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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: puresoul ()
Date: April 26, 2012 08:08PM

Thanks for updating. :)

Recent "Master's" instructions:

message Reminder 0415:

"From immediate effect, we cannot print Master’s photo, SM logo, and SMTV website on materials
that people will discard and throw away or in places that is not proper.
All flyer and other material that already has Master’s photo, SM logo or SMTV website on it and if you are not using it
or it is not in good condition, you may burn or bury them while reciting the 5 names. You should not throw them in garbage bin."


P.S. 5 names were original properties of Sant Mat

The link of 5 names: 5 charged names

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: puresoul ()
Date: April 26, 2012 08:23PM

"Master's" Instructions 0418

New Slogan
Master says that the new slogan now is: BE VEGAN, MAKE PEACE.
Master instructs to disregard the old slogan and use this new slogan from now on – on all letterheads, flyers, etc.

SM logo
Master says Her instructions about not using the SM logo only applies to clothes (because they are washed together with undergarments and socks), facial cream and items that are discarded after being used, men’s wallets, and non-spiritual products to sell.So the above items may not have SM logo.
Master instructs that DVDs and books should continue having the SM logo because these are spiritual items.

SM Photos
Master’s photos may NOT be put in men’s wallets because men put the wallets in their back pockets and sit on it.
Master photos may only be put in respectful places in the house or car where we can see.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: puresoul ()
Date: April 26, 2012 08:45PM

The 5 names are given at initiation.

More precise info: 5 names Sant Mat cult

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: puresoul ()
Date: April 26, 2012 10:12PM

Initiation process is more or less the same as Sant Mat RSSB initiation

RSSB initiation

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Supreme Master Ching Hai cancels 2012 Doomsday...again.
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 29, 2012 06:56AM

Classic Ching Hai.
She is quite clever.
She saw the 2012 doomsday nonsense has died out early, no one is buying it. So she got ahead of the curve, and reset the Ching Hai doomsday clock until sometime close to when she retires.

Of course, as predicted in this thread.
A total fraud, by the self-conscious conwoman Ching Hai.

Now she is coming out with new rules, new orders, to DISTRACT people from another failed Ching Hai prophecy.
And of course, one assumes true believers will have to re-purchase new Ching Hai products with the new logo criteria.
Sell the same product twice with a new package.

And with the new Ching Hai catchphrase, then she gets to sell more new posters and stickers, as the old ones have to be replaced.

And sadly, her true believers will continue to follow their professional conwoman, Ching Hai.
Ching Hai is quite clever in her own way, she knows her market, and knows how to sell her stuff to them, and keep them constantly distracted.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: puresoul ()
Date: May 04, 2012 04:19PM

As for SM logo, which SMCH claims she designed it out of inspirations from heaven, a gift brought down from heaven, so everyone MUST respect this sacred logo. We used to think this logo is pretty and UNIQUE. One day I spotted a very similar picture shown on the film “ The age of innocence” (released in 1993). They are not identical, but quite similar. Her SM logo was produced around 1994/1995. I can’t help wondering did she get inspirations from this film?

An eye-catching key in the film of "The age of innocence"

SM logo

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Supreme Master Ching Hai, logo copied from Age Of Innocence movie?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 05, 2012 12:01PM

Brilliant discovery. Clearly a copy.
It really looks like something from the Elizabethan era, 2 S's with one reversed, forming a little heart, and a little M? Supreme Master Love-Bombing for profit.

It looks like something from the age of classic romantic poetry.
The movie picked it up from somewhere. Perhaps a movie fan site knows where they picked that image from.
The Age of Innocence (1993) []
Its based on the book The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: tran ()
Date: May 08, 2012 09:29PM

hello brothers,
I have noticed that this group has become more secretive of late why is this happening now,

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: puresoul ()
Date: May 16, 2012 01:00AM

The group has been in extremely secretive since the early years of establishment due to the psychological insecurity of the cult leader Supreme Master Ching Hai. The group stood in criticisms as soon as she started. The criticisms mainly come on her behaviors.

She learned Sant Mat light and sound meditation technique (the Quan Yin method) from Thakar Singh around 1980-1982. Her poetry of “ Silent Tears” was meant for Thakar.

It seemed she’s not happy and didn’t believe this method, because later she got ordained to be a Buddhist nun in Taiwan in 1983. She followed a famous Taiwanese Buddhist master in New York only when her application for permanent visa for staying in the US was turned down she then started giving initiations to form her own cult.

Before 1989 the initiations forms were sent back to Thakar. Until Thakar went to visit Taiwan in 1989, Ching Hai refused to acknowledge Thakar was her Master. After 3 years of enjoying being a Master with all the adulations, worship, power, she certainly didn’t want to let it go.

The initial criticism/warning came from Buddhist association to demand Ching Hai not to represent her teachings as Buddhism. But Ching Hai always presents Quan Yin method/path as the TRUE Buddhism, or the TRUE religion superior to others. On top of that the Buddhism society couldn’t tolerate Ching Hai’s arrogant attitude of self-proclaiming perfect enlightenment on par of Buddha.

She soon ran into more criticism when she started dressing flamboyantly and selling expensive items. She told disciples a twisted logic: True Master is always under attack. Many enlightened masters would rather hide than dare to teach such precious “secret” method, because the “negative” (evil) power always want to attack True masters. Look the examples of Jesus being crucified, Buddha was poisoned etc..

So she said very early on the “negative” force (enemies) always want to hurt her through all means e.g. Outsiders, low level of disciples, her close circles, her enemies from previous lives. [she claimes she's been reincarnated many times as masters or some famous people to bless the earth or to bring souls back to higher realm of heavens, but enemies come back to hurt her. Because out of love she let the enemies stay close to her to get her blessings which implies some of her close circles are the enemies from previous lives. Then she can discredit any secrets(bad things about her) let out from close circles.]

And of course she wants disciples to know she's been constantly in danger. (remember she thinks she is Jesus incarnated). Because of her hyper insecurity she has made the cult in constantly paranoia state to keep in secrecy to protect her. Her residence is always top secret from disciples since 1990s.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: Ocean_Of_Lies ()
Date: May 21, 2012 04:55PM


I think that the content of the link posted by puresoul [] on Sant Mat RSSB initiation is very interesting. I can't access it from where I am, only aviable through Google Cache []

In case it disappear in the next weeks, I copy it here :


(...) Since you used to carry out initiations for
Thakar, it might be interesting for you to
compare what you used to teach with a
typical Beas Western initiation, given by a

The following was originally written up
by Prome, a Beas initiate, and
as been copied from



An RSSB initiation (1970 -1980)

At the initiation ceremony, everyone is asked
to sit quietly and repeat "Radhasoami, radhasoami"
to themselves mentally while the others

The disciple is told he or she will be given
secrets that were never revealed in any books and
which give the initiate the ability to journey spiritually
higher and further than Jesus Christ or Buddha, who
did hot have a Perfect Living Master.

Then the "Representative" of Master tells everyone
that this is a most serious event that will sever
the bonds of the initiate from the world and
place all their karmas in the hands of the Master
to administer.

Everything that happens to you in
your life from now on will be with HIS
permission, and it will be given to you in your best
interest. This means that you will condition yourself
to think that every illness that you experience
will be the Master, himself, allowing some
evil cosmic power to "burn" off your karma, every success
will be "given to you" not because you applied
yourself to a task competently, but because "Master"
was giving you "His Grace".

The initiates are shown how to "listen to the sound".
The best position is a squatting postion. You can
put a cushion or support under your buttocks if
necessary, or even sit in a chair at a table if your body is frail.

Next lift both hands up to the ears and fully plug
the opening of the left ear with your thumb, but place the thumb
on the tragus of the right ear and partly press it in
so as to block the right ear INCOMPLETELY. Cover
the outsides of the eyes with the fingers but do
not press on the eyeballs, as this may harm the

The Intiate must take 4 vows which he will follow
for the rest of his life.

1. No sex out of wedlock.
2. No alcohol or recreational drugs.
3. A lacto-vegetarian diet with strict attention
required to additives, and avoid inadvertently eating
forbidden ingredients in foods, such as
rennet in cheese or albumin or egg in biscuits, cakes,
4. Two and one half hours per day meditation, 365
days per year for the rest of one's life,
with no excuses or relaxation from this requirement.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . The initiate agrees to do his best to mold his lifestyle
. . . . . . . . into that of a Gurmukh and cease being a Manmukh
. . . . . . . . as described in Sar Bachan and other books written
. . . . . . . . by PLMs as guides for the Satsangi.

. . . . . . . . If children are desired then sex may be performed with a
. . . . . . . . married partner once a month until conception is achieved;
. . . . . . . . then no sex is allowed until a second child is desired;
. . . . . . . . again once per month is permitted until the second conception.

. . . . . . . . After the desired number of children have been born, the
. . . . . . . . couple must try to remain celibate for the duration of their
. . . . . . . . lives and concentrate on their meditation.

. . . . . . . . Homosexuality is not permitted in any circumstances. Openly
. . . . . . . . gay people may not be initiated.

. . . . . . . . Blind persons may not be initiated.

The PLM or his representative spiritually
"connects" the soul of the disciple
to the sound current
and "charges" 5 holy names that the person will use
in meditation to help him or her focus his or her
attention at the "eye center" and begin his or
her "journey home".

The initiate is then told that there are 5 "regions",
each having a "Ruler" and having a
characteristic "sound" reverberating in
that region, as Follows

Region . . "Charged Name" . Region name . . . . . . Type . . . . . . . . . Sound of region

1. . . . . . JOT NIRANJAN . . Sahansdal Kanwal . . . . Astral. . . . . . . . . bell, conch

2 . . . . . .ONKAR . . . . . . . Trikuti. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?. . . . . . . . . . . . drum

3 . . . . . .RARANKAR . . . . Daswan Dwar . . . . . . . . ? . . . . . . . . . . . sitar/guitar

4 . . . . . . SOHUNG . . . . . . Bhanwar Gupha. . . . . Causal . . . . . . . . . flute

5. . . . . . SAT NAM. . . . . . . Satlok. . . . . . . . . . . . . ? . . . . . . . . . . . bagpipe


The disciple is next told that Kal, the negative power stood
on one leg for millions of years in order to get a "boon"
from Anami Radhasoami (the highest creator). Because
of this unbelievably difficiult austerity performed by Kal
Anami gave him "pure souls" who were living in the highest
region in order that Kal could "animate" his otherwise inanimate
and mechanical creation. These souls became locked and trapped in the
creation owing to the laws of Karma.

Originally, one ninth or one tenth of the souls who were
residing with Anami Radhasoami did not want to leave and
go down to Kal's Creation; however the supreme
being was under such an obligation to Kal that they
had to go anyway. But the supreme being made a
promise to them that He, himself, would take birth and in
human form He would grant them initiation and teach
them how to return to their "True Home". Those
special souls would be called "Marked Souls", since
they were "marked" by the Father for return to their
spiritual home. No other souls had this possibility.
They were eternally doomed to traverse the cycle
of 8 million 400 thousand species of life.

The fact that the initiate was now receiving
initiation meant that the Perfect Master (who was the
incarnation of god himself) had "called" him and it was
proof that the initiate was a "Marked Soul". The marked
soul would now be able to return to the highest Spiritual
Regions in no more than four lifetimes. The Master
would "take over" all of his karmas and manage
them so as to speed up the disciple's journey. Now
anything that happeded to the disciple was with the
Master's permission, since Kal no longer had control
over the disciple. The Master was like a Bulldozer
tractor that tied the disciple to Himself and Kal was
like a chihuahua dog trying to pull him away. Who
would win the contest?

The initiate was told to concentrate on his "true
work" which was to escape this negative region
created by Kal. Do your family duties but do not
become caught up in the world or its politics or art or
fashions. Become a gurumukh. Go back to the Father.
Do not worry about the people who are not chosen
souls. It is the Lord's business, not our business. Our
business is just to follow the 4 vows and escape this
region as soon as possible.

Meditation would allow one to "die while living" and
this death was the highest goal of every disciple.

RSSB states that during the past 150, or so, years Anami
Purush Radhasoami (the creator of the universe) has
incarnated as a Perfect Living Master (PLM)
into the bodies of 5 people, all of whom lived in India.

They were:

Soami Ji
Jaimal Singh
Sawan Singh
Jagat Singh
Charan Singh
Gurinder Singh

These PLMs came to this low creation of Kal for
the sole purpose of collecting their "marked
souls" or sheep, in order to take them back

There may be other PLMs, but most people claiming
to be a PLM are not really what they say they are.

This is a gist of the RSSB teachings and initiation.

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