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The Visionary Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith cures kidney disease / cancer?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 24, 2009 06:59AM

This is a new thread to collect and cross-post critical information about Micheal Bernard Beckwith from the internet.

There was quite a bit about about Beckwith in that other thread on The Secret, a few people from his former churches posted?

Paste what is below into Google and see the different posts here about the self-proclaimed Visionary Rev Dr Michael Beckwith. beckwith

or press this link []

on page 14, he tells a story about how he and they healed a woman's rare kidney disease with his own type of New Thought treatment (a type of alleged prayer, like Christian Science), and no transplant was needed.
Notice he did not tell that story on Oprah, and actually said the opposite about cancer.

But who is this woman with the kidney disease?
Where are the accredited documents for the healing?
Of course, there are no details, no names, no nothing.
Sadly, its a pitch out to those who are seriously ill, and desperate.

This Michael Beckwith is an extremely aggressive entrepreneur, he clearly will say anything.
and this is only by page 14 of 250 page book.

around page 88, Michael Beckwith is telling tall tales of meeting with a Shaman named Baba in Ghana Africa.
He says that these Shaman can shapeshift, (shamanic shapeshifting) and literally change their physical form. Baba an 80 year old man, changed himself into a woman, and his voice came out of a tree, telling Beckwith he was going to be involved in bringing "world peace".
(here is the delusional megalomania again, literally. You know you are a delusional megalomaniac when trees are telling you that you are going to bring World Peace).

Also, the rest of the people Beckwith was with on the trip, were not there at the time, he was alone with the Shaman, which is convenient.

This sounds like stories people used to tell when they dropped some LSD acid and went into the woods.
People have to be out of their minds to follow Michael Beckwith. This one is going to bite Oprah in the ass too.
This is very serious megalomania.

Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential by Michael Bernard Beckwith
Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: Atria Books/Beyond Words; 1st edition (November 11, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1582701997[/quote]

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Re: The Visionary Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith cures kidney disease / cancer?
Posted by: shimon ()
Date: December 24, 2009 08:29AM

Yes, i read everything i could on Michael bernard beckwith on this forum. i did a search and went thru it all. however on the internet i typed in everythign i could think of that might bring up a scandal, negatives, rumors, dirt on him and found absolutely nothing.

even the person who attended his church who chimed in on this forum really did not have anything too bad to say about him. they even said some good things and got something out of going to see him.

my gut tells me this guy is bad. and is in it for the money and just like you i noticed he was selling his visioning thing in his book, which is like $70. why buy the book that is supposed to contain all the info you need and then he is saying subtly or not so subtly you need to buy my visioning thing.

i thought the book sucked and had nothing special, good in it. i read all the reviews on amazon and they were mostly his followers from his church accolating it, giving it thumbs up and the highest marks. i would have given it 1 star and said dont waste your money on such crap.

the story about the healed kidney is in it along with the tree talking to him along with the weather vane moving for him. i do not know how these other people could endorse his book and how oprah could have him on her show and promote him.

but i do know also it is easy to be sucked into these guys and their teachings. i almost went to see james arthur ray myself for free when he was in town. i decided against it for what did i need his stuff i thougt, but almost went. i know a lot of new agers who go and want to bring people like me. say how good it is and powerful.

Just like beckwith, they run to see him too when he is in town and say he is almost like Christ. Give me a break. but in reality I cannot speak bad about him because ido not know him and never seen him only read his book and watched a few youtubes. just going on feeling and what i read on this board. but am trying to be more discerning and learning better about these guys.

but without this board and people like you informing us about what these people are doing, i might get sucked in too, it is easier than you think. they are all such smooth talkers and writers. Byron katie, TOlle, Hawkins, Tony robbins, james ray, beckwith, deepak chopra, gary zukav,etc so many fall for them and they are all usually on oprah and millions buy their books,and all your friends tell you how wonderful they are and follow them.

