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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: December 14, 2005 01:27PM

[u:7c7846d70d][b:7c7846d70d]EXCELLERATED BUSINESS SCHOOLS - MONEY & YOU SEMINAR MADE MY LIFE WORSE! ... Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer and Wayne Morgan Exposed![/b:7c7846d70d][/u:7c7846d70d][/size:7c7846d70d]

I did the seminar [b:7c7846d70d]'Money & You'[/b:7c7846d70d] in 1993 with [b:7c7846d70d]Wayne Morgan[/b:7c7846d70d] and[b:7c7846d70d] 'Powerful Presentations' [/b:7c7846d70d]seminar with [b:7c7846d70d]Robert Kiyosaki. [/b:7c7846d70d] These two seminars and others are offered by [b:7c7846d70d]Excellerated Business Schools[/b:7c7846d70d].

Back in the 1990's [b:7c7846d70d]Robert Kiyosaki ("Rich Dad Poor Dad" author & Pow Wow Events), Blair Singer (Accelerated Training) and Wayne Morgan (Real-estate Entrepreneur & co-author with wife Lynn "How to Get Rich In Real Estate and Have a Life"), [/b:7c7846d70d]American real-estate and marketing/business gurus, made regular trips to Australia to present the 'Money & You' and other Excellerated Business seminars. Franchise groups around Australia provided the venue and the recruited clients.

I thought 'Money & You' was going to teach me how to be rich, instead I had a 'psychological breakdown' during the [b:7c7846d70d]'blocks game'[/b:7c7846d70d], which exposed me to an UNDER WORLD of New Ages therapies that otherwise would NOT have happened. Hence, more than a decade of turmoil!

There are other postings in this thread, topic -

[b:7c7846d70d]'Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert[/b:7c7846d70d] [b:7c7846d70d]Kiyosaki Exposed'[/b:7c7846d70d],

[u:7c7846d70d][b:7c7846d70d]ABC FOUR CORNERS EXPOSE ON ROBERT KIYOSAKI & MONEY & YOU 1993[/u:7c7846d70d][/b:7c7846d70d][/size:7c7846d70d]

Many participants who did the 'Money & You' seminar in the 1990's made complaints to the authorities about it. The [b:7c7846d70d]ABC 4 Corners [/b:7c7846d70d]did an expose that proved Robert Kiyosaki and the [b:7c7846d70d]'Money & You' Program[/b:7c7846d70d] used Thought Reform and Mind Control i.e. unethical methods, on unsuspecting participants.

Although this closed down "Money & You" in 1993, it's still alive and well, currently running in [b:7c7846d70d]USA, New Zealand[/b:7c7846d70d] and [b:7c7846d70d]Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [/b:7c7846d70d](aimed at the Chinese and English speaking market). Recruitment of new clients for this seminar are going on behind the scenes. [b:7c7846d70d]Suzi Dafnis 'Pow Wow Events' [/b:7c7846d70d] (also does [b:7c7846d70d]'Dragon's Den' [/b:7c7846d70d]on Oz tv) and [b:7c7846d70d]John Stamoulos International [/b:7c7846d70d]are actively involved in recruitment in Australia. No doubt there are others around Australia doing the same. Clients in Australia fly to Malaysia for the seminar and accommodation is included in the package.

[b:7c7846d70d]John Stamoulos [/b:7c7846d70d]and [b:7c7846d70d]Suzi Dafnis [/b:7c7846d70d]are both Money & You Graduates. John Stamoulos is also a Rebirther and Bodyworker. Running his own seminars and trainings.


The franchise group called a meeting after the airing of this expose, for all Money & You Graduates to attend. The seminar was basically justified and the expose was ridiculed.

I was freshly BRAINWASHED by my recent LGAT and believed the expose had it all wrong. We were warned that "PEOPLE MAKING A DIFFERENCE TO THE PLANET ALWAYS MET OPPOSITION". This was a perfect example.

Shortly afterwards I received a postcard from 'Excellerated Business Schools' from [b:7c7846d70d]Robert KIYOSAKI [/b:7c7846d70d]and[b:7c7846d70d] D.C. CORDOVA [/b:7c7846d70d]saying (in the signature colour flipchart style),

"[b:7c7846d70d]We have decided to STOP!!"[/b:7c7846d70d]

No mention of WHY?

