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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: February 12, 2006 12:12PM

[u:8184bae935][b:8184bae935]MONEY & YOU PRESENTERS COULD WIN ACADEMY AWARD![/b:8184bae935][/u:8184bae935]

I recall the many stories Wayne Morgan told in Money & You. They were great Academy Award winning performances all designed to jerk the heart-strings and manipulate emotions from the audience.

A classic example of this is when he told the story of Bucky's (Buckminster Fuller) child dying in his arms. Wayne became Bucky holding the imaginery child in his arms, but it was real to us all. As tears welled in Wayne's/Bucky's eyes, there wasn't a dry eye in the room! This story was to illustrate what it meant to be metaphorically hit by a Mack Truck. ([b:8184bae935]Mack Truck[/b:8184bae935] is loaded language heavily used in seminar meaning a message from the universe telling you to listen and learn. Similar to the meaning of 'wake-up call'. Also used in seminar.)

Does anyone remember any other 'tear-jerking' incidences?


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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: February 12, 2006 12:27PM

[u:9fcdf45e4a][b:9fcdf45e4a]FALSE CLAIMS MADE BY "MONEY & YOU" SEMINAR - Excellerated Business School[/b:9fcdf45e4a][/u:9fcdf45e4a]

[i:9fcdf45e4a]"Have you ever done something - one thing
that Totally Change your Life Forever?

If you want Breakthrough Results ---
You Need a Breakthrough Experience!

---You'll Learn so Fast, It will Blow Your Mind".[/i:9fcdf45e4a]

[u:9fcdf45e4a][b:9fcdf45e4a]The Truth[/b:9fcdf45e4a][/u:9fcdf45e4a]

[b:9fcdf45e4a]Money & You[/b:9fcdf45e4a] is the one thing that will definately Change your Life Forever.
It will make it worse?
The Breakthrough of course! .....
which is really the [b:9fcdf45e4a]BREAKDOWN![/b:9fcdf45e4a]
It will definately Blow Your Mind and
All the shattered pieces will be scattered on the floor and into oblivion and
It will take you at least a decade
to piece [b:9fcdf45e4a]some[/b:9fcdf45e4a] of them together.
As for the rest of the pieces, who knows?
As for for the hurt and pain, who cares?
As for the lost years, irretrieval!
As for the trust in human kindness, there is none! Their kindess is turned on for personal gain to inflate their EGO and BANK BALANCE, calling it 'being of service to humanity'.
Disillusionment is what remains.

[u:9fcdf45e4a][b:9fcdf45e4a]FALSE CLAIM[/b:9fcdf45e4a][/u:9fcdf45e4a]

"[i:9fcdf45e4a]You are guaranteed to be happy
with your results - or it won't cost you a cent!
That's right! We are so confident you will be thrilled
with the results you enjoy from Money & You, we can
make the strongest guarantee possible!
If by the end of the program (you must stay until the end and participate fully in every session and exercise for maximum learning) you are not convinced that the program will 'excellerate' your results, help your organization make more money, and experiences more joy, love and personal freedom, we will refund your fee in full."[/i:9fcdf45e4a]

[u:9fcdf45e4a][b:9fcdf45e4a]The Truth[/b:9fcdf45e4a][/u:9fcdf45e4a]

This is an [b:9fcdf45e4a]empty[/b:9fcdf45e4a] guarantee!


The use of mind control, hypnosis, thought reform and persuasion/influence are so strong and purposely designed to create a 'high' similar to taking a mind altering drug, that you [b:9fcdf45e4a]won't[/b:9fcdf45e4a] say,

"I'm dissatisfied and want my money back!"

Even if you've had a BREAKDOWN you won't ask for a refund, because they've convinced you that what you're experiencing is in fact 'the awareness of the dysfunctional state (i.e. blocks) you've been living with and holding you back ALL your life".

A [b:9fcdf45e4a]GENUINE GUARANTEE [/b:9fcdf45e4a]should be effective for at least [b:9fcdf45e4a]10 YEARS [/b:9fcdf45e4a][u:9fcdf45e4a]not[/u:9fcdf45e4a] 'by the end of the program'.

Their promises are empty! They know that people won't ask for their money back after the completion of the seminar. Their UNETHICAL METHODS [b:9fcdf45e4a]ensure that[/b:9fcdf45e4a]!


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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Lucas ()
Date: February 14, 2006 04:44AM

Aussie - You said The Hunger Project was promoted in Money & You... and that everyone was asked to bring in a donation of $100.

