Re: Mankind project
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: August 18, 2010 01:57AM

The MKP with young girls sounds absolutely horrifying. To use the MKP techniques on young children, that is beyond horrifying.
The sad thing is that they try to sell these things as a "camping weekend" which of course is NOT what it is. Its about extreme psychological manipulation.

One would assume that mothers who are concerned about what is going on, can look into ways to monitor personally what is going on.

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Re: Mankind project
Posted by: SeekingTruth ()
Date: September 06, 2010 10:59PM

Employer Tries to Force Employee to Attend NWT Weekend


SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – An attorney says he was forced to quit his job after a law firm docked his pay because he refused to go to a seminar where he feared he would be “stripped naked, not allowed to leave, be required to discuss details of his sex life, handle a wooden dildo, and potentially allow other men to touch his genitals.” The lawyer claims his supervising attorney told him that the New Warrior Training seminar would help him “have closer, stronger, and better relationships with men.”

[] - site down at present, but see


Text reads:

Friday, September 03, 2010Last Update: 1:12 PM PT

Attorney Objects to Bizarre Seminar for Guys


SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) - An attorney says he was forced to quit his job after a law firm docked his pay because he refused to go to a seminar where he feared he would be "stripped naked, not allowed to leave, be required to discuss details of his sex life, handle a wooden dildo, and potentially allow other men to touch his genitals." The lawyer claims his supervising attorney told him that the New Warrior Training seminar would help him "have closer, stronger, and better relationships with men."

Steven Eggleston sued Bisnar/Chase LLP and its partners, John Bisnar and Brian Chase, on 13 charges in Orange County Court, including sexual harassment, retaliation, failure to pay wages, breach of contract, fraudulent concealment and unfair business practices.

Eggleston claims Bisnar/Chase hired him in July 2009 with "a draw of $15,000 per month," plus one-third of the fee for the cases he brought to the firm.

After about 2 months on the job, Eggleston claims, his supervising attorney, Bisnar, told him, "There is a seminar you need to go to. I can't tell you that you have to go as a requirement of your employment but, Steve, you really need to go to this."

When Eggleston asked for more information about the seminar, Bisnar "was evasive and would not provide much detail" but said that "it would help Eggleston to learn to interact better with the men he knows. ... Bisnar went on to say how men in society do not have close relationships and that this seminar would help Eggleston to have closer, stronger, and better relationships with men," according to the complaint.

The seminar, called New Warrior Training, was to be given by The Mankind Project. The complaint adds: "Eggleston kept trying to get more information about the seminar from Bisnar, but Bisnar refused to answer, explaining that the things that took place at the seminar were secret and that men who attended had to take an oath not to reveal to outsiders what took place."

Eggleston says he did a Google search and found reports that men participated in a "trust walk" where they were "stripped naked, blindfolded, and then led on a walk through the woods holding the hand of one of the supervisory men."

"Another activity included 30 to 50 men sitting naked in a circle on the floor of a candlelit room called the smoke hut. A large wooden dildo called 'The Cock' was passed around the room. The man holding 'The Cock' was asked to describe in graphic detail a sexual experience from his life. One Internet report stated that a supervisor told attendees that they could place their hand on the penis of the man next to them. However, if the man did not want his penis touched, he was free to remove the hand.

"Attendees were yelled at, had smoke blown in their faces, and were subject to intimidation tactics. Some organizations recommended that men attend the New Warrior Training in order to cure themselves of being homosexuals. Some Internet postings indicated that men attend the New Warrior Training to learn to accept their homosexuality. A wrongful death lawsuit had been filed against The Mankind Project by the family of a man who attended the Warrior Training Seminar. The man allegedly committed suicide a few weeks after attending the seminar.

"Eggleston was understandably concerned about what he read on the Internet."

Eggleston adds that according to the Internet reports he read, The Mankind Project encouraged participants to carpool with other men because there was not enough parking at the event's remote location, but really it was to keep participants from leaving. There were "reports by attendees who said that they wanted to leave but they were intimidated into staying" and some were told that "it was not fair to make other men leave just to drive them home," according to the complaint.