So thank you again for all of your efforts on informing us and i hope someone who knows michael beckwith better steps forward and shares more about him, so we can all be better informed. shimon

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Re: The Visionary Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith cures kidney disease / cancer?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 24, 2009 12:01PM

Well, Beckwith is still pretty new, it takes time for complaints to surface.

For example, James Ray was a media darling since Oprah promoted him. As far as I can see, no media anywhere asked James Ray a SINGLE hard question. Not one.
Just shilling and promoting.
Why? Possibly because the same media companies own the network and the books, and they are trying to sell books.
Its ridiculous.
Oprah also didn't ask James Ray a SINGLE tough question. There are many trained thinkers who could expose James Ray in minutes, but they are never allowed to do so.
Then people end up dead, and then James Ray is bad.

No media bother with Byron Katie either, as they can't understand what she's doing.
Until something horrible happens, then if it bleeds it leads.

Its surprising there is not more criticism of Beckwith on the internet, but it will come. The guy is just a money-machine for himself.
And he does promote himself as the Christ Consciousness incarnate, and as that delusion goes to his head, bad things can happen.

It could be that Beckwith and Agape get criticism removed from the internet.
For example, the sect Royal Way had all criticism of them removed from the internet, this is the only thread that remains anywhere.
Royal Way []

But there does seem to be some info out there about Beckwith.
Try searching Google for:

michael beckwith agape cult
michael beckwith cult

Some traditional Christians are calling Beckwith a "false prophet", which he certainly is. Beckwith literally believes that he can achieve the same supernatural powers ascribed to "Christ" in the bible. That is New Thought.
And Beckwith goes way beyond that.

Michael Beckwith is a fraud, he may be partially self-deluded, but he is very very slick, and has the gift of the gab, and is using every persuasion technique in the book. He is going to make millions.
Either Oprah is hopelessly naive, or she has another agenda she has been running, getting seemingly duped by these spiritual frauds.

But don't despair if there is not more information on Beckwith yet, its up to citizens to do the research and break the news.
A number of national news stories have come directly out of these threads!

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Re: The Visionary Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith cures kidney disease / cancer?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 24, 2009 12:28PM

Below is an orgy of shilling for Beckwith & Co.
The Official Science of Getting Rich (SGR) - The Secret Law of Attraction

If you are a crook by nature, and enjoy lying for fast money, that is the business to be in. Literally.
Just wait, when the hundreds and thousands of people start coming forward realizing they have been BILKED of thousands and thousands of dollars from the Visionary Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith various products, programs, seminars, classes, scams, what then?
They charge people a fortune for those "classes" and "treatments".

Where will Oprah be later, after hundreds have been ripped-off for a fortune?
She'll be long gone and retired.
Tough nuts for you.

The amount of money made by those who Oprah promoted in The Secret like Beckwith, James Ray and Tolle, is unbelievable.
They have made millions globally, just pillaging.

Oprah is directly personally responsible for promoting these scammers, maybe she doesn't care, maybe that's why she's retiring, who knows.
Doesn't look like Oprah got scammed by them, but who knows?

Blech, look at the outrageous shilling and manipulation for Beckwith by this guy Alex Benzer...another fake "Dr." from a crackjack box?
Another "hypnotherapist" who understands how to persuade others, just like James Ray and Beckwith.
Alex Benzer also like to mix in sexuality with his hyno-persuasion, just like James Ray.
There are so many of these "players" out there.

Michael Bernard Beckwith: A Spiritual Teacher for Our Times
by "Dr." Alex Benzer, Tao of Persuasion, Tao of Sexual Mastery, hypnotherapist

Also search Google for:

michael beckwith skeptic

There should also be complaints about Beckwith in comments on blog's about him.

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Is Michael Bernard Beckwith a fraud?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 24, 2009 12:43PM

Looks like Beckwith is trying to pull a blatant scam right here.

Is Michael Bernard Beckwith a fraud?

He is claiming "God" told him to pull out of stocks before the crash.
First off, where is the PROOF? He must produce the financial records, otherwise he is just spinning a fairystory.

