The Cult of Coronavirus?
Posted by: StopLGATs ()
Date: April 13, 2020 06:10AM

I've been thinking the past few days about the similarities with cults/LGATs and our present situation with the Coronavirus.

Seems an odd parallel to draw but bear with me...

Depending on what country you live in - I'm in the UK and the situation is this:

Confined to home all day - emergency laws only allow people to leave once a day to buy food (i.e. basic necessities and as infrequently as possible), exercise or walk dogs (unless you're a categorised key worker and you have to travel to work). This is likely to continue for three months or more.

We're being told by the government we can only shop for basic essentials, but not what counts as basic essentials. Essentially we're being gaslighted over this. And one senior police officer has suggested they may start randomly searching peoples' groceries leaving supermarkets to make sure they're only buying essentials if people keep flouting the rules.

Police have powers to issue on the spot penalties to people breaking lockdown rules.

You're not allowed to visit family/friends and if you've been dating someone new recently you won't be meeting them in person for the forseeable future unless you've already moved in with them (unless you want a criminal record that is).

Every day (unless also isolating from TV and the internet) we're costantly hearing about how serious this disease is. We're getting updates on how many people have died (but now how many people have recovered, have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic - i.e. about 90% of the confirmed cases).

Essentially what's happening is a state of fear is being ramped up to the max. And many people have been physically separated from their support networks.

We also have a group dynamic being created. Since the lockdown started, every Thursday at 8pm people are standing on their doorspteps or where ever they are to clap (or bang pots and pans whatever) to "show their support" for hospital and other care workers.

We're in a situation of free, democratic (until recently) countries living under emergency laws and surveillance that are leaning towards totalitarianism. With no certainty over when (or even if) these emergency laws will be fully repealed to what was the status quo pre-coronavirus. No one is really objecting to this or even demanding safeguards to ensure these laws will be repealed.

No one can doubt that the health protection measures are necessary but does anyone else see ways in which the crisis is going beyond that?

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Re: The Cult of Coronavirus?
Date: April 30, 2020 03:00AM

I am an American living in a Spanish-speaking country south of the border. I am surprised not only by the restrictions but how quickly people have given into the fear and control. We have to wear a facemask when we leave the house. Only one person can drive in a car unless taking someone to the hospital. There are police checkpoints everywhere and many streets are closed. There is a weird dystopian feeling about it.

As near as I can tell there is little chance of a big outbreak here. The population density is low. The heat and strong direct sunlight that we have here are bad for the virus. And after 6 weeks of the restrictions, we have little more than 300 COVID cases and perhaps a dozen registered deaths. And we are stuck in house until the end of May! Insane.

You could say that the restrictions "worked." I suppose. But at what cost? So many poor people here are even poorer now. And the economy is crashing. It seems like a huge price to pay.

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Re: The Cult of Coronavirus?
Posted by: kdag ()
Date: April 30, 2020 05:07AM

The restrictions are much the same all over the world. I really don't know what to think.

I've been following medical updates, and it seems that the frontline people are desperately trying to learn as they go. It is a novel virus, with features they haven't seen before. The ARDS syndrome looks different from the usual ARDS, on X-Rays. There is a clotting syndrome associated with it, (anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome), and they are talking about how the usual doses of anticoagulants are not working.

At the same time, many politicians are trying to cram unrelated agendas into whatever measures are being taken to help. There are many opportunists at work.

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