Gratitude Training and LGAT - CULTS
Posted by: Dr.A.Truth ()
Date: March 05, 2019 11:49AM

Hello everyone, I'm new here.

I recently found this website and skimmed through many threads with criticisms of Gratitude Training and other LGATs.

As a person with first hand experience in Gratitude Training, I'd like to lend my own opinion to this forum. Over time, I will divulge some things I haven't seen mentioned yet on this forum.

Firstly, I want to say - I very much think Gratitude Training is a Cult.

I say this with anger and embarrassment- as I did things with trainers and other enrollees that I now find distasteful and appalling.

I'd like to start with a summary.

Primarily- Gratitude Training is an EXTREME Leftist, New Age Pyramid Scheme that believes it is saving the world, by convincing everyone who goes beyond Part One, that they are personally, the 'Source of ALL things'- GOD- AND if they should come to that realization,in this lifetime- they will be able to grant their every desire, by simply changing their 'beingness'.

Gratitude Training is an exercise and indoctrination into Justified Narcissism.

I will have deeper criticism on this, as this thread progresses, but let me start here. From my up-close, personal experience:

There is NOT ONE Owner, Manager, Trainer or Coach in the Gratitude Training organization whose life is even reasonably managed.

I saw deeply dysfunctional relationships, drug, sex and alcohol addiction, poverty and blatant deceit among the staff.

What I acknowledge them for, is their ability to camouflage themselves as learned and successful individuals- all while- deceiving people, lying to them, causing rifts in families and promoting an atmosphere where people relinquish their lives in order to promote the business.

I hope my words and further detail help many people avoid becoming mixed up with this propaganda machine.

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Re: Gratitude Training and LGAT - CULTS
Posted by: Dr.A.Truth ()
Date: March 18, 2019 08:42AM

I witnessed, in Gratitude Training and other LGATS, attendees growing a sickening obsession with themselves.

They were not only obsessed with their own passions and abilities, but they we're obsessed with every part of their lives. They share their sexual fantasies, perversions, child traumas, drug addictions and their darkest sick acts against others - as if they are proud.

LGATs make people into a sick new form of narcissist. Stupid people without any real accomplishments in life, are put in charge of other seeking people.

No one stops to ask who in the organization has ANY REAL accomplishments all. Not one, not Englesson - the owner. Not Francine or Chris or or Barry or Ray Blanchard.

They all make their money selling narcissism to other people. That way people can have their mind so screwed up- that they think, coming back and supporting the community is the one way they can get their power back. It's really the way to get validated for their egotism.

Narcissists NEED recognition! And the whole training is made to create attention and self absorption addicts.

Keep your children out of Gratitude Training, Lifespring and ANY LGAT.

Feel free to discuss.

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