I'd heard that Kiyosaki was lying low and renting out some country property to artists/painters, while he and wife Kim played HOSTS.

The staff from the 'franchise group' that promoted all Kiyosaki's LGAT plus their own, told us that the reporter who was handling the story was all for [b:7c7846d70d]Robert Kiyosaki [/b:7c7846d70d]and[b:7c7846d70d] Money & You[/b:7c7846d70d]. It was meant to be a promotional documentary. In the meantime he went on leave and handed the reins to another reporter who turned the tables. Hence the expose!

Soon after the 'franchise group' moved premises for awhile and slowly fazed out. However, the two main people are still running seminars overseas and Australia using similiar methods and techniques to lull their participants into a state of compliance. Most of the 'graduates' went their separate ways pursuing individual interests.

The closing down of Money & You meant alot of the Rebirthers, Auditors, MLM people and other HANGERS ON suffered with their businesses at first, as the LGAT farmed out alot of customers to them. However they are still thriving quite well I'm sure. Alot are in New South Wales continuing their WEIRD and wonderful NEW AGE THERAPIES.

Hope to hear from anyone whose had a similar experience sometime in the future.

Wiser Aussie[/size:7c7846d70d]

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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: January 09, 2006 09:55AM

[u:c917909a8f][b:c917909a8f]EXCELLERATED BUSINESS SCHOOLS - EST/FORUM/LANDMARK & SCIENTOLOGY CONNECTION[/b:c917909a8f][/u:c917909a8f]

[u:c917909a8f][b:c917909a8f]THE HUNGER PROJECT[/b:c917909a8f][/u:c917909a8f]

[b:c917909a8f]The Hunger Project[/b:c917909a8f] was Werner Erhard's baby of EST, and it was promoted in [b:c917909a8f]'Creating Wealth' [/b:c917909a8f](Part 2 of Money & You). I recall all participants being asked to bring along an extra $100. Towards the end of the 3 1/2 day seminar there was tremendous pressure to donate or [b:c917909a8f]tithe[/b:c917909a8f] the money to The Hunger Project and a street kids organisation (don't recall name).

John Denver (an Estee) was also a spokesman for The Hunger Project and a [b:c917909a8f]GENI[/b:c917909a8f] (Global Energy Network International) promotional video produced by Money & You graduates, based on[b:c917909a8f] Buckminster Fuller's ("Bucky") [/b:c917909a8f]philosophies and principles with emphasis on humanitarian and environmental issues. It was supposed to be the answer to save the world and humanity of the host of problems it faces environmentally and economically. How to rid the world of hunger etc.

I remember tithing my $100 to The Hunger Project. As far as I know it doesn't rid the world of hunger, but merely creates 'awareness' of hunger. The money used for marketing. Thousands of dollars were donated. All that pressure to donate that money!

Robert Kiyosaki heavily promoted The Hunger Project. What's in it for him? I think it's a case of [b:c917909a8f]if you scratch my back I'll scratch yours!![/b:c917909a8f] Now that we know what Robert Kiyosaki does for Werner Erhard, I wonder what Erhard does for Kiyosaki?

[u:c917909a8f][b:c917909a8f]SCIENTOLOGY - AUDITING/CLEARING[/b:c917909a8f][/u:c917909a8f]

Towards the end of the [b:c917909a8f]Money & You Seminar [/b:c917909a8f]when everyone had already been subjected to many techniques of [b:c917909a8f]Thought Reform, Mind Control & [/b:c917909a8f][b:c917909a8f]Hypnosis[/b:c917909a8f] via many processes including[b:c917909a8f] the "blocks game", [/b:c917909a8f]which caused a [b:c917909a8f]Psychological Breakdown[/b:c917909a8f] in many people, [b:c917909a8f]Auditing and[/b:c917909a8f] [b:c917909a8f]Rebirthing[/b:c917909a8f] were recommended to all the [b:c917909a8f]Money & You Graduates.[/b:c917909a8f]

Auditing also known as Clearing is the use of the E-meter where the client holds a can in each hand with wires attached to the E-meter machine which supposedly registers "blocks" and "yukberries" and when the client has reached a state of being clear.

[b:c917909a8f]Robert Kiyosaki[/b:c917909a8f] is also a known [b:c917909a8f]Est Graduate.[/b:c917909a8f]

Anyone have information about this?

