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Choices Seminars
Posted by: dragonfly ()
Date: August 07, 2003 02:44PM

Hi all, I am new

I am trying to find info on a seminar called Choices.
Since I have been looking for info on them, I noticed they seem to be changing their name a bit.
First Choices Unlimited, then Choices, Then Choices II, now Adventures, but still really Choices.



Lets see where should I start?

Ok. I believe this "fantastic-too-good-to-be-true" self help business is here targeting mainly native, or aboriginal, status indians, whatever.....and they are succeeding at an alarming and very scary rate here!

I am native, and about 50 people from my "band" have gone. They travel to the coast and stay for 5 days etc.

All our leaders have gone, most sent by bosses. Many "band" employees have been told to go.

My reserve is one of many many reserves hopping on the "self help" bandwagon.

My sister was sent and did not tell us for almost a year what she went thru. It was very similar to the Basic LGAT Experience on the Awareness Page.

I found an artilce where Thelma Box (founder) says she brought Choices to Canada as well, because she enjoys working with the First Nations Indians in their healing processes.

What a load!!!!!! I am so angry!

I believe she has found the perfect target consumer.
Natives that are a registered member of an Indian Band have access to funding. Plain and simple. She did her homework.

Lets see, it is like this....this "customer" is working at a minimum wage job, can barely pay the bills (some cannot even pay the rent) and they can each access through their bands $2500.00 to go to the first Seminar package!!!!

After our most of leadership has gone they start to send the people they think they can "help or save" so to speak. I am talking about alcoholics, drug users, people that cannot hold down a job for any amount of time, misfits really.

Now we see people coming back and singing the praises of this seminar, but when questioned will not divulge any real info.

Every month in Vancouver about 100 people go to these seminars and I believe more than half are native.

I know elders that have gone through the trauma of Indian Residential School and now they are going to Choices. I know this is going to be very bad for them. I am afraid of the after effects that I feel are coming.

I have been looking for stuff online for months.

Sorry for ranting.... I could go on and on!

Help! Does anyone have any advice??:(

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Choices Seminars
Posted by: patrick-darcy ()
Date: August 09, 2003 05:38AM

first stop, take a deep breath and
relax. never give up alerting people,
but stay calm. hope this little
bit helps.

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Choices Seminars
Posted by: dragonfly ()
Date: October 07, 2003 02:25PM

Thanks for reply,

Took a deep breath.

Hmmm...... Thelma Box seems to have a past with Dr Phil


Still shakin my head though.......

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Choices Seminars
Posted by: elena ()
Date: October 12, 2003 09:55AM

Lots of information about different, (they're all pretty much the same), "large groups awareness trainings." One thing that seems to distinguish these scammers is their lack of imagination.



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Choices Seminars
Posted by: dragonfly ()
Date: October 13, 2003 01:57PM

Thanks for the link elena. I already have that site bookmarked :)

I think what makes it so sad is most of the people here going to this "Choices" are doing so with a true genuine goal to improve themselves.

My sister went over a year and a half ago and she still recieves email from them. I'd say 95% is telling her to try to get someone to go to an info meeting....


Please SERIOUSLY CONSIDER bringing someone whom you would like to hear about Choices. The meeting will be upbeat, safe, and non-confrontational and will clearly outline the value of the Choices Seminar


This will be a great opportunity to invite those people in your life whom you feel would benefit by attending Choices. The meeting will be upbeat, safe, and non-confrontational and will clearly outline the value of the Choices Seminar.

Please communicate this invitation to all the Choices alumni you are aware of, and encourage them to bring their friends. Let's all show our support by inviting someone.

What really gets me though is that many of the bands around here are using EDUCATION dollars to send people to this seminar. And this is in no way education!!!!

And when questioning people defending it and asking them to define, is it education, therapy, counceling, work related.??...they answer with "it's all things".

