what happened to me and I'm grateful for it.

Hang in there. There are people out here who have been there and been sucked in. Most of the time the novelty wears off after awhile. The "high" they are feeling will not last forever. I hope they realize sooner rather than later that this is not a healthy place.

Just an example of what kind of people they have working at this place: []

That man was so overly friendly with the women, including myself, and no one would do anything about it.

Hoping for some relief to you and your family! :)


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