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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Posted by: The Real Deal ()
Date: March 18, 2009 07:32AM

The Anticult
The key is to get one's mind out of the clouds of "spirituality" and try to take a look under the hood, and see how the sausage is made.
The key is to itemize and analyze each technique being used by the Guru.
This is why they all try to kill the "Ego" and get you to follow orders without thinking, and pacify you to Surrender the Ego to the Guru.
It’s like cutting the testicles off a bull, so to speak, so it can be used a farm animal.

You may want to revisit Wikileaks and see the letter Michael wrote on “Surrender.” It is a perfect example of "how the sausage is made."

This letter is received by members after they have completed their third level retreat and are ready to go to a monthly pilgrimage with Michael. This is NOT a beginner’s letter – because no one in their right mind would stay if they saw this early on.

Talk about farm animals. Michael creates sheep, telling his followers that only through him do they have a chance for the divine. He says "The way to one's own divinity has always been, and is today, the way of the teacher." Also, "If you are fortunate and have found a true teacher, then you surrender your ego-will to your teacher and through him return to your own divine self." Throughout the entire letter you will find repetitive examples of this topic. Bottom line, he claims that he is the link to God and the divine cannot be had without him.

I am amused with the following quote from the letter - it is very telling, "A third objection to surrender the ego is the statement "I want to control my own life." What a colossal myth! No one is in control of his life. You are either a slave to the ego or a servant of God." More like a servant to Michael, who thinks he is God.

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Posted by: brut458 ()
Date: March 27, 2009 05:25AM

Bums me out when this thread dies down. Anyone have any news?

Also, Fred Stevenson, check your private messages.

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Re: Royal Way and Children
Posted by: altadenamilk ()
Date: April 13, 2009 05:40AM

The Royal Way schedules events that separate parents from their children. Their 7 annual retreats to the desert occur on Sundays and holidays. Children are not allowed. Of these sundays, they always occur on Easter Sunday and Father's day (I don't know about mother's day). My "X" husband considers Fathers' day to be a false holiday and elects to attend the RW retreat instead of spending time with our child. While he might be correct, that this is a "Hallmark Holiday," it nonetheless is a day for dads and kids to get together. That the RW schedules events on these days (Easter is as much a secular family day as it is a Christian sacred day) rents families apart. They force parents to choose between RW events and time with their kids. They take away traditional family holidays and replace them with events that only the adult members can attend--Michael's birthday for example. Because the group shrouds itself in mystery and children are not included, they create an aura of illicit secrecy that confuses (even frightens) kids.

I have never heard of a family picnic day or "bring your kid to class" night.

The RW appears to be a cult and Michael pretty much says as much on their new website (mostly smoke and mirrors):

"You also ask: 'If you are a guru, does that mean Royal Way is a cult?' There is nothing wrong with a cult—if the leader is a true teacher. You do not hide from God because of Satan. You do not shun the saints because there are devils. Similarly, you do not condemn cults because of a Reverend Jones or a Reverend Moon. You use discretion, discernment, judiciousness. You use your God-given brain to differentiate in all areas of life, including cults."

The word "cult" is frightening because it suggests a group that reprograms individuals into thoughtless followers who give themselves up, totally, to a charismatic leader, without question. The results of such reprogramming can be devastating and even lethal. This has scared our child who watches TV and sees much about the problem of cults as they are portrayed in popular culture.

Although, as our child does, children will defend their parents and behave like everything is OK, I can see the disappointment when dad places the RW first. Watching this over the years has been sad. It is absolutely true that this organization separates families to build its own power base.

Also, the RW values worry me. They seem to be anti-gay and anti-feminist. What do parents of girls and homosexual children do?

On top of all this, the RW mandate to proselytize makes their own children likely recruits. I fear that our child (and my X has expressed this desire) will be pulled in at age 18.

This terrifies me the most, but the low level prioritizing of the RW over our child and the slow transformation from dad into a disciple has been painful. There is a sense of incredible loss.

If for no other reason than their willingness to schedule events on traditional family holidays and to exclude children from these events, the RW denigrates families.

