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Some help, advice, support needed.
Posted by: Brad69 ()
Date: July 18, 2006 08:01PM

I'm pretty excited.

I had an opportunity today to spend some time with my girlfriend. She is a kinesiologist and was having some trouble with her back - her sacrum, in fact (the point where one's power lies) - and I said I would lie on her plinth while she worked through me to deal with the pain. She agreed.

An opportunity arose for me to ask her whether she had ever been hypnotised. She posed the question and the answer came back that she had.

She asked whether she was aware that she had been hypnotised and the answer was that she wasn't.

We were able to establish that this happened when she did her first course with the man who has been misleading her.

It was also established that what was done with the hypnotism lies at the core of the problems she has been experiencing over the past 10 months, during which she has been despressed, confused, suicidal at times, and generally very unhappy.

Through the kinesiology we established that I have information to share with her that will help her.

That info is what I have learnt mostly here on Rick Ross. Thank you so much.

I will be going through it slowly with her, bit by bit. She has agreed to do it that way.

Like a lawyer, I will carefully construct my case and hopefully, in so doing, help her to free herself.

I know it won't be easy, but she has agreed to let me tell the whole story.

I also know that this is just the beginning, but [b:8070a47214]hope[/b:8070a47214] has appeared at last.

This website is a blessing and to all those who have shown me support, directly or indirectly through others posts, [b:8070a47214]Thank You[/b:8070a47214].

I pray that this will help this beautiful woman find herself again.

I sent her this message a short while ago: 'Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself' - Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

May it be so...

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Some help, advice, support needed.
Posted by: mdlf ()
Date: September 13, 2006 01:12PM

Hi Brad,

Have been reading your comments with interest, but there are always two sides to a story. I have a friend in a similiar situation but in her case it has all been blown out of proportion - her ex can't accept the fact that the relationship is over so is crying "Cult!". Needs to blame someone! But a lot of the behaviour you speak about with your ex is quite similiar. I think this kind of situation is very confusing to friends since I now don't know whether to be concerned about her - or to consider that maybe he has been right all along. Have you made any progress?

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Some help, advice, support needed.
Posted by: Brad69 ()
Date: September 13, 2006 04:25PM

Well, it's been quite a surprise to see my story lifted to the front page again! So, I thought I would update it.

My girlfriend, after first agreeing to go through everything that was done on the courses she attended, pulled back from it. Obviously, people, especially when they have been in these types of situations, need to do things when they are ready and she hasn't been ready. :(

Her 'guru' recently came to my city and spent a lot of time here. During that time she was completely unreachable, even to share a cup of coffee. He persuaded her to do another course with him, which he called 'Teach only love'.

She seems to have got some benefit from it (good), and I will never rubbish everything this guy has taught.

Certainly, she is a little more approachable, but she is very fragile. A simple idea in casual conversation can bring her to tears.

After having her trust in self destroyed, she has, as a result, struggled to trust anyone else, which obviously makes one more suggestable. The frustration I have in knowing that I have remained completely honest throughout this ordeal, and that this man has not, and that she is aware of this, is so hurtful.

He, who came in as a stranger with all the answers, has basically supplanted all the loving people in her life, and he has certainly created a situation in which we have become viewed as obstacles rather than support. Today, she is quite scared of allowing herself to get close to me, of allowing me to get close to her. :cry:

My problem with his teachings stem firstly from his false qualifications: When he claims false qualifications then my red flag goes up and I ask the question of how does one know which parts of what he teaches are true and which parts are false?

Would any true spiritual teacher find it necessary to lie about his qualifications?

In talking to others more versed in aspects of his teachings than he is, I have found, for example, that he has twisted some aspects of Buddhism that he espouses.

The usual "you create own reality" line is used often. Midonov 123, who has a PhD in physics, on the following thread neatly shows how it is distorted by self-help teachers: []

Then, and this has for long been my big gripe, he has clearly tried to manipulate her into a relationship with him, and at the same time has basically destroyed mine with her. How does this reflect on his spirituality, which is after all what he says he teaches?

It is not the first time he has pursued a relationship with someone while presenting a course (even those with partners); there is a definite pattern to it.

How does this behaviour relate to someone who is supposedly teaching spiritual lessons and our connection to all? How does this show love and respect for all?

Why does he use all eight criteria for Lifton's thought reform?

As someone told me recently, his words to her were: "I break people down and then I leave them". :evil:

How does a spiritual person do such things, cause trauma in people's lives and walk away without remorse?

It very much relates to Doctor Len Oakes' book, "Prophetic Charisma: The Psychology of Revolutionary Religious Personalities" in which these leaders are focused on themselves, not the people they are supposedly helping, with a common thread of a narcissistic personality disorder running through them.

I have become aware of abuses of their positions by this man and two others involved with him whereby they have manipulated people into affairs, with some of those who have been manipulated being either married or involved in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

I am not giving details about them out of respect to those I have spoken to asking me not to name them.