Wiser Aussie

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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Gulab Jamon ()
Date: January 09, 2006 11:44PM

I remember someone from the Hunger Project coming to my school and speaking at an assembly in the late '70s/early '80s. I also remember a few people challenged them and asked what they were actually DOING to end hunger. The speaker just babbled on and on about "raising awareness" (and of course, raising money), but he never said anything concrete about what was actually being done about hunger.

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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: January 13, 2006 09:39AM

[u:d01c5336e2][b:d01c5336e2]Excellerated Business Schools Creating Wealth Seminar - Rev. Ike Tapes[/b:d01c5336e2][/u:d01c5336e2]

[b:d01c5336e2]Robert Kiyosaki & DC Cordova "Creating Wealth Seminar" is Part 2 of Money & You.[/b:d01c5336e2]

Wayne Morgan played a tape by Rev. Ike and we had to 'recite out loud' over and over again, just like little children in the classroom,

[b:d01c5336e2]"I am a Money Magnet!"
"I loooove Money and Money looooves ME!"[/b:d01c5336e2]

This Rev. Ike is Robert Kiyosaki's Southern Baptist preacher friend who says,
"It's the lack of money that is the root of all evil". No mention of the [b:d01c5336e2]evil [/b:d01c5336e2][b:d01c5336e2]con artists[/b:d01c5336e2] that will do anything to get money!

Money was the [b:d01c5336e2]GOD [/b:d01c5336e2]in this LGAT. While it was glorified, there was very little information on how to make it. This is very misleading. The truth of the matter is we were all [b:d01c5336e2]USED & EXPLOITED[/b:d01c5336e2]. [b:d01c5336e2]THEY [/b:d01c5336e2]made the money [b:d01c5336e2]OFF US![/b:d01c5336e2]

Wiser Aussie

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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: January 22, 2006 12:27PM

[u:259ad0fbfd][b:259ad0fbfd]Money & You Seminar Presenters Promote Scientology "Auditing/Clearing"[/b:259ad0fbfd][/u:259ad0fbfd]

[u:259ad0fbfd][b:259ad0fbfd]ASSISTING AT MONEY & YOU[/b:259ad0fbfd][/u:259ad0fbfd]

1. I assisted at 'Money & You' that [b:259ad0fbfd]Wayne Morgan [/b:259ad0fbfd]presented. As any other assistant would remember it was a mammoth task.

(1). [u:259ad0fbfd][b:259ad0fbfd] Removing and replacing tables and chairs between breaks.[/b:259ad0fbfd][/u:259ad0fbfd] The room was constantly changed. As a participant I recall feelings of apprehension minutes and seconds before entering the seminar room. A bell was rung in the breaks room to signal the end of the break. Then we had to queue outside the door. The doors person always smiled and told us to enter, then the stress levels started to rise because 'we never knew what to expect'. Sometimes the room was dark and quiet. Sometimes the tables and chairs were there. Sometimes the room was completely cleared, lights bright, loud music playing and crowds of strange people smiling and clapping their hands when we entered. This created so much fear, confusion, doubts and anxiety.

(2). [u:259ad0fbfd] [b:259ad0fbfd] Preparing endless fruit platters to be served to particants during breaks[/b:259ad0fbfd].[/u:259ad0fbfd]We were told fruit was[b:259ad0fbfd] BRAIN FOOD[/b:259ad0fbfd] and it helped with learning faster. However, we weren't told fruit is also cleansing and triggers a detox, which generally tires and weakens the body and mind (especially when that's all you've had to eat for 4 or more hours), which made Wayne's job easier i.e. participants less likely to rebell. The desired result - [b:259ad0fbfd]CONFORMITY![/b:259ad0fbfd] Also served nicely to [b:259ad0fbfd]manipulate behaviour.[/b:259ad0fbfd]

(3). [u:259ad0fbfd][b:259ad0fbfd]We were told to never leave participants alone in the breaks area. [/b:259ad0fbfd][/u:259ad0fbfd] I realise now that was because we had to[b:259ad0fbfd] MAINTAIN THE BRAINWASHING.[/b:259ad0fbfd] Another classic Thought Reform and Mind Control Technique.

Can ex-graduates remember any others?

