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Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
Posted by: Hans7 ()
Date: January 11, 2024 05:38PM

Google translate from the exmisa forum: An interesting deeper discussion of the atman/misa cult problem.

With the November 28 raids in France, French justice has launched an action looking at a series of charges
involving the entire ATMAN organization, the name under which MISA's international network hides.
On this occasion, interest in the MISA phenomenon was revived in the media, manifested by a very large number
of articles and debates.

Like most of the opinions expressed in the public space, over the years, about the MISA phenomenon, and the opinions expressed today
they are focused on the sensational, scandalous side, they are superficial and only scratch the surface of the dung, making more
from time to time the fetid smell that has been fermenting inside for a long time.
One can understand the superficiality of this approach regarding the media from abroad, for which the MISA-ATMAN phenomenon
it is a scandal of more recent import, but in Romania there has never been a deep approach to this topic.
There were attempts, but they were all lost in the cheap sensationalism.

In the uproar caused by the disclosure of this cancer that has spread internationally, an attempt is nevertheless distinguished
of approach to the subject of MISA which, though only touched upon in passing, went beyond the cheap sensational and finally raised
the questions that should have been debated from the beginning, namely those regarding the nature and deep causes of this phenomenon.

It is about a show from a television with spiritual concerns - Speran?a TV - entitled
"Forbidden games and the need for spirituality - Gregorian Bivolaru - Second opinion"
Although it is a show that belongs to a TV channel connected to the Adventist religious community, a fact that has been seen
in some moments by leading the debate in partisan directions, which serve the religious propaganda specific to the respective community,
in the course of the debate , the real questions regarding the emergence of
and the development of the MISA social phenomenon, questions that should have been raised a long time ago, but were buried
under the avalanche of salacious detail that the tabloid press of our time is so avid for.

As former participants in the MISA courses, who have experienced the phenomenon live, both from the inside and from the outside, with the good and the bad,
we have a perspective that can be fair and objective.
The problem is that both the media and public opinion are not interested in this essential experience, but only in the scandalous aspects,
fact that made the roots of the MISA phenomenon not really understood and thus, the unfortunate reaction of society made
for this phenomenon to persist because it has not been properly understood and addressed.

Thus, society acted extremist, either through excessive permissiveness or excessive repression.
As a result, both public opinion and MISA followers barricaded themselves in the ideological trenches in positions of confrontation, total isolation,
neither side being able to really understand what the real situation is.

In what follows, we will seek to address the essential questions regarding the MISA social phenomenon and find the correct answers,
precisely from the position of its observers from a more comprehensive perspective. We will do this starting from the show itself
to which reference was made, but signaling the tendentious elements of religious propaganda.

Obviously, the analysis of any phenomenon must start from the question:
> How did it appear, how did it start, what are the factors that contributed to the emergence of this phenomenon?

The very title of the show begins to outline the answer to this question: "the need for spirituality" .

dialogue from the show:
- What is the history or what exactly happens in this connection between the East and the West?
How did yoga become so popular in Europe?
- Even if topics like "salvation" are not so present, even in the secular society we live in, still
our aspirations are only slowed, but not canceled. We want spirituality, and yoga, these Hindu schools,
they promise it instantly, quickly, with little discipline.
– You also captured this idea in the clip: the vulnerability of those who want spirituality.
We have this need within us, we feel the need to somehow connect with the Divine, to fill this void in the form of God...

Of course, in the Romanian society emerging from atheistic communism that had repressed spirituality, there was a great need for spirituality,
but this is only half the answer, because it only concerns those who have subscribed to the ideas promoted by MISA.
In fact, the word "after" - resulting from an approximate Romanian language, which comes from the "brothers" across the Ocean - surprises
the passive aspect or element, that of adherents or followers, seeking to fulfill certain needs.
At the moment when the "need for spirituality" appears, the "suppliers" also appear who claim and promise to have the solution for fulfillment
to this need and AFTER the first ones, the followers, will start to walk.
The problem and the solution, the need and the fulfillment, the demand and the supply! " If MISA didn't exist, it would have appeared anyway!"
The "Providers" saw this immense opportunity and, while the dead of December 89 had not quite cooled yet,
they were already hatching the future hen with golden eggs.