As mentioned in my previous post, my girlfriend and I were able to identify when her problems began as being at the time of the first course. We also found out that she had been hypnotised and that she was unaware of it. We found that the hypnosis related to the core of her problems.

Unfortunately, though, she has chosen not to deal with this now. And maybe it is a good thing at this stage because she is fragile. is the 'core of the problem'.

As Wendy Duncan wrote at the end of her book, "I can't Hear God Anymore", documenting her experiences of being with the Trinity Foundation, and relating to after she left:

"The task is simply to integrate the pieces of our past and accept the events that make up our life story. Failure to do so leads to despair.

"When I finally realized I had to acknowledge the loss and embrace the whole experience, that it had to be worked through rather than worked around, I began the real journey back to God."

The parallel, for my girlfriend, who has invested so much in this man and her spiritual process is, I believe, similar.

She has read some of this stuff on Rick Ross, but hasn't really examined it much and she didn't like what she read. If she reads this, please, she should know it is not an attack on her. It is simply me putting the facts forward, and I hope my compassion is evident.

Sometimes, there are issues we need to face that are so testing, potentially so devastating, that we would rather, as Wendy Duncan said work around them, rather than through them. I believe that when my girlfriend chooses to work through them, she will find the inner empowerment she has been seeking.

It will be hard, very very hard, but it will be worth it.

As the saying goes, "The truth will set you free".

I wish her all the best, from my heart and soul to hers.

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Some help, advice, support needed.
Posted by: hongabckong ()
Date: September 23, 2006 05:43AM

He came to Hong Kong, he hurt a lot of people. He should be reported to the authorities.
Good luck, hope he is stopped.

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Some help, advice, support needed.
Posted by: hongabckong ()
Date: September 23, 2006 01:37PM

This man was indeed in Hong Kong. He damaged a lot of people and those who did not confront him or his facilitators avaoided his wrath at the time but lost themselves in the process. It is really upsetting to hear he is still getting away with this. The man is extremely damaged he is however very good at reading people and can see a threat or a sucker immediatly. He also does most of his dirty work through other members on the course or his adoring lapdogs who are themselves desperate to feel important. He had a number of "private sessions" and what happened in them seems to have brought the people in very deep. He had the BROTHER IN LAW of one man imply that his young children were possesed by evil and needed to be "freed" by discipline and when the man did not fight for his children....thats when Louis had him! He stripped people down to their most vulnerable selves into almost childlike states and then groomed them to associate divinity with HIM and EVIL with anyone or anything which disagreed or resisted him. He had people stare into eacht others faces, exhausted and drained and confused and say whether they had the right to live or die and why, he had people cross dress and publicly humiliate themselves he would keep everyone in a constant state of fear with is Oh Oh phrase....As regards being charismatic...well I had heard that, but actually he is rather repulsive. The only charismatic thing he has is that he is so willing to take peoples power and responsibility from them and unfortunatly there are so many people willing to hand that power over.
May you and your girlfriend find peace again but if you have in anyway tried to make her see the light then now doubt Louis has painted you as an evil entity stunting her growth. Maybe you should let you girlfriend experience the results of her decision, after the euphoria there is often numbness then a deep sence of depression.
Louis Smit seems to thrive on destroying things, especially those things he himself cannot have, love, integrity, strength, dignity, family, friendship, trust, children financial independence and inner security. Have now doubt though the man is a coward and will do anything to avoid confrontation. Do not be afraid of him. Go to the authorities report him. AT least then its on record.
Can a black belt in Aikido can perform while chain smoking and carrying a paunch like he does ....?

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Some help, advice, support needed.
Posted by: Brad69 ()
Date: September 23, 2006 02:16PM


For some or other unknown reason, I haven't seen your post until now, and I have been on this thread!

Anyway, to address some of what you said, and I can only speak in terms of my story, I will first start and say I am not crying "Cult!", but I am crying "LGAT!", and you will see from the number of posts that it is LGATs that have drawn the most responses on these message boards and with good reason.

Throughout what has happened in the case of my girlfriend and I, there have been numerous red flags, plenty of dishonesty coming from this 'guru', starting right away with his qualifications.

If you read my first post, you will see that my relationship was not in trouble at all. In fact, it was amazing. The change-around in one or two weekends was mystifying, unbelievable, and painful.

As you can see from my first post, my girlfriend and I had a very open, trusting relationship, but suddenly, she was interpreting the world around her from a completely different viewpoint - which is one of the warning signs of thought reform - and it wasn't just her relationship with me that was affected. It was with [b:c6bf6abec8]everyone[/b:c6bf6abec8] around her.

This so-called 'guru' created an us-versus-them scenario which he cleverly manipulated so that she was told to look out for other people's manipulations (excepting his, of course). And she was told that there would be resistance to her changing. Predictable, but clever.

If you read my last post, you will see that there is first-hand evidence of this man and his two business partners using their positions to manipulate people into affairs - including married people!

The format used on his courses is pretty generic in the way that it copies other LGATs, and as you can see, there are many casualties - these boards provide enough proof of that.

While some people can handle the pressures they are subjected to, others are not ready for them, and maybe they never will be.