We were made to feel it was an absolute privilege to be of 'service'. We were prepared psychologically and told to take note of our attitudes during our duties, because it took a certain amount of humbleness to truly [b:259ad0fbfd]GIVE[/b:259ad0fbfd] and be of [b:259ad0fbfd]COMPLETE SERVICE TO HUMANITY[/b:259ad0fbfd].

I could not understand their [b:259ad0fbfd]GREEDINESS! [/b:259ad0fbfd] Between 50-100 graduates assisted at this LGAT. They were getting paid $750 per head multipled by 70-100 participants and they could not afford to [b:259ad0fbfd]feed the assistants?[/b:259ad0fbfd] We had to pay for our meals, eventhough we each worked approximately 70 hours of FREE LABOUR =[b:259ad0fbfd] SLAVERY![/b:259ad0fbfd]

2. [b:259ad0fbfd] Wayne Morgan [/b:259ad0fbfd]told us he was thinking of resigning as Presenter. He thought teaching adults was diffcult as,
[b:259ad0fbfd]"...they are too far gone! Their attitudes and beliefs too ingrained!" [/b:259ad0fbfd]Therefore he was thinking of teaching kids and teenagers instead. Can you imagine how much more damage is done to a young and more pliable mind?

Over the years I wondered whether he had a CONSCIENCE and perhaps he was really resigning because he felt guilty he was using [b:259ad0fbfd]UNETHICAL METHODS i.e. Thought Reform on unsuspecting participants without their consent.[/b:259ad0fbfd]

3. When the participants went to lunch one time, the seminar room was occupied by ASSISTANTS ONLY and [b:259ad0fbfd]Wayne Morgan [/b:259ad0fbfd]was having a [b:259ad0fbfd]"poor me"[/b:259ad0fbfd] moment. I was surprised that a man who was so confident, charming, cocky and intimidating in many ways, had such [b:259ad0fbfd]LOW SELF ESTEEM. [/b:259ad0fbfd]

I recall all the assistants surrounding, reassuring and hugging him. Telling him how great and wonderful he was. It really didn't make sense back then. I suppose he wasn't afraid to show his vulnerabilities. [b:259ad0fbfd]Robert [/b:259ad0fbfd][b:259ad0fbfd]Kiyosaki,[/b:259ad0fbfd] on the other hand, didn't seem to let anyone in. He was very suspicious and distrustful. Not at all loving.

Their characters do seem to fit a [b:259ad0fbfd]Guru Mould. [/b:259ad0fbfd] Two extremes existing in their personalities - [b:259ad0fbfd]appearing powerful yet really weak and insecure.[/b:259ad0fbfd]


As they advocated [b:259ad0fbfd]Clearing/Auditing[/b:259ad0fbfd], I think it actually widens the gap between Pseudo/Cult Personality and Real Personality, creating two character extremes. I don't think Clearing gets rid of 'blocks', it promotes this hard veneer, a [b:259ad0fbfd]FACADE USED AS A PROTECTION FOR UNDERLYING LOW SELF-ESTEEM[/b:259ad0fbfd].

Do any ex-Scientologists have any comments about this?


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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: January 22, 2006 01:28PM

[u:d774250e02][b:d774250e02]Money & You Seminar Uses Mind Control, Thought Reform, Hypnosis and Principles of Influence Without Knowledge and Consent of Participants[/b:d774250e02][/u:d774250e02]

At the start of the 3 1/2 days of this seminar we had to sign an [b:d774250e02]Agreement Form [/b:d774250e02]to the following:

1) [b:d774250e02]Do not wear watches[/b:d774250e02]. We lost perception of time - i.e. Hypnosis.

2) [b:d774250e02]Stay seated at all times.[/b:d774250e02] We were assured 'breaks' would be allocated every 50-60 minutes for refreshments and toilet breaks. However, this was not always the case i.e. there were times we went for many hours without a break. If one walked out they were met by a staff member and interrogated.

3) [b:d774250e02] Confidentiality[/b:d774250e02] - we were not to disclose any content of what happened and what we heard during the seminar. They didn't tell us why however we gathered as the seminar progressed this was supposedly to encourage a 'safe environment' for personal and business disclosures i.e. [b:d774250e02]Personal Confessions.[/b:d774250e02] It also [b:d774250e02]'bound everyone to silence[/b:d774250e02]" and was a 'set up'; to instill GUILT should anyone over-step this boundary. For years I remained SILENT.