We met on December 31 in a studio apartment in Rahova. We all gathered who had gone through investigations.
Together with Grieg, we decided to start classes in Romania, for anyone who wants to do yoga.
Narcis Tarcau dealt a lot with the paperwork, as if the name "Spiritual Integration Movement in the Absolute" was his idea.
I know we were all talking to Grieg, looking for something to fit. At that time, to many of the non-yogis who heard him
it seemed like a sci-fi name to them, some even found it amusing... On January 23, 1990, the official documents came out."

MISA was "made, not born"!
Therefore, the answer to the first part of the question - how did MISA come about - is this:
MISA is an opportunistic organization that emerged from unprotected dating and love affairs
between the SEEKERS of spirituality and the SUPPLIERS of spirituality!

But many have claimed over time to have the answers to the big questions, but only a few have made themselves heard, so
the next question that arises is
> How did MISA grow, what is the secret of reaching such dimensions as the Beautiful Boy in the story?

dialogue from the show:
– If possible, quickly! Philosophy itself says this: as an aspirant after spirituality, after God, after Deification,
to get to the top of the mountain, you have several paths to get there. The path of yoga is the fastest or the straightest…
– or the one that promises the fastest...

So people are looking for salvation and there are some who claim and promise that they have the simple, quick and effective solution.
MISA claimed to be a " comprehensive esoteric yoga school ", although this title did not exist from the beginning.
"World, world, come to us, because with us you find EVERYTHING and only with us is salvation! " (see Annex)
(Ironically, those who participated in the current show also claim, within their communities, the exact same thing!)

But what is that miracle solution? For they all claim to have the answer to all questions, that they alone offer salvation!
Remember three words: chakras, mantras, tantras!

dialogue from the show:
"I went to the Christian Spirituality office and was banned when, among the new generation of 20-30 year olds,
the young people came and, very casually, asked: Do you offer yoga meditation consultations here, something with Spirit?
– And those who came were Christians, they were not yogis or, I don't know, Hindus. I was very surprised, so everyone expected it
let's do the exercises we were talking about earlier: mantras, tantras.
– It is something perhaps more palpable and therefore attracts more...

In a world where the practice of religions is formal, where members of religious communities are spectators at a show
which - just like in antiquity - is directed by the priestly caste that completely seized the religions and appropriated them to the individual,
it should come as no surprise that people these days - and especially young people - are looking for another way to have a say
in the religious life in which they want to participate actively, to have a say, not just to be considered sheep shepherded by priests,
pastors or preachers who milk them, shear them, skin them and eat them, not only figuratively.

In this climate of rejection of the ancient, obsolete, priestly caste-falsified way of religious life,
with ceremonies and rituals like plays, which often go against the original fundamental principles of religions,
"reformers" have appeared who promise believers an approach to religions in which they can participate directly,
which he can practice directly, by his own forces.
This new reforming approach is based on concrete techniques and procedures , through which practitioners are promised access
to the higher religious dimensions to which, in the case of traditional religions, they have access ( it is said ) only through the mediation of priests.

The height of irony, however, is that MISA has reached the point where, although it rejects the formal religious rituals of others, it proposes to its own followers
rituals that they can perform themselves, for themselves, and even arrogated to themselves a planetary mission to promote a
New Planetary Religions (Godism), which will cause the elimination of all other religions and needs no intermediaries.

Focusing attention and energy on precise areas of the physical body - power centers, energy pathways -
stimulated through precise physical and mental exercises, give rise to intense subtle sensations,
just as the warm, gentle rays of the sun burn if focused by a lens.
These subtle sensations, supported and amplified by the intense sensations of sexual pleasure, induce states of euphoria
which are presented as authentic spiritual achievements:

"The best indicator of success in yoga practice - and an effect that is sure to occur in all persistent practitioners -
it is the state of happiness. Especially if we approach yoga from the traditional, predominantly spiritual perspective, we will note with joy
that we actually learn to be happy.”

