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Re: NATLFED a/k/a National Labor Federation
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: December 14, 2009 11:18PM

If you do not see the violent side of Take Back The Night, how it in fact supports and encourages the rape of women as part of its own sexual warfare, you never saw the full truth about NatLFed.

The New York office was full of upper class play-revolutionaries who were training young kids to accept the abuse as "normal" so that their activists in the field could be trained to us abuse as a weapon.

"Take Back The Night" is a paramilitary group that recruits from inside "battered womens" homes so that vulnerable women can be turned into specialized cadre who run the hate groups against conservative women, families, etc.

They identify all women as enemies of the revolution while they play at tearing down the "patriarchy". This is from their own speeches at rallies in the nineties. No one on NatLFed's support list gets prosecuted. Women are not allowed to file common criminal complaints against men for assault whereever "Take Back The Night" has influence (which is EVERYWHERE there is a women's shelter) because "Take Back The Night", in concert with the upper-class females who use other women as their own slaves, runs training programs that cause police departments to separate women victims from others and hand women victims over to unprofessional "volunteers" who then contaminate the complaints with their own natLFed-style sociobabble and psychobabble.

Fortunately, police departments over the years have quietly taken investigations back under professional oversight, but Take Back The Night is still a big obstacle for rape victims. The drop in complaints that Take Back The Night claims credit for is due to women being told not to file complaints. Some of the detectives in Pittsfield were talking about charging the women's center there with intimidating witnesses because they were known to call victims and tell them the DA would not take a complaint, so please go to counseling and take responsibility for choosing the "wrong" men!

Women who need food stamps and other economic services are told by TBTN-trained counselors to march and otherwise publicize NatLFed's social change priorities, and they do not get services if they do not comply. This is easily attached to NatLFed because of the background of the women who make their careers as "full-time volunteers" (NatLFed's trademark) in those service orgs and the pamphlets and posters are right out of NatLFed's style book: careful emphasis on humiliated images of victims, savior images of service-providers, and connection of poverty to ideological error, not just simple lack of money.

Look back at the worst and most ludicrous moments of Maoist and Stalinist misogyny, when all that is feminine or dependent about a society is attacked, children are attacked and women who love children are attacked as surplus, and you see what an exact copy of that sociopathy is at work in Take Back The Night.

Their pamphlets even sometimes carry the slogan "Violence Initiative Project." That is because the women are expected to emerge leading death squads, and many of them have been recruited into the live-birth (babies breathing ozygen) infanticide abortion groups.

Now don't go all liberal-nuts on me and accuse me of being a far-right anti-choice person. I am a mature human woman who knows damn well that you cannot establish a social acceptance of genocidal practices like large-scale infanticide under the cover of pretending it is all about ending inconvenient pregnancies. Human societies have always been able to control pregnancy and end them early without resorting to the violence of infanticide. Infanticide is part of warfare, and NatLFed is all about preparing us all for genocide while the martyred trust-fund babies at the top of that hellish organization pop out in their protected cocoon to rule the new utopia, with the surviving proletariat adoring them for their sacrifices in the shelters and food pantries from which they ran the great war.

Take Back The Night is NatLFed's "ladies auxiliary", but certainly not ladies.

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Re: NATLFED a/k/a National Labor Federation
Posted by: Mary Struggler ()
Date: December 20, 2009 02:40AM

I have been working very hard to educate people about the truth of NATLFED. There is much disinformation about the group because the Party is a secret organization (albeit a secret that's "out of the bag" and discussed in various forums). Most people confound the Party with NATLFED. Granted, NATLFED comprises the largest open fraction within the Party but by no means is it the only fraction.

I have only been to the WMLA office once and that was back in 1994. I was sent to do an inspection along with another cadre. The place was a complete and total dump. The cadres there couldn't organize their way out of a paper bag. The community practically scoffed at its existence. They were the joke of the community.

Someone else is behind Take Back the Night. It certainly isn't the Party. I won't dismiss the idea that perhaps a former cadre became involved. There were some militant feminists who joined the Party in the early days, especially before the 1984 raid. Many cadres left after the failed date of insurrection, February 15, 1984. The general strike up and down the eastern seaboard did not happen, the dam wasn't blown up, no one seized the court houses in Riverhead, nothing. The only thing that happened was the raid on National Office Central. Even then, that was orchestrated by Gino. He ordered his aide de camp to call the FBI.

Many former cadres believe it was to continue the illusion that we belonged to a dangerous organization, one that the FBI felt it had to come down on. There are many old yet lively discussions about Proscenium. Gino always claimed that the local chickened out; the local cadres always claimed that NOC backed down and stopped the tactic. The same holds true for the team dispatched to the Shasta Dam, Gino always said he gave the order to blow it up but they chickened out, whereas the team said they sat ready to do it until they received orders to the contrary.