[b:d774250e02]It is only recently I have been able to freely talk about my experiences openly due to this agreement. Many others are still silent. [/b:d774250e02]

This signed agreement was responsible for this long silence. It was planned and calculated.

4) [b:d774250e02]Raise hand to speak to group. [/b:d774250e02] This only happened at the Presenter's invitation. No unruly behaviour was tolerated. If you wanted to ask a question or make a comment, you had to [b:d774250e02]stand up [/b:d774250e02]and a [b:d774250e02]microphone [/b:d774250e02]was handed to you. When you finished the Presenter said [b:d774250e02]'Thank you'[/b:d774250e02], the audience clapped and then the microphone was whisked away to the next person. Even tissues were on hand in the same manner. [b:d774250e02]This gave the illusion participant had freedom of speech, however in reality the contrary[/b:d774250e02].

5) [b:d774250e02]Participate 100% - Full Tilt.[/b:d774250e02] This encouraged everyone to push doubts and questions aside, instilling further and deeper [b:d774250e02]COMMITMENT [/b:d774250e02]to the doctrine. "Do" without thinking independently.

6) [b:d774250e02]Sit next to someone we didn't know.[/b:d774250e02] If we sat next to a friend we were more likely to critically and logically assess the goings on.

More later.


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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: January 29, 2006 12:27PM


Once you attended the Free Information Session you were basically [b:8ee24b4e00]'Signed, Sealed & Delivered'[/b:8ee24b4e00]!

These Information Sessions were run by the franchise group promoting the seminar. Honey basically dripped from their mouths. We, the participants, swarmed to it, they said everything we wanted to hear.

[b:8ee24b4e00]Money & You[/b:8ee24b4e00] was the best thing since the invention of sliced bread. It would teach you how to be rich, successful and happy. Not only would you have the skills to be in a financially better positon, but it would help to improve all your relationships and offered answers on how to [b:8ee24b4e00]'make this world a better place'[/b:8ee24b4e00]. They had the solutions to humanities problems - Poverty, Environmental Issues, Welfare System and War etc.

"We live in a [b:8ee24b4e00]Win/Lose [/b:8ee24b4e00]society", they said where cut-throat [b:8ee24b4e00]competition[/b:8ee24b4e00] runs rife. "We will teach you [b:8ee24b4e00]Win/Win[/b:8ee24b4e00] where[b:8ee24b4e00] Co-[/b:8ee24b4e00][b:8ee24b4e00]operation[/b:8ee24b4e00] will produce beneficial results for everyone. Money & You will basically provide a toolbox you will take away with you, that will contain all the skills and tools necessary to create the life you want'.

The Education System in our society was at fault and they would teach us in a new way where mistakes were learning experiences and their teaching skills would help us to learn more, faster and in a fun way. Games, music, colour flip charts and coloured pens used.

This 'secret knowledge' could only be taught by 'Money & You'.
"So get in quick, sign up fast as there are a limited number of seats", they said. The classic [b:8ee24b4e00]'scarcity principle'[/b:8ee24b4e00].

At the end of the Information Session if you were still undecided, one received many phone calls at home to get you to [b:8ee24b4e00]COMPLY[/b:8ee24b4e00], [b:8ee24b4e00]say YES & COMMIT[/b:8ee24b4e00]. They did not take 'no' for answer. The next question was,
"Why don't you want to do the seminar?" Then they would use their persuasive skills,
"This is an opportunity of a lifetime! You don't want to miss out and regret it!" It was a[b:8ee24b4e00] HIGH PRESSURE COOKER [/b:8ee24b4e00]situation that led to "Yes!"

The rule of [b:8ee24b4e00]Reciprocation[/b:8ee24b4e00] here was also overpowering. Attending a FREE 2 HOUR Information Session left most people OBLIGATED, therefore actually 'doing the seminar'.

The people at the franchise group were nice, made you feel special, gave you free cups of tea and coffee & lavished you with compliments. You couldn't help but like them. So many nice people talked to you and didn't leave you alone. You were really popular. All the Principles of Influence were in place. Alot of people signed up immediately.[/color:8ee24b4e00]

Any nice, thinking and feeling person concerned about bettering themselves and play a part in improving humanity would have fallen for this [b:8ee24b4e00]SCAM [/b:8ee24b4e00]and are falling for it still.[/color:8ee24b4e00]

I am writing all this for 3 reasons -

1. Facilitate my healing.
2. Warn others.
Despite all the claims they make about all the successes and noted graduates etc. not everyone comes out of doing this seminar without being HARMED.[/color:8ee24b4e00]
3. Help others in the same situation.
Hopefully they will read my posts sometime in the future and receive benefit.

