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Crimson Circle?
Posted by: iwantmywifeback ()
Date: April 10, 2006 12:18AM

My wife went to a "sexual healing" workshop through "tobiass" where they taught her that sex is a manipulation and she should not have sex with people who are not "enlightened" to the way of the "new energy".

My wife is young and pretty and I'm afraid that she is being recruited for other purposes. Is there anything I can do? Does anyone have any info?

What can I do to save my wife and get my family back? I'm desperate, please someone help.

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Crimson Circle?
Posted by: Gulab Jamon ()
Date: April 11, 2006 01:50AM

She has also told me that since the whole world is about to be lifted out of this "matrix" existence many of the things we are doing or have to do (pay taxes, go to work etc.) don't matter since they won't be necessary soon.

Really? That's GREAT news! I'm glad to hear I can stop doing my taxes. Too bad I wasted my whole Saturday on them, but at least now I don't have to send in my payment, right? :twisted:

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Crimson Circle?
Date: April 18, 2006 07:58AM

reply to iwantmywifeback:

I do live near Geoffrey Hoppe and the starting point for the group. I have no special skills or formal education in dealing with this type of group. I am sorry to hear they've gotten more out there and are causing folks trouble. I am happy to help if it's within my means and capabilities.

Let me know how I might help.

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Re: Crimson Circle?
Posted by: pookie ()
Date: September 15, 2008 06:18AM

Hi dys junc.....

I'd love to hear more about your encounters with your sister has been a follower for 2-3 years and lives and breaths Geoff Hoppe and his wife. I'm so sick of hearing about them!

She has given them more money than you can imagine! Her husband, too, like John, is at his wits end. They have 3 children and she has felt that she can no longer go on the way that things are in the family. I've talked to her until I'm blue in the face!

Any help or updates on the way that this situation can be handled?

I'm ready to give UP!


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Re: Crimson Circle?
Posted by: Tohan ()
Date: June 30, 2009 09:01AM

Hi there !

I have been joining the crimsoncircle for 8 years.

They are controlling, misleading people, delivering destorting spiritual information.

Do not worship anybody, be yourself, you have the ruth inside. You can always gain information and use what is ethical and integrated.

Look at and see what I have found out.

It is cult and dark.

If you feel for it spread the information to so many people as possible.

Warmly Torben Hansen

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Re: Crimson Circle?
Date: September 23, 2009 07:17AM

Hello all,

My mother has been part of this group for a few years. It wasn't until recently that I was worried enough about it to do some's why:

She just recently was 1 of the "choosen 12" to go to a special workshop in the UK. She was "gifted" the airfare & places to stay (as she has NO money because this group has convinced her she has no need for a job). The word "ascension" was used & I am fearful that I dropped my mom off at the airport & she'll never come back! I have NO way to get a hold of her at this point. I looked on the Crimson Circle website & didn't see this workshop listed as an upcoming event or workshop which also makes me worry a bit more.

My mom was involved in Landmark Forums years ago (before CC) & just now saw something on this site about that also. I'm worried about her...does anyone have any recent or updated info? Anyone else having similar problems?



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Re: Crimson Circle?
Posted by: boo_spooky ()
Date: March 03, 2010 04:08AM

One thing I find distressing about the claims against the CC is that one's involvement is strictly personal choice. Involvement with the personal interest courses offered, etc. is, as I mentioned, a personal choice. I've dropped in their website and webcasts frequently over the years; most of the channelling is provided at no cost, though members have the option of donating - if they wish to do so - to help with costs associated with providing the free materials. I don't see anyone twisting anyone's arm to donate, or to read these free channels, especially when it comes to travelling abroad to attend personal study workshops with them. A lot of the material that is covered in these trips abroad is available on CD (for the too poor to travel, who have a personal interest in a given subject - again, a choice). People have historically interpreted things in many ways. Each interpretation is subjective, and (yes, to state the obvious again) each has a *choice* on whether the material is suitable for them. As a side, I have noticed that a common theme presented in many of the channellings is that the one being channelled has vehemently stated not to look to them for your personal answers or solutions, to ask yourself for the answers, and not to place their 'reality' over your own. In fact, I have found a tremendous amount of focus being placed on taking personal responsibility for the way one's life is, the choices one makes, and listening to one's inner truth as a guiding force in one's life. Pretty harmless stuff.

