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Aiping Wang
Posted by: xenon ()
Date: September 13, 2004 05:09AM

I am looking for any information regarding controversial group, run by Chinese Aiping Wang, her husband Alexandar Fulepp from Croatia and daughter Lele Sun. The group is based at Takaro Lodge, Te Anau, New Zealand. According to the page [] Mrs. Wang operates also in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Thank you.

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Aiping Wang
Posted by: xenon ()
Date: May 07, 2006 04:43PM

Hi again. It took me more than a year to search out some facts about Aiping Wang’s group.

It can be characterized as an unsafe one. I estimate that there are about 100 to 200 followers, most of them are financially exploited and emotionally empty. At least four of them have died, also an American. All four were reported to reject proper medical treatment because they trusted in the healing power of Mrs. Wang.

Twenty years ago Mrs. Wang named her activity Qi Gong, although some critics said it was far away from the real Qi Gong. She changed the name to Shen Qi, than to Life Technology, Energy Healing and finally to Life Education. Regardless the name, Mrs. Wang claims she can cure terminal illnesses, but no medical proof has been presented yet.

She and her husband, Croatian Aleksandar Fulepp, founded Interfaith church and Advanced Qi Gong Research Center, both in Scottsdale, AZ. Also in Scottsdale, a Phenomena Studio was established by Mrs. Veronika Dee Corcoran, a follower of Mrs. Wang. Natural Healthcare for Disabled Youth from Boulder (CO) and Phoenix also goes with the group.

However, the group is international and organized in two arms. Both head offices are registered in Switzerland by Mrs. Wang’s daughter Lele Sun. First arm, Energy Clinic, consists of wellness centers in some European countries:

- Great Britain (Energy Clinic London directed by Croatian Mrs. Marina Pavic)
- Germany (wellness owned by British Mrs. Gwen Hoffmann Miric and located in Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg)
- Croatia (wellness centers controlled by Mrs. Wang’s son-in-law, Croatian Zdeslav Radovcic, and located in hotels Westin in Zagreb, Argentina in Dubrovnik, and Bretanide in Bol).

Energy Clinic also produces some cosmetics.

Second arm, World Education Foundation for the Disabled, has offices in:

- London
- Italy (Fondazione Mondiale Per L’istruzione Delle Persone Diasabili in the city of Udine)
- Germany (Welt Bildungsverein fuer Behinderte, also located at Atlantic Kempinski Hotel in Hamburg)
- Croatia (Europski edukacijski centar slijepih ECES in Zagreb)
- And in some other East European countries

At the very South of New Zealand Mrs. Wang and Mr. Fulepp own a Takaro Lodge ranch, actually managed by British Joel Sutton. Few years ago Mrs. Wang established a Phenomena academy there. It was managed by British Sarah McCrum Dujmovic, former BBC producer. The Academy was in fact a labor camp for followers from Eastern Europe, so the education accreditation was taken away and staff was deported from New Zealand. Mrs. McCrum returned to London to run Life Education business.

Mrs. Wang also owns a Phenomena Cultural Education Service in Shanghai, China. Some smaller centers, licensed by Mrs. Wang exist in Eastern Europe.

How does it work? Followers get the first brainwashing in local centers, including the one in Scottsdale. The chosen ones are sent to China to get mind control completed and later to wellness centers to massage clients, clean and do other jobs, all unpaid. Blind people are especially hunted.

I documented some painful stories about followers who left their families, failed their careers, and sold their property to follow Mrs. Wang.

I would appreciate any reply.

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Aiping Wang
Posted by: Towest3 ()
Date: May 08, 2006 04:36AM

Hello Xenon. I have some info about one of the "followers" who was in Tokoroa Lodge for 5 years.

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Aiping Wang
Posted by: andybadger ()
Date: March 01, 2007 07:43AM

hi. some of the band that i was in used to belong to the shen chi cult when they worked and lived partly from the old vicarage in ashburton, devon. i played a few gigs there with them until it became clear how crazy the groups beliefs were and i stopped. i did hear alot about the phonecall energy exchange that would happen i think twice a week at the vicarage when aiping would ring up and do the thing! i was anti all cult kind of stuff and they were really beginning to worry me.
sadly two of the members of the band who were a couple moved with the core group to new zealand, where they were told by aiping wang to stop their relationship which they did. one had crones disease which of course aiping insisted would go away if he surrendered to the shit. hum. by now she was saying she was a reincarnation of christ and so forth.
theres a nuclear shelter there filled with cans of food and alsorts to survive the soon to have arrived holocaust( this was six years ago.) my woman friend stayed there, while he moved to the new london centre. he finally left the cult still mainly positive about the experience. his ex still moves between croatia and new zealand. its shocking to see such gullibility among people you know and not being able to stop it. i know this is an old posting but would be interested in your thoughts on the subject...