It doesn't much matter anymore. Margaret has gotten rid of the guns, favoring passive revolution. The ones found inside the dumbwaiter walls and behind the secret panels in the closets were in such disrepair during the 1996 raid it was laughable. They have become a paper tiger, having lost all the movers and shakers, the real activists, and are left with the blind followers.

There used to be over eight hundred cadres during the 1984 heyday of the Party but now the numbers are less than a couple of hundred. Among the original founders, those who did not abandon the Party ended up dying as a result of the Party. The ranks of former cadres are many; only a few loosely associate through the internet forums. There are a small handful who chime in when a new article hits the web or a new discussion panel opens, the few who check for the new websites and send out a notice to other former cadres. Even my own blog gets a lot of repeat visitors. It doesn't get much discussion even though I opened it up for comments and I'm okay with that.

My days of being a soldier of the international are long gone, a thing of the past. I believed it even until the last day I was there despite the problems, the power struggle after Gino's death and the subsequent cadre desertions. If one did not support Margaret, the person was driving out of the Party. In the end of her program of purges, a few were violently expelled. I have a slightly different perspective than one who walked away because I was beaten and dumped on the street, left in full view of the brownstones. The cops came along with an ambulance and I was taken away. This was to maintain the illusion that I "must have been an agent working for the cops".

I use the name Struggler because the original Party Chair used the name. When she left after having suffered the final beating from Gino, she went to live with relatives. It was not the last the Party heard from her. They paint a picture that she was an alcoholic. She died in a house fire, one that several claimed was started by LARGO members (the Party's military). Gino could not afford to have her organizing a "rival" Party, one that was determined to do the things that his Party promised but did not deliver. I never tried to organize a rival party, but I did suffer when someone firebombed my great aunt's house where I was staying. I barely made it out alive. That was two weeks before the 1996 raid. I don't believe they ever claimed I was behind that raid. Certainly no one ever associated my name with it.

This is why I work so hard to tell the true stories people don't hear about. These are the things you don't hear about in news articles and half the time don't make it to the discussion boards on the web because former cadres are afraid to discuss them. They are still gripped in fear that the Party will some day come after them, maybe an ice pick to the neck or maybe a strange house fire. It's been twelve years and I'm still alive. Maybe they will come for me one day but I will not let that fear rule my life.

Take Back the Night was not founded by the Party. As of 1996 there was no alliance between the groups. Things change, perhaps it is different now. Take Back the Night has a web site, something no NATLFED entity has. They work with the police, something the Party openly "fears" for coming down on it (but did use tactically in 1984). The Party much prefers long and drawn out court battles, suing former members and then decrying the evils of that persons in internal documents and late night lectures. If I am wrong, I will publicly apologize.

Mary Struggler

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Re: NATLFED a/k/a National Labor Federation
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: December 20, 2009 04:59AM

You bring out some interesting points. You mention the 1984 point of connection between the two organizations. The actual separate identity of the organizations is, in my opinion, irrelevant to the point of how these orgs work together to enforce cult goals among the people they exploit, recruit, or injure.

I saw the joint activity from the point of view of someone with cadre-level training and closer connection to the people NatLFed was out to destroy and that is different from what you could see, Mary. You could see the actual "official" lines that separate the NatLFed cult from its sister cults.

It is important that both views get out there if people are to be able to understand and be rid of that cult.

1984 is a year you mention the NatLFed was tactically working with police. In WMLA's terms, that would place it in the year that the Lenox 7 trial in Pittsfield had DA Anthony Ruberto (later a judge) stepping aside in favor of letting Gerald Downing take the case that involved a trade-off with another case involving the same family, the Lenox High School rape case in which a gym teacher was charged in rape of a number of students. A $250,000 donation was shepherded through the channels to emerge as the Women's Service Center and ensure the Lenox rape case would "go away".

The Take Back The Night org perfected a technique of insinuating political activists into local crime investigations to set up blackmail/extortion/bribery networks while promoting its completely NatLFed-esque misogynist militance. TBTN, like NatLFed, sees women as useful mattresses. Not necessarily evidence of joint leadership, but certainly evidence of joint strategy, especially in WMLA's arena, where women at GE were involved at many levels of exploitation.

The Lenox 7 murders involved the son of at least one GE management person, plus the nephew of Ruberto. They killed the son of a GE union steward who was in a position to blow a whistle on the infamous PCB soil-dumping if he had not been distracted by the tragedy of his son's death.