The seminars were held at "remote locations, away from civilization" and when participants arrived, "all of their personal belongings are taken away from them," the Internet reports said.

Eggleston says he did not want to go, for fear that "Bisnar, his supervising attorney, would also attend the seminar and that he might be required to sit naked in a room with Bisnar, that Bisnar might decide to touch his penis, or that he might be required to disclose details about his sex life to Bisnar."

Eggleston says that when he refused to go, Bisnar became hostile and tried to pressure him into signing up for a seminar at a later date. He claims that Bisnar also reduced his pay from a draw of $15,000 per month to $10,000.

Eggleston says he did not want to attend the seminar at a later date because he "still did not want to attend a seminar where he might be required to talk about his sex life, hear others talk about their sex lives, or handle 'The Cock.'"

When Bisnar learned that Eggleston would not attend the seminar, he stopped paying him a draw and "said that he would only receive money from cases that settled," according to the complaint.

In February, Bisnar allegedly "walked into Eggleston's office and asked, 'How are you doing personally?' Eggleston replied that he could not pay his mortgage since Bisnar had stopped paying him. Bisnar replied, 'You should be stressed. If you weren't stressed out I would think you were selling drugs.'"

Eggleston says he quit in March this year, and that since then, Bisnar/Chase has continued to retaliate by, among other things, refusing to provide accountings about cases he brought to the firm.

Eggleston seeks lost wages, punitive damages and an injunction and costs. He is represented by Kathleen Hartman with Callahan, Thompson, Sherman and Caudill, of Irvine

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Re: Mankind project
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: September 07, 2010 12:21AM

KA-CHING! Great story. The more that employers get sued successfully for making their employees go to the psuedo-homosexual MKP the faster the companies will learn to say "no" to any salesman from MKP.

It seems INSANE that a lawfirm would not see the flaw in the "contract" (i.e., signing away all your constitution and legal rights).

I guess the "smartest people in the room" are not always lawyers.

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Mankind project "handle a wooden to touch his genitals.”
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 07, 2010 04:51AM

Its very important that people are standing up against being forced to attend these types of abusive LGAT seminars in the workplace.
LGAT seminars target workplaces, as if they can get influence over the bosses, then the employees can be forced, pushed into attending the seminars, and many people are afraid to refuse, to not get into hassles with the boss.
Then the LGAT seminar, which uses very powerful techniques, can get them by the short and curlies, and not just metaphorically in this case.

If a "work" seminar is going to involve being stripped naked while blindfolded, with explicit sexual content that may be recorded on video, and sexual touching between strangers, stranded in the deep woods without a car or phone with no escape...
That is psychologically very dangerous stuff, rife with abuse.

A boss cannot invite/force employees to a "seminar" with sexual touching, and explicit sexual content. No matter the sexual orientation of the boss or the members, its a very serious abuse of power and workplace harrassment.

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Re: Mankind project
Posted by: bigboyx5 ()
Date: September 18, 2010 11:12PM

Does anyone know if the MKP or the Woman Within are still active in Alberta Canada?

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Re: Mankind project
Posted by: SeekingTruth ()
Date: October 03, 2010 06:19PM

Calif. Lawyer Sues Over Attending All-Male Mountain Retreat

Lawsuit Claims Lawyer Got Pay Cut For Missing Unusual Seminar That Included Nudity

62 comments By RAY SANCHEZ

Sept. 30, 2010


[Warning - the report on abcnews has been spammed by MKP with auto-downloading and playing video clips]

"It makes us sound and look like a bunch of idiots," he said.

California lawyer has sued his former employer for allegedly docking his pay after he refused to sign up for a weekend-long "New Warrior" personal-development seminar that included men disrobing and passing around a wooden phallus.

The Orange County Superior Court case seems like a routine labor dispute between a lawyer and his former firm, except for the salacious accusations involving a little-known, somewhat secretive nonprofit known as The ManKind Project, which seeks to "redefine mature masculinity for the 21st century," according to its website.

