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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Jeri442 ()
Date: July 10, 2011 12:35AM

I found some reviews on PSI seminars. You can check the link listed. I for one wouldn't recommend a Life Coach as listed in the fourth comment. I only wanted to show the entire comment. As an Ex-grad of PSi, please stay away from PSI seminars.

Psi Seminars
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Lori wrote:
PSI Seminars changed my life for the better. It got me off the couch, and moving forward with my career, my relationships, and my physical health.
I'm giving 5 stars instead of 4 to help boost the ratings a big.
I give it 4 stars for PSI's piss poor marketing and PR methods. They advertise via word of mouth, so the methods to get people to go might come across as pushy.
The posts on pissed consumer, etc. are disappointing, and the posts go unanswered by the thousands of people who have had great experiences. Yes, some people make irresponsible decisions when they come back from a PSI week. And yes, its not a replacement for psychotherapy. Are some of the people who have staffed PSI are imperfect? yes. Yes there are a lot of self-employer's like MLMers and real estate people who attend - but PSI policy is to not solicit business during events.
The advanced seminars are expensive, and for me provided far more value than what I paid.
Would a life coach do the same thing? Perhaps some of it. I doubt a life coach could teach me the things I learned about relationships, teamwork, and leadership if it were not for my team mates at PSI 7.

Olga wrote:
I was a "personal development" junkie for some time now, but I have to say that PSI definitely put an end to this addiction.
Here is what you need to know about PSI, Tony Robbins, Landmark, etc. - those on top of it and the organization itself have below average integrity and yet they teach the heights of it. This definitely brings to mind saying "those who can't do, teach." Primary purpose of their existence is to generate the cash flow and significance. So called "transformation" is merely a tool to make you lay golden eggs in their basket. They are in business to sell you "The Emperor's New Clothes." Typical attendee is religious and/or MLM-er.
PSI-high graduates who during the course were telling you how great you are and professed undying brotherly/sisterly love turn on you in a blink of an eye if you are to criticize of question "holly PSI." In fact, the notion is that because those organizations do so much "good" those delivering you the "goodness" can be more "human" than average, because they "work" so hard to deliver you that "New Clothes." Just google PSI on rip-off report. The X-employee's reply to a customer complaint about sexual misconduct will blow your mind... if not, I rest my case.
Bottom line, after years of doing the "work" and thousands of dollars spent I am worse of than I was before I started with this "personal development" crap. Some things that I did not really care about got better, that kept me chasing the proverbial carrot of "transformation" but those things that I really wanted were always on the "horizon" but hey, there is another course you can take!

Soyfa wrote:
Stay away from PSI Seminars. It is a cult. Seriously. I did the basic seminar and their mind tricks got me to sign up for two advanced seminars totaling big $K. One day in, I realized this was crazy stuff and asked my brother to pick me up from the isolated ranch near the SF hills. Thank goodness I got my money back thanks to lawyers.
The last 2 hours of the Basic Seminar you will be told that you only have 2 hours to take advantage of a great discount big $Kinstead of bigger $K for 17 days of advanced seminars.
Do not do it. I say this with a loving heart. Please beware. John James and the Kool-Aid - this is similar and you will lose big $$.

