Corporate Cults; Amygdala Hijacking
Posted by: bakkagirl ()
Date: June 13, 2018 07:56PM


This string raised the important question related to who: what friend, loved one, boss would seek to 'rewire' the brains of friends, loved ones, or employees?

Corporate employers (under the influence) regularly mandate training for their employees that involves LGAT technologies. These were pioneered, in part, by the NTL (National Training Laboratory) and the Tavistock Institute, and refined at the Esalen Institute. These interventions are delivered by 'coaches', faciliators, and Ph.D's who have also had their brains rewired.

(Note, I did a perusal of on-line coach/executive coaching discussion groups, yesterday. Virtually all have 'NLP' focus or discussion groups.

While I think their is a serious level of betrayal involved when 'friends' lead 'friends' into quote, unquote self-improvement groups, there is a whole other level of coercive influence occurring when participation in LGAT, and other interventions becomes a condition of one's employment, and, w/o informed consent.

In the course of my employment a consultant for a psych-hive that did this work, I frequently asked about the matter of informed consent, no answers, and wondered 'why' this is not more litigation related to behavioral modification in the workplace.

Yes, performance management, the carrot and stick stuff, entails systems of of reward and punishment, but, this, does not, I think, entail neural rewiring.

Note, too, that LGAT technologies are also employed in the sphere of education, primary through tertiary, and, in community groups, e.g. PTA's.

I would like to know more about any litigation that has occurred related to informed consent, and neural rewiring technologies used in the workplace, and venues other than designated self-help groups.


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Re: Corporate Cults; Amygdala Hijacking
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 13, 2018 09:45PM

To bakkagirl:

feel free to send a private message (PM) to Rick Ross, CEO of Cult Education Institute. He has been certifed to testify as an expert witness.

Mr Ross can be contacted here:


Some preliminary web searches. By no means exhaustive. Just a start.

Walter1963 had a lot to say about various Asian offerings as well as the American
derived NLP stuff.


Another member, The Anticult wrote a great deal, providing valuable analyses
of talks by celebrated new age gurus, pointing out specific techniques for trance induction. Want to read about 'handshake induction?" The Anticult mentioned it.

If you are curious about any person or any technique or anything - go to the search option on this message board and select all dates, and run the search.

To see if Walte1962 or The Anticult mention it, do all dates, their names and any topic you are researching.

For starters.

Here- all posts by The Anticult


More here:


Some time ago, CEI message board had a member named Walter1963 who had been involved with a lot of NLP training and asserted he or she had incurred permanent harm to health as a result. Posts are highly informative.




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Re: Corporate Cults; Amygdala Hijacking
Posted by: bakkagirl ()
Date: June 14, 2018 09:14AM


Thank you. I will contact Mr. Ross as you suggest.

I read through the Sanger stuff, use of 'freedom of religion' as means of evading participation in workplace 'programs'. This is an interesting angle, but would not be actionable outside the U.S.

One resource I looked at also cited ASTD figures on money spent by corporations on suspect training programs. I would go MUCH higher on this figure. I say this because the party of was playing with my amygdala in a recent coach training session is a past president of the ASTD.

It seems to me, based on what I have learned in this forum, that any training, coaching, group work of which NLP is a component, should require informed consent, and I am thinking that NLP will not be the only "technology" on this list.

Thanks again!


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