Plaintiff Steven Eggleston, a chiropractor-turned-negligence lawyer, accuses the Newport Beach, Calif., firm Bisnar/Chase and partners John Bisnar and Brian Chase of sexual harassment and failure to pay wages. Eggleston claims he was paid $15,000 a month until he refused to attend a secluded all-male weekend retreat last February in the mountains overlooking Santa Barbara.

The lawsuit said Eggleston, after reading reports about the seminars, was "understandably concerned" over the possibility of sitting naked in a room with his supervising attorney, who "might decide to touch his penis, or that he might be required to disclose details about his sex life."

Eggleston says in the complaint that after skipping the weekend retreat, which the the ManKind Project website describes as "a modern male initiation and self-examination," his compensation dwindled to nothing and his supervising boss, Bisnar, became so hostile that he had to quit.

According to the complaint, Bisnar told Eggleston that he couldn't require him to attend but repeatedly pressured him to attend. Chase, however, said Bisnar had only suggested it. Chase said there was no retaliation and called the complaint "a shakedown lawsuit by a disgruntled employee who failed miserably at his job." Eggleston was hired on a six-month contract, he said, and let go because of poor performance.

Bisnar, who has attended and spoken at ManKind Project training sessions, routinely encourages the firm's 30 staff members to participate in personal and professional development seminars, according to Chase. Although Bisnar has encouraged him to attend, Chase said he has never participated in New Warrior training.

The personal-injury firm has a distinct New Age feel, Chase said.

"We have yoga on Fridays," Chase said. "Bisnar will encourage people to go to professional seminars for trial lawyers or paralegals. He also encourages people to do personal development. He's passed out Deepak Chopra books. We've had tickets to Anthony Robbins' seminars. He encourages people to better themselves."

Eggleston's lawyer, Kate Hartman, denied that her client had signed a contract and said he brought more than 100 cases to the firm over eight months. He was "freaked out" by what he learned about the ManKind Project over the Internet, she said, and twice refused to attend the seminar, leading to problems with his boss.

"I've talked to many former employees at Bisnar and Chase, and they don't know about any other seminars being offered other than this particular one," Hartman said. "Based on the information that I have, the only seminar they've asked employees to go to -- and they're very hot and heavy on it -- is this New Warrior training. I don't think professional development needs to involve taking off your clothes and discussing your sex life."

Mankind Project Deals With 'Sexual Shame'

Eggleston's lawsuit has brought unwanted attention to the ManKind Project, which some men credit with helping them confront childhood traumas. The complaint said Eggleston learned about what ManKind refers to on its website as a carved wooden phallus by doing a Google search, which also yielded reports of the 2005 suicide of a 29-year-old man who shot himself two weeks after attending a warrior weekend near Houston.

Carl Griesser, executive director of the ManKind Project, said the nudity is optional and comes near the end of the weekend seminar. The exercise is optional as well. There is nothing sexual about the nudity, he said, and sex and masturbation are forbidden. [Which is actually an outright lie because gay sexual activities has been reported by others on the Internet as occurring between staff and participants on the weekend, or afterwards at so-called I-groups]

The primary reason for using [the wooden phallus] is to help men deal with sexual shame," Griesser said. "In our culture where sex is so charged, the fact that we do this is something that a lot of people are really uncomfortable about. There is so much homophobia in the culture that even the concept of men being nude together in some context other than locker room is seen as really weird, if not crazy."

The 25-year-old project includes 35 nonprofit and charitable organizations in seven countries, Griesser said. It operates 30 centers in the U.S. -- with the 48-hour, $650 New Warrior Training Adventure.

"Our focus is basically on teaching accountability and integrity to men," Griesser said. "In our culture, there aren't too many options for men. They tend to be either extremely macho or kind of bumbling idiots and neither of that is very accurate for most men."

Asked whether there is touching, Griesser said: "A person can but it is absolutely not a part of the program... It's completely nonsexual, and our intention is to give men an opportunity to talk about what their experience of the body, their physicality and their sexuality has been."

Eggleston's complaint refers to the wrongful death lawsuit filed against ManKind's Houston operation by the family of Michael Scinto, a recovering alcoholic who committed suicide in July 2005, about two weeks after attending a seminar.

