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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaga
Posted by: dynamic ()
Date: January 03, 2012 12:06AM

Looks like SMTV is going to end today.

I value SMTV and working with SMTV as it really opened my eyes to the real situation and was one of the sparks that caused me to leave the group. Strangely, if it wasn't for SMTV and dealing with the politics of it, I probably would still be blinded and still be following an aimless path. I wonder what all the staff in the Cali SMTV house are going to do now. Probably "volunteer" at the local Loving Huts and resturants.

Facebook Announcement

January 2, 2011

For the past five years, we at Supreme Master Television have had the honor and pleasure to accompany you and your beloved family daily and around the clock, anywhere in the world, offering free-to-air constructive and wholesome programming. Graced with the loving guidance of Supreme Master Ching Hai and Heaven’s blessings, we had the precious opportunity to reach global viewers via satellite, cable TV, internet and various modern-day communication methods. With earnest hopes of helping to bring long-lasting peace, joy and upliftment for Earth’s citizens, including our animal co-inhabitants, Supreme Master Television has faithfully been among the voices of conscience and consciousness to advocate for a greener and more compassionate planet. Together with the kind cooperation and assistance of government officials, dignitaries, celebrities, international artists, and experts in diverse disciplines, as well as the dedication of our vegan Association members, our collective efforts have borne some positive fruits, both visible and invisible.

We thank Supreme Master Ching Hai and all noble-minded friends for the privilege to serve the world by working to share the constructive information presented on the channel.

Today is the final day Supreme Master Television is broadcasting and we bid you fond farewell in profound appreciation for all your love and support. Thank you, everyone, for watching during the past years. May we all continue to each strive in our own ways to contributing to World Vegan, World Peace. The very best of wishes to you and yours for many happy vegan New Years.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaga
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 03, 2012 02:21AM

It seems like the crude Ching Hai propaganda wasn't working very well, and not drawing in new members, and costing too much in broadcasting fees.
Probably some big donors pulled the plug, and ole Master Ching Hai ain't gonna throw her money down that hole.
These sect leaders only use OPM, Other People's Money to fund their boondoggles.
Someone was financing this, and they probably ran out of money.

Interesting to see the comments at the facebook site, where they openly call Ching Hai their Master.


But who knows what's really going on, of course Ching Hai tells no one anything. Her human "pets" don't deserve to know anything, according to Ching Hai, only to follow her commands.

One has to wonder if there were labor/legal problems, and problems with the fake marriages, and the rest of it. So they just shut it down.

They will probably just create a cheaper version on the internet.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaga
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 03, 2012 02:38AM

It looks like Ching Hai uses her own Facebook page constantly.

You can see her tactics at work.
She just wants to get her followers to believe in anything, Inca Sun Gods, UFO's, mixed in with bits of Buddhism, animal telepathy, drinking jokes taken from others, animal activism, and whatever else she can thrown into the Ching Hai grab-bag.

Now for years, she is telling her followers SMTV is going to save the planet, and people have donated heaps of money for that.
Then without warning, Ching Hai pulls the plug.
Or for not paying their bills, and the satellite company pulled the plug on them.

But its used by Ching Hai as another way to keep her followers off-balance.
Its hard to keep it all straight, but wasn't Ching Hai claiming that 2012 is the End of the World, again??

So pulling the plug on SMTV without any explanation is just another psychological tactic by Ching Hai to keep her followers off-balance, and in the dark, like all sect and cult leaders.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: greenleaf ()
Date: January 30, 2012 12:07AM

New Message from CH master, you figure out what she means to say ---

Heaven portals Jan 2nd 2012 conference with Master and SMTV staff

Spiritual blessing portals:

Costa Rica 88%
SMTV Headquarter Happy 62%
Hsihu Center 80%
Hong Kong 70%
Malaysia 60%
Yilan Center 77% small mountain
LA Center 68 %
St Martin 70%
Japan 83% wood cabin
New Jersey 69%
France private house 78%
Yang Ming Sang Taiwan 78%
Pananama house 45%
San Jose mountain California 58%
France storehouse 85%
Laiyi center 50% Taiwan
Yong Dong Korea
Tainan Taiwan

Highest purity 2,700% .

Master has 1,700% purity .
People - the maximum you can get is 90%.
2% to 3% is good enough.
Not too much contact with the world also helps. In the mountain, quick,

quick, walk freely.

300% of health and then you're invisible!! Pure blood, more celestial like.

Love yourself, take care of your lungs.

Tell the fish to stay 10km away from the line, from rod!!!

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: greenleaf ()
Date: January 30, 2012 04:32AM

Master and Money --- one of my old articles

Master Claimed that Money is the pavement in the heaven.
I remember it was 2007 Chinese New Year Retreat in Tai Wan, We have been told to hold a little flag formed up a huge line on both sides of the road, we waited about one hour in the shower rain, when master’s Car finally drove through, it was a Big Mercedes-Benz, one important Politian was sitting next to her, she sat very seriously without even a glimpse of the crowd, we waved the flags and sang “ Happy New year Heaven, Happy New year Earth, Happy New Year Master, Happy new to you(repeat)”, Yes, when I looked back, what a funny scene it was! Why Mercedes-Benz? I had little problem to associate my dear simply little Master to the big Mercedes-Benz.
Then it was in one of those secretive DVD’s after 2007, she said she was traveling in Europe and one day she had to take the train, and she did not feel she want to see human at that time, so she bought the tickets of that entire train Car!!! I was a little surprised back then – --Master, you suppose to know everything, but do you know how hard I was to squeeze my saving to support you, why spend like this?