But the supreme method at MISA is represented by sexual practices, which speculate on one of the strongest instincts
of the human being, are the most attractive and irresistible activities, generating the easiest but also the most intense sensations:

quote from the show:
Pagan religions rarely deviate from the association of sexual immorality with high spirituality, and occassionally enlightened ones such as
Gregorian Bivolaru rekindles the idea that sexual intercourse - only - mediates the connection of worshipers with supernatural beings.
In ancient and modern pagan religions, spirituality has always made a good home with sexual immorality.
Sacred prostitution was practiced on a large scale by the famous Vestal women in all the rituals dedicated to the various deities of love."

Under the "magic wand" of Bivolaru, the Miss Shakti contest acquired a pornographic twist from early on,
with accents of perversion (see "secret test of urinary orgasm", reached through the pornographic films of MISA),
the viewing of pornographic films of the lowest kind was instituted, which are practically "pushed down your throat" in "yoga camps",
group sexual relations are promoted, multiple, "open" sexual relations,
urine consumption and at MISA they practice porn video chat and more recently nude yoga.
In a conference, Bivolaru argued that only sexual practices lead to success, and in their absence, traditional yoga practice
is "mediocre".

So the answer to this question is:
MISA promises spiritual evolution through one's own strength and claims to have the solutions to achieve it.
The states of euphoric pleasure, generated practically at will, through a kind of physical and subtle self-stimulation achieved
through specific physical exercises that use and modulate especially sexual energy, being strong
felt even by the novice practitioner, against the background of the soul emptiness of his previous existence,
they are the secret of MISA's success .

Of course, there are other groups that have used exactly these means.
In the specific case of MISA, it must be said that the expansion of this organization was initially based not so much on the leader's charisma
- which, if you take it for a pittance, it turns out that it is not quite as charismatic as it is stated - as in the ideal image
which his "apostles", his students from the communist period before 1990, created for him
and who then, many of them, left him without giving an explanation for their gesture.
Then these myths spread from neighbor to neighbor either within the community or outside it,
by attracting new followers to those who were already taking MISA courses.

quote from the show :
"We are talking about the individual dimension, this spirituality on an individual level with God, but we can talk
and about one dimension of a group spirituality, the need to belong.
This MISA movement assumed a community, offered and fulfilled this need.
And those who do not display or live this level of spirituality can be influenced by those in the midst of
which it belongs to. I feel that it is this community element that has made the success of the yoga movement so evident."

Yes, man is primarily a social being, he cannot survive alone.
But often the need for community hides the need to fill an inner void, and this is a vulnerability exploited by sects.

Sometimes community spirit degraded to the stage of herd spirit (when it came to reaction to
criticism from the media or public opinion), as pressure from other members of the community (mimicry)
or through collective response when some members drew attention to some negative aspects (sect spirit), which induced,
maintained and amplified in the soul and mind of those who asked their questions, the fear of leaving the group.

The need for community is a need inherent in the human condition, being therefore naturally present within any community
who share the same ideas and aspirations.
Also, the depraved sex on public display is an aspect of contemporary society that can be encountered at every turn.
Therefore, the question arises:

> What is the problem with MISA?

First of all, it must be said that the participants in today's show correctly pointed out that MISA seeks to mislead
both spiritual seekers and public opinion, falsely presenting itself as a yoga school like any other,
which does not represent a religious cult or a religious sect, but is accessible to anyone, regardless of religion:

quote from the show:
"For a European and for you, a non-involved person, yoga is a kind of sport.
If you look at their promotional posters, they are accredited by the Ministry of Health and Sports – at one point they were.
We forget that, in reality, it is a religion, it is not a sport, it is not a matter of entertainment or just relaxation,
it is not a spa, yoga is not a spa, with its various schools, from Hatha Yoga to Tantra and so on , it is a religion
extraordinarily present in the thinking of a large majority of people. Hindu followers are not in the thousands, they are in the millions,
they number in the hundreds of millions."