[b:8ee24b4e00]WATCH OUT AMERICA! [/b:8ee24b4e00] In particular [b:8ee24b4e00]San Diego California [/b:8ee24b4e00]and [b:8ee24b4e00]St Louis [/b:8ee24b4e00][b:8ee24b4e00]Missouri [/b:8ee24b4e00]as Money & You seminars will be run there in mid- February and mid-June 2006 respectively.

The following websites detail their [b:8ee24b4e00]EMPTY [/b:8ee24b4e00]claims -


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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: January 29, 2006 01:27PM

[u:deee7bd8a0][b:deee7bd8a0]MIND CONTROL, THOUGHT REFORM, HYPNOSIS & PRINCIPLES OF INFLUENCE USED IN Money & You Seminar - Excellerated Business Schools[/b:deee7bd8a0][/u:deee7bd8a0]

[u:deee7bd8a0][b:deee7bd8a0]GAMES PLAYED[/b:deee7bd8a0][/u:deee7bd8a0]

1. [u:deee7bd8a0][b:deee7bd8a0]'Simon Says'[/b:deee7bd8a0][/u:deee7bd8a0] Althought 'childish' i.e. that was the point, to put us in the position of CHILD. This game was played early in the piece to establish the Presenter as 'leader' and 'daddy' i.e. one to OBEY & FOLLOW without question.

2. [u:deee7bd8a0][b:deee7bd8a0]XY Game, Ring Toss, Money Pass (Shark Bait) and Block Game[/b:deee7bd8a0][/u:deee7bd8a0] All supposedly designed to illustrate individual behaviour that one could learn from and change for self improvement and business improvment. However these games created much CONFUSION. 'Confusional Techniques' to keep us mentally weak, tired, fearful and doubting self.

I do not have much recollection of the above games except the [b:deee7bd8a0]'blocks game'.[/b:deee7bd8a0] The 'blocks game' pretty much dominated my whole experience with my BREAKDOWN. Perhaps I may describe it in detail in another post.

[b:deee7bd8a0][u:deee7bd8a0]MUSIC & SINGING[/u:deee7bd8a0][/b:deee7bd8a0]

1. Constant use of a variety of music supposedly made learning faster and fun. However, it was a manipulative tool to evoke the desired and prescribed [b:deee7bd8a0]EMOTIONS.[/b:deee7bd8a0] Many people[b:deee7bd8a0] CRIED[/b:deee7bd8a0] in this seminar. Choice of music was definately planned and calculated.

2. Each day of the LGAT started and ended with ALL participants and assistants (i.e. 100's of people) standing in a circle, arms linked and singing along to such songs as,

[b:deee7bd8a0]"Morning As Broken" by Cat Stevens
"The Rose", "Wind Beneath My Wings" and "From A Distance" by Bette Midler
"Hero" by Mariah Carey
"Celebrate (Good Times)" by ??
"That's What Friends Are For" by Elton John & Dionne Warwick
"Heal The World (Make it a Better Place)" by Michael Jackson
"We Are Family" by Sister Sledge
and a host of John Denver songs etc.[/b:deee7bd8a0]

This process was [b:deee7bd8a0]'being a child again' [/b:deee7bd8a0]putting us in an [b:deee7bd8a0]OBEDIENT STATE.[/b:deee7bd8a0]


We did a GUIDED MEDIATION facilitated by the presenter/leader, where we were REGRESSED TO A CHILDHOOD STATE [b:deee7bd8a0]"to a time one felt unloved".[/b:deee7bd8a0] The music [b:deee7bd8a0]"Chariots of Fire"[/b:deee7bd8a0] was played continuously in the background. Most of us were crying at the end of this, feeling very VULNERABLE & EXPOSED. We were told to find people to HUG. We hugged total strangers! From then on hugging became a regular and most encouraged process.

Hugging became 'highly addictive'. It became a means for participants to feel accepted, loved and approved of unconditionally. Classic LOVE BOMBING!

