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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: May 24, 2009 03:15AM

I was "trolling" the web for more ammunition on PSI Seminars and found this recent post. The site is listed below.

PSI unlicensed practice
Respected sir/madam,
I just took the PSI basic last weekend looking for self improvement. Yes, people should learn and grow. Yes, change is hard and you need to come out of your comfort zone. Yes, life isn't want you expected and you've either disappointed yourself or others. Yes, you want to make a difference and awaken the spirit within you. However...don't get caught like Hansel and hungry that they couldn't resist. What's missing in your life? What are you hungry for? Be smart on how you get it. What doesn't look right, smell right, sound right...(however that saying goes) probably isn't right.

1. What kind of legitimate education course runs till midnight on Thur and Fri? Then have you come back full day Sat and Sun? Think about it.

2. What kind of course asks you to pay $500 -$700 but won't tell you what it's all about. You're not going to the movies. You won't find good surprises here, although you'll be lured into thinking so. Instead, you'll come back with problems you never knew you had. I don't call that a surprise...and it's not the right kind of personal insight either. There are better ways.

3. If there are negative blogs all over the net regarding this seminar doesn't it ring alarm bells? Keep surfing; get enough info to make an informed decision. I spent over 8hrs finding loads of info, unfortunately only after I went to the basic. Be smart! If you still decide you'd like to go. What price are you willing to pay? Not financially but cognitively. Would you open your mind to someone who isn't even a licensed practioner? I was there...I don't care if it's hypnotism, brainwashing whatever. It's guided imagery where they take you back in time and conjure some of your deepest feelings as a kid. I think the practice is beneficial but not done in a group setting by some facilitator! Even if you go in there thinking you're smart with no issues and you're all happy, they won't get you...well be very careful. My happy go lucky friends who were satisfied with life came out wanting more. The facilitator will want you to be in the now, be open, listen, get your money's worth. And everyone else around you is getting so much out of it. Don't feel that you have to get it. That's when they'll get you. The countless exercises will get you. The meditation, the voice of the narrator, the dim lights, the imagery will get you. And most importantly, do not get suckered into signing up for the next course on the last day (Sunday). $6000 is not cheap.

Ever heard of buyer's remorse? You can get quality education (Universities - continuing education programs), enlightment, and practitioners for that kind of money. Get it from the right people. I don't know what it's called or what it is but I notice that my feelings are now somehow attached to that seminar. I can hear the facilitators voice in my head to keep my word, don't be a victim, be a contributor, it's not for everyone, it's my choice, speak from the "I", "What other people think is none of my business", don't be a sand wasp, conditioning/ programs, 100% intention, win-win...oh did they every distort this philosophy.

And the peace of mind model...??? Take a close look at it. Does it make any sense? What does career and financial have anything to do with mental? There are other models out there. Take only what make sense to you. I'm the type of person who reads the stuff online but won't contribute whether good or bad. However this time, I think it's really important to not be passive, please please share your thoughts for all to hear. Get the word around...ya, they got me motivated shut them down! Believe what you want. According to them, I'm creating a story and seeing only what I want to see. I'm not asking you to justify my story. What you think it none of my business. However be open, you don't know what you don't know...and if you're having doubts about this know more than you think you do. Think it through...I’m not your obstacle or your negative support group. Just remember the Nightingale fairy tale.


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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: June 18, 2009 12:21AM

This was just posted on another site: I didn't get the reference to "The possibility that you could be potentially a dirt bag hasn't been discussed." But again another PSI grad steps forward and denounces PSI SEMINARS.

the Demons
"It is my belief that the company as a whole has some positive aspects. After having completed the Basic I did leave with a higher plane of awareness. Some of this has to do with me being aware of how they were trying to negatively manipulate me. I did enjoy my facilitators ability to call me out on my BS. For some this can be a monumental discovery of their true self, or it could be an embarrassing moment that leaves them traumatized. This duality is has not been addressed properly.

There is nothing new to what is taught. I had learned most of what was presented at the seminar during college. The major dilemma has to do with some large jumps in logic that are made. Usually these large leaps are attributed to 'universal laws'. None of which are properly explained. I felt like i was back in church all over again. These laws create shortcuts to thinking. It is always a program, or that we are operating from victim. The worst thing about psi is the rhetoric they use. The high pressure selling tactics are not endearing at all, either. The use of psi grads to recruit new members is the most appalling thing about the organization. There may be truth in owning up to ones actions, but it is exploded into an excuse to disqualify someone's opinion.

