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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: Kawa Lhundrub ()
Date: March 18, 2020 06:16PM

Hi guys,

there is a parody page of Ole Nydahl on facebook, I think humor might be the way to deal with his cult, here is the link, if you would like to check it out:


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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: Kawa Lhundrub ()
Date: September 08, 2020 05:29PM

Here is an e-mail that was circulated in DW, it is a letter to Ole from two of his Czech students, who are now active in combating (in courts) governement measures to prevent the spread of Covid 19 in Czech republic, becuase they think that compulsory wearing of masks in public transport and shopping centers is somehow infringement on human rights and that it is a Muslim conspiracy to suppress democracy :D Ole created these paranoid people with his own rethoric and now he is telling them seek a professional help, this is beyond parody.


---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Lama Ole Nydahl via World
Date: Mon, Sep 7, 2020, 19:11
Subject: RE: Islam and weakness in Karma Kagyu

Dear Vendula and David,

You cannot be helped by whatever we do or say, also because we don’t have papers and permissions to treat you. There is no way it could work with you and be of any kind of healthy experience.

All the best for you and may your lives be long and happy. I advise you to find a place with people in similar situations; they will surely understand what you experience which we don’t.

Yours, Lama Ole.

From: David Zahumenský
Sent: 27 August 2020 13:58
To: Lama Ole Nydahl
Subject: Islam and weakness in Karma Kagyu

Dearest Ole,

Before we decided to write to you, we read your books again, especially Riding the Tiger. We have also went through the older issues of Buddhism Today. We were particularly interested in your lecture in Kibi in 2004. You describe in detail what a Buddhist teacher should be like, and the criteria you set are strict: “When someone teaches people not to be afraid, because the mind is space and cannot be harmed, they should also test their own courage from time to time." In the book, "How things are" you wrote: "The Lama is a teacher only when he represents the Buddha and his teachings. For example, if a teacher talks about current politics that the Buddha probably didn't say anything about 2,500 years ago, then let's hope it's a sign of courage and life experience. However, his words only express his personal opinion."

We kindly ask you as our Lama to show us the way to proceed. We are sure that there are forces in the sangha that seek to split us and weaken precious teachings. At our level of ordinary students without insight, we have identified them as Islam. We think that you are a real fighter against Islam (and we have found a number of attacks on you on the Internet from this side). It is clear that Islam must attack the best gunslingers. It does not need to destroy those who are just barking, but those who are able to change things.

Dear Lama, we have carefully read the letters you have been sending since 2015. We are deeply concerned that there is still bureaucracy and hierarchy in the sangha. Democracy has disappeared and has not yet returned. We were very sorry that the Brno center (we know about this one) was closed to people in the spring, almost no one was allowed there, queues appeared in which residents took the leading positions, police tapes appeared in the center and manners were more than despotic.

Lama, we have asked you for help with concerns about the spread of Islam in our societies. We are frightened by the veiled faces of women and the fact that Islam has used our weakness to spread the demands for burqa permission. We believe that someone abused the whole situation, because the answer we received in response to our question concerning burqas was a personal attack. You would never do that yourself. You even write in your texts that you solve things with the stupidest students in person, not in public. The letter was at odds with everything you have taught us about freedom so far and also with what you say on a personal level about Islam.

Lama, you keep telling us that Donald Trump is probably the best person in the United States. We see it that way too and admire his strength. Although he is 74 years old, he is like a lion. He fights for all of us with Islam. He stood up to the WHO and its unfair practices. For us, your support for Trump was an impulse to stand up to what is happening in the world today - the suppression of freedom and democracy.

In a letter that someone sent us, they wrote that the masks are a kind of holy grail - lifesaving measure. We were referred to follow doctors. We are doing this even more carefully now. But our doctors are against the madness around coronavirus. They are against masks. We therefore asked our Ministry of Health and a number of people with us. But the answer was just a lie. We know you don't speak Czech, but you have a lot of great people around you who can translate for you. We would like to send you a doctor's presentation, two videos with excellent Czech doctors and also the answers of our minister.

Dear Lama, we are in contact with lawyers and businessmen from Germany. One great young brave lawyer is fighting with all his might against the oppression of civil liberties. It is certainly possible to call him and ask. We know you've always been observing what's going on. You must know, therefore, that the Austrian Constitutional Court has said that human rights have been restricted in violation of the constitution.

The information we find is not on the side of those who want the destruction of society and obedient sheep instead of proud citizens.

We also were thinking about what was next in that letter. They say you've seen a lot of coronavirus-destroyed bodies. Our doctors say that old and very sick people die with coronavirus. Everything is just panic and fear. We were watching The 2011 Contagion movie with many Hollywood stars. This movie was funded by the United Arab Emirates, which is very interesting in connection to Islam. At the same time, there is a terrible scenario, but it shows us that we should obey and everything turns to the good with the vaccine and marking people with identification bracelets. Only this would allow people to continue living in society. It's Islam. Submission. Fear. Obedience. Loss of joy.