Maybe this is naive, but are Kiyosaki and Landmark/est/Erhard officially associated in any way? Why would Kiyosaki be collecting donations for the Hunger Project?

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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: February 16, 2006 01:30PM

Wiser Aussie is exact in his recalling of the events in Money and You. What he has written has refreshed my memory of many things I had forgotten from my experiences as a participant and assistant during 1990-1. It has taken awhile for me to read this thread and respond as I did not want to revisit areas I had forgotten - but now I have :)

I have written previously about my expereince in another thread:
[b:7decc6a37d]Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed[/b:7decc6a37d]

The answer to Lucas' question is in this thread but to summarise, Kiyosaki & Blair Singer were both Scientologists and Est Graduates. I think Wayne Morgan had done Est, (the Landmark forunner). Buckminster Fuller whose work was promoted in Money & You was a member of the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

Money & You used many of the techniques and games from Est/Landmark including the Chocolate and Vanilla exercise.

Werner who started Est/Landmark was also a Scientologist and wanted membership to the Esalen Institute. The most famous Money & You Graduate was John Denver, an Estee. These guys all circulated in the same groups so it is not suprising that Kiyosaki promoted the Hunger Project. However, I recall parting from my $100 donation through manipulation and guilt for the benefit of the GENI foundation as mentioned in the first post of this thread.

However, I don't know of an offical association between Kiyosaki, Marshall Thurber, Blair Singer & Wayne Morgan with Werner & Landmark.

What is an interesting observation is that both the Hunger Project and GENI are similar in that they are both about Global Change and have both got nowhere in their respective fields of World Hunger & ecologically sustainable energy for the world.

The affiliates for GENI are everywhere Money & You was rolled out in the 1980s-90s []

One of the Directors of GENI is Bobbi D Porter
Ms. Bobbi DePorter
Ms. DePorter is president of Learning Forum, a California-based company producing programs for students, teachers, schools and organizations in the U.S., Singapore, Hong Kong and England. As a co-founder of Burklyn Business School and having studied with Dr. Georgi Lozanov, father of accelerated learning, Ms. DePorter offered these successful learning techniques to students in SuperCamp, starting in 1982, to help students relearn how they learn and reshape their lives. She is the author of Quantum Learning: Unleashing the Genius in You and Quantum Business and was president of the International Alliance for Learning.[/color:7decc6a37d]

The Burklyn Business Forum and the learning Forum []

is connected the the Accelerated Business School, the owner of the rights to Money and You. Reference to "Dr. Georgi Lozanov, father of accelerated learning" is interesting as his techniques are also used in the mind control techniques of Money & You.

From recall, Bobbi De Porter was also a Money and You presenter- her company now deals with educating (brainwashing) children.

For more info on Money & You and Bobbi etc: []


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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: leftcoast8 ()
Date: February 16, 2006 02:32PM

Does this remind anyone else of the tactics used in the "infomercial" in Requiem for a Dream?

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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: kath ()
Date: February 16, 2006 08:35PM

[quote="Wiser Aussie"[/u]We were told fruit was[b:ba3d481ad0] BRAIN FOOD[/b:ba3d481ad0] and it helped with learning faster. However, we weren't told fruit is also cleansing and triggers a detox, which generally tires and weakens the body and mind (especially when that's all you've had to eat for 4 or more hours), which made Wayne's job easier i.e. participants less likely to rebell. The desired result - [b:ba3d481ad0]CONFORMITY![/b:ba3d481ad0] Also served nicely to [b:ba3d481ad0]manipulate behaviour.[/b:ba3d481ad0]

The idea of detox/toxins is a new age myth.

The weakening effect of eating only fruit is acheived by lack of calories.

Those running the seminar probably believe in detox/toxins though, thus justifying their actions.

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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: February 19, 2006 12:18PM

[u:187fddfeb2][b:187fddfeb2]Money & You Seminar - APPLICATION FORM[/b:187fddfeb2][/u:187fddfeb2]

[b:187fddfeb2]re: [u:187fddfeb2]"Health Condition Questionaire"[/b:187fddfeb2][/u:187fddfeb2]
The following questions should ALERT to exactly what kind of seminar it is,

[b:187fddfeb2]1. Are you under the care of a Physician or a Psychiatrist?
2. Have you ever been hospitalized in a mental institution for any reason?
3. Are you receiving medications?[/b:187fddfeb2]

see - []

If you answered "No" to all 3, what they didn't say is,

"After you've completed our seminar you could possibly answer YES to all 3!" :cry: :twisted:

[u:187fddfeb2][b:187fddfeb2]When I handed over my Money & You Seminar Application Form and cash fee, little did I know I'd signed up for:-[/b:187fddfeb2][/u:187fddfeb2]

1. Brainwashing & Mind Games
2. Mental & Spiritual Abuse
3. Psychological Breakdowns
4. Humiliation & Exploitation
5. A Merry-Go-Round of Cult Therapies and a chain of Seminars [b:187fddfeb2]prescribed[/b:187fddfeb2] for the breakdowns [b:187fddfeb2]they[/b:187fddfeb2] caused!
6. A Decade of turmoiled life, still [b:187fddfeb2]influenced [/b:187fddfeb2]and directly [b:187fddfeb2]caused [/b:187fddfeb2]by the source - [b:187fddfeb2]Money & You Program [/b:187fddfeb2]& [b:187fddfeb2]Programming.[/b:187fddfeb2]


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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: February 19, 2006 12:57PM

[u:9cd70409ce][b:9cd70409ce]Excellerated Business - Money & You Seminar[/b:9cd70409ce][/u:9cd70409ce]

[u:9cd70409ce][b:9cd70409ce]MONEY & YOU - HOW TO MAKE MONEY?[/b:9cd70409ce][/u:9cd70409ce]

This is all I remember on what they taught on the subject. It will take the mystery out of anyone contemplating doing the seminar.

1. Find your [b:9cd70409ce]True Purpose [/b:9cd70409ce]and the money will come.
2. Join a [b:9cd70409ce]MLM group[/b:9cd70409ce].
3. Buy [b:9cd70409ce]Real-Estate [/b:9cd70409ce]and [b:9cd70409ce]rent [/b:9cd70409ce]it out, so "it" pays the mortgage, instead of you.
4. [b:9cd70409ce]Tithe 10%[/b:9cd70409ce] of weekly earnings to a charity, group or person that inspires you and you will receive the amount 10-fold in return.
5. [b:9cd70409ce]Save 10% [/b:9cd70409ce]of weekly earnings.
6. [b:9cd70409ce]Invest 10% [/b:9cd70409ce]of weekly earnings.
7. There was stuff about Business Systems that was CONFUSING and lacked CLARITY.

[b:9cd70409ce]THAT[/b:9cd70409ce] was the [b:9cd70409ce]"big secret"[/b:9cd70409ce] on how one makes money according to "Money & You" Excellerated Business Schools. [b:9cd70409ce]It wasn't worth the money it cost.[/b:9cd70409ce] The same information can be read in a book for cheaper and FREE here in this forum.

So save yourselves the money, trouble, heart-ache and a decade plus of turmoil, because it is not worth the HOO-AHH!

These gurus that profess to be the keepers of some sacred knowledge know nothing that we don't already know or can read in a book. I made the mistake of being blinded by their over-inflated egos. I was sold on their SALES ACT. But these gurus who rave the loudest are the empiest vessels. The product, in my opinion, is lousy yet they create demand by the mere inference of its SCARCITY.

Now that the truth is revealed, the illusion of this "scarce and valuable information" is shattered and should be common knowledge now. It's true value WORTHLESS!


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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: February 19, 2006 01:27PM

[u:639a762a48][b:639a762a48]Money & You Seminar ... What It Really Did! Causing Breakdowns in Many Participants![/b:639a762a48][/u:639a762a48]

"Money & You" seminar used hypnosis and mind control extensively throughout the 3 1/2 days, without our knowledge or persmission. These methods were directly responsible for the many psychological and emotional breakdowns endured by participants. Saturday night's the "Blocks Game" and Sunday morning "Hot Seat & Public Confessions" is when most of these BREAKDOWNS occured. These sessions were highly attended by Money & You Graduates. It was an ADDICTIVE SPECTACLE!

For more information on [b:639a762a48]"Conditions of Mind Control" and Hypnosis by Margaret Singer, "Thought Reform" by Robert Lifton, "The BITE Model" by Steven Hassan and "Six Principles of Influence" by Robert Cialdini on Rick Ross site [/b:639a762a48]see -


What "Money & You" did with its use of these methods and specifically CHILDHOOD REGRESSION [b:639a762a48]"To A Time When one Felt Unloved"[/b:639a762a48] and the "[b:639a762a48]Blocks Game[/b:639a762a48]", was reducing us all to an UNHAPPY & NEGATIVE childhood state. No matter how happy childhood was, most can recall at least one incident where we weren't. The Presenter knows this of course! Once in that state, as most can recall, all we ever wanted was Acceptance, Love and Approval from our parents. Therefore through the process of [b:639a762a48]Transference,[/b:639a762a48] the presenter becomes daddy - our Authority Figure. In this childhood state, one will do anything to gain approval, therefore most will COMPLY, eager to please. Those that REBELLED, received[b:639a762a48] punishments [/b:639a762a48]of disapproval, stern looks that said "toe the line" and cold glares from Wayne and staff and assistants.