MISA denies that yoga is a religion, although it promotes a New Religion (Godism and His Attributes or Esoteric Christianity),
which will eliminate the other religions,
this while the MISA posters show the conduct of Western-style courses, in gyms or Culture Houses,
such as aerobics, fitness or karate classes.

Also, even those who participate in MISA activities identify with this idea.
They do not state that they are part of a community, but say that they "go to class" .
The MASS is the COURSE, it is the COMPREHENSIVE ESOTERIC YOGA SCHOOL! If you do not pay the course fee, you are automatically excluded.
Thus, MISA school membership is strictly linked to the payment of the course fee!
Being part of the MISA school depends on paying the course fee or performing some activities for the organization.
And Christians are required to pay for more important religious services, but you can remain a parishioner, attend services
and be recognized as a member of the Christian church without paying a monthly fee.
MISA is, after all, a business!

If the fact that MISA presents itself as a series of regular gym yoga classes is a lie, then what lies behind it?

quote from the show:
Not a few observers of the oriental phenomenon settled in our lands in the last decades, came to consider them
the poor students of the yoga school run by the enlightened mioritic Bivolaru as genuine sex slaves.
By means of psychic manipulation, vulnerable people ended up being practically offered as sexual offerings for the beloved "master".
Who is really the victim here? Not the vulnerable spiritual aspirant who quickly becomes a sexual offering
on the impure altar of the imaginary "master"?
The 26 victims discovered in Bivolaru's sect present us with a similar history. But how many unknown victims?
can they sit on this Guru's long list?

The problem with MISA is that it has become a "third of the lie":
- lies that it offers salvation
- he believes that the method of salvation is disintegration
- he lies and exploits followers for his benefit and - worst of all - women end up like this - SOME, AGAINST THEIR WILL! -
sex offerings to the Guru!

Ultimately, all religions have lied and lie when they claim to have an absolute method of attaining salvation
(including members of the religious community who attended this show!)
The priestly clergy of all religions have profited and profit materially and socially from their followers throughout history.
Individually, some priests, gurus, preachers, healers, etc. have taken advantage and sexually abused their followers.

In the particular case of MISA, most followers participated and are participating in MISA's immoral and illegal activities
with their will, more or less conscious.
Even though all of them were in reality deluded and deceived, yet they chose and still choose to participate in this
it is also largely their fault, which is why they hide and defend the deeds of MISA and its guru.

But beyond all this, there are women who have been exploited and sexually abused AGAINST THEIR WILL.
Some refused to take part on the spot, others later realized that they had been lied to and abused, under the pretext of "sexual initiation into Tantra".
And those who did not know are students from abroad. who had no idea what was waiting for them.
This is the problem with MISA! Here all the justifications of the Guru and the followers are shattered!

You cannot say that "they did not understand what grace is being offered to them, that they were not prepared to receive the initiation!"
Grace does not come automatically, just as love cannot automatically come, it is called rape.
You cannot support the enormity that "God decided that these women should receive Grace!", when they did not want such a thing.
God sees long in advance who is not ready to receive Grace, and therefore does not force such an occasion,
knowing very clearly that the latter will reject the chance. God knowingly left freedom of choice to man,
for it is only in beneficial actions done with wholehearted initiative that spiritual growth occurs.

Also, Guru Bivolaru constantly emphasized that love fusion should not be achieved if there is no feeling
of intense and deep love fully shared by BOTH LOVERS!
Or what kind of love is it about when Guru chooses his "girlfriend" from the pictures, and she comes to Guru without ever having seen him before?
How could some 20-year-old young women love and look forward to making love to a 70-year-old old man?
Bivolaru claims that he offers subtle paranormal initiations from a distance, that he is a bodhaka.
Then why does he need physical contact to initiate women?
It is clear that Bivolaru is violating his own teachings.