A Houston Press story [] about the death quoted a letter Scinto wrote to the sheriff's office before taking his life, in which he wrote of being required to sign a confidentiality agreement, of being blindfolded and taken on tours in the nude, of naked men dancing around candles, and men revealing their sexual histories while passing a wooden phallus. After his death, Scinto's family discovered a list of ManKind members that included prominent local politicians and academics.

Griesser said the lawsuit brought by Scinto parents was settled "with no admission of wrongdoing" by the organization. The family received $75,000, according to Griesser and Scinto's mother Kathy.

"I personally have a lot of sadness that Michael Scinto died the way he did," Griesser said. "It's a tragedy. I don't see his participation [in the seminar] as being contributory in any way."

The men who attend ManKind Project retreats include lawyers, physicians, businessmen and people who have completed alcohol and drug abuse programs, Griesser said. There are two similar groups for women that are not affiliated to the ManKind Project.

Griesser admitted that negative publicity had tarnished the image of the ManKind Project, which was created in 1985 as a male answer to the women's movement. Through responses on the group's website, Griesser is trying to combat the perception of some that the group is a cult.

"It makes us sound and look like a bunch of idiots," he said.

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Re: Mankind project
Posted by: Ianto ()
Date: October 04, 2010 10:36AM

Hi, you asked for a reply to a daily mail article about the Mankind Project.

I did the New Warrior Training about 3 years ago. I have helped staff these trainings a few times and done some other weekends run by the project. I also attend a monthly local group.

At the time of joining, the relationship to my woman was on the rocks, floundering and stormy. I was in relate counselling, having panic attacks, and called the samaritans a bit - for some one to talk to when I couldnt sleep, in the absence of intimacy I was using porn, and loosing my temper a lot - especially with my son and my wife. And I was reeling from yet another affair my women was cooking up with a man I knew, which I had discovered through reading phone texts. I was also sick of her blaming and shaming attacks on me and our children.

Since then I have, married this woman, we have never been so content yet honest with each other, I gave up relate because it was ineffective, I dont get panic attacks, I have given up porn, our sex and love life is fantastic, I rarely loose my temper, and on the rare occassions it flares up i make good in a prompt effective way, my now wife has overcome her addiction to fantasy of romance and affairs, and I no longer tolerate her blame and shame which has largely stopped. Faced up to my violent father in law, and we are now on good terms. Helped a reconciliation with my two brothers who hadnt spoken for 4 years.
Doing this doesnt come free or easy on the personal level, and Mankind is far from the only influence which has helped - but it has been hugely significant, for me. Having come out of denial of who I really am, and also learned to love and accept my wife and fellow humans as never before, as we are. And paradoxically, my wife has become more like the person I always want her to be, and I have become more like the man she would have liked me to be.

I found the weekend very challanging and a real wake up call, My wife loves the man i have become and is a great supporter of the Mankind Project. I have had the pleasure and challange to be supported by many very human very flawed normal men where we support each other in authentistity and integrity. Men have freely given their support through some very trying circumstances, and I have done my best to give something back.

Is it a cult ?
By this websites own definations Mankind lacks all the criterea.
There is no single diefied leader.
There are no sacred texts or revalations
There are no magical or mystical powers
There are no harsh consequences to leaving or participating in other groups or paths
There is no isolationist ethos
There is no demand to give time or money to the organisation, beyond training costs (non profit making - yes really!). the 2 surving creators do receive a modest annual copyright fee. I have never been hassled or coerced to do anything. The regular group I attend charges what it costs to run - nothing.
When I asked for audited accounts and the organisational structure I got them promptly and willingly.

In fact all the above is consciously mitigated agaisnt as far as is possible, knowing it can always be better

There has been this secrecy thing about what happens on the weekend, and it is a large group awareness changing training.

I have consistantly challanged the secrecy, and nothing but respect has come my way. And the current web site address's many concerns honestly and directly. I believe informed agreement is important.
There are of course dangers to some vulnruble participants. Staff sign an agreement not to exploit another mans vulnrubbility, and the medical screening is I believe very thorough and proffessional - but relies on an honest and full disclosure to work. I believe this was somewhat lacking in the suicide case.
Staff are trained not be aggressive or use power over, and responsibilies are tailored to experience and training.
From web info out there it looks like some trainings have had inappropiate things happen, which are the rare exceptions or one off - like genital touching. I have never seen or heard of such things personally.