It was obvious that Robert Kiyosaki, Wayne Morgan and Blair Singer wanted us to 'breakdown'. We wanted to please 'daddy', the Authority Figure. As naive as this sounds, [b:639a762a48]THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED![/b:639a762a48]

After I brokedown I was told I had done well, I'd 'got it'. I had not ever felt extremes of pain and joy, dark and light, punishment and reward, disapproval and approval, all co-existing at the same time.

My breakdown was unnecessary. It didn't have to happen. None of them did. It didn't make me into a better person as a result. I was already a decent person to begin with. It hasn't added value to my life, it has taken precious time away and caused turmoil. Years of analysis and trying to make sense of a puzzle that was purposely jumbled by an UNQUALIFIED hand, belonging to a SELF-APPOINTED AUTHORITY.

[b:639a762a48]Robert Kiyosaki, Wayne Morgan and Blair Singer[/b:639a762a48] wanted us to fall apart and to come undone at the seams,

"See, you've broken down because you're dysfunctional! Purge yourself with 90 minutes of conscious connected breathing i.e. Rebirthing and hold those cans until that needle floats i.e. Auditing and you'll be clear and complete."

By the way, you've got to keep rebirthing and auditing for the rest of your life, because it's a LIFE LONG PROCESS!

Each "Money & You" Excellerated Business Seminar, no matter who presents it, runs exactly in the same cloned manner. [b:639a762a48]Every word spoken by the Presenter in Money & You is SCRIPTED.[/b:639a762a48] Every CONFUSING GAME the same. Every STORY told extracting the same EMOTION. "Money & You" is just like McDonalds, no matter where you buy the burger in the world or who serves it to you, it basically tastes the same. The result the same.

[b:639a762a48]Money & You [/b:639a762a48]Seminar, turned unsuspecting participants into practising[b:639a762a48] Scientologists and Babaji Worshippers.[/b:639a762a48] In particular those who had further [b:639a762a48]Auditing and Rebirthing Sessions[/b:639a762a48].

What do I want from them?

I want Kiyosaki, Morgan and Singer to admit to the following,

1. Using thought reform, hypnosis and mind control
2. A Genuine Apology
3. STOP using Unethical Methods OR tell the participants they are using these methods [b:639a762a48] before[/b:639a762a48] they sign up for the seminar.

Also,[b:639a762a48] I WANT MY MONEY BACK ....... $10,000 in total [/b:639a762a48]!

I don't expect this to happen. Perhaps when enough of us come together it will be the right time to take action. It really is an individual thing. I am also prepared that this may not happen. In which case, I will carry on and make the best of a bad deal. However, I am confident that it will catch up with them eventually and each of them will bring about their own demise.

I hope other ex-Money & You graduates and other LGAT Participants with similar experiences start talking about it in whatever form they choose. This is when the healing process begins.


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Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: February 20, 2006 12:07PM

[u:c68281e2da][b:c68281e2da]MONEY & YOU Seminar Made My life Worse! ....[/b:c68281e2da][/u:c68281e2da]
[u:c68281e2da][b:c68281e2da]IMPACT OF MY SEMINAR EXPERIENCE TODAY[/b:c68281e2da][/u:c68281e2da]

1. Do not trust people.
2. Spiritual, philosophical and ideological void.
3. Aloneness better than being with manipulative people.
4. Still deeply hurt.
5. Ripped off Spiritually and Financially.
6. Innocence and belief in human kindness ripped away.
7. Feel psychologically raped.
8. Experience cycles of anger, depression, sadness, anxiety and guilt.

Despite all the negative things that happened in this seminar, the one positive thing I miss is the sense of community and caring for humanity. Of course, this was the an illusion, knowing what I know now. This one positive is not worth all the negative things that happened anyway.

There are other posts about the disaster[b:c68281e2da] Money & You [/b:c68281e2da]and [b:c68281e2da]Robert [/b:c68281e2da][b:c68281e2da]Kiyosaki [/b:c68281e2da]created in peoples lives in this thread topic title -

[b:c68281e2da]Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed[/b:c68281e2da]

Wiser Aussie

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