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Choices Seminars
Posted by: dmk1969 ()
Date: March 27, 2007 11:48PM

I do agree that the program has targeted the First Nations in BC because of the ability of their bands to pay the $2500 price tag for the 5 day program. I am non-native and attended the program in 2006.
The program is not a cult in any way, shape or form. They encourage you not to disclose what you go through in the program (the steps) as some are very emotional and if I would have known about them in advance, my shyness and fears would have stopped me from going. BUT, the biggest gift I got from the program was the knowledge that fear holds me back in so many areas of my life. I am no longer living in my safe, comfortable box that restricted my life.
They do not advertise and encourage you to tell others to come. I see this as the cheapest way to advertise. And with the high First Nations population with access for funds, why target any other group?
My last comment is that on the last day of the program, many, many former attendees come back to support the graduating group. And you can see how it HAS worked. It is all up to the participant if they use the tools that you are given in the course. And if it only changes the life of 1 of the 40 - 50 in the group, from some of the horror stories of the lives you hear about there, it is worth every penny.
Thanks for reading!!!

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Choices Seminars
Posted by: ccloud90 ()
Date: May 26, 2007 05:11AM

hi.. i was thinking of attending a choices seminar since I heard about it from a friend.then I came across this. does anyone know of anyone who actually went through choices seminar and, i dunno, came back worse or different in a bad way?

i was trying to look for people's experience aside from the website's testimonials, and i ended up here at a cult forum.. which has me a bit worried.

it sounded good though.

opinions and experiences welcomed!

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Choices Seminars
Posted by: dizeb ()
Date: June 11, 2007 10:34PM

When my husband came home from his first Choices "experience", I was afraid that he had been brainwashed! He would not talk about the 5 day seminar with anyone except other group members, except to tell us that we should go. One by one, members of our family attended, with me holding out until now. My eldest daughter and I are scheduled to go in July.

I'm doing so grudgingly. I very deeply resent the amount of money that has been channeled into this. My daughter and I will make 9 from our family who have gone. I don't know exactly what the fee is, but at $2000 a head, that's a whole lot of money. We are going because our family is divided into those who have gone and those who haven't, and the division is widening; I also deeply resent being put into this position of having to go to lessen the division.

Choices has taken over our lives. My husband has gone through the program, attended "Super-Choices", acts as a coach at more seminars, and attends pretty much all of the local meetings. He claims he's changed. He thinks differently. He has more meaningful conversations with our children. He's more engaged in the things he's involved in (work & Choices.) He is doing more of what he likes and less of the things he doesn't like.

He's also dipped into our retirement savings to buy a $40,000 car (because it's what he wants and it makes him feel good.) He's paid the seminar fees for several of our family members. We're not rich. We're staring retirement in the face and should be saving, not helping to finance someone else's retirement or lifestyle.

I'm really angry with him and with Choices. I'm going to the seminar grudgingly and with skepticism. Part of me wants to be proven wrong. I don't want to believe that they are all so gullible as to have fallen for what appears to be a brilliant money-making scheme. The other part is hoping to find some of the peace and happiness that they all claim will come to you after going.

But why do I still feel like bashing someone over the head and yelling "Wake up!"


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Choices Seminars
Posted by: midnight ()
Date: June 29, 2007 07:20AM

My daughter and I attended choices in March at the urging of my brother who had gone to the previous seminar. He came back all hyped about it and saying how wonderful it was. When asked what happened and what it was he wouldn't give a straight answer. I did visit this sight before going and was somewhat sceptical about the program. With good reason!
They use a lot of peer pressure and subtle intimidation to try and get you to conform. If you argue or question they have you leave the room with escorts. You can't leave the room unless a coach goes with you even to the bathroom. You are not supposed to watch tv, only limited phone callls and no telling anyone about the program while you are there or for so many days after. Your room mates are chosen for you and no one is allowed in your room. They give you a name while you are there and you are pressured into quitting smoking, drinking and everything. No caffiene while there etc. It is really bizarre and we left before the 5 days as it was pretty bad. One coach in a group thing said to my daughter that he saw her as pond scum! and that is supposed to help you grow???
I think it is a big scam as all the coaches are volunteers and there is only one paid emplyee and Thelma. Lot of money with 80 or more people paying 2000 or more.
Just my thoughts on it. Icould go as it really bothers me to see so many band members attending and wasting the money.

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Choices Seminars
Posted by: SaneAgain ()
Date: June 30, 2007 12:36AM

dizeb wrote:

My eldest daughter and I are scheduled to go in July.

Hi Dizeb, are you still scheduled to go?

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