Second, so "God" gives stock tips to the rich?
Or did he just follow the advice of a stock-picker, and got lucky?

Or did Michael Beckwith just think of a good story to sell to the media, to attract attention? A way to try to sell more books, and more programs of his?

Or did he just fabricate the entire story?
The real money is betting he just fabricated the entire story, like the many other stories he has fabricated.
Its disturbing to see people get taken in so easily by such a slick storyteller and persuader like Beckwith. You have to be very careful when confronted with a slick persuader and self-promoter like Michael Beckwith who is running every persuasion pattern in the book.


Sammie Howard May 19th, 2009 2:22 pm ET
I am appalled that a man of Reverend Beckwith's reputation has stooped to the position of trying to elevate his status by claiming he was advised by God to sell his stock.

It is not a secret that Reverend Beckwith is a friend of #1 Stock Picker Natalie Pace and that he wrote the forward to her book "Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is." Ms. Pace not only advised Mr. Beckwith and other subscribers to purchase the stocks, she also advised him, and them, to sell the stock after it had tripled in value. She repeatedly warned her subscribers, including Reverend Beckwith, about the risk of recession and the risk of holding onto the stock longer.

If God intended to enrich Reverend Beckwith by "telling" him when to sell his stock, I believe He would have "told" him to sell the stock nine months earlier, which is when Ms. Pace advised him to sell. At that time he would have earned a much more substantial profit than he did on September 29, 2008.

It is exceedingly misleading and disappointing for Reverend Beckwith to claim that God told him when to sell the stock when he was actually advised by an honest, hard-working, entrepreneurial author and ezine owner who spends many, many hours researching and analyzing data so that she can successfully help her subscribers make and retain stock market earnings.

Denise Rhodes May 19th, 2009 8:28 pm ET

Is Michael Bernard Beckwith a fraud? Many know that he received stock advise from Natalie Pace. Yes, God may have approved that advise but he should not ignore the fact that Natalie Pace, Author of "Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is", directly gave him that advise.

I believe that God has a hand in everything. However, I feel that Mr. Beckwith has fallen short of the stature of a spirtual leader by not also crediting Natalie Pace with saving his investments. His claims smack with deception and I am deeply disappointed in him.


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Re: Is Michael Bernard Beckwith a fraud?
Posted by: shimon ()
Date: December 25, 2009 10:15AM

thank you for all you wrote on michael beckwith (plus all the other posts, like james ray), i learned a lot and you have helped me to see these guys clearer. i did do some searching on google before with some of the keywords you wrote but will continue to do further research and checking on these guys.

i do not get it in my area but i see beckwith has a pbs special that is airing in some parts of the country. i saw a 5 min or so clip of it on youtube and it was all about glorifying him, making him to be almost christlike. many celebreties were talking about him and go and see him and love him, think he is the best thing, the highest thing out he is being unleashed more to unsuspecting peop0le, now the pbs crowd, just like wayne dyer does, is. but he is worse than dyer probably.

he just looks so sneaky, a snake a salesman, so slick with his fast talk and hyping people up. just being associated with the secret and people like ray casts anegative on him. and ironically in his book that we read he does the opposite in it regarding money i think. he does not push any law of attraction or secret in it. how funny considering he was in the secret, and now in this book never mentions it and just talks about love and spiritual liberation. yet he is all about money probably. and all those people endorsing him.

some of these new thought people are the worst, the worst criminals only in it for the money and greed and manifesting the life they want. they commit crimes, steal their followers money, false hopes and promises, only they get rich while their followers get poorer or die because of false hope.

i love this forum and i want you to know and others that ihave personally benefitted from it, have seenmore into these frauds. Shimon.

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Is Michael Bernard Beckwith a fraud? bogus PhD, not a real Dr.
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 26, 2009 11:08AM

Here is some interesting info from the Wikipedia Talk page for Beckwith, about his bogus "Dr." which was not earned, its not a PhD, its not a real doctorate. Typical for these guys.
Also, the wikipedia article has been identified as propaganda.