Thus, Guru Bivolaru comes alongside all these defilements committed under the guise of religion:
the homosexual priests rapists and sexual abusers of minor boys in the Catholic Church, the adulteries of some Orthodox priests,
the sexual abuses of Satya Sai Baba, Osho, Joao de Deus.
The height of villainy, a recent MISA article accused the "Brazilian healer" of abusing hundreds of women and that he was preparing
to run away with bags full of money, and now - the height of irony - their Guru is fixed in the same situation!

A famous faith healer with millions of followers is accused of actually running a sex slave farm.
More than 600 women around the world have already accused Joao de Deus (JOHN OF GOD) of sexually abusing them
during paranormal healing meetings.

Joao beat Guru in money but was outdone by Guru in women….

> What is there to do?

quote from the show:
"Watching the clip, we realize that what we see related to guru Bivolaru goes beyond this area of ??spirituality and we speak
a bit of the penalty area.
And here the question that arises for me would be the following: to what extent is the state in a position to pronounce on certain things
which are illegal, if those things are strictly related to, I don't know, the rituals of that faith?

The problem is how we define morality and immorality because if this matter is left to the level
our personal definition, we end up in a dead end. What does spirituality mean, when you mean that a man
is it spiritual It would be a problem to say that the residents of ashrams - because they are the communities where they practice
yoga - that those people are not spiritual or have no inclination towards spirituality! They are special people, they are people
with aspirations for God, with searches, they have turmoil, that is, we are not talking about this matter. "

The issue of legality is not about the morality of the rituals of that faith and how members interpret them
different religious communities, but whether the rights and freedoms of human beings are respected or violated ,
first of all the right to free choice - FREE ARBITRATION!
If a human being has been forced to do something against him or if he has been tricked into doing something and realizes that
she was deceived and taken advantage of, then these acts are illegal REGARDLESS of religious dogmas and beliefs.
Religious beliefs concern only those who fully embrace them, not others who do not.

Therefore, if it is proven that the fundamental rights and freedoms of some people have been violated, there is no longer any discussion
regarding the religious beliefs of the members of the community, because they do not decide, but the Law!
Simple: if the dogmas, rituals and religious beliefs of a group violate basic human rights,
they violate the law and therefore the group's activity must be outlawed .

As long as the authorities do not exercise their powers, we will have debates in society like:
- Why does MISA exist?
- Why not? Is anyone stopping them?

As opposed to the isolated individual abuses of some members of the clergy who do not concern a particular religion in its entirety
because they violated the precepts of that religion, at MISA the very "morality" preached by the organization is immoral
or, worse, AMORAL , being promoted by Guru Bivolaru Himself, specifically to serve his purposes!
Even if an individual commits immoral acts, at least he is aware that he is immoral (like the sneak thief).
But an amoral individual can no longer distinguish the line between moral and immoral:

The tantric view rejects nothing
In TANTRA there is no rigid separation between what is good and what is bad, between what is acceptable and what is not.
TANTRA makes no moral judgments about our love preferences. The focus is not on what you do, but how you do what you do.

The sacralization of sexuality
In this new vision, "sin" disappears (if it existed!), being replaced by pure bliss and complete love.
Thus it is neither obscenity nor pornography but only symbolism and refined beauty.

Then, on this fertile ground, the seeds of error are sown, such as for example multiple parallel relationships:
"The fidelity between the two lovers remains unaltered, even if they are involved in other parallel love relationships."
One can note the glaring contradiction between the idea of ??fidelity and parallel relationships .
Another contradiction is that between the practice of porn video chat and its characterization as prostitution by Guru himself.
The aberrant and deviant behaviors of MISA have already been exposed above when speaking of sacred prostitution.

