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Posted by: Professing ()
Date: October 07, 2003 08:35AM

Has anyone ever heard of a nameless house sect that meets in homes on Sundays and Wednesdays? Ministers are called "workers". Annual 4 day revivals are called conventions. Many in this sect believe it is the only true way of Jesus and see other religions as false. William Irvine, George Walker, Jack Carroll, Eddie Cooney and other Irish workers formed this nameless sect (goes by many official and unofficial names). Ministers (workers) sell all and live in the homes of the members called friends. For more info:

or []

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workers, friends, meetings, 2X2s, The Truth or Church w/o a
Posted by: Professing ()
Date: October 08, 2003 05:08AM

Professing people, including Friends (members) and workers (clergy) think their church is the ONLY true church.

Professing people think Truth is the only way because their meetings on Sunday/Wednesday nights are held in homes and their ministers don't have a home.

When professing people stop attending the worker ordained meetings, they are said to be lost, hellbound, taking their own way etc.. You cannot be saved if you leave their true church.

Leaving Truth means going to hell should you die.

In the Truth/2X2s (they have NO name yet many names), you are expected to follow some rules:
1. Professing women MUST wear a dress and their hair on their head in the shape of a "bun".
2. Televisions are forbidden in a professing home though some friends do hide them from the workers. (Workers decide what objects are worldly and inappropriate in a professing home).
3. Meeting homes are to be free of worker ordained worldliness. Head worker decides if a home is fit for the workers to establish a Sunday AM or Wednesday PM meeting.
4. Professing people must attend 4 days of their home convention held on a farm. For a list see []
5. One must invite the workers to spend the night in your home.
6. Money must be given to the workers in secret.
7. Do not let outsiders (those not a part of the Truth) know much about what goes on in the meetings or decisions of the workers in your area!
8. Only marry professing people who have NEVER been married before.
9. Attend worker led gospel meetings even after you profess.
10. Recognize the workers/God's servants as closer to God.
11. Spend little time around unprofessing people (non members of The Truth) unless you are inviting them to gospel meetings.
12. Let the workers assign you to a meeting home without complaining about it.
13. If the workers rebuke or chastise you verbally or in writing, have a good spirit about it and don't complain/question them about your punishment.

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workers, friends, meetings, 2X2s, The Truth or Church w/o a
Posted by: Professing ()
Date: October 10, 2003 06:49AM

Many professing people trusted what the early workers told them about "the Truth" being the only true way that traced back to Jesus sending the homeless ministers-the 12 and 70 in Matthew 10!

Here is the recorded history of "The Truth" that the workers refuse to tell new converts and existing professing people today!

If you profess, this site may shock you. It may make you uncomfortable or feel betrayed. Here it is:


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Re: workers, friends, meetings, 2X2s, The Truth or Church w/o a
Posted by: Urby ()
Date: May 21, 2009 06:32AM

When I was eighteen I had a friend who took me to meetings. I instantly fell in love with a Religious cult- Called the Truth. I was told there is no perfect person but a perfect "way" the 2 x 2s (the Workers). The followers who are named the “friends” will believe everything the Workers tell them because they believe that through them their souls will be saved from going to Hell. Well, the "way" turned out to be full of flaws; their truth became lies. I began to study the bible religiously in my own way because at the time I was going to meetings; I was also being abused by my first husband. I was desperately seeking “Truth” as Jesus wanted me to see it. After having left my extremely abusive husband who also had affairs while he and I were going to "meetings"....I became that "prodigal son". It was terrible. Many years later, I then felt conviction and came back to the “way” with my second husband. We were accepted and loved. I professed a second time. Then I was "visited" and told never again could I "take part"....I knew in my heart and in that moment that I was blind-sided by something other than God's love. I was blind-sided by what they "thought" was Jesus' teachings. God's word (Christ Jesus) was taken out of context and I literally became a target. After that, I never wanted to go back because I knew that all I would be is the "example" of what not to be and what not to do. Being abused by my husband for years and "just putting up with it" was probably something God knew I couldn't take any longer. Well, God does love me and the abuse was not my fault. So, I put a stop to the abuse and now I am happy and married (not burning in lust). I will be married to my second husband until I pass away. I feel that I have chosen the right person who will treat me right. Never again will I set myself up for a "Faith" with closed eyes. All I wanted to do is be a part of the body of Christ. I just wanted fellowship with the "church" and I wanted to be obedient to Gods instruction. I just wanted to love the church as Christ had loved the church. I love God and I love the people He put into my life. I feel that what has happened was a lesson learned and I will forever thank God for all blessings good and trying. I will no longer allow someone to try and convince me that my sins are unforgivable by God. In the end, I stand alone before God and I will be judged accordingly only by God. I was very hurt by a few of the Workers. I am not bitter. I have forgiven all who has done me wrong. I feel that I must share and talk with others who were hurt also. I want to find a path to healing and move on in my life. I am a born again Christian who currently goes to a non-denominational church. The pastor there preaches from the Holy Bible and teaches us that we are saved by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ. This was not a popular teaching in the “way”. My experience, I know now, is not entirely isolated. I am so glad to know that I am not crazy about what I instinctively knew all along. I appreciate the truth spoken about the "Cult" I once romanticized as the "way". I forgive the Workers and the friends who cannot "see" what they do. I love them because they just don't know. They continue to love God and so will I. I refuse to be bitter and I will always pray for those souls who continue to be guided by a righteous people that are blinded by “man”. I pray for those men and women (Workers) who continue to take in the souls of those naive’ and bend the Word of God in order to conform them into a religion that can only draw them further from reality. I ask God everyday to help open the eyes of the misguided, close their ears to a righteous people, and show them the “truth” through the word of God.

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Re: workers, friends, meetings, 2X2s, The Truth or Church w/o a
Posted by: MNDebS ()
Date: June 09, 2013 02:56AM

I understand that this post is a couple of years old, but I'll try replying anyway...I am wondering if there is a way to find out who the members of this cult are in a certain area (in this instance, Park Rapids, MN)?

I am also just plain curious: is marital infidelity condoned in this particular sect?

My former significant other is involved with a family of 2x2ers, and I know the husband brought home an STD and gave it to his wife. Is there a likelihood this woman will leave her husband for my ex? I ask because I fear my ex will try to hoover our teenaged son into this sect as well. I would like to be informed before I agree to any visitation. Our son is already hurt by his father's abandonment, and my instincts tell me to keep him as far away from his father as possible.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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