The weekend is very scripted and well orchestrated, true. How ever within that, I have seen the opportunity for a very personal self exploration - where I was given the chance to look at myself, without anyone telling me what I should think or feel or believe. There were expectations around doing things the Mankind way, given the dysfunctioality of my normal working class /aspiring middle class upbring, I have generally found the tools used useful.
On this web site the article which most reflects my experience is Band of Brothers, which is in the section of articles about Mankind on this web site.

My mother is delighted with our improved relationship, and my step mother inlaw recently commented on how awful I used to be and how much easier I am to be around - and I thought her and my father inlaw were the awful ones to be around, and now they are much easier to around!!!

I must reiterate, getting to this happier state of affairs has been very challanging, painful, and joyful. I feel like I have gone into my worst nightmares, and woken up from an insane dream. It has taken a lot of courage, and maybe at my age (50), having hit bottom 3 years ago - it was just time. I accept I may have got here whatever, I am just grateful it happend to be mankind that came along. It worked for me and my family.

PS. No one asked me to do this, no one knows I am doing this, This is me to this forum, speaking personally.

And there was one posting I really took exception to - someone wanting to protect daughters from crazy fathers
like me. I have a very respectful close relationship to my daughter (16), I have yet to meet a man in the project (who has done somewhat more than the first weekend) who I would not trust with my daughter. In fact there are some dysfunctional women I know who I wouldnt trust daughters with!!!!!!
One of the things that makes me feel safer around mankind men is because we do look at our sexuality, in a non sexual way; amongst many many other issues. And I believe I am safer around other mens daughters from the work I have done (not only through Mankind I would make clear - its definately NOT the anwser to everything).

Too good to be true?

A while ago, I was putting my son to bed.(12) - unsolicited comment
'Dad, your a much better dad since you started that man thing'
'I know son' (tears in my eyes)

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Re: Mankind project
Posted by: SeekingTruth ()
Date: October 04, 2010 06:30PM

Thank you for sharing your imagination.

If MKP and its abusive boot-camp weekend really are so positive why are there so many reports about it being:

* secretive,
* needing an extensive imjury disclaimer to be signed,
* abusive (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually),
* disrespectful,
* aggressive,
* trauma causing,
* imposing a starvation diet with sleep deprivation,
* encouraging homosexuality amongst predominantly straight guys,
* deliberately using car-pooling so that guys can't leave,
* stealing rituals from Native American tribes,
* using meaningless pseudo New Age shamanic activities,

all conducted by self-appointed and untrained so-called psychotherapists.

And why is this thread so long - consisting of at least 90% negative reports?

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Re: Mankind project
Posted by: SeekingTruth ()
Date: October 04, 2010 06:53PM

Calif. Lawyer Sues Over Attending All-Male Mountain Retreat

Lawsuit Claims Lawyer Got Pay Cut For Missing Unusual Seminar That Included Nudity

62 comments By RAY SANCHEZ

Sept. 30, 2010


[Warning - the report on abcnews has been spammed by MKP with auto-downloading and playing video clips]


One of the comments from MKP apologist Majestic_Wolf at:


states this:

"Fact: there are two women's organizations that put on similar weekends; one is H.E.R. and the other is Woman Within. H.E.R. is affiliated with the ManKind Project, Woman Within is not."

Posted by:
Majestic_Wolf Oct-2


Yet on the Women Within website it explicitly states that Women Within IS affiliated with MKP.

See: []

and on the MKP website they link to Women Within

See: []


Lies and yet more lies ...

Edited 4 time(s). Last edit at 10/04/2010 07:16PM by SeekingTruth.

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Re: Mankind project
Posted by: SeekingTruth ()
Date: October 04, 2010 07:21PM

And I believe I am safer around other mens daughters from the work I have done ...

Implying that you were a lot less safer before involvement? So MKP and its weekend is now being touted to be a 'cure' for having pedo tendencies. Jeez ... !!!

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