Supposedly, "The Catcher in the Rye" was inspiration for a man to shoot John Lennon. Who is responsible? The man who took a book and then decided to shoot John Lennon, or J.D. Salinger.....or the main character Holden Caulfield??

Alcoholics need help for their personal choices, not the fact that the substance exists. Most people make the choice to use it responsibly.

I am sorry that some people's partners are choosing things that do not sit well with their partners who are left behind. But the responsibility lies on the one making the choice, not an organization that provides free material as the vast majority of their offering. Is a partner who cheats on their spouse not responsible for making a choice? Are shopaholics free of blame for making a choice to spend more money than they have, because merchants and paper money that are rightfully to blame?? It thoroughly irritates me to no end to see people making bad choices because they choose to go off the deep end with something, and end up blaming the thing they chose to engage in. I have watched this group for over 5 years, and not once have I emptied my bank account, gone off the deep end, or engaged in outrageous indulgent behaviour. From what I have known, these are honest and decent people, and they have provided free and optional materials. That is all.

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Re: Crimson Circle?
Date: March 03, 2010 09:43PM

I am so SICK of hearing that lame excuse, "choice"! It's as if my mother wrote the comment above. Of course, if you strip EVERYTHING down to that you will see that ANYTHING that anyone EVER does is choice. Although, according to my mother, having an illness is a choice too. People w/cancer CHOOSE to have the disease?! But, according to her, on some soul level you chose that for yourself before you were born. Just like alcholohics blame their hurtful behavior to others on the disease, these people blame hurtful behavior on a choice that the other person made before they were born. It's a copout really & an easy way to explain your behavior...all you have to say is "it's a choice".

Of course it's a choice to be a part of ANY group. I'm not saying that anyone is FORCED into believing the stuff that CC offers (nor is anyone forced to be part of a cult...unless you're born into it I suppose). But, that's how these groups get followers/supporters; they know what they're doing spitting out a message that just happens to resonate with people who are weak. Even that whole "everything is a choice" thing has resonated with me in the past when I've felt down & needed some empowerment/control over my own life. I'm just saying that I can see how people would get "taken" by that message....and it only takes 1 of their messages to resonate & the rest can follow.

I don't think my mom has ever "emptied her bank account" (mainly because she's never had anything in her account to empty) to follow this group but to me that's even worse. How easy it must be to get A LOT of followers (especially those who may have nothing left in their lives) when a lot of it doesn't cost a dime. Well, you need the internet (or know someone with internet) to listen to an angel talk to its followers you see how absurd that sounds?!?!

I'm rambling...this topic just gets me very upset because we've basically lost my mother (the mother we knew & loved anyway) to this nonsense. I apologize for my ranting but, like I said, this is a touchy subject for me.

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Re: Crimson Circle?
Posted by: boo_spooky ()
Date: March 06, 2010 02:32AM if someone is weak and they turn to alcohol it is a choice, but if they swallow everything presented to them in an online forum, they are "taken"? Sorry, but it falls under the umbrella of choice. Your mom's perception of choice is her own, and the CC is not responsible for what she decides to believe or not believe. Just as an alcoholic can seek to blame others for their behaviour/beliefs, if one is "weak" in one form or another it is for them to get help. No one needs help recognizing that these are words on a page, a voice recording, nothing more. It is for the listener to decide what way and how far they wish to go with it. "Taking" messages, to me, is giving up your own power, which is also a personal choice. Anger that is misdirected is not always justified.

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Re: Crimson Circle?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: March 06, 2010 06:35AM


You seem to be here to attack people personally and engage in victim bashing.

Apparently everyone but CC is wrong according to your mindset.

Please understand that victim bashing and personal attacks are in violation of the rules you agreed to before posting here.

Frankly, you appear to be the one that is "misdirected" and "not...justified."

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