[u:deee7bd8a0][b:deee7bd8a0]DOCTRINE OVER PERSON[/b:deee7bd8a0][/u:deee7bd8a0]

Whenever anyone questioned or doubted what was happening, Wayne, the Presenter, would direct his pointer (similar to a Conductor's) to the Responsibility flip-chart, tap the words 'below the line' of responsibility i.e. BLAME, JUSTIFY, VICTIM, DENIAL or POOR-ME etc. This made the person wrong and the Presenter/doctrine right.

[u:deee7bd8a0][b:deee7bd8a0]ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL[/b:deee7bd8a0][/u:deee7bd8a0]

The room was windowless and a constant cold temperature. Apparently to assist learning and keep us alert. The seating uncomfortable. We were seated for hours on end. Assistants were seated at the back of the room, for the entire 3 1/2 days, observing us. This produced alot of anxiety and fear. Looking back now it felt like we were some experiment.

The room was constantly changed. Often after a break, we would enter the seminar room to find all the tables and chairs gone, loud lively music playing and a [b:deee7bd8a0]huge crowd of strange faces [/b:deee7bd8a0]staring and smiling at us, hands clapping with a look that said,

"We know something you don't!"

We were lambs led to the slaughter - a [b:deee7bd8a0]psychological slaughter![/b:deee7bd8a0]

[u:deee7bd8a0][b:deee7bd8a0]BEHAVIOUR CONTROL & FOOD DEPRIVATION[/b:deee7bd8a0][/u:deee7bd8a0]

As I mentioned earlier, we were given alot of fruit to eat at break times. We were told that fruit was 'brainfood' and would help with learning. What they didn't tell us is that eating fruit alone also triggers the body to detoxify, often making us feel tired and weak physically and mentally because the body is cleansing out toxins. Ideally one should be at home and getting plenty of rest. However in a seminar setting, on this point alone, one is in a [b:deee7bd8a0]highly suggestible state[/b:deee7bd8a0] - too tired, weak and confused to think straight and logically and so all the information goes in 'unfilitered'. The brain literally soaking it up like a sponge. This is also Food Deprivation! [/color:deee7bd8a0]

I remember losing 2 kilograms (or 4 1/2 lbs) in weight during the LGAT. [b:deee7bd8a0]Hunger Pains [/b:deee7bd8a0]were common complaints in Money & You!

[u:deee7bd8a0][b:deee7bd8a0]SLEEP DEPRIVATION[/b:deee7bd8a0][/u:deee7bd8a0]

During the 3 1/2 days of the LGAT, all sessions began at 9 am and finished at 1 am the next day. The Saturday night 'blocks game' finished at 2 am and we only got 4 hours sleep that morning. We were also given HOMEWORK to complete when we arrived home.

This served their purposes because FATIGUE meant we [b:deee7bd8a0]could not [/b:deee7bd8a0]think [b:deee7bd8a0]critically[/b:deee7bd8a0]. Hence, easier to [b:deee7bd8a0]conform to group pressure [/b:deee7bd8a0]and make TRANSITION to fully fledged [b:deee7bd8a0]CONVERT.[/b:deee7bd8a0]


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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Date: February 01, 2006 06:38PM

All i can say is, what a mess!

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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: February 05, 2006 01:27PM

[u:d92c1c9f7c][b:d92c1c9f7c]Money & You Seminar - Excellerated Business Schools Used HYPNOSIS, MIND-CONTROL, THOUGHT REFORM & PRINCIPLES OF INFLUENCE[/b:d92c1c9f7c][/u:d92c1c9f7c]

[u:d92c1c9f7c][b:d92c1c9f7c]PERSONAL CONFESSIONS & "HOT SEAT[/b:d92c1c9f7c][/u:d92c1c9f7c]"

We were subjected to may processes that involved each person revealing PERSONAL INFORMATION in a small group setting. However many people were also subjected to "public confessions".

Wayne, the presenter, would ask them to stand in
front of the room and face everyone in the audience. Often this would be humiliating to people, especially if he thought they were holding something back or in denial. If you TOLD ALL and WEPT you received the leader/group approval and sympathy. If you didn't, one was made to feel DEFICIENT, DISAPPROVED OF, SHAME, GUILT and EXTREME PRESSURE TO CONFORM. Basically, if you didn't toe-the-line you weren't participating 100%.