I have seen hundreds (no exaggeration) of signs of unethical practises by this man. Coincidence? I think not.

Where there is smoke there is fire.

I feel that after all this time, I have moved away from the emotional aspect somewhat and am able to view this situation with reasonable objectivity.

I have dilligently investigated this man and his business partners and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what they are doing is unethical, not spiritual (as they claim their teachings to be, although I won't dismiss everything they say out of hand), and designed to bring in money by manipulating people into fragile states of mind.

To quote the man himself: "I break people down and then I leave them". That is not helping people.

Two of the words that best define me are "truth and integrity"; anyone who knows me knows that. And I have stuck to them throughout this ordeal. I am pretty level-headed and, I believe, I can see through BS pretty well.

I know that unethical influence has been used on my girlfriend. There is even more evidence of this that I haven't posted here. Maybe I will at a later stage. But trust me, I know that this change did not come about from problems my girlfriend and I had. We had an awesome relationship.

As for your friend and his girlfriend, all I would suggest is that you try to find out more about the courses she has taken and see if you can find similar methods to those described under the section here: []

If you start seeing parallels, then I would suggest there is cause for concern.

All the best, and thank you for your reply.

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Some help, advice, support needed.
Posted by: Brad69 ()
Date: September 24, 2006 12:10AM

Hey hongabckong, Thank you for posting!

Seeing your description of him, you know him. I would be keen to find out as much as you can tell me about the man.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who have been hurt by him have chosen to move on, rather than go through more hurt in dealing with what he has done. Others would prefer to remain anonymous.

Your story, coming from Hong Kong, backs up what I have been saying all along, and it is SO WELCOME.

So, I am not a lone voice in the wilderness!

People need to know about this man. To quote as I have a few times before, his words: "I break people down and then I leave them."

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Some help, advice, support needed.
Posted by: hongabckong ()
Date: September 25, 2006 02:56AM

A quick note to anyone reading , what a wonderful way the universe works. I am across the world and managed to have through this site made contact with people who have been deeply hurt by the same people who walked into our lives, unasked for and uninvited misusing our friendship hospitality and trust. The goodness in people cannot ever be destroyed and no matter how dark clouds can seem if we stick to our truths everything turns out well in the end. Instincts about people are usually right and it is only when we hand our power over to somebody that we loose the ability to see clearly and act correctly. To anyone on this site who has been directly or inderectly hurt by people who positioned themselves as mentors or worse as friends it is important to know that energy should not be wasted in trying to change others but instead to continually try to ensure that we are not changed by those who hurt us. I was very reluctant to reach out to the people who were in pain from the same people that hurt me and some others. I wanted to just turn away and forget. The pain and the shame is what keeps people silent (and the odd treat of so called psychic attacks from self proclaimed masters should we ever speak about what they did.......ha).But something inside, a memory of how alone I felt last year, a small voice encouraged me to reach out and I am so glad I did. I hope our conversations helped and will in some way help others. Brad you are a brave and inspiring, I hope you find your peace and your joy again soon. You will be a stronger person after this. :wink:

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Some help, advice, support needed.
Posted by: Brad69 ()
Date: September 25, 2006 12:52PM

Hongabckong, thank YOU.

Your compassion in reaching out in, picking up the phone, and over three hours, sharing your experiences, revealing the truth about this man as one who subjected you and your family and others to the greatest cruelties, is so appreciated - from my heart to yours.

May your healing continue in leaps and bounds. You have helped me to take a step forward in my own healing.

And may the truth about him come out, that more people may come forward and reveal him for what he is. To quote you:

those things he himself cannot have, love, integrity, strength, dignity, family, friendship, trust, children, financial independence and inner security

Thank you for your gift. :D

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Some help, advice, support needed.
Posted by: mdlf ()
Date: October 17, 2006 08:12PM

Dear Brad69,

Thanks for your reply. The situation has changed somewhat. I had a chance to meet my friend's "guru". Yes, he has some odd ideas, but is open to criticism and certainly doesn't try to brainwash anyone. In fact, I really didn't think he was anything special - just an average, albeit interesting guy. I also had a chance to observe how he and my friend interacted - she wasn't shy about condradicting him if she didn't agree with what was being said. Since then she has, in fact, moved on and has little or no contact with him. However, the ex seems to have become even more obsessed - to the extent of trying to break her friendships with people she has known for years and who have nothing to do with her so-called "cult" activities. Something which the guru certainly never did! A lot of what the ex is saying sounds like things you have said in your posts. Is it possible to create a cult out of being anti-cult? Because his methods seem to mirror what he is accusing the ex-guru of doing! I think the dubious methods and attempted brainwashing are more on his side than any "cult"! She has pretty much broken off all communication with the guru, moved on with her life, and even met someone new - a really nice guy (which the ex doesn't know about yet, oh dear, big trouble coming!) - yet he is still crying "cult!". Go figure. I think any concern I have should be for the ex who seems to become more unstable each day! What advice can you give on helping someone obsessed with seeing cults where none exist?

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