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Posted by: MisterAEIOU ()
Date: April 14, 2009 12:46AM

I have never heard of a family picnic day or "bring your kid to class" night.

They used to have family oriented activities like 10-15 years ago. As far as I know, they no longer have any family oriented activities. Family activities did include picnics. They also included days at the Ranch during the summer to swim and play and eat.

Also, the RW values worry me. They seem to be anti-gay and anti-feminist. What do parents of girls and homosexual children do?
This is true. And it raises a great question.

On top of all this, the RW mandate to proselytize makes their own children likely recruits. I fear that our child (and my X has expressed this desire) will be pulled in at age 18.
This is also true - its only logical. I have seem some children of members get pulled in and others able to resist.

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb staus: DELINQUENT
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 14, 2009 07:39AM

Thank you for that new information.
Yet another very serious warning sign concerning Royal Way.

Having their Royal Way retreats on family holidays, is an obvious crude, yet ruthless tactic by Michael.
To do what?

To make Royal Way the "real" family, and to create more Transference to him personally, as Patriarch.
To continue to insert himself into people's real families, and to drive families apart.

Don't forget, Michael Gottlieb was a "marriage and family therapist" until 2004, according to the posted record, before his status as a therapist became DELINQUENT.

So he knows all about family dynamics, and what a deep instinct it is for a parent to be with their child on those days, and create and enjoy family time, like an Easter Egg hunt, which are priceless childhood family memories.
He is now using his MFT knowledge to his own personal advantage, and by creating that "hole" in the family on holidays, and by creating that PAIN, he is able to wedge himself and Royal Way deeper into the center of peoples lives, to try and make Royal Way their new "real" family.
One can bet that the new "Royal Way Family" has rituals which they carry out on these holiday retreats, to make them seem like the new family.
Meanwhile, the innocent children pay the price, for the selfishness and enrichment of Michael Gottlieb.

What an ugly abuse of power, from a former family therapist, who knows exactly what he is doing.

An extremely ruthless, calculating, cold-blooded tactic.
Active attempts to disrupt, damage, and even destroy familes, to make Royal Way their first priority.

Licensee Information

License Number: 6270
License Status: DELINQUENT
INACTIVE Definition
Expiration Date: May 31, 2004
Issue Date: June 01, 1974

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb staus: DELINQUENT
Posted by: Mishmash1 ()
Date: April 14, 2009 10:04AM

I can attest, that Royal Way is meant to become the “family” for all its members. I, personally, was reprimanded for conversing with certain family (non-Royal Way) members and nonmember (or unsavoury/objectional) friends, and encouraged/guided towards replacing them with family members that will “support my growth” (i.e., members of Royal Way.) Nothing against the members of Royal Way … in many, many ways they were good friends who would help me with anything, and frequently did.

As far as “driving a wedge” between families … there is a divisiveness between Royal Way and the “world.” This was very apparent and confirmed on this thread, when I read the postings by Royal Way members. I was affected by their postings … because they sounded so weak and powerless, even the more venomous postings sounded impotent and bitter. Not the rhetoric one would expect from a spiritually enlightened and “fortunate” group. After all, the “Royal” in Royal Way refers to being “one cut above.” But it seems they have digressed into fear and frustration.

The biggest annual “holiday” in Royal Way is Patron’s Day. This is supposed to be Michael’s birthday, and is celebrated with gifts to those who brought them to Royal Way (along with a very impressive gift for Michael … Jaguar, Rolls, Mercedes, etc). Coincidentally, preparation for Patron’s day begins during the traditional family holiday season, but this is no coincidence. Truthfully, I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael’s birthday were in another month, May for instance. Everything has been fabricated to reinforce the façade. But the façade is only made out of cardboard, and breaks apart easily.