She mentioned with proud that there was a billionaire who admired her and wanted to marry her. She mentioned she had to dress up very richly, so the banker will treat her differently, I heard from other disciples that Master took his close attendants to very expensive restaurants and sometimes, $500 tips. Yes, with $500 tips, she would get very special treatment!

When CNN interviewed her for the Clinton’s illegal donation, she answer was ---"I can help the homeless on the street with five thousand or hundred thousand dollars, why couldn't I help a president of the United States when he's in trouble? He's more poor than the homeless and he has only $200,000 a year. He earns less than I earn." what an amazing answer!!!

One of common things about this religious with other religious is – GOD will always need Money. Disciples who work for her Merchandise would also look at you with complicated expression “Master needs money…..”, “we need to do more advertisement for Master….”,”it is all for yourself….”,”Master needs Money for SMTV…..”,”invest on Loving Hut, you will go direct to 4th Level”…….gradually, you will be guilty to death that you are not doing enough!

Yes, Money is the pavement, so just give up, and let Master invest them for you it in heaven.

One time, she announced that disciple should sell their houses before that doom date because borrowing money from bank before the end of the world will create big Kalmar for you. After you sell your house, then you are more intended to spend on all her causes out of emotion, she would not care a bit about your life when you are penniless! How ruthless a woman can get, in the name of LOVE?

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: greenleaf ()
Date: January 30, 2012 04:54AM

Recently, besides the news about the SMTV closure.

There are many others –
“There are heaven gates in some of the centers” (who would have a tiny clue about what this gate would look like, is she talking about something invisible again?)

If you do not get into the deep meditation, then you will be like walking in a circle, no progress at all, remember---- deep meditation!!! (Your blessing power and Sun and the spiritual lines are not helping anymore?)

SMTV crew can find a place and live with her, no need to work. ( just like her pets)

She hid in a cave and meditated, and she did not eat anything, she can live like breathetarian, but once she was near those 13 disciples’ servants, she felt so hungry, kept eating, eating and eating something that she would not even want to look at. (I guess, what she really mean is all her faults are actually your fault)

SMTV is such a top level TV program, and what a great work, King&Co., when she will be in the right mood , she will work on King&Co Series No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5………..(God, Please have some mercy!)

Meditate more more more…. that is the only thing we can save this planet now without SMTV.

That was a long speech, I cannot remember what was the other things. The reason that I still briefly read it is because I was trying to understand how I can regard her speech as so holy for so many years.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 30, 2012 10:23AM

The other day, I walked past a Loving Hut restaurant.

In the window was a poster with the portrait of Albert Einstein. The poster alleged that Professor Einstein was vegatarian.

Turning to Google, there is no clear consensus on Einstein having been vegetarian, let alone vegan.

This biography states that after Einstein moved to Princeton and taught at the Institute of Advanced Studies, friends from Europe sent him packaged soups and boullion cubes . Einstein routinely went home for lunch. This same source notes that the administrator of Einstein's household cooked and served him 'European dishes'.


In the 1940s and 1950s it was unusual for Western celebrities to be vegetarian and this would have been noted immediately--it was always referred to in news coverage of George Bernard Shaw.

Another source suggests Einstein may have followed a vegetarian diet--but only during the last year of his life.


The man who arranged for Einstein to be driven from his native land, and put his name on a list of books to be burned was a vegatarian--Adolf Hitler.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: Ocean_Of_Lies ()
Date: January 30, 2012 04:41PM

I think that Einstein being vegan is one of the most minor lies of Ching Hai (and a part of the vegan community). And this lie is not harmful. That's just vegan masturbation.

The reallity of breatharianism (whom Ching Hai endorse as many other new age freaks) is far more dangerous. Idem for the necessity of selling one's house before the end of the world.

Recently I've been to a vegan restaurant in Saigon. It was not a "Loving Hut" but I could regognize some details which make it evident this restaurant was a part of the system, like the names of the meals, the fake-real meat everywhere, the colored hearts of the Ching Hai logo, etc. There was also some paintings of Ching Hai on the wall (some real marsterpeace of sh...) and a big TV which was showing... MTV (or something like that, with low level sound). Peacefull place, a little expensive, but no proselytism (no prospectus, cos that cult is striclty forbidden in Vietnam). Without SMTV, many Loving Hut may just become normal restaurants, which is not a bad thing.

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Supreme Master Television -Is Ching Hai a Godwoman? Yes! proof here!
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 30, 2012 07:00PM

That is called Programmed Confusion.
Or in lay terms, she is just messing with people's minds.

But note, Ching Hai says she is 19x greater than any human! (1,700% / 90%)
But if you are 2%, that is enough. So she is 850x greater than you!

She also coaches to detach from the world, that is, detach from reality.

Ching Hai loves to fabricate all these fake Spiritual Ching-Hai points and %.
Its just a way for her to quantify she is 850x better than you, and 19x greater than any human.