Overall, i can see how good can come from the company. It is most definitely not for me. I can see how it can potentially ruin marriages, and strain families as the self is exploded and the rest of the world is tuned out.

although one major trend on this site are individuals whose relationship failed, soon after their significant other got involved with the company. The possibility that you could be potentially a dirt bag hasn't been discussed. This may not be the case but it definitely looks like a possibility.

ultimately, do your homework before signing up. unfortunately PSI figured out that it is easier to have someone sign up while at the the event. once the papers are signed, one loses their ability to back out or do research. So it seems like once you realize what you actually signed up for it is too late."

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: June 28, 2009 01:42AM

Found this on another blog:

Written by Kevin, on 26-06-2009 14:30

Tom Willhite, Jack Rosenberg a.k.a. Werner Erhard, a used car salesman from Philadelphia, et. al. all stole from Alexander Everett. Tom got his ideas from William Penn Patrick, a crook from North Carolina who was indicted for running a pyramid scheme called Holiday Magic. The property (High Valley Ranch) was auctioned off by the government.

PSI is anti-God in that they believe everone is their own God. Therefore, any heinous acts done such as not refunding money, breaking up marriages, and manipulating one's mind are ALL OK. Tom stole his Vision, from page 158 in the manuscripts, from the hermetic philosophy.

There is a dark eerie (demonic)feeling at the Ranch of PSI World in Clearlake Oaks. Jane chews them up then spits them out when they no longer produce and bring in paying heads either at the city level or the Ranch level. There is a pseudo joy found there, not a real joy given by God.

The PSI facilitators make fun of these poor paying saps right in front of their faces and make them believe that they are causing their downfall. Many are because they are vulnerable people who shell out their money to attend while looking for help from the outside.

Funny thing is, both Tom and WPP died at High Valley Ranch, 10 years apart in their own airplane crashes.

All of the Willhites have been living high off of the hog from the PSI gravy train for years. They have a good gig going there.

All of the Willhites live in the high rent districts of any area they choose by using poor saps money. They all have big screen TVs, pools, planes, etc. Jenessa went to USC. She didn't go to the local junior college.

There are copies of TDW's manuscripts online or from book dealers. Read it for yourself. It is mediocre writing at best with many inconsistancies. But the worst thing of all is that it tells the same line as was told in the Garden of Eden, "YOU ARE GOD." If that was so, why didn't Tom resurrect himself after the crash?

That is why people do unscrupulous acts upon their return from the Ranch. They may have come under demonic activity and they are not knowledgable enough in the Word to know the difference or deflect it.

Take it from a former, now repetant , Lord Knowing, facilitator. ~ K.

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: June 29, 2009 11:34PM

1. Written by Chuck, on 25-06-2009 23:52

JohnL Look on page 166 in Thomas Willhite's manuscripts. This is the leather bound book one gets when one attends PSI 7. Tom writes, 'You Are God.' The poor man was terribly misguided. He grew up Catholic, didn't know scipture, rode with the Hells Angels, met and married Jane (a Holiday Girl), and bught into the philosophy that "we all our own gods." This leads to selfish behavior. It is very interesting to note that this passage of "You are the universe. You are God," Is omitted from the verbal CD version of this book. There is a gap, just like in Nixon's tapes. Food For Thought.

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: July 21, 2009 07:37AM

I found this on another site and laughed my ass off. Does anyone know if the PSI office in LA really closed down? Looking at this post is appears there is alot of back biting. Too bad (NOT!!!!) Here's hoping that PSI goes down the crapper!!!!! That is what I am visualizing (funny huh?).

"PSI Seminars
Posted: 2009-07-18 by dmloera

Jan Kempton
Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes
Company information:
PSI Seminars
11650 High Valley Road, Clearwater, CA 95423
Los Angeles, California
United States
Phone: (707) 998-2222

DO NOT TRUST JAN KEMPTON. She took private conversations I had with her an twisted them into a bunch of lies and then embleished those lies into severe allegations against my husband without having any validity or verification - because they are all lies.

Jan is the Los Angeles Basic Coordinator - No wonder the LA office was shut down. No wonder PSI's legal council is denying she is an employ of their company.

Jan's accusing my husband of being unfit around children, when her own boyfriend looks at porn and her husband looks at porn and has hired hookers! Maybe we should be more concerned with the environment her little girl is living in...hmmm. Also this is the greatest form of hypocracy since Jan had her own sons taken away from her by the courts for being such an UNFIT MOTHER. Her son still won't speak to her because of how UNFIT SHE IS. How dare she say anything about anyone else.

Questioning my character and calling me a drunk - Screw you Jan. You were homeless at one point in your life. I'll make sure my attorneys crawl up your history to see if you've ever had a drink or drugs.

Funny how you judge and gossip about me and yet you question my character. If you had concerns regarding me you should have just picked up the phone and addressed them with me. But no, instead you say these filthy things about me. What did I personally ever do to you????????

All of this coming from an employee that works for the seminar that teaches "win-win", "givers gain", "agape love", "see people in their greatness". Jan you're a hypocrite."

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: July 28, 2009 11:07AM

Had to laugh at this one!!!!!

"Love isn't Enough
PSI Seminars complaint

Love Isn't Enough.

Study identifies factors that impact the outcome of marriages after taking PSI Seminars.

July 15, 2009 5:08 AM

Looking for love? Society and culture tell us love cures all and to be truly happy, we need to find the one who "completes us." And once we find love, we marry and then it’s bliss. Right? Wrong!!!!!!!

Well, researchers from the Australian National University report love isn’t what will make us live "happily ever after." The study, "What’s Love Got to Do with It," followed 2,500 couples (married or living together) for six years to see which couples stayed together and why and why couples went to PSI Seminars and divorced.

Here's a rundown of factors that played a significant role in whether those marriages lasted or failed:

• Blending families—20 percent of marriages with kids from prior relationships end in divorce.

• Second/third marriages—90 percent of these couples are likely to separate or divorce.

• Desire to have children—If the women has a much stronger desire to have kids than her spouse, the marriage is not likely to succeed.

• Relationship status of parents—If couples come from separated or divorced parents, 17 percent were headed toward the same result, as compared to 10 percent who come from stable homes and if your new spouse has attended PSI Seminars and leaves his/her first spouse you're likely to separate and divorce also.

• If one spouse goes to PSI Seminars and the other does not.

• If one spouse goes for sex during the barn dance with someone other than their spouse gthe marriage will likely end in divorce.

• If your PSI buddy is a man and you’re a woman, and he picked out your “sexy” clothing for the barn dance your marriage will more than likely end in divorce.

• If you attend PSI7 and bring home a cow turd on a sheet of plywood and try to explain why you would bring home such a thing it will more than likely mean the end of your marriage.

• Money—The root of all evil? Well not exactly, but 90 percent of relationships in which one spouse attended PSI Seminars while paying for the program behind the other’s back ended in separation or divorce.

Is there anything that won't send us to divorce court? The study identified these as non-issues in the success or failure rates of those studied:

• How many kids a couple has

• Whether or not the wife is employed

• Number of years the couple is employed

• And NEVER EVER attending PSI Seminars

In the examination of marriage and relationships, other studies have suggested that we may be predestined to fail or succeed but if you go to PSI Seminars it is a guaranteed that your marriage will FAIL!!!!.

While there are a lot of factors contributing to success or failure of a marriage it seems like common sense is left behind after attending a PSI Seminars Program so be prepared to get DIVORCED.

Many will ignore the warning and go anyway so follow the strong scent of money to the PSI Bank and you too can have all the LOVE money can buy; Remember: PSI is the best love money can buy. (as long as the money lasts.)

Forgo logic and create your own reality and you too can ruin your life. The reasons we are drawn to another person are sometimes curious. Factor in the realities of life and the journey involved in a relationship, and the reasons we stay together are even more mysterious and complicated unless of course you’re involved in PSI Seminars. So get those divorce papers ready!!!!! Because if the one you love attends PSI Seminars that's the only thing left. DIVORCE PAPERS."

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: July 29, 2009 08:03AM

Well it looks like PSI posted the “Methodology” for the Basic Seminar. It’s based on 35 years of experience? It explained nothing about their Methodology. This is nothing but circular wording; claiming everything yet saying nothing.
This is the link []
This is what it says
The PSI Basic methodology is based on more than 35 years of experience and designed to introduce students to foundational principles of personal growth and human potential.
The course uses an experiential learning approach, a model that fosters an environment of active participation throughout the program. Many of the exercises include the entire group's participation, and many exercises require working in small groups. By working in a group dynamic students are able to fully explore the exercises with the ability to receive immediate feedback and apply it to their lives.
The PSI Basic course is approximately 30 hours spread out over four days.
• Thursday: 6:15 p.m.-midnight
• Friday: 6:00 p.m.-midnight
• Saturday: 10 a.m.-7:30 p.m.
• Sunday: 9 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
• Class times are approximate”
The class times are approximate? These times are flat out a lie. The class ran like this:
Thursday: 5:00 PM to past midnight
Friday: 5:00 PM to past midnight
Saturday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM The debriefing
Wednesday: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM The Graduation, or in other words the SALES PITCH.