Michael might describe this fragile system (cardboard) as the master-pupil relationship (which needs cultivation to get stronger) … but it’s not a relationship, it’s a self-defeating, ego-feeding façade, which feels like it’s made out of concrete, because the mind is weakened. Royal Way members are not “one cut above,” and they are not free. Some of them know this, but they continue on, because this is what they know. Many have shut off the ability to question or think critically in preference to facing the terrible fact that they have wasted a lot of time and money being court jesters instead of royalty.

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 23, 2009 11:46PM

If anyone wants to study a defunct group that may resemble some features of RW, read this article.


It can be valuable to study different groups and do comparative anatomy.

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Posted by: 1Truthseeker ()
Date: May 15, 2009 04:45AM

I am new to this site because a girlfriend of mine is a member of royal way and I am overly concerned because as I have come to know her better it seems as if she is still spiritually lost in many ways. I know she has been a member of this group/cult/flock/club for over 5 years and she keeps a picture of her teacher/guru/master next to her bed, I can also tell you that she attends RW meetings twice a week someplace in west Los Angeles and yes, she does go on a two day retreat it seems every 5 weeks and has on occasion attended Sundays.

It does trouble me the amount of time she puts into this group and when I‘ve tried to question her in depth about the things she does while at the RW ranch or the weekly meeting, her replies are short and non informative as if she is hiding something, blanket statements like “ I meditated and did yoga”. This is a red flag to start! I myself am a very spiritual person and all of those whom I know that are spiritual have no problems talking about the many ways to enlightenment and are more then willing to express all that they do in there quest for nirvana.

I was recently invited to the RW ranch for a retreat…this is where the major red flags went up!!! First of all, I can’t attend a retreat with my girlfriend until I have attended 3 retreats at a cost of $525.00 each. That’s $1575.00 and I can’t attend classes at the RW ranch unless I do the retreats first….. Sorry! But can you say SCAM! I can see the writing on the wall, this is something a spiritually in-tune person can smell a mile away, and I’m sure not going to pay good money to be psychologically beaten down to the point that I succumb to the…and I’ll quote “ surrender of ego to the teacher” to allow “ Royal ways lifelong involvement” I would also like to point out that Mr. Michael Menahem Gottlieb the self proclaimed ruler seems to contradict himself in his teaching “No one has ever “saved” anyone. You can only save yourself” but yet you can’t save yourself because you can’t reach the divine spirit unless the teacher is present…..OMG! Is this another Christ complex or what?

I’m sorry if I started to put Mr. Gottlied in a bad light but as I see it, a good way to explain this is: The RW ranch is a fishbowl for the spiritually lost and Mr. Gottlied is a Shark feeding off of them…very sad, but from my observation, my girlfriend should have the spiritual armor of a knight after the amount of time and money spent, I’m assuming around $10.000.00 a year for starters.

My major questions are: does this man get his student to strip naked? will anyone come forward about this, does he ever question your monetary wealth? Does he use stress test methods? And would ex members of RW like to put together a group in order to help those that are still stuck inside get out?

Love and light to all!

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Posted by: 1Truthseeker ()
Date: June 03, 2009 09:32AM

To all that read this thread, I don’t know what path my girlfriend is going to take in her quest for true spirituality. She claims she is leaving Royal Way. This could be because of the fact that the cult members are monitoring this site and use the site to keep tabs on it’s members putting her in a position of having to choose between RW or her own family and me. This is fact because she admitted to me. Talk about control, spying and manipulation…just typical of a cult!

Well, since we all know that RW is reading these threads, maybe if any of its members are still capable of critical thinking, listen up! One should never be pressured or made to feel obligated to pay for ones spirituality and a real teacher never acts like a God or should I say one with a Christ complex, “the only way to the divine spirit is through the teacher” What a crock! and one should be able to freely approach their teacher without the “only speak when spoken too mentality”. A true teacher never hides his writings from the public or comes up with any psycho babble by saying “ people won’t understand the meaning”. Wake up! Because we all know this is just a means to keep people stuck in RW’s web of pseudo spirituality.