Talk:Michael Beckwith
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

...I feel that it is essential to inform readers that the entire entry is taken word for word from the press information on the website for Agape. There is no unbiased information at all in this entry. I am interested in why Beckwith left the Church of Religious Science and all the ramifications of it, and I can find nothing. This entry should NOT be taken as serious information, just propoganda.

In his offical biography he uses a PHD title, but does not mention what is it ..

I couldn't find any reference to a PhD in his website, however he refers to himself as "D.D." (Doctor of Divinity). According to [] , it's an honorary degree, awarded by the United Church of Religious Science, now known as the United Centers for Spiritual Living. Interestingly, the UCRS was founded by "Dr." Ernest Holmes, another fake "doctor", and Michael Beckwith is affiliated with the present incarnation of the UCRS, which means that one fake doctor has awarded another person who is now basically an employee, with another fake doctorate.Bricology (talk) 17:57, 22 April 2008 (UTC)

Thanks for adding this. Not the least bit surprising. I think this church is passing out these honorary degrees left and right. Another example is a man named Harry Morgan Moses, who took over Living Enrichment Center from Mary Manin Morrissey after she resigned; the church later collapsed. Anyway, he often presents himself as "Dr. Rev." Harry Morgan Moses [1] [2], but I'm pretty sure he didn't spend too much time in graduate school. It's most likely honorary as well. (Incidentally, John Gray,who appears in the The Secret as well, was discovered to not have a real accredited doctorate either.) Copy Editor (talk) 09:57, 26 July 2008 (UTC

A heads-up. Many high profile New Thought ministers are currently using the "Rev. Dr." prefixes in front of their names. What they aren't mentioning is that these are usually HONORARY doctorates passed out by New Thought-based non-accredited institutions. See, for example, Mary Manin Morrissey. She refers to herself occasionally as "Dr. Rev.", often forgetting to note that it is an honorary degree. [3] -- Copy Editor 08:07, 9 November 2007 (UTC)

Controversy section?

The more I read about Beckwith, the more I'm leaning towards the need for there to be a "controversy" section added to the entry. The matter of his "doctorate" being honorary rather than earned is, I believe, worthy of inclusion, and he has some definitely controversial associates, such as the woman who not only gave him his honorary DD, but performed his marriage ceremony -- Mary Manin Morrissey -- and David Schirmer, both of whom have been charged with fraud. Anyone know more? Bricology (talk) 18:12, 22 April 2008 (UTC)

It may be interesting to note that Mary Manin Morrissey often conducts retreats with Bob Proctor [4], a presenter in The Secret (in which Beckwith appears). And David Schirmer recently sued Bob Proctor. So, it seems like an "interesting" group of people, to say the least. After finding that his doctorate is honorary, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find that the size of his congregation has been inflated considerably. Copy Editor (talk) 09:42, 26 July 2008 (UTC)

Dude, this guy is falsely presenting himself as a valid PhD - which he is NOT. Maybe you just don't like your hero scrutinized under the light. The controversies about his 'spiritual center' basically being a cynical front for a personal business are valid. And they need to be included in the Wiki page - instead of irresponsibly leaving this page in the sad state of propaganda it is currently in. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Beachrose (talk • contribs) 19:28, 13 September 2009 (UTC)

This page is clearly a cut and paste from the organization's own materials. This page needs objective information.

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Re: Is Michael Bernard Beckwith a fraud?
Posted by: dralexbenzer ()
Date: December 27, 2009 04:09AM

First off, I want to say that is awesome. I first came across the site when I was being recruited for a pushy and secretive organization called the Sterling Men, run by a certain A. Justin Sterling. Because of, I figured out that it was a cult, that A. Justin Sterling was a fraud, and that I should spend my time and money on more worthwhile causes. The info on the site gave me the fuel and determination to stand up to their bullying, and for that I'm eternally grateful.