We really cannot believe that a new form of Diamond Way Buddhism is the transmission of teachings online, without the possibility of meeting you. It's like watching porn - we get some satisfaction, but the real experience is lacking. We don't understand how new people who need refuge should meet you. We do not understand why many more students could not come to you in Tenovice. Our government did not forbid people from coming abroad and allowed up to 1,000 people to meet at that time. Yet many were not allowed to come. The Czech Sangha made up their own hard rules.

We don't even understand if you're worried about your body, your life. We can't imagine it. We have always perceived you as an absolute protector. We turn to you in the most difficult moments and we would definitely go stealing horses with you. That's why we don't understand the panic. We have no doubt that you know when and how you will die, and we do not think that you would want to avoid this by covering the faces of the students: If we agreed to do so, you would be an ordinary aging gentleman who is afraid. And we can't allow that.

Lama, if the teacher's political views are only his personal views, we received an interesting gift from our sangha after we expressed fears of an attack against teachings. Exclusion from the centers without the possibility of any discussion and without justification. So this is the way how decisions are made in the centers now. We have not criticized the teachings, we have defended you as Lama. We do not complain, we simply wish for it all to lead to the best solution.

Lama, we don't even understand how sangha should work. Shall we just drink coffee in the centers and watch movies? Should we just try to avoid our own suffering and wish the best for others, or should we fight in the outside world for freedom, democracy, reason and for people to be well? Is Buddhism just a matter of faith, when must we not question anything? In the center, we have long before the situation with Covid had the feeling that we came uninvited, at a lower level than those who are in the board. No opinion may be expressed there. Many who have ever tried to do so have already left the centers and not always voluntarily. Lama, we're worried about what will happen after your death. We are not ready. None of us. We don't know who could take over your work. In the book How to be useful, you write that it will be Caty. We also don't know why it's there.

Dear Lama, we know that after the death of the 16th Karmapa one false letter caused many years of problems. The Karmapa wanted it that way, and he knew why he was doing it. He could have done it easily, but he didn't. No one would learn anything if he led people by the hand. We try to understand that this is a great teaching from you, but we do not know what to do. It is clear to us that we are still in kindergarten, but we really want to do things to help learning and freedom. We ask for your blessing and, if possible, to push us where we are supposed to be.

With great respect and love Vendula and David

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: amarta ()
Date: September 09, 2020 11:19PM

Dear Kawa Lhundrub, you seem to be a former disciple of Ole Nydahl's, perhaps disappointed, bitter, and unable to move on. Are you angry with him? Why? Are you still a Kagyu practitioner? Have you found a new teacher to follow? Please tell us your story.
As for this email, I don't think Ole Nydahl's answer is problematic. This current pandemic is very stressful, and many people are having a hard time. Btw do you have permission to post a private email with the sender's name?

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: Kawa Lhundrub ()
Date: September 12, 2020 02:31PM

Dear Amarta,

I am former student of Ole Nydahl. I do not feel bitter or hate him, however I feel that it is worthwile to inform others of what are Ole´s actions and of inner and rahter not obvious activities and positions of Diamondway group. The reason why I find this worthwhile is that general public in the West that is interested Buddhism, does not have much knowledge and information about authentic buddhist teaching and so are prone to fall for various charlatains and cults, such as Ole and his Diamondway.

I am still Kagyu practitioner, since I left Diamondway in mid 2000s I have recieved many authentic teachings from various teachers from Karma Kagyu and Drikung Kagyu lineages.

My story is rather simple, I was seeking for Dharma and at the time there was no other center in my vincinity than Diamondway center, being both naive and lazy I did not seek any other options. When I became member I had some doubts already, for example I found that Ole likes to praise himself too much for my taste, but the social aspect of the group took me over. Later I found some more inconsistences between what Ole was teaching and the norms of the group on one side and traditional Dharma and Dharma groups on the other side. After I thoroughly investigated what was taught by Buddha and great masters of India and Tibet, I found that what Ole is teaching is not Dharma, but merely his own interpretation of Dharma plus some measure of extreme right-wing politics. Having arrived at that conclusion I left the group, but I felt and still feel the need to inform public interested in Tibetan Buddhism about the failings and dangers of Diamondway and Ole Nydahl.

As for Ole´s answer I find it absurd, since what those two people write is based on what Ole is repeatedly pushing - namely hatred and fear of Muslims. They became perfect consumers of Ole´s political ideology. He is the one repsonsible for creating their paranoia and now he (or whoever wrote the response in his name) wants to distance himself from them. Isn´t it hilarious?

I will not publish the name of the sender, I merely published the letter because it was widely ciculated in the inner communications of DW and translated into several languages, so that means this Ole´s reaction to the letter is presented as an example of conduct to the DW followers.

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