So that means Ching Hai is a Godwoman.
and that Ching Hai is God incarnate.

New Message from CH master, you figure out what she means to say ---

Heaven portals Jan 2nd 2012 conference with Master and SMTV staff

Highest purity 2,700% .

Master has 1,700% purity .
People - the maximum you can get is 90%.
2% to 3% is good enough.
Not too much contact with the world also helps. In the mountain, quick,

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 30, 2012 10:26PM

Found some material on some restaurant review sites.

On Yelp when people reviewed the Loving Hut in Phoenix, Arizona, they made the following commments.

Many of the people who describe eating at Loving Huts comment on the following:

*Having to wait a long time for their food.

*The TV with the Ching Hai propaganda and in some cases footage of the horrors of factory farming--sure to induce guilt and shame.

*The 80's white decor of many of the restaurants. Some find it 'quirky' others find it creepy.

Here is the sad thing. Some reviewers were aware of Ching Hai being a personality run cult but, because they were so eager to find vegan places to eat, and in many cases like the food, they were willing to patronize Loving Hut.

Here are reviews all, from one page, with names or initials of contributers omitted for privacy. I underlined or italicized all references to decor and long wait times for service. And keep in mind this is a page of comments for just one LH francise, in Phoenix, AZ. One person stated that the Glendale LH was better. But note the recurring themes.

Then, remember what Anticult suggested about programmed confusion.


This is Google's cache of []. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Jan 23, 2012 04:19:34 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more


We were a little skeptical at first, because the parking lot wasn't very full. When we walked in, it was sterile and dated and I would've turned around had the server not smiled warmly and invited us to have a seat.

So glad we didn't ditch it based on looks. The food was delicious!

Two must haves: Rainbow Salad and the Stuffed Tomatoes.
Was this review …?

This is, hands-down, the most uncomfortably stark, awkward,1980's hospital-esque diner I've ever stumbled upon in my life.

The food was tasty and the menu is more varied than any other vegan restaurant in town... but somehow, that doesn't cut it. I thought I knew what I was going to try next time, but in retrospect, I'd rather not subject myself to that atmosphere much more than I'd like to try the soy protein fish.. which is somewhat disappointing, because I really did want to try that fish.

9/13/2011 1 Check-in Here
Lately I've been quoting Spaceballs a lot with "Assholes! I'm surrounded by ASSHOLES!" I think its because of my meal at Loving Hut.

This place has the worst service of anywhere I've ever been, and I've been all over the world.

Just a hint, don't go as a group of more than two people, they are unable to handle anything larger.

We ordered dinner after sitting for about 1/2 hour. Mind you, we were a group of 4 in a room with a total of 9 people. This is not rocket science. I'm borderline retarded and I can still wait tables, and have made a good living doing so. But the attitude we got was "well, you're lucky I am doing anything for you."

Like I said, surrounded by assholes.
But like Onyx said in Slam "but but but wait, it gets worse!"

Rule 1 in food service: bring everyone's meal at the table together.
This rule, however, was ignored.

4 people, 40 minutes of waiting for food to finally all come out. My girlfriend's mom and I got our entrees first. Count 40 minutes later, and finally my GF's dad's dinner came out.

Portions were tiny. "Vegan" fries were Orieda crinkle fries (I know them anywhere, grew up on them since mom can't cook) and it took all damn night to get our food. I think this was intentional so they could let us sit with their propaganda from Grand Master what's her name for a longer amount of time. It didn't work, now I just hate hippies, vegans and cult members even more.

Solid work on dispelling stereotypes Loving Hut! I won't ever be gracing your little cult compound again.

9/6/2011 10 photos 1 Check-in Here
I went into this place weirdly expecting Pauly Shore to pop out exclaiming, "Welcome tuu the LUuving HuUt" Please God no. When this was Supreme Master I knew I was in for a long wait and this is still the case, a party had to get their own menus they grew too impatient. Don't expect to be out of here in 45 minutes or under an hour for that matter.

Vegetarian meals shouldn't be this hard to find and they are not, this is just another option to consider if you are on this side of town. I have found some items on the menu I can cross off, and some I will always make my regular rotation. Service is friendly but be sure to snatch your desserts before you hit the table, otherwise they will be gone by the time you finish your meal. Cheesecake is very popular and is frequently sold out. Just thought you should know that, before the vultures swarm.

The Heaven Rice Rolls $4.00 are okay if you are a fan of the rice paper wrapping, although I did not like the cold, rubbery, not too flavorful texture. The peanut sauce was a compliment to every dish however, and could go on anything (it is supposed to come with a hoisin sauce). The Moo Shu Vegetables $6.95 came differently than how they are supposed to on the menu, it came wrapped tightly again with a rice paper instead of in a wheat Moo Shu skin. Not acceptable.

The Sweet and Sour Divine $8.50 (rice separately white $1.00, brown $1.25) was delicious, a true vegan "junk food" delight. Soy protein, pineapple, carrots, and homemade S&S sauce which I thought they gave me a little too much of but that's okay. It looked like real chicken, tasted like real chicken, and although I have been a vegetarian for 8 years, it was reminiscent of the real thing and recreated that memory for me of eating some S&S Chicken. My mom who is not in anyway shape or form a vegan, was shocked by the taste of the dish (she was a butcher for many years).