That episode also allowed me to come up with my own criteria for what makes a cult, as opposed to a legitimate, benign organization that's a catalyst for your growth. Here are my criteria:

1) They are more concerned about your recruiting new members than they are about your personal growth. From the moment you're in the group, they keep on telling you 'bring more people, bring more people.'
2) They charge you all kinds of money, and yet everyone working for the organization seems to be a volunteer. All the money's getting funnelled somewhere for some purpose, and you're not sure what (into Justin Sterling's pockets, in this case).
3) They are pointlessly secretive about their rites and practices. This is just another persuasion and entrapment technique.
4) They try to limit your circle of friends and associates to only those people who are in the group, asking you to actively ostracize the rest of your friends and family. This is probably the most noxious of the practices.
5) They have a charismatic, dictatorial leader with no path for the average member to attain that status.

So having been attending Agape for about 5 years now, I can tell you that none of these criteria apply. You walk in, you walk out; nobody asks for anything, and you don't have to spend a penny. Every service, about 100-200 new people come in, because their friends bring them. Not once has anyone said 'bring more people', although I've probably taken 30+ friends there, all but 2 of them wanting to come back. Personal growth is the overwhelming focus of every service. And they're an overwhelmingly positive force in the community, running groups for everything from providing company to seniors in hospitals to helping rehabilitate prisoners.

As for my being a shill -- you've got the wrong guy, bro. I'm an apologist for no one, and nobody pays me a dime for anything I write. I wrote the piece because he's got a great message that's gotten me out of a lot of jams, and other people should know about it. When you've found good medicine, you have an obligation to share it with others who may need it, too.

To set the record straight, Rev Michael has been at this for 23 years. Just because *you* heard about him yesterday doesn't make him new. And far from being an 'aggressive entrepreneur', he's actually pretty bad at it. It took him over two decades to write his first serious book, and Agape's pretty terrible at monetizing their significant assets. Only in the past year and a half have they started to publish stuff for a broader public, and only because other people approached them. And if you think books and CDs make anyone any money, you must not have a good grasp of the mainstream publishing business :)

In any case, I don't agree with 100% of what anyone says (and neither should you), and yeah, sometimes he says some far-out stuff. I just take what's useful and run with it, leaving the rest behind. I encourage you to listen to his work, maybe watch the PBS special (not just the hagiographic celebrity intro) and judge for yourself. I expect that your perceptions will shift.

As for me -- I got my M.D. from the crackerjack institution called UC San Diego School of Medicine. Man, was that an expensive box of Crackerjacks, since I'm still paying for it. The other two degrees are from Harvard University and Cambridge University -- you may have heard of them. Yes, I've also trained in hypnotherapy at 3 different places and am reasonably good at it. You're welcome to swing by my office and inspect all of my diplomas, which are in genuine cardboard. By the way, where are your credentials from, Mr Anticult? And why hide behind a screen name if you truly stand behind your statements? Seems the opposite of the transparency you claim to promote and value. Just sayin'.

In closing, I want to say that performs a vitally important function in providing hard-to-find, actionable information on topics that directly bear upon people's well-being. My life's work is to help people free themselves from illusion and grow into the best possible version of themselves. I suspect you, my good men Shimon and Anticult, have similarly positive intentions. If so, I urge you to maintain your healthy skepticism but be careful not to wield the poison pen indiscriminately. And before accidentally pissing all over the good works and good names of other people while hiding behind the anonymity of the web, ask yourself, "Is this the best I have to offer to the world?"