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Aiping Wang
Posted by: tori lane ()
Date: June 21, 2007 05:57PM

Hi, I was interested to find this forum. I was a 'worker' (what Aiping's organisation calls members who work for free in return for access to her and other instructors) for just over a year and based in the london centre, what was then known as The Energy Bank, now the Energy Clinic. Thankfully I had amazing support and understanding from my family and husband and at some point opened my eyes to what was going on and left. I was introduced to the organisation by the girl who was in your band - we were best friends. It makes me so sad that she is still so ingratiated in it. I wish I knew how to get her out. Although I left and my life has moved on, not a day goes by when I don't feel ashamed for allowing myself to be so susceptible, for the pain I caused my husband and family and for the lasting scars that we still carry today. I would love to see this organisation completely collapse. I consider myself a rational, intelligent woman... it is shocking that suggestion by others can be so powerful.

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Aiping Wang
Posted by: claireps ()
Date: June 30, 2007 05:35PM

Hi guys – Claire here, at least 2 people posting messages here know me well from the past 

Just wanted to let you all know that I am really happy to have been given the opportunity to fulfil the role of ‘INTERNATIONAL CULT RECRUITMENT OFFICER’.

My role is to help people all over the world understand that ‘brainwashing’ can actually be a very pleasant, relieving and spiritually rewarding experience. Not only this, but I can offer you a full years brainwashing at a fraction of the price you will get directly from any other major cult leader!!

I am currently preparing myself both mentally and physically for the end of the world, living in the New Zealand mountains, and I would like to encourage you all to join me as TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!


of the above is a joke – truthfully I’m a pretty normal girl ‘with a bit of a twist’ living in London – wife, mother, running a business . Just for the record... would also consider myself as intelligent and rational 
PS – Andy – if you are in london??? would love to hook up some time and play some music, are you still in contact with Dave Wisdom?

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Aiping Wang
Posted by: tori lane ()
Date: July 01, 2007 06:16AM

Hi Claire - what are you doing surfing cult sites? Are you still based at the energy clinic - i wanted to send J a birthday card but wasn't sure where to find you. Cult/not cult opinions aside, would love to meet up - do you still fancy a trip down to devon? I've lost all contact details for you - can you give them to me again... Hope you're all well - hopefully speak soon. x

just to continue discussion - i know you were joking in your posting but I remember a session where Sarah was talking about brainwashing and how that was really what they did - washed our brains clean of all the old messages and wasn't this fantastic and funny all at once.... scary shit if you ask me - personally I'll keep my old message, also known as life experience, wisdom (occasionally), knowledge and personal intuition. Crazy I know, but some people manage to still flow energy and be happy without losing their own ideas, identity and personality.

ps. I know you won't want to meet up with me as I'm so obviously against everything Aiping related and you'll joke about what i've written and say i'm in reaction - but I would genuinely love to see you - this isn't a rant against you, just the organisation, or 'process' or whatever you want to call it. x

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Aiping Wang
Posted by: happykid ()
Date: August 28, 2007 12:39PM

Hi Claire - Happykid here.
A couple of you here know me. Hey Edward, give me a chat and say hi to Ms Wang.
I started training in this approach over ten years ago and have never stopped. I am very grounded, practical, and have always been kind and helpful to people (just ask my mums). I can see why some people make grand claims against Aiping or the approach because there have been some times of facing my own inner feelings of fear, mistrust, doubt and a host of other worries that I learned in school and from my family. But, My life has Never Been Better!!! It is truly wonderful - I feel grateful. What I've learned from this training has helped countless individuals and families through coaching, consulting and just plain old day-to-day exchange! Call it a cult?? Not me... My family and friends have grown so much more close to each other.