The Guru Curry $7.50 is made like a thin Thai curry so don't expect a thick Indian or Chinese curry. It is soupy but it is very good and is served with a crusty loaf of bread. It is composed of: curry, taro, carrots, potatoes, gluten, tofu.

The small trick she offered us about their water is that they cut up a bunch of oranges and put it in the ice water. The Macadamia Carrot Cake $3.95 could have been better if it wasn't so dried out by the refrigerator. It was a delicious cake but they need to throw those out and replace them. With: coconut, carrots, turbinado, sugar, macadamia nuts, spices, coconut cream topping.

Please men in the back who kept farting; I know vegans have a lot of fiber running through the digestive tract at an astronomical rate but farting in a full restaurant is in poor taste. Please excuse yourself and go to the bathroom and fart to your heart's content or take it outside. *Disclaimer-none of the people pictured were the purveyors of the gas.

All items are 100% vegan, all entrees are under $10, all of their delicious organic juices, milks and teas are $3.50-5.00. It gets busy on weekends and with the already long wait, prepare to wait or come early.
Might be hard to pass up but it is right across from Chuy's, and right in the same parking lot as Desert Jade.

I used to frequent this place when it was the Vegetarian House. The atmosphere and hours were a little strange... so was the staff, though always friendly. Lots of options on the menu, and the food was enjoyable and reasonably priced.
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I think the little vegan place with the weird tv propaganda should at least get two stars for setting up shop across from McDonalds.

Then allot one more star for the drinks, especially the rose lemonade. It has rose petals sprinkled on top!

But i can't justify even a half star for the food. I guess it qualifies as being vegan, but I'm not sure if it qualifies as food.

I've tried to eat here before an it was temporarily closed. Come to find out they were transitioning from vegetarian to vegan. Their menu has quite a few choices, and everything looked good!
I ordered the bean curd and my friend got the curry soup and we split one of the summer roll selections. Delicious! Not to mention that they put fresh orange slices into their water so it was a nice, refreshing surprise.
All the menu options are very affordable and our waitress was able to answer some questions and help us decide. We arrived when it was very slow but it was picking up quite a bit by the time we were done, and we never felt rushed to leave. I'll be back to try the stuffed tomato!
4.0 star rating
I love this place, from the cult, to the eerie 80s decor, to the interesting conversations I all just makes me laugh...but the food is good and it's cheap. I mean I don't see myself following Supreme Master Ching Hai anytime soon, but I appreciate a good vegetarian restaurant.
4.0 star rating
Sure the service sucks and it is pretty creepy (it is run by a cult) but that vegan lemon pepper chicken and those spring rolls keep my coming back. Superb!
By the way if you like their mock chicken or shrimp (its made of yam and really good) you can find it in a package at LeiLei in Chandler.

5.0 star rating
Love this place! Which is hard for me to say of most of the vegan/vegetarian restaurants my mom has dragged me into.

The sizzling rice soup is my favorite! I can't believe how amazing it tastes being vegan and how good it make you feel.

We always get the summer rolls, sweet and sour pork, and the lemon grass chicken.

I haven't been since it changed names but before service was always a little weird. The guy servers there seem like they are so aloof.

It's always really clean and the bathrooms are nice too.

A few things have stopped me from going vegan in my life and dining out options is one of them. Another is parting with food items I'd miss dearly. I don't eat meat and I hadn't really found any vegetarian restaurant that did fake meat well, until I went to The Loving Hut.

It seems like every time we go there our eyes widen and we're asking, "how the hell did they do that?"

Last night, they made yams taste like shrimp--not just taste like it, but have the same texture. WTF!?

Though this restaurant isn't quite as good as Green, (I'm biased toward American-style food anyway), its food is unique, tasty, and inexpensive.

If you're not a vegan, you may feel bombarded with propaganda upon entrance; fair warning.

Solid 3.5 Stars.

The loving hut is a bit odd.

I fully agree with everyone who mentioned how off the decor is. We felt like we were in the Sappranos or something with all the 80's white chairs. Also when we first walked in we were slapped in the face by a very off putting smell.

The service was pretty decent. She came to our table often. The citrus infused water and the hot tea were terrific!

We ordered some spring rolls and wontons to start. They were both ok.

I ordered the Hawaiian burger and it was beyond messy, also they put the worlds smallest piece of pineapple on it and it didn't taste fresh at all.

Hubs order the Philly steak sandwich and our friend got the spicy cha cha, both said they liked it.

We will probably go back again and try some different dishes. I wasn't a total fan of what I ordered.

Peoria, AZ
2.0 star rating
I gave it two stars for the propaganda featured on the tv set and the other one for the heaven rice rolls. I found it very can get a good wash for your brain and eat at the same time. Did you know...Jesus is vegan? and Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci??? Come to Loving Hut and you'll find out more and more famous people are vegan...even politicians.

The Supreme Master Ching Hai might be upset with my review....but here goes

The menu was very nice and colorful. My coworker ordered the appetizers, Golden Rolls and Heaven Rice Rolls. The Golden Rolls has this tofu stench to it, maybe it was the oil they used to deep fried it in but I had to cover the taste with a lot of sweet and sour sauce. The Heaven Rice Rolls however, was very good, I didn't expect to like it, but I really really did. The peatnut sauce dip complement the rolls very well.