[Moderator note: Posting contact information is against the rules. There is a private messaging feature]

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Re: Is Michael Bernard Beckwith a fraud?
Posted by: shimon ()
Date: December 27, 2009 01:09PM

Hi Dr alex,

i admit i do not know that much about Michael bernard beckwith and am just questioning and investigating him. anticult has done a lot of good on here and he was right on with his predictions regarding a James arthur ray, which you might want to peruse that topic. he wound up killing 3 people at a sweat lodge and someone else died because of him too earlier. he was in the movie the secret too along with beckwith and both appeared on the oprah windfrey show together. anti cult warned people about him before the sweat lodge deaths so do not be too hard on him he is doing good work.

this is just a forum and is not a listing of cults. i asked about that. so i personally see no harm in asking about beckwith and if he is legitimate and good no harm should come from questioning and asking about him. i personally would want people to ask about my teacher if i had one, rather than to follow blindly.

i cannot personlly watch the PBS special he just did, becasue it is not airing in my area. but i watched the 5 min youtube clip of it and it was only celebrieties endorsing him and it turned me off. hollywood and the ilk. they turned him almost into JESUS Christ. maybe the special itself is good, i donot know because i did not see it, but the preview turned me off.

I am sure your credentials are real and impressive and you have earned them. but it is good to question credentials when people say they have them and they dont. anti cult had every right to post what he did regarding the questioning of beckwiths credentials. by the way, Dr David hawkins endorses Beckwith, and his PHD credentials are also questionable. they might be wise, brilliant men, i donot know, but their credentials are questionable.

i read beckwiths book and find he does not talk at all about the secret or the law of attraction which i found odd since he talked so much about it in the secret and on oprah and his wealth things. and now he is just talking about love and spiritual liberation in his book. I am with anti cult and question all of it and a lot of what he said in the book about his own personal experiences. I am very thankful for anticult and his sharings and getting me to think more about these guys, like beckwith, James Ray, byron katie, tolle, etc. but i also welcome your sharings and learn from all. and if you are getting good out of beckwith, more power to you, but dont tell me i shouldnt question him. okay. Shimon

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Is Michael Bernard Beckwith a fraud? and his friend Alex Benzer?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 27, 2009 02:58PM

In this thread, so far, no one is talking about "cults" per se, they are talking about the scam of New Thought, and the scam of The Secret, and these New Religious Movements which is what Michael Beckwith is selling.
Beckwith is promoting a very extreme form of New Thought that is very dangerous and damaging.

Michael Beckwith appeared on Oprah and The Secret with James Arthur Ray.

People were warned in this forum over 2 years ago that James Ray was very DANGEROUS due to the covert techniques of group persuasion and hypno-persuasion he was using, while pretending to be New Thought.
Now people are dead. Not just once, 3 died in Sedona, and another person Colleen Conaway died a couple months before (that news was discovered by this forum and then became national news), and there may be others. Many people were robbed blind by his system of cash extraction.

The warning also went out about Michael Beckwith. Watch out.
Michael Beckwith is also potentially dangerous, there are red flags everywhere, and Beckwith is so slick and has the gift of the gab, he deserves very intense scrutiny and skeptical inquiry.
Michael Beckwith is also using many obvious persuasion techniques, and also is abusing many of the same techniques taken from hypnotherapy, and Ericksonian hypnosis, combined with persuasion, New Thought extremism, over-emotional religious revivalism, and just bald-faced salesmanship, and many other methods.

Michael Beckwith claims IN PRINT in his book that his "treatments" healed some woman's kidney disease.
Since there is a "Dr." who claims to be a close close buddy of Beckwith, where is the PROOF? Where are the medical records?
Does this person also believe in the Miracle Healings being claimed by Michael Beckwith?

What about "Dr." Michael Beckwith saying he's seen cancer dissolve, by the power of New Thought?
You believe that one too?
A "Dr." believes that Beckwith cured kidney disease and cancer by mindpower?
What a crock, its just persuasion and salesmanship and deception, perhaps with a touch of the Confirmation Bias. []

That is all very dangerous. People can die from that, as they avoid timely medical treatment, and instead try to use mindpower, then its too late.
How many people have died while doing the New Thought "treatments"? What? They don't keep records? Imagine that.