The cross-connections between these murders, the set-up of the cult fronts, and the political and organized-crime worlds in NatLFed's own sphere of operations are too numerous to be ignored. They continue affecting American politics and the safety of Massachusetts citizens to this day.

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Re: NATLFED a/k/a National Labor Federation
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 06, 2010 09:17AM

How High Value Recruits are Enticed:


For all the attorneys, doctors and other professionals out there: the analogy between the NATLFED entities and Scientology does seem apt, as based on my own experience. I was one of the few attorneys they tried to recruit as a cadre member, probably because I was young and inexperienced at the time. However, all the other attorneys and doctors I met had no inkling what was going on or whether or not the people they spoke to actually got the help they needed. The NATLFED front groups, like CCLP, do the same sort of thing that Scientology does with celebrities: (1) the professionals get special treatment (like the ubiquitous wine and cheese parties that, by the way, are never held in the offices of the NATLFED fronts but in a professional's home or office -- another screening mechanism); (2) the professionals come in "through the back" door at the front offices. I don't mean this literally of course but, like Scientology, they prepare for a professional's visit by ensuring they will not see what actually goes on while they are visiting a front office. (3) the professional volunteers are given honorary "board member" status. However, try asking for a copy of the bylaws that govern the organization, or about its finances, like I did, and you are asking for trouble.
Comment by Anthony Palik from San Francisco on Dec 13th, 2009, 16:53 pm

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Re: NATLFED a/k/a National Labor Federation
Posted by: Mary Struggler ()
Date: January 18, 2010 03:04AM

$30,000 Grant

This is an interesting trend. Eastern Farm Workers Association is one of about fifty organizations affiliated with National Labor Federation. I have heard that several of the affiliates have received large grants from unsuspecting charities (not counting what they launder through NEJA). There was a time when the Organization would not take monies with strings attached. The granter is a private organization, not government. It's splitting hairs but they seem to be taking advantage of generous dollars to fund the second American revolution.

Mary Struggler

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Re: NATLFED a/k/a National Labor Federation
Posted by: henbakjr ()
Date: March 25, 2010 09:53PM

I had spent 10 years working with EFWA Wayne Co. During my time with the organization I never knew all of this bad stuff that was going on and all the bad stuff that happening to people in NOC. I feel now a little angry over how a organization could treat people that way. The full timers that made a committment did so thinking they was going to make a difference.
I had met Gino a few times on my trips downstate, and yes on the first trip I was recruited to the Party.
As I read all the stuff that being said about the organization, about Gino. I have to say I am a little angry, and a little disappointed about the organization.
I didn't suffer during my time in the organization, I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I feel bad for the ones who did suffer and for those who die for the organization.
Where I was in Wayne I saw first hand the good the organization did in the community. I also saw how the community treated the organization.
After reading just about everything, I still today feel I did the right thing in volunteering with EFWA.

I was in the organization between 1985, about a year after the '84 raid, to 1995, just after Gino death.

Now, I run my own volunteer organization, since 2000. Its nothing like Natlfed, because there only one Natlfed and no body can duplicate it.

In closing I want people to know that I made some friends, and would like to continue to learn more from people who was there up close and personal.

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Re: NATLFED a/k/a National Labor Federation
Posted by: henbakjr ()
Date: June 14, 2010 02:58AM

I know as a former cadre there are those who wish to forget the past and get on with their life after Natlfed. After all the years away from the organization does not mean I don't care about the members and those still with the organization.
I still would like to see change in this Country, who wouldn't. Maybe the organization was not the best way to go about it, then who else would dare to.

Today I still feel the organization had a good idea but somewhere in the process things got messed up. Everyone that I had met in my 10 years was a good person and I think everyone thought they was doing the right thing.

Losing contact with family wasn't a big concern for me as I was never really close to my parents and I had no sisters or brothers. I felt at the time as the people in the local organizing drive as family, and like all family didn't always agree about things all of the time.

My problem was I liked to do things my way and didn't take direction from others all to well. But, I knew that we had to work together.

My favorite things in the organization to do was pro pickups, and the legal benefit program. I wasn't much on talking to people, and hardly went on spegs, or canvasses and such.

I did spend time working with FLEJA, and I was proud of the work I did in that role.

I was even Temp OPS in Wayne County for a short while after the OPS person left. To me I did the job the best I could do. I got angry because after Gino death, I didn't have the backing to continue as 2 people from downstate came and took over. At that point I left the organization.

I am here to gain knowledge of anyone who wishes to communicate with me I would like very much to do so.

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Re: NATLFED a/k/a National Labor Federation
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 17, 2012 07:17AM

To whom it may concern:

henbakjr has been banned from this message board.

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