The claims of "brainwashing" are just goofy! (ha ha ha, they brainwashed me really good. lol) And it is sad for those who believe such nonsense. I would say that one thing the approach does is to open up the mind - that is for sure. I experienced some phenomena (which is not the point of it) that I later experienced in reality (that's the point - reality). You could say that my mind became more open. Thank God for that!!!!!! It also opens up the body (better than a massage lol) to heal and be relaxed. There are hundreds of positive testimonials for all this ;o) I could go on and on about the improvements in my life including relationships, love, finances, etc..

Take a look at science and quantum physics. Maybe some people could label movies like "The Secret" and "What the Bleep" and "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" and "Celestine Prophesy" and "Pursuit of Happyness" as cult films. But are they? From my 10 years of experience, I would say that these are directly related to Aipings approach. Isn't that odd that these are all popular hit films around the world? Is the modern world a cult to be feared? (I'm not gonna touch that one). If you watch "Down the Rabbit Hole", you will here many respected physicists and leaders saying the exact same thing Aiping has been saying for over 15 years.

Two of my best friends lived at the center in NZ for 4 years and I spent a 1/2 year with them the last time I was in NZ. Yes, they do have complaints about Aipings approach, but they told me hundreds of times how grateful they are for learning what they've learned and that they love her very much (maybe I should have recorded them before they went on 20/20). They have beautiful children and a life full of creativity. Another one of my best friends lived there for 4 1/2 years and his life has improved so much! He has great respect (as I do) for Ms Wang and the approach. :D

The work that Lele is doing is outstanding. OK, I don't understand why Sasa does some of the things he does, but he has such a good heart and intention. Other People like Marina, Sasa(girl)etc, are all so wonderful and brave to face their own fears and overcome challenges for the sake of creating greater peace and understanding, and reaching their own dreams.

I just think we should try to understand each other and find respect in what others are doing. I love the training because it is about love and developing personal integrity and responsibility of oneself. It is about building healthy, happy and peaceful community.

One thing I'm trying to say is to please consider putting the fears and old beliefs aside. Aiping's principles of "reaction and cleaning" are scientifically proven and true. I personally fell and died a few years ago in an accident here in the states (now discredit me, I dare you). My partner (a doctor and student with Aiping) who was there and watched it happen simply applied the principles that we were studying, and I healed so quickly. I don't want to offend any Christians or other faiths, but rather encourage a broader sense of understanding and compassion towards all of Life. To consider greater possibilities than what we are mentally and emotionally comfortable with. To call this approach a cult is to be exclusive, not inclusive. Do you really want to be exclusive? Maybe you do... From my point of view, we should all become more and more inclusive and gain a little depth to our understanding of Life.

Whoopsie, that's probably enough said for now...
Peace to everyone! :)
Please be happy... :D

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Re: Aiping Wang
Posted by: silverteen ()
Date: February 22, 2008 08:00AM

Really interested in hearing more about this cult. Any contact, stories, advice etc. much appreciated.

I've seen them first hand, and am trying to get two people OUT.

They are dangerous. I've seen Aiping Wang, Sascha, Sarah McCrum (or whatever she's called now Dujmovic?), Sascha's son, Claire Sutton, Joel Sutton, Sonja, Lele Sun, etc. -- they are all brainwashed and desperately trying to do her bidding -- which largely means raising more money for her.

They want to roll out "Eden Phenomena" clinics, to spread the "energy". Eden Phenomena is the new front for what was The Energy Bank (then the Energy Clinic) and the Takai Lodge. They've had lots of names over the years Phenomena Academy, Eden Phenomena, 903 Phenomena etc.

If you google Sarah McCrum you will find lots of information on her and you'll be able to find details on the BBC documentary and the 20/20 documentary that exposed this cult for what it is.

They are now charging 30,000 Euros a month for "training", with small "energy parcels" (special food?!?) for 1,000 Euros a time. Further sessions with Aiping Wang? A mere 5000 Euros. If you're not in Europe and your wondering how much that is, take it from me -- that's a lot.

I don't want to offend anyone, from any faith, but I do want to warn people to run a mile from this crazy brain washing cult. They suck you in and bleed you dry...

Any stories out there, or any people struggling to cope, please contact me and I'll try to help if I can.

