LGAT's in Mexico
Posted by: LuG ()
Date: July 28, 2005 10:01AM

Hi everyone.

My name is Luis, I'm from Mexico City, and first of all, I would like to thank everyone here. This message board has been a great resource to learn about this programs.

LGAT's are a relatively recent phenomenom (sp?) in my country, just about six or seven years (it is strange, but we imported them from Argentina, instead of the U.S., as we usually do with this kind of stuff :roll: ). Currently, there are only (as far as I know), four of them, including (yes, you guessed it), the Landmark forum.

The other three are direct descendants of Lifespring (via ArgentinaWorks), and are called Grupo Mexico Humano, MexWorks and DesafĂ­o Monterrey.

I have never participated in any of them, but I lost my best friend to one of them when I refused to join. :cry:

Fortunately, I was able to give a lot of useful information to a common friend who was two days away of starting the program. He changed his mind, and that inspired me to create a website with all the information.

I uploaded the information a week ago, and today I'm about to reach 100 hits. Even better, a girl emailed me today saying she was not sure to continue, but warned a couple of her friends not to join (even when she already invited them).

I'm excited about this, knowing I can make a difference. So, I believe I will be posting quite frequently here :) .

BTW, if you speak spanish, the site url is www.infogmhmw.freeservers.com.

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LGAT's in Mexico
Posted by: elena ()
Date: August 02, 2005 09:20PM

Hi Luis,

You might do a search on alt.fan.landmark for "Rgacons" old posts. Although he hasn't written for a while, he did quite an extensive study on Landmark and such things as NLP and hypnosis. He was quite "gung-ho" enthusiastic about Landmark in the begining, but came around to seeing it as the con or scam that it is. You might be able to contact him if you find an email address in one of his old posts. He is a thoughtful and considerate guy with lots to say about Landmark and Landmark in Mexico. (His name or he uses the name Ernest.)


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LGAT's in Mexico
Posted by: LuG ()
Date: August 03, 2005 10:33AM

Thanks Elena, I'm going to check it out. :)

After almost half a year, my ex best friend's girlfriend is still insisting to meet me to try to enroll me.

Now, for some reason, she thinks making fun of my anxiety disorder will do the trick. Go figure :roll:

And she says her life is perfect . . .

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