Sara Wrote:
The 1970s was a weird time. Recovered memories, self-improvement, and cults were all the rage. This time period laid the groundwork for companies like PSI Seminars to later emerge and thrive. The late psychologist and cult expert Dr. Margaret Singer dubbed organizations like PSI Seminars "Large Group Awareness Trainings (LGAT)". PSI Seminars could also be called "a for-profit private company, that delivers self-improvement and personal development coursework" (Wikipedia). Not happy in your career? Want more fulfilling relationships with others? Why not take the PSI Seminar Basic Course for $500?
Critics accuse LGAT's of using similiar thought-reform techniques as cult leaders do. Techniques used in LGAT include:
* meditation
* biofeedback
* self-hypnosis
* relaxation techniques
* visualization
* neuro-linguistic programming
* mind-control
* yoga
(Source: Wikipedia)
LGAT are usually long hours and last several days. They are highly emotional and use all the above techniques to manipulate the feelings of the people participating in the training. After one completes the training, he/she often feel like they are on a "high", but according to research, the feeling doesn't last. Research also shows that LGAT rarely instill *real* change into people's lives (Wikipedia).
Fast forward 30 plus years to my living room in Alameda last April. I had just finished pouring out my heart to my roommate about who I *really* wanted to be when I grew up. My roommate mentioned yet again how much PSI Seminars changed her life. "Just take the Basic course for $500. I swear it will change your life", she says. If this were anyone else I would have brushed them aside, but my roommate talked about PSI Seminars with such enthusiasm and with such meaning in her voice, I couldn't just brush her aside. If these courses had affect my smart, kind, successful roommate as much they seemed to, they must be worth it. So I called Carson at PSI Seminars and signed up the next day.
The next four days consisted of a bunch of highs, a bunch of lows, visualizations, emotional reenactments, group therapy and goal setting. Some of it was crap, some of it was helpful ($500 helpful, I don't think so!) and some of it was downright stupid. And did I reach my goals that I set up at the seminar? Well, what do you think? Let's be real here. So you really want to change your life? Wonderful. Here's some advice that will actually change your life.
1. Get a therapist
2. Get a lifecoach
If you actually have goals to meet, things to do, places to go, people to see, lifecoaching is were it's at. I can even give you a rec for a good one in Walnut Creek. Ya wanna know why lifecoaching actually works and PSI Seminars doesn't? Because you see your lifecoach every week (or every other week) and more importantly, you are accountable to him/her! Take my advice, save the $7,000 you'd be spending on PSI Seminars and spend it on a lifecoach who will kick your ass!

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: October 26, 2011 09:14AM

I cannot believe the nerve of these people. I received a call from a girl at the local PSI office here in San Diego. They were looking for my ex-wife. When I told them she wasn't living here anymore and that she left because of them she tried to recruit me to this PSI bullshit. I am stunned.

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: November 13, 2011 11:08PM

Found this on another site: So typical of PSI to ignore their own policies just to make a buck. Does anyone know if PSI really did close down in Hawaii?

"Written by vernon gosney on November 12, 2011
PSI seminars is a controlling , manipulative group that has several cult-like aspects. On the application for the seminar there are questions asked if a potential participant had ever been committed to a mental institution. My friend , who had a history of mental illness answered yes The PSI trainers allowed him in anyway .He took and paid for all the courses and ended up having a total mental breakdown and was again hospitalized for a psychotic break. PSI cares nothing about the participants .They care about money and only money to the detriment of the participants. I also took the basic and found limited value. I also helped my friend get the professional help he needed. PSI in Hawaii left town with the leaders starting their own group."

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Jeri442 ()
Date: February 20, 2012 02:00AM

One of my ex-PSI Buddies called me and told me there has been a big problem brewing at PSI Seminars. Check out the post I found on another site.

Written by ProfPsych on February 14, 2012
Please listen to a Psychological Clinical Therapist who sat through the entire Basic course, that THIS IS A CULT. RUN!!!

I decided to go to this course after it captured my husband! He suddenly starting communicating in a rather "New Age" lingo, and spending his money aimlessly on course after course. He is, as we speak away on a holiday with his "girlfriend"...yes he left me. He still loved me enough to pay for half my course, which I attended in order to find out what exactly I was up against to re-program this man I love.

My group leader did everything including tell me that my husband wanted me to attend the Ranch PSI7 with him to fix our marriage, when he had never even mentioned that to me nor would he consider that option since they convinced him that divorcing your spouse is OK and you just have to get people out of the way of your goal..(even when they are saying, "Honey...I love you but we are upsidedown on the house, we don't have over $20 thousand dollars for you to feel better about yourself right now!!!)
My husband was a Christian man, even involved in ministry, and he was hoodwinked by these crazy people. I watched over a hundred ppl who were told not be victims, become just that, VICTIMS.

Some of the content on pricing out on the web is old, the current 2012 prices are as follows:
The psi7 course is $5750.00, if you take the 90 day program too, you can get it for the spectacular price of $8850. If you want to take the leadership program that will cost you another $5500. (But you first need the BASIC of course which is over $600.) This complete package to this point is over $20 thousand. You can even do more!!! Why not just give them your house, your marriage and your children's education right from the get-go???
Sure people may get something from the exercises, many of them are legit, but its the SCARY AND HIGHLY MANIPULATIVE combination and the order in which they are carried out, paired with the hypnosis, and unethical mind control that is the problem here. It isn't about you fixing your life, it is about you filling someone's pocket book, and it ain't yours!!!