The companies and associations I have found that are linked to them:

TAKARO LODGE (New Zealand) - cult HQ
LIFE'S 4 LIVING charity London
Rejuvenation centres in: London, Hamburg, Zagreb or Te Anau
World Education Foundation for the Disabled

There have been good articles on them in The Independent (UK) and The Guardian - who followed WARWICK POWELL, an HIV sufferer, who dedicated a year to them (maybe more), ended up with credits cards maxed out (35,000 sterling -- that's 70,000 dollars US) -- and still, his T cells stubbornly remained at exactly the same level as when he started. Aiping and Sarah's reaction == of course, he wasn't trying hard enough, or he didn't believe enough... he just needed to give it more time.

NO -- wake up and smell the coffee -- speaking to someone does not send them magical energy... magical energy does not slow down HIV...

If Warwick Powell had stayed on his drugs, HIV's progress would have been slow, he would have had many years (search life expectancy and HIV if you don't believe me). He didn't, under their suggestion he came off the drugs. Where did that get him? It certainly hurt his wallet, and his health...

And he is not the only one.

Other good articles have been written in Croatia and New Zealand

An article:

Brits distance themselves
from controversial past

NEW owners of FiordlandÕs Takaro
Peace Resort say they want to
distance themselves from its
controversial past. UK couple Joel
and Claire Sutton bought the former
Takaro Lodge, near Te Anau, a
month ago.
The lodge became embroiled in
controversy when it was the base of
the Phenomena Academy, a learning
centre based on the teachings of one
Aiping Wang.
Mrs Sutton, the lodgeÕs former
marketing manager, say she and her
husband had experience running
similar operations in Britain.

A little snippet for you, from one of the articles:

According to Sarah McCrum, Aiping was born in China in 1953. McCrum claims that Aiping was an actress with the Peking Opera at 18, then head of a state insurance company for 17 years, and that she began to heal in her early 30s after studying Qi Gong.

In 1989, Aiping left her first husband and China and moved to Yugoslavia where she became involved with Sasha Fulepp, a Croatian whom she had met previously on a Chinese trade mission. McCrum says, without a trace of self-consciousness, that when Fulepp saw Aiping healing one of his relatives, he recognised a great "business opportunity". With Sasha's help, Aiping was soon conducting huge healing sessions for thousands of devotees in Slovenia and Croatia. She set up a chain of schools to train instructors. Then things went sour. The Slovenian Catholic Church attacked her growing influence, and the money she was making. Bank members claim she was victimised by the "cynical" Slovenian media.

In the late Nineties, Aiping operated out of the US. Three years ago, she and Sasha bought Takaro, a remote and luxurious hunting lodge at the southern tip of New Zealand's South Island, for US$2.2m. Since then, advised by accountant Paul Bernal - McCrum's former boyfriend - Aiping and Sasha have spent US$5m turning the 1,600 hectare estate into the 603 Phenomena Academy where 70 international students are currently studying Shen Qi. A year's course costs US$30,000.

A little snippet from the Guardian newspaper:

Warwick's cell-count result cut him up because - as the film shows - he had spent several months being bled of £30,000 by an organisation called The Energy Bank. Founded in New Zealand by a Chinese woman now styling herself Grand Master Aiping Wang, the Bank claims to cure terminal illness through eight hours a day of twirling around and chanting with arms in the air.

The patient worries that people will laugh at him for spending the entire savings of an ebbing life on what looks like late 60s fringe theatre. But, while the viewer might giggle, the film doesn't, although it seems to enjoy Grand Master Aiping Wang, who dispenses obscure metaphors about driving mirrors during a conference call from New Zealand to people who think the NHS is trying to kill them.

A little snippet from another site, after the NZ scandal:

The NZ Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has withdrawn accreditation for alternative health courses run at Takaro Lodge near Te Anau. The Phenomena Academy, as it is known, is run by Aiping Wang. Two of her students died of cancer, supposedly discouraged from seeking conventional treatment according to a recent 20/20 current affairs program on TV3. Aiping Wang and her students did appear to be a very flaky lot. One student, a university qualified engineer, thought he was going to learn how to fly, just like Superman. Aiping Wang claimed that she believed trained people could fly, and although she herself couldn't fly, she believed she could teach people. They seem to have this New Age belief in 'body energy fields'. Of course no one ever proves that these energy therapies work, they don't even show that these body energy fields even exist. They love to sprinkle their conversations with scientific terms, especially those from quantum mechanics. However they seldom understand the science behind them, often using contradictory terms in the same breath. They can never explain what energy really is and can never produce reports that support their beliefs, even though they all claim to know they exist, somewhere. Likewise, they vigorously deny that any scientific research has shown their claims to be bogus.
The really scary thing is that the Phenomena Academy had NZQA accreditation in the first place. Even now NZQA is working with them to have their accreditation restored. It seems they have no problem with what the academy is teaching, but only in the way they are teaching it, ie documentation etc. There are also accredited colleges in NZ that let you qualify in homeopathy. And what about the people running courses for witches. Will they soon be applying to NZQA for accreditation? It's frightening to think that people could come out of these courses with health qualifications that allow them to practise as therapists. These qualifications will give them legitimacy, putting them up there with real doctors. People will go to them rather than seeking real medical help, and lives will be lost. It makes you wonder what drives the NZQA? Are they prepared to give anyone accreditation if they pay enough money and have nicely designed courses, or are they a bunch of New Age wackos that actually believe all this stuff really works? For example, you could attend a legitimate, well structured and well taught school on the culture of Santa Claus. You would learn every thing there is to know about Santa from the names of his reindeer and where he lives, right down to his preference in clothing. You would graduate as an expert on Santa Claus and the course would have fulfilled its purpose. Does this mean that Santa actually exists? No, of course not. It's the same with alternative health courses. They may be well run, well structured, and given with the best of intentions. The may teach you everything that the tutors know about that particular alternative therapy. And your certificate may well indicate that you are now well versed in that particular alternative therapy. But does that mean that it actually works? No, of course not. It was not the purpose of the course to prove that the therapy works, but merely to impart to the student what is known about it, in the same way that the Santa course was not trying to prove Santa exists, but merely teach you about him. All it means is that you are now an expert in a fantasy.

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Re: Aiping Wang
Posted by: xenon ()
Date: February 24, 2008 08:32AM

Silverteen, let me give you some tips.
Few years ago the New Zealand Herald published some stories of Takaro Lodge and Aiping Wang. Five articles can be found on the paper’s web pages free of charge.
NZ TV3 aired on September 5th 2004 documentary Grandmaster. Sarah McCrum made complaints to NZ Broadcasting Standards Authority. You can read the final decision on BSA web pages.
The documentary Grandmaster fully disclosed how Aiping Wang operated. It was shocking. Try to get a copy from TV3.
After broadcasting, the NZ Qualifications Authority canceled the education accreditation of Aiping’s Phenomena Academy. Afterwards students of Phenomena lost their visas. One of them threatened with a bomb because of it. The report is still on TV NZ pages.
Aiping created many fairy tales about her life in China till 1989. For instance, she told some people that she had a Xiamen university degree in English, French and Japanese. (You believe it must be a joke when you hear her speaking English in the NZ documentary.) Others say she has a degree in economics. And she also claims she has a degree in both western and traditional Chinese medicine. All together six university diplomas??
She told some people that she in her childhood had suffered from health and psychical(!) problems. That was why she started to train qi gong. Furthermore, some people heard her father was a high-ranking military officer and others were told he was an important banker. And yes, she also claimed she was Beijing Opera star. The claim was checked with the Opera but nobody confirmed it.
The fact is that she comes from the city of Nanchang. She and members of her family run a sort of traditional medicine business there. They call it Blind Massage Hospital because sightless people provide massage for the patients.
Nanchang is a center of traditional medicine but as I was told the city was of bad repute due to many cheats. Also, the history of qi gong is full of cheats.
Aiping and her Chinese family own a chain of stores in some other Chinese cities, including Shanghai. Their family business was seen in Hong Kong as well.
Aiping caused scandals in NZ, UK and in some East European countries, most in Croatia. The pattern is the same everywhere. She opens a business, charges big money for controversial service but when stories come to media she moves to another country. She returns and revives the business few years later when things calm dawn. It is strange how fast her scandals are forgotten. And there are even bodies on her way.
I would like to know if Warwick Powell from one of above articles is still alive.
The most evil business Aiping produced was Life’s 4 Living. She and her people say they can help terminally ill and disabled children. Target of their propaganda are parents of such children. Unfortunately I have no good idea what to do there. I can only repeat you Silverteen: Run a mile from those folks.

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