This process was the classic [b:d92c1c9f7c]HOT SEAT!! [/b:d92c1c9f7c]

It also promoted stronger tie/bond to the group, producing LOYALITY. For many years I remained loyal to this seminar. I thought they didn't do anything wrong. Whenever I entertained doubts about what happened I would make MYSELF WRONG. This goes to show how [b:d92c1c9f7c]powerful [/b:d92c1c9f7c] these methods used really are and the [b:d92c1c9f7c]longevity of their effects[/b:d92c1c9f7c].

[u:d92c1c9f7c][b:d92c1c9f7c]LOADED LANGUAGE[/b:d92c1c9f7c][/u:d92c1c9f7c]

I didn't realise we were using 'clicky' loaded language. My first inkling of this is when I invited a friend to a social function the franchise group held and he didn't understand what the rest of us were talking about.

An example of the language used which had a special meaning to the group:-

"Clear any Blocks"
"Mack truck" and "Hit With a Feather"
"All upsets are opportunities to learn something"
"Generalised Principles vs. Specialised Principles"
"W.I.M.P. = Where Is My Paycheck" - working at a job
"Breathe" - Presenter constantly told us to breathe, this was to encourage us to breakdown and have a Rebirth.
"True Purpose" - doing the job you love
"It's Your Stuff" - Blaming other person
"Champagne Flows Like the Hudson River" - the universe just wants to give to you an outflow of wealth.
"Hug a Rose"
"Do you want to be Right or Happy" - You are wrong, so pull in your EGO
"Love/Courage/Trust/Joy/Integrity" - Blocks Game jargon
"F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real"
"Mistakes are Learning Experiences"
"N.I.C.E" = Nothing Inside Cares Enough

The list goes on and on.

[u:d92c1c9f7c][b:d92c1c9f7c]"The Wimp" HOT SEAT & LOADED LANGUAGE Incident[/b:d92c1c9f7c][/u:d92c1c9f7c]

I remember Wayne Morgan picking on a young meek and mild man, told him to stand up and to to front of the room. Wayne made a spectacle of him,
"You're a wimp!"
The young man's face turned pink.
"No I'm not', he said quietly.
"You're a Wimp!" Wayne said more aggressively this time.
"I'm not a Wimp!", he retaliated angrily.
"You're a WIMP!!!" turning up the heat and pressure.
"I'm [u:d92c1c9f7c]not[/u:d92c1c9f7c] a wimp!" this time Wayne really hit a nerve, his face red.

Everyone applauded and Wayne gave him a hug. I realise now how confrontational and presumptuous their aggressive teaching style was. Wayne [b:d92c1c9f7c]HUMILIATED [/b:d92c1c9f7c]that young man!

This "Wimp Process" was to illustrate one of the flip-charts - PROVOCABILITY.

All of these techniques, plus others, were specifically formulated, planned and calculated for one purpose only - to [b:d92c1c9f7c]LULL US [/b:d92c1c9f7c]into a state of [b:d92c1c9f7c]programmed hypnosis.[/b:d92c1c9f7c] Once locked in that state, we believed EVERYTHING THEY SAID and so we were the[b:d92c1c9f7c] guaranteed [/b:d92c1c9f7c]prime targets that they [b:d92c1c9f7c]SOLD ALL [/b:d92c1c9f7c]their PRODUCTS to. In alot of cases, we became their [b:d92c1c9f7c]GUARANTEED CUSTOMERS [/b:d92c1c9f7c]for [b:d92c1c9f7c]1-2 years.[/b:d92c1c9f7c]

That is [b:d92c1c9f7c]MASSIVE EXPLOITATION![/b:d92c1c9f7c]

[b:d92c1c9f7c]Robert Kiyosaki, Wayne Morgan, Blair Singer[/b:d92c1c9f7c] and all the [b:d92c1c9f7c]promoters [/b:d92c1c9f7c]and [b:d92c1c9f7c]franchise [/b:d92c1c9f7c]groups, DID NOT give two hoots about me or others. We were 'fair game'. Money is what mattered to them and still does. People are expendible and transitory. People are used, abused and exploited all the time. It's second nature to them.

I realise now that the environment created in [b:d92c1c9f7c]Money & You[/b:d92c1c9f7c], which appeared loving, was infact ARTIFICIAL. One does not instantly love a stranger. That's not how the real world operates. Like trust, it is not automatic, its EARNED.


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