For the main course I had Au Lac noodle which is a fancy name they gave for vegan Pho. It was soooo soooo bad, I can not imagine how someone can swallow this. The broth was very bland and the "meat" has a stench to it. I brought it home (without the broth) and let my sister- who is a seasonal vegan, tried it and she did not like it one bit.

If yelp let me give it a half star I would for the logo. I must say, the logo of the cute.

4.0 star rating
I wasn't sure how to feel about this place when we first walked in... the decor is pretty awful, and they must not believe in "atmosphere". They might consider doing some kind of HGTV make-over show... it is seriously that bland.
On the other hand, the service was super sweet and friendly. The waitress walked us through the menu (our first time there), chatted with our 4-year-old, and even brought him out a free apple juice... just to be nice :) She even praised us for raising our son as a vegan... we didn't have the heart to tell her that he eats meat - and so do I!

I was a little weirded out when I saw the menu and EVERYTHING looked like meat. When I'm ordering a vegetarian dish, it just seems strange to make it look like a cow. Even though it wasn't what I had expected, it was still really delicious. We had the spicy "shrimp", "beef" and broccoli, crispy wontons, and the "hamburger". Everything was great, and I doubt most meat-eaters could even tell that these were vegan items.

We're looking forward to a return visit... and perhaps take-out on April Fool's Day, to trick my carnivore father into eating something "veggie" ;)

4.0 star rating
Updated - 9/22/2010 5 photos 1 Check-in Here
Since The Veggie House turned into Loving Hut, I have been twice, and am very delighted at some of the positive changes that have occurred.

The space itself is much lighter, and I feel more welcome by the staff. I also like that their food selection is WAY less greasy and has more of a focus on health.

I have tried the spicy cha cha twice (it is actually yam protein breaded to look like shrimp) and it is FANTASTIC. I have also had the raw salad, sweet and sour pork, fried rice, one of the noodle soups, and the stuffed tomatoes. All were good, but the stuffed tomatoes could have used a little more flavor. Great portion sizes.

They do not serve alcohol, but have some really fun concoctions to drink. Try the "Pink Lady" or the delightful "Sunny Forest."
I have eaten at the Veggie house several times. The food is good, but the service is normally pretty… Read more »

Should be renamed The Tofu Hut. Went here with "mostly-vegan" relatives who recommended it highly. Restaurant itself feels like a converted fast-food joint. Service was very prompt and friendly (one star for food, one star for ambience, four stars for service) -- server took time to explain a number of items to my wife. Biggest disappointment was that almost every dish included (or centered around) some sort of soy protein or tofu. Hello! There are tons of ways to be delicious vegan dishes that don't include the abomination (to me) that tofu is from a taste and mouthfeel standpoint. Wife did not like her faux fish entree, the wonton soup was o.k., as was my veggie Mu Shu. Next time, it's off to Cafe Lalibela, or any good italian or middle eastern place.
3.0 star rating
1/12/2011 2 photos 1 Check-in Here
I'm in turmoil on who I should rate this place. The decor and atmosphere is two stars. It smelled disgusting when we walked in, like sulfur or rotten eggs. Then the decor is like 1980's, with the white chairs. Oy - then there's the service. I'm gluten-free, and I had some trouble getting that across. She said that all of the soy protein has wheat in it, so she recommended the tofu dishes. I ended up getting the tofu dish with rice noodles and vegetables. I have no idea if there was wheat in the sauce, but at that point in the meal, I really didn't care. I just wanted to order and get the experience over with.

The food came out pretty quickly though. My friend got the spicy cha cha (that looks like shrimp but is actually yam) and it was SUPER spicy and I think it tasted like Long John Silver's fried shrimp basket. BUT she really liked it. My dish was pretty okay, although a little bland. The veggies weren't really great either, but for a vegan dish that's less than $10, I guess it was okay.

I had planned on getting dessert, but we were given the check even before she asked if we wanted dessert. After I made some statement about it she asked if we wanted any, and told us they only had two out of the four desserts on the menu anyways. We went without it.

And yes, they do have the TV running strange vegan propaganda. Very strange, and I don't really want to look at baby pigs while I dine, but it could have been weirder. I guess.

SO - for the price, I guess it is decent vegan cuisine. I guess I wouldn't really know seeing as how I LOVE MEAT, but hey, I'm up for trying everything once. I think if the atmosphere and service was better I would have actually liked the dining experience and the food more. If it was better inside, I'd be tempted to go to this place again. Eventually, I'd like to try the dessert. If they offer it to me.
Was this review …?

4.0 star rating
From the outside, a strange looking place with a cryptic name. But inside it's a different story.

Vegans should be enamored by Loving Hut (I'm not vegan, but occasionally enjoy a vegan meal). The menu is as vast and diverse as a Chinese vegan menu can be. The "proteins," a.k.a. soy chicken, soy beef, and soy shrimp, should win oscars for best actor. Their consistencies and flavorings were great. I started with the fresh garden rolls and had a the New York stir-fry chicken entree. Both were fantastic.

