New Song Ministry of Tacoma, WA/branch off of Clover Creek C
Posted by: emilylnm ()
Date: August 20, 2006 03:22PM

I am interested in hearing from any past members of New Song Ministry in Tacoma, WA or Clover Creek Church. My daughter is involved in this church. Since she has become a member, she has practically divorced her entire family. Her priorities are strictly church-oriented. She has divulged much personal and private information to her church. She cannot make a decision on her own any longer. She lets the church make them for her. We are concerned about the influence this church is having on her. Thank you. emilylnm[/list]

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Re: New Song Ministry of Tacoma, WA/branch off of Clover Creek C
Posted by: ForHisGlory ()
Date: June 01, 2008 12:03AM

I am not sure if your daugher is still involved with New Song, but I was involved with Clover Creek and New Song while I was married for three years from 2002 to 2005 and I know a lot about the ministry because I was in Childrens Ministry, I helped start the Crossing Church, I ran the bus ministry and I have taken the Freedom Class three times. I am no longer married, the ministry God raised me up to do, they took me out of. I was always looked at as a woman with a "Contol" and "Rebellion" stonghold because I was a strong woman of God and they didn't know how to handle me, because they only believed that it had to be husband and wife teams, but my husband was a new christian and very passive, and always made it look like he was a good christian man at church and was totally opposite at home, and while I was pouring my heart out to God every time I was prayed over and told I had a spirit of control. The last time I had a meeting with the elders, because my marriage was a total wreck due to the condemnation and rejection and total verbal abuse from his teenage kids, the elders told me that my ministry was at home and took me out of all I was doing. Now God raised me up to do it from the desires of my heart, but they decided it was there call to take me out of it. I was pouring my heart out to God crying my eyes out while my then husband sat there saying his mechanical prayers.." Oh, I rebuke the generational sin of passivity" What a joke. I knew when I wentinto the meeting that if they were to take me out of ministry that I was to leave the church and separate from Pat because it was destroying me spiritually. I told them that the ministry work I was doing for God was the only thing making me happy. I stood up walked out, never to return.. Then I separated from Pat and he asked me if I was going to divorce him, and I said no, we are married under the eyes of God and he sent me divorce papers..God released me from the marriage..and I thank Him, because any other woman would have left in the first three months, but I stuck it out for three years. I am still single. Because of what happened I have not been involved in Organized religion since. I love the Lord with all my heart and I am sure your child does too. I would suggest to Pray, pray, pray, because that is what I did, and God answered my prayers. I cried out with all my heart to Him.. I have not been led to "Join" a church yet, and am not sure I will ever "Join" one, but will always do ministry work as God leads.. Please email me, I have so much more to say and I will be submitting my experience on this forum later this weekend. God Bless. Barbara If you want some suggestions and some insight please email me at

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