In conclusion, it is required that the authorities in the states where the MISA octopus operates apply the law that includes, everywhere,
respecting the freedom of the human being!
Of course, vigilance is also required on the part of civil society, public opinion and every responsible individual.

quote from the show:
I would like to draw conclusions, and this conclusion I would like to have in mind a warning for those who follow us,
because we talked about these forbidden games that seem to lead us to spirituality or fulfill our need
of spirituality and the road is a dangerous one, so I invite you to a conclusion by which we tell those at home,
on the one hand, what is wrong or what to avoid and where to really look for the source of spirituality they need?

The answer can already be guessed, as the previous question is actually a subtly elevated ball at the net.
The participants in the show center, they nod and they also judge:

quotes from the show:
The problem is, what does it mean to be spiritual? Scripturally, spirituality is at the junction or
in touch or near with reference to a Law that is pure, holy and righteous.
But in order to be able to make a statement like this, which is deeply theological: "Let me not sin!", first of all
you must need the definition of sin. What is sin? Sin is a relationship with a Law!

Authentic spirituality is found in the Bible and is related to some very clear benchmarks, the Law of God.
To be scripturally authentic spiritually is to curb your lusts or focus them in a framework
approved by God.

"Sin is a relationship with a Law!" That is, an intellectual reporting, an interpretation of the mind?
Obviously it cannot be so, since all read the Law (the word of Scripture), all claim not only to understand it correctly
but also that they are the only ones who have the just understanding, and yet they all sin, even though they don't want to admit it!
And those at MISA are "experts" in such false arguments, because they claim that MISA is "the only authentic school
from the planet" and that only they hold "planetary premiere" revelations.
What does "God's approved framework" mean, and who can claim to know exactly what this framework is?
Obviously, some who claim that they know God's Will, that God speaks to them constantly, and those at MISA are among them.
At MISA, "the framework approved by God" means "the affirmative answer to the consecration"!
The absolute will of the Unmanifest and Unlimited God is the faces perceived precisely by some very limited, blind
and who are chained in Manifestation.
The expression "the framework approved by God" is specific to the sectarian approach to spirituality.
Sectarians claim loudly that this approach is scriptural but, in fact, it is f ripturistic.
All preachers walk around with the Bible in hand and always show it to the audience as a guarantee of spiritual authority.

And Bivolaru shows the same Scripture, but he claims to have found in it Esoteric Christianity based on the Divine Attributes,
i.e. Deism: The New, Unique and Supreme Religion!
Such an interpretive approach will not only not shake MISA adherents from their position, but will strengthen them.
Furthermore, they will argue loudly that this is a mental approach , and the right way is direct inner perception.
which, obviously, they are the only ones who own it.

quotes from the show:
In the mindset of some traditional classical religions, it is not a bad thing to be a Christian and practice yoga exercises.
If you want to stick to what is written in the Scriptures, to be God's man, follow the Holy Book. If not, you will approach a syncretic religion.

This is what MISA has always done. They claim to be the renewing synthesis of all traditional ways.
MISA claims to have and know it all, and whatever you tell its followers, they will "sublimate and modulate" any message
only in the sense in which it suits them.
For example, according to them, the Guru did immense good to the raped students, he gave them a unique chance for spiritual evolution
unique chance that some of them didn't understand or refused...

Practically, in this show, some sectarians are addressed by others also from a sectarian position.
Therefore, it is not surprising what the "final" conclusion is:

quote from the show:
– Yes, a conclusion please!
– I cannot afford to prescribe anything to a yogi. So, in matters of religion, you cannot prescribe, because people must
let them convince themselves if there is anything to be convinced of.

Well, those from MISA have already "convinced" themselves! This is what they always say: "I came to yoga for direct conviction through experience
immediate interior and I found it only at MISA!"

We allow ourselves to prescribe something to the yogis of MISA: carefully analyze the statements and actions of MISA and its Guru
and note the contradictions that appear (more and more frequently) both between them and between statements and reality.
And if Guru&Co say one thing and do another, or if they say one is white and then black, then they are not in the truth.
Discernment: this is their ONLY and LAST chance!