So pray for me as I go into this cult-jungle to try to rescue my sweet husband who has been taken by these people, and do everything I can to bring this operation DOWN!!!

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: June 18, 2012 12:55AM

"One of my ex-PSI Buddies called me and told me there has been a big problem brewing at PSI Seminars."

I recently heard PSI was having a great deal of problems filling their programs. It amazing that PSI believes people now have the internet to check what they're getting into. Hope PSI "goes down" as well.

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: August 30, 2012 08:16AM

Found this new post on another web site. I see PSI is still at it. To the original poster: I'm very sorry your friend is going through this.

"My best friend went through a difficult couple of years, following her husband's alcoholic binges that emotionally devastated she and their family. He has been successful with his recovery. About 6 months ago, my best friend was introduced to PSI. So far, she has spent well over $10,000 and is no happier now than she was then. She has gone through a rotation cycle of cutting off those that are closest to her, such as her parents, her sister, and me, then waking up one day and crying for a reconnection. Her husband is the recent victim. She has asked for a divorce, and one of the reasons is because he won't be involved with PSI. Apparently, he has discovered that she has withdrawn $20,000 from their youngest daughter's education fund, and another $20,000 from a business checking account. She has been obligated to recruit members, and has done so unsuccessfully, so she is buying memberships for people in order to be allowed to stay in PSI. As well, she is coached daily by another member, to keep on top of her goals, and if she says the "wrong words," such as "try," she is penalized at about $10-$15 a word, which is another on-going expense. I'm appalled that a woman as educated as she would fall victim to such a scam. It is literally ruining she and her husband's life, emotionally and financially. She wants a divorce but says she still loves him and can't explain why she wants the divorce, it's just a "feeling" that she has. She wants to open a business to sell spiritual and metaphysical items but has no capital to open any business, but she said she has a "feeling" that it is her purpose and she is committed to her goals. She talks about all of this like she is in a hypnotic daze, without foundations for her choices. Come to find out, she made a set of goals, that breaking up with her husband was one of them and that is why she had to do it, because her coach calls daily asking if she's achieved it yet. She thinks she is following a dream of opening a business but has no means to do so, but she busily creates lists of supposed future inventory that she will somehow stock, but has no money to begin it with. She writes me frustrated emails now, complaining about life being "so f__king hard." Perhaps if she stopped letting PSI stop soaking money out of her bank accounts and credit cards, things wouldn't be so hard. She has literally lost it and I blame her vulnerability and gullibily, letting this scam, PSI taker for everything she's got, including her common sense. It's definitely a money-scamming cult and it's putting my friend and her family through misery, plus taking away the person I have called my best friend for over 30 years."

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: crback22 ()
Date: May 14, 2017 02:44AM

Here we are in 2017 and PSI is still wreaking havoc "one mind at a time". How about a class action lawsuit? Anyone interested???? These LGAT companies are BUSINESSES not churches, so let's do something! NOW!

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: kdag ()
Date: May 14, 2017 06:28PM

crback22 -

I would be - sort of. The problem I see is that they are DIFFERENT companies, and I don't think that we can file such a thing against an entire class of businesses, but just one at a time.

The other problem I have is that some of us have had crimes committed against us. In my case, I would personally rather see a criminal prosecution. I don't know if a lawsuit would complicate that, or not.

If you get a class action suit going against PSI, that's great! I hadn't even heard of PSI until you brought it up, but if it's anything like L.E., (sounds like it is), a class-action suit would be a good thing, IMHO.

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: crback22 ()
Date: May 16, 2017 07:01AM

They're all the same! I will speak with a class action lawsuit lawyer this week among other connections I have made through other organizations. I think if we can start at one and it's successful we can snowball that to the others. Any ideas please share them with me. Leah Remini is making headway in this subject so let's ride this train while it's picking up momentum

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: crback22 ()
Date: May 16, 2017 07:14AM

I am working on getting people who are up to taking PSI down together. It's gonna take numbers and I think a lawsuit (class-action) is a possibility- it won't necessarily be about money- but actually stopping them. Anyone interested in standing up against them please message me.

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