The service was also a highlight -- our server took the time to explain the entire menu, and even offered her own recommendations based on our preferences.

It's a family-owned place, and I was proud to support them. Even though there was a TV streaming vegan propaganda in six languages, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and highly recommend this place.

11/15/2010 2 Check-ins Here
All Hail The Supreme Master

I've always been a meat eater. Love, love, rending cooked or raw flesh from bones or bite size bits from the tips of forks.

Was totally amazed that soy protein cooked properly can be just as good, if not more tasty than meat. If I could eat like this every day I would be a vegetarian; no BFD!

The Food at Loving Hut is delicious, the atmosphere intriguing; WTF is the supreme master? She's this righteous chick that loves baby animals and thinks vegan lifestyle rocks, and that you should drive a hybrid. Call it a cult, then call Mormonism a cult...oh you do? Well it's not that culty, and it's more personality than anything, along with great healthy food!

8/4/2010 2 Check-ins Here
If you're looking for vegan food, this is probably the best in town. They used to be called the Vegetarian House, but they recently changed the name. For those of you who really enjoyed the Vegetarian House of old, don't worry. This is still the same place run by Supreme Master Ching Hai--it's just that the chain has changed names. The food has changed very little.

The dishes here still have the same high quality and wonderful taste that they always had. Their lemongrass vegan "chicken" and fried rice are just incredible.

And yes, expect to be bombarded as usual by the normal Ching Hai tracts on her publications and on video. For more about Ching Hai and her "Quan Yin" method, see here: [www.godsdirectc...] . For other viewpoints on Supreme Master Ching Hai, see here: []... .

Regardless of your viewpoints on the Supreme Master, the food here can't be beaten for freshness or for taste. Highly recommended.

2.0 star rating
If you're looking for vegan, this is NOT the best in town. Sure, everything is vegan, but it's lots of fake meats, some odd flavors, and horrific videos playing on the wall of vegan propaganda.
As a vegan, I choose to eat my lunch without a side of animal-slaughtering videos. The best thing on the menu: Mu Shu Vegetable appetizer (so good!). If you're willing to spend a little more, venture over to True Food or even Whole Foods which have lots of vegan options.

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I never made it to The Vegetarian House and decided to try this location again once Loving Hut took over the space.

We went on a Friday night, the space was clean and white if not a bit to stark (adjusting the lighting would work). The food was similar to the other dishes I have had at other Loving Hut locations so at least it was consistent.

The only problem I saw was the service. Everyone seemed to be trying hard and remained friendly while at the same time appearing very scatter brained. We noticed people flagging down waitresses as soon as we sat down so we knew something was aloof. It just seemed to be that they didn't have everything together, like it was opening week or something. Things took awhile and you could see the frantic pace to which everyone was trying to get things done, yet the restaurant was a 1/4 full.

Maybe they will iron out some of they service issues, the food is still good although the menu is a bit tired - or I may just be tired of it. I should be thrilled with another vegan restaurant in the valley, but the more I sample vegan cuisine outside of Phoenix the more I crave more of that here.
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Uhhh...when is this place open? I can't find hours anywhere and for a 3rd time we tried to go here… Read more »
o Phoenix, AZ
2.0 star rating
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Tonight I tested out the new Loving Hut. I grabbed some To Go, and honestly it wasn't as good as it had been previous times. : (
While I didn't see any of the slaughter videos mentioned in more recent review than my last one, I did notice the extra tv running the normal Supreme Master info.
The new layout is nice, but I liked the food from before, my sweet and sour faux pork is now labeled "sweet and sour divine" and has bell peppers that it never had before. Three strip soup has been taken off the menu completely (they did make it for me though :) I'm hoping it'll be better if I dine in next time, but for now I'm fairly disappointed with the new Loving Hut and left missing the Vege house.

Ah, the veggie house.
The complimentary tea is excellent. I do understand the language barrier being… Read more »

I went looking for this place once about three weeks ago and had trouble finding it. When we did find it, we realized it was because it is now Loving Hut. We called last weekend and they told us that they were re-opening this past Tuesday (7/20/2010). We went back yesterday for dinner.

The place is nice and quiet and very white--white walls, white chairs, white tables, white dishes, white everything! I'm not sure if this is intentional, so whatever.

The lady who sat us was nice, but we only saw her for about two seconds before a grumpy waitress came over. It may have been the language barrier or that she kept giving us what looked like Stink Eye the whole time we ordered. She also kept asking me if I was sure I wanted the Royal Noodle Soup because it was supposedly "real spicy." It wasn't, in case you're wondering.

They have a TV going with all kinds of Vegan/Religious propaganda, but it didn't really bother me. I can see where others might be turned off from the place though. Our food came out eventually and it was okay. I've had better Vegan Chinese food in Tucson (see, Guilins) with a friendlier staff and better portions and prices.

Some of the other reviewers mentioned they have free tea, but they don't any more. As we were finishing up, someone who must have been a regular was flipping their menu over and over looking for items that are no longer served, I'm guessing. She was asking the waitress if they still had ____ because couldn't find it on their menu (which was already very limited).

It was an interesting experience, but I doubt I'll go back any time soon.

As a vegan for over 10 years, i hate to NOT support a tried and true vegan restaurant in phoenix. But i have to be honest and say that this place did not live up to my expectations. In fact, it fell quite short. I ate at the Glendale Loving Hut location and had a FAR better experience there, so my review here is only for the Phoenix location. By all means, DO go to the Glendale one! It has a different menu and completely different atmosphere.

The phoenix location on Indian School Road has a very drab interior, and very outdated. White metal chairs that looked like they were from the '80s. My first impression walking in was not a good one, and that is important to me. Definitely not a soothing relaxing atmosphere by any means. Also, there was a bad odor in the air. Almost smelled fishy to me. It almost made me lose my appetite to be perfectly honest.

Ok, now on to the food. I got the Grilled Teryaki dish. By the way, did i mention prices are also higher at this location? $9.00 was the cost of this dish -- for lunch! Prices are a couple dollars less at the Glendale spot. Anyways, the faux meat in this dish was fine -- nothing to write home about, but it was "good". However, my complaint is that is ALL it was. Just a big pile of fake meat, and a small portion of lukewarm steamed vegetables on the side with no sauce or marinades on them. Just plain vegetables, and they were getting colder by the minute. Not really what i had in mind for lunch and certainly not worth the $9.00 plus the tip. I guess i should have gotten the rice to go with it all, but that was extra money!

The complimentary lentil soup was a nice touch, but i've had better lentil soup that i've made myself. The soup too was only lukewarm, and very small cup size portion.

The only positive i can say is that the waitress was wonderful and very friendly. I feel bad writing a bad review, but honesty is my policy.
First time at the hut an I'm really impressed with the food! I had the summer roll to start and it blew me away with the flavors and textures it contained. Next came the Mongolian beef (minus the beef!) but it looked and tasted alot like beef. It was scrumptious! I can't wait to come back and try more things! It isnt much to look at inside or out, but they have some great food at good prices. And it's good for you!

4.0 star rating
I've eaten here three times since last year's first visit, and everytime I do, I promise I won't wait longer next time. Yet, it's been months since my last meal here. I wonder why? Maybe it's bec. Phoenix has so many good finds! A coworker of mine constantly speaks of the lack of good eats in the valley. I tell him "Nonsense. You just have to be willing to look!"

The 7th Heaven (?) salad is delicious, and I love the lemon grass chicken. Mom wouldn't believe that the "lobster" leftover she raided was vegan.

Wished management would improve the atmosphere, though.

This place is wonderful and totally quirky. I always get the lobster (which is the only "seafood" dish i'll eat there). It doesn't taste anything like lobster, but it's so delicious regardless. Their spring rolls are ridiculously good and I think the spicy mustard might just be the cure for the common cold. Try to get them to serve you the new york strip steak because it's unbelievable (this is usually difficult because half the staff doesn't believe it exists! but i swear it does). I've never had much luck with the lemon grass chicken (it usually tastes like cigarette ash!).

The staff is kind of strange but they all seem genuine and caring.

Also, I completely agree with Misty T. when she says don't try the desserts. They taste like glue and spit.

Some dishes are good, some taste like they came out of a can from the Ranch Market at the Chinese Cultural Center.

The heaven rice rolls might be my favorite in town, and the lobster dish is fantastic (definitely agree with kate - doesn't taste like lobster, but is delicious nonetheless).

Free tea is always a really nice way to start a meal, too.

A typical outing to the Veggie House with my girlfriend looks like this:

-Start with hot tea and vegetable soup
-A small order of absolutely delicious spring rolls
-Two entrees...usually the House Special Chicken and Broccoli Chicken

Have you ever gone to a restaurant repeatedly and ordered the same thing every time? Seriously, if I had the eat and drink the above for the rest of my life, I'd totally be cool with it. This place is golden in my book.

One time, my friend ordered the House Special Dinosaur. When the waiter gave a confused and funny look, my friend explained that since it isn't really meat anyway, it shouldn't matter what you call it. Try it sometime.

I find this quirky little place adorable.

It's one of those rare vegetarian restaurants that offers meatless meat. You veggies out there know what I'm talking about: the spongy soy-based "meat" that both fascinates and repulses us.

My husband and preschooler, omnivores both, really enjoyed their meals.

Definitely one of those spots one must try at least once.
I used to crush this place when I was veg. It's run by a cult, but if you can get past that it's in the house.

The lemon grass chicken almost had me convinced they were lying about it being vegetarian. Service is relaxed not slow to clarify on other reviews.

It is especially good to hit up during lunch... really cheap then. They also sell a lot of their faux meat products if you want to do some home cooking.

Rock the lemon grass chicken and the house chicken they are spot on and safe for non adventurous eaters.

PSA- they're closed from 2:30-5pm between lunch and dinner.
2.0 star rating
I give two them points for trying, and being one of the few true vegan options around. But boy since their revamp from vegetarian to pure vegan has this place gone downhill. I made the mistake of suggesting this to my family. We went last night - place was not even remotely busy - only two other tables occupied with small parties.

Took about 15 minutes for someone to acknowledge us and bring menus. About another 10 to order. Then the real problems came. There were four of us. Each entree came out one at a time. The first and the fourth were probably a good 30 minutes apart.