...And I was wondering "Was it a sect, wasn't it a sect?" and the more I thought about it and saw its mechanism,
the more I understood what happened to me, the more painful it was, the more you go to the conclusion
"This is a process!"
Because you don't realize, you don't think, and until you see... I found out in those moments that it is true
"Yes, it really is as bad as it sounds! This is human trafficking and systematic ritualized sexual abuse of hundreds,
if not to thousands of women, it happens every day, right under our noses. That's exactly what it was!

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Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
Posted by: Hans7 ()
Date: January 17, 2024 07:10AM

Another great article from the exmisa forum here translated into English:

"Apostates" and followers of sects

In a post on her Instagram channel , Ashleigh Freckleton - a victim of MISA abuse - describes the tactic
which abusive sects use, which is called DARVO for short:
Deny , Attack , Reverse Victim Offender . _ _ She also writes:
” In essence, it attempts to rob victims of their right to speak out against abuse by shifting the blame onto them.
A particularly common approach is to assume the role of 'falsely accused' and attempt to attack the credibility of the accusers."

In the interval that has passed since the actions of the French police on November 28, 2023 against Bi volaru and his henchmen,
MISA's attitude has gone through all these phases.
Obviously, the first reaction after the astonishment produced by learning the news was DENIAL :
"We have nothing to do with such a thing, nothing that is said is true, we are righteous, although we were not at the scene,
we know for sure that it can't be like that!"

In the order of entering the field: ATMAN press release, November 29 :
"We reject any of these current absurd allegations that are made without evidence.
The ATMAN Federation is not responsible or liable for the private lives of students and teachers of member schools."
even though it's about the Supreme Father of the organization!

MISA, which is waiting for a registered ticket, came out late: MISA press release, November 30 :
” We specify again that MISA organizes yoga courses only in Romania, the yoga school in France being an independent entity,
with its own leadership and organization."

After they calmed down a bit, they went to ATACK : "Well, you see we're suing you, we've won such lawsuits before!"

ATMAN statement:
"Some of the member schools of the ATMAN Federation have won lawsuits, including the ECHR, proving human rights violations."

MISA statement:
"Among the dozens of yoga practitioners whose homes were raided in March 2004, not a single one (!) complained to the "liberating" authorities
that he had been trafficked, exploited, abused, but on the contrary they all made complaints against the prosecutors and the gendarmes
who conducted the searches."

Then the triple VICTIMIZATION : "The police abused, in cahoots with the press and with the victims who filed complaints, it's the hand of the Occult!"

"Another episode of a slanderous witch hunt against genuine spirituality.
We are deeply concerned about the unfounded attacks by the police and the media against our Federation.
This is another episode of an ongoing witch hunt, and this manufactured campaign should raise
a red flag for anyone who cares about spiritual and religious freedom.
The way spiritual movements are attacked by both the media and the police has many parallels with other cases of abuse
of human rights, unfortunately reminiscent of totalitarian regimes.
Gregorian Bivolaru has been the target of media campaigns of discredit and slander supported and fueled by the authorities and SRI since the 1990s."

In addition, the tactic mentioned by Ashleigh: " attacking the credibility of the accusers ", including the victims, is fully manifested :

MISA statement:
"The case in which yoga practitioners were wrongly accused of human trafficking was based on only a few statements
of so-called victims who were either threatened with indictment or persuaded by prosecutors to sign complaints
with the promise that they will thus obtain huge sums as moral damages.
The court refused the requests for moral damages for the so-called injured persons.
The Romanian media is using this new opportunity to "unearth" sensationalist interviews
of former MISA students, unscrupulous people, desperate for attention and money or motivated by personal vendettas ."

But not only the press has "sensational interviews of former MISA students", MISA also has its clients.
Whenever Bivolaru and MISA have problems with justