Is this common practice in LGATs?
Posted by: Brad69 ()
Date: September 06, 2006 08:38PM

I have come across suggestions of this in a number of places...

On some LGATs, it appears people are put through some processes to find their "word" - a single definition of who they are. This process is nicely manipulated and, it appears, defines the breakthrough, more accurately known as the breakdown.

For my girlfriend, this involved meditating through the night until 10 the next morning to find her word!!!

An article on The Fourth Way School showed how this word can be used against people:


Have you noticed that, regardless of a student's chief feature, to actively work against it they inevitably end up sacrificing themselves for the benefit the school? For example, to work against "vanity", a student must be more selfless. Or, to work against "greed", a student must be willing to give the school more time and money. To overcome "dominance" or "power", you must do what the teachers say. To work against "nonexistence", you must take a more active role in school activities. Or, to work against "superficiality," you must go into greater depth with your commitment to the school and its activities. Who really benefits most from this work?

For my girlfriend, her word - "innocence" - is now used to have her look out for the manipulations of others - excepting, of course, the manipulations of the manipulater. It has proved a great way for this man to create an us-versus-them scenario.

So, are people's words a common theme in LGATs?

If so, how are they used to manipulate participants?

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Is this common practice in LGATs?
Posted by: anon0820 ()
Date: September 06, 2006 09:29PM

Well... isn't the Leadership program a play on words? They are instructed to 'lead' a person to their self happiness / awareness.

My ex would give his word... integrity... accountability....

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Re: Is this common practice in LGATs?
Posted by: Maxui ()
Date: November 04, 2008 06:39PM

My "Word" is Trust.

However in my experience it was never used to manipulate me.

rather I was told to go out into the world and create Trust as it is the "Purpose I am" in the world.

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