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: August 05, 2009 12:36PM

Ok, I found this on another site. The first post is by a PSI Grad who obviously can’t spell, type or use a spell check.

“4. Written by Jenny, on 03-08-2009 03:30

I attended the PSI classes and just like with religion you take what you learn nd pply it to your life as it fits, Does it have some weird things yes, but i choose to go there, and what i got from it is how to enjoy life and to live life fully, and stop letting things pass me by. you cant knock it till you try it, the guy above said his wife was madly in love with him before she went and then fell out of love with him, but maybe he shuld stop playing the victim and look at her as someone who had the guts to come out about her true feelings, just becuse she said she loved him one day doesnt mean that it was a love to last fofr a lifetime, she has that right to feel that hes not going to fit into her life anymore, thats her right with or without the prgram. they dont mke clims or reports of healing, thts all what you make if you get something out of the experience than you do if you dont you dont, if yu skeptical dont WAST YOUR MONEY! now whose fault is that, if you choose not to get anything out of the program and your still skeptical YOURS you paid the frikin money deal with it. who are you gunna sue for malpractice you?”

This on is from Barbara: WHY TO GO Barbara!!!!!!!!!

3. Written by Barbara, on 03-08-2009 18:05

Oh my, Jenny you attended the PSI Classes and this is the best you can do? Are you blaming this man because his wife left him after attending PSI seminars? I bet you’re one of those people who attended and decided life wasn’t what you expected and you left your husband for this sh*t. Are you the one who stopped playing the victim and believes you had “the guts” to leave? As for her right to leave; you are correct; she did have the right to leave, but what about explaining that to the man she married. What about her responsibility and commitment to her marriage? Where was her responsibility to her family? Did PSI teach you that you have no responsibility towards one another other than yourselves? PSI claims they teach you the tools to get through life? Did you take take what you needed and leave the rest behind? I have seen this written by more that one alumni of the P*SS and SH*T Institute.

And if you post here again please use the spell checker, you’re sentence structure *** OR IS THAT JUST THE PART OF YOUR BRAIN YOU LEFT AT THE RANCH?


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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: August 08, 2009 09:12AM

This the result of drinking too much Kool-Aid.
“Results of PSI
PSI Seminars compliment
I just wanted to say that if I hadn't of gone to the PSI Basic... then I would not have learned valuable communication tools and believe that I would not be married... and would not have my baby boy......

So for all you people who write negative things about YOUR experience then I am sorry, however, you are ruining it for many people. The first day of the Basic the instructor CLEARLY tells you that how you feel or the result you create is your own... good or bad! Stop blaming everybody else for your problems. If you didn't like the seminar then get your money back and go back to your old life. Get over it! Or be pissed for the rest of you life, but you are hurting yourself more than anyone.

Las Vegas, NV”

I really like this comment “The first day of the Basic the instructor CLEARLY tells you that how you feel.” They clearly tell you how to feel. I bet they do.

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Re: PSI Seminars: Legal Action?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: August 10, 2009 12:49AM

This was posted on another site; I guess PSI is falling apart: TOOO BAD!!!!

Calling all PSI Grads, The LA Office needs Toilets
PSI Seminars complaint
I heard the LA PSI office got closed down because of all Jan's temper tantrums. In an effort to save their paychecks Gregg and Jan propose to PSI “"Hey why don't we run the office out of my house" says Jan. So PSI lets them continued on a commission basis only, only problem is they can’t fill the Basic Seats. (Gee that’s too bad.)

Gregg and Jan also don’t realize this but they saved the company $50k a year in corporate leases and thought “hey, we need a bathroom for all of these people coming and going for all the meetings, etc.” The company denies the request so what do they do...? They start calling all their former PSI grads to pay for the new crapper. Can you believe this?

It's pretty clear the company is not wasting another penny on LA. Or at least their not while Jan is involved. And the funny part is they never did get the new bathroom addition to their private home on the backs of their former grads.

Can you imaging getting a call from Jan and/or Gregg asking you to do pay for toilets so they can have the new recruits come over to the house. I can just hear them; “Givers Gain.” Maybe they should go into their white lights and workshops and envision her getting new toilets.

1. Written by Jane, on 09-08-2009 08:50

Greg K (area director LA) just recently stole a graduate’s wife and is living with her.

2. Written by Barb Howe, PSI Grad, on 08-08-2009 16:49

This story is true. Gregg called me last week. I couldn't believe he was asking me for money. I fell stupid enough for getting involved in this.

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