No, this is the deal. Time to wake up and smell the coffee of reality.
The New Thought salesmen like "Dr." Micheal Beckwith have learned that if they float CLAIMS and anecdotes that their techniques CURE DISEASE like cancer, then people with cancer who are desperate will flock to them, and they will pay a lot of money for New Thought "treatments".
Now of course, to avoid going to the greybar hotel for making medical claims, the New Thought "practitioner" makes the claims just vague enough, anecdotal and anonymous using fake names. This way, they can get away with it.

This is a dangerous road, but its where the money is. They make these health claims of miracle cures, and yes, the customers start rolling in, and the money comes with them.
This is very old hat stuff, its been being sold exactly like this since Mary Baker Eddy of Christian Science, Emma Curtis Hopkins, and before, well back into the 1800's.
Michael Beckwith is doing and selling the EXACT SAME THING, in the exact same way.
And they make an incredible amount of money.

You believe that Beckwith made a weather vane move with his mind?
OK "Dr." Beckwith, lets get you on live TV with independent professionals, and we'll set up some weather vanes, and you try to move them with your mind.
No? Not available?

That is not even scratching the surface of Micheal Beckwith. Those are warning signs.
Beckwith puts in "weird" stuff like that, as frankly it serves as a test of faith, or otherwise knows as a sucker-test. As in, if you believe that one, then you'll like the next one even better.
It also gets rid of people who demand proof and evidence for those outrageous claims.

Its also a part of "hypnotherapy" to make those so-called "weird" stories which facilitate trance induction.
And one should be cautious about what one says about "hypnotherapy", in the context of persuasion, and to whom. Some people know an awful lot about that subject.

And its almost hilarious (but sad) that you openly admit that you recruit and bring many people into Agape, then in the same breath say you are not a shill. That is being a shill, you are promoting your friends BUSINESS, which is tax-free of course. They make a ton of money with these New Thought "treatment" scams.

What you say about Agape's finances...whre's the beef? Where's the proof? Where are the independent audited financial statements for Agape?
Are the IRS 990 Forms posted on the Agape website, or are they concealed from the public?
The early Agape website had a page asking for luxury cars to be donated, but that was pulled down. Agape is constantly asking for money, and every New Thought treatment costs money, usually a large "donation".

And perhaps instead of lecturing, why not do some research first? If people would have identified James Ray as a blatant SCAMMER, then he would not have been made famous by Oprah, and less people would be dead.

There is no way Michael Beckwith is a simple little new thought preacher. He is a very slick, talented mass persuader, and he is running many many techniques on his flock, most of which they are not aware of.
But even if Beckwith were naive and 100% sincere in his New Thought beliefs, that is still EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.
When people start to try to really believe "New Thought" which is what Michael Beckwith is selling, they can get extremely badly hurt. Because its based on a false premise, it leads to dangerous areas, and it leads to deception and lies, and delusion, and even death, due to delay of medical care.

And save the BS about seeing a doctor and doing New Thought at the same time.
They say that on TV so they don't get in trouble.
In reality, they believe they can achieve the Christ Consciousness, and they can instantly cure exactly like Jesus Christ. They also believe they can do the same "miracles" of Jesus in the bible. That is what they believe.

Of course they hide that stuff from newbies, and are more vague.
New Thought, which is what Michael Beckwith sells, is a potentially extremely dangerous belief system. []

Michael Beckwith is a mix of someone who sorta believes it, but mostly its about self-promotion, wealth, and running his own show and organization.
He is also very good at recruiting "friends" who promote and defend him.

The warning is out there, and more and more complaints are going to come out about what is going on behind the scenes, in terms of health claims, and the money side of it.
There are just as many red flags flying around Michael Beckwith as there were around James Ray. There were also a couple of other guys from The Secret who were literally crooks, like the guy from Australia.
Its just a rats-nest of sophisticated "hypno-persuaders".

There are lots of these hypno-persuaders running around these days.

And this thread is going to do some serious research into the Rev "Dr" Michael Beckwith.
(he's not a real doctor, and his "Dr." title is one of those fake New Thought "doctorates" they hand out to anyone, to try and get social proof).

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