Mr. Michael Menahem Gottlieb should be ashamed of himself for robbing people of their souls, time, money and labor. Michael, having a background in family therapy knows oh too well the dynamics of psychology and the manipulation of critical thinking. A teacher gives to its pupils the tools needed so that the pupil can make their own way, …“self realization” but this is NOT the Royal Ways way of teaching. Michael has created an atmosphere of Teacher and Group Dependency, in order for Michael to live like a king, Just ask anyone that has managed to free themselves from the cult and God help you if you are able to see how you have been manipulated, step outside yourself if only for a brief moment and ask was your enlightenment yours? or was it induced by RW robbing you of real enlightenment and do you feel shame if you should you leave the group? even if for a brief amount of time?….I’ve heard it myself from those who have left and are trying to leave.

It is very sad but so typical of Michaels mind game playing manipulation, that Michael can not personally give his blessings to people that leave RW that have been with him for over 9 years, instead he uses his minions to ship you off…Geez, again, wake up! After being with someone that long and blowing that much money Michael could grow a pair of balls and personally say goodbye….Oh but I’m forgetting that he is a self proclaimed God…and Gods don’t talk to underlings, Shame on you Michael, Shame on you!

I am so proud of all of you that have saved yourselves! Spirituality comes from within Not from a teacher or a group and just because you go to temple doesn’t mean you’re a Buddhist, it’s how one lives their life that makes one pure at heart. No matter what sect you are, may God be with you and may the light always illuminate your path….Blessings!

Love and Light to all

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Posted by: Nietzsche ()
Date: July 26, 2009 10:46AM

Found the below "letter" on the new Royal Way website.... it seems we are getting to them....

Copied/Pasted from []

A friend has written: “I am very reluctant to write this to you. I’m not even sure I should write this, but I am extremely upset and want your guidance.

“There is a terrible blog on the Internet that tells the most vicious lies about you and Royal Way. Most of the people who write in have never met you and have never been to Royal Way. They speak with such vitriol, hatred, and vengeance. They do it under the cloak of anonymity. The comments are full of, at best, absurdities; more often than not, vicious and personal attacks, condemnation, hatred, and spewing of venom. It is all lies and falsehoods. Libelous. It is criminal that this is allowed to go on unchecked.

“It hurts me deeply that they use your name and attempt to destroy you. They are cowardly and evil doing this on the Internet, where there is no remedy and no recourse. It is not an open forum. They mostly allow only negative and hateful comments. They are like thugs in the dark, night after night throwing stones and then running. You cannot catch them; you cannot stop them.

“It is so unjust that you—who brings such goodness, beauty, caring, and compassion to all you meet; who brings the experience of the divine, the greatest peace, meaning, and fulfillment to all your students; who has devoted your life to removing our suffering and lifting us to God—are being maligned in such a despicable way. It breaks my heart. I cannot begin to understand what it must be for you. Yet I have never heard you say anything about it. Why do you not say anything? Why do you not get upset? Doesn’t it bother you?”

Dear friend, clearly this is a painful subject for you, and I suspect that many in our community of Royal Way have similar concerns and strong feelings about it. These concerns are legitimate and understandable. Nevertheless, my response will be brief and simple.

These people do what they do because they cannot help it. They are driven to do it. At their level of consciousness, there are no choices. The higher the level of consciousness, the more you see; the more choices you have; the less driven you are.

Jesus said: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” What do you think he meant when he said, “they know not what they do”? If you ask them, “Do you know what you’re doing?” they would unquestionably say, “Of course we know what we are doing. We know exactly what we are doing.”

So was Jesus lying? No. He was not lying. He meant what I just said—that at their level of consciousness, there are no choices; they don’t know any better; they are simply driven to do what they do.

Now, I am not Jesus. Repeat: I am not Jesus. I am definitely not Jesus. So I don’t say “forgive them.” I say: Let them work it out for themselves, or let their karma work it out for them. End of story.

Dear friend, do not suffer anymore, and do not be discouraged. I say to you: None of this has anything to do with me, or with you, or with Royal Way. Our work, our sacred work, is only to continually raise our own level of consciousness and reach our ultimate potential. So it shall be.

Be blessed for your loving concern.


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