No apologies, just sort of a you're lucky to have anything attitude. And for "healthy" vegan cuisine all but one of the dishes tasted loaded with salt. I used to like this place but no more. It was pretty terrible, and it seems all the changes they've made are for the worse. If I want to educate myself about factory farming - I will do it on my own time, *not with it flashing on a huge big screen tv during dinner.* I'm already here, eating vegan, why do you want to ruin my appetite with that stuff.

Definitely a must-try! The building itself isn't much to look at but the parking lot is always full and that's a great indication of yummy-ness. It caters to both meat and veggie eaters with fake chicken, duck, and beef plates. They also have mock seafood plates as well.

My friend and I went to check this place out because we had heard so much about it. She ordered the lemon grass chicken and I tried the ginger duck. Both were so tasty and we were kinda freaked out because they tasted just like the real thing. The service was excellent and kudos for the waitress who kept filling up our waters...even AFTER we paid the bill. It's reasonably priced and the food portions are perfect. We even had leftovers.

Its always good times to find an all vegetarian spot in the valley of the sun and Vegetarian House is a supremely awesome spot indeed. I was a little worried when I first opened the menu and there were Chicken, Seafood, and Meat entrees. Then I was assured that they were all meatless.

I had the Ginger Duck and it was like eating duck! Unreal!

The decor needs some help but the food is why I am there.Listed in: Top Restaurants

My husband and I had lunch here today. The service was very slow, which was unfortunate, because it was not that close to work or home for us. They did offer us a complimentary lentil soup, which was delicious. The water was lemon-and-lime-infused, and the tea was surprisingly strong for the delicate color.

I ordered the "Spicy Cha Cha" (Yam-based protein, red & green bell peppers, green onions, celery, spicy seasoning, lettuce; $7.95). I had no idea what Cha Cha was, or what yam-based protien is, but what I was served looked and tasted exactly like fried shrimp. It was salty and I'm sure it was a few more grams of fat than I'd prefer, but my, it was delicious.

My husband had the Hawaiian Burger (Soy patty, vegan butter, pineapple, teriyaki sauce, mushroom, lettuce, tomato, vegenaise, French fries; $7.95)He said he'd definitely like to come back.

I'll echo what others have said about the stark white decor and the flat-screen monitors with the propaganda, although I didn't really see anything offensive. The annoyance factor just increased because of the long time we had to wait for our entrees.

The restaurant itself is oddly yet plainly decorated, which always makes me want to come in and give it a makeover whenever I eat there. The service is also slow but the workers are always friendly.

With that said, the food is great. I had the broccoli chicken and the texture and taste was so close to real meat that it was unbelievable. The flavor was great and authentic as well. The ginger chicken is also really delicious and has a nice potent taste. The cheesecake is incredible, it's almost my favorite part of eating here. Even if you're not normally a dessert person, I recommend trying it.

I wish this place wasn't as high priced as it is but the food is definitely cravable and worth it.

My god, paint the freakin place... It's incredible how many places don't get atmosphere... I don't want to eat at K-mart (nor do i want to shop at K-mart). What does a few gallons of paint and some decent lighting cost anyway? And update the bar! It is sad when a business owner loses that spark.

Alright, had a few pills... mellowed now...

The food is good - not great - but certainly a paradise of selection for all the vegetarians out there (must be 100 items on the menu). The pricing is amazingly cheap (maybe they could add 10 cents to each dish for paint). The menu threw me at first, as each dish is described as chicken, beef, shrimp, etc.. with a small disclaimer on the front of the menu that they are meat-substitutes.

Anyone else want to donate some time to help spruce this place up (yes, it bugs me that much).
The "Supreme Master" is one of my favorite restaurants in town. The menu is entirely vegetarian with many vegan options.

My favorite meal:
three-striped vegetable soup, a spring roll with sweet and sour sauce and kung-pow beef with brown rice. Mmm, mmm good!

My only complaint is the the restaurant is often very quiet and the wait staff is VERY quiet and reserved. Still, it's a great place to bring a group of friends and have a good time.

I found this place right after they moved to the current location, which is a true shame, as that address had neater doors (if I was at the right place), which probably led to a more comfortable eating space than the current General Hospital Cafeteria feel.

I started taking my orders to go, and have been much happier for it. The staff are friendly, if a bit cold. I don't mean to be offensive or impolite, but I find the looping spiritual lectures on the television in the "bar" (waiter station) to be off-putting, along with the waiters' intent concentration. I think they might have paintings by her on the walls, too. And a portrait. I hate the 1987 dining sets, and I don't like the plastic table coverings. I wish they served wine, but I guess it's probably against their beliefs, so I feel weird about complaining.

The food is so good, though. I love the stuffed tomatoes, nice texture, and the hot and sour soup is both hot and sour. Sizzling rice soup is also quite good. If you eat in, they deliver the fried rice and you can put it in and hear it sizzle. The tea they serve in the dining room is also missed by taking my food to go. The lemon chicken and sweet and sour pork are my favorite entrees, but I also like the duck and eel selections. The shrimp are so realistic, if not a spot on imitation. I do not particularly care for the juices they serve, but no entree has been unsatisfactory in the years I've been going in.

I just wish they delivered and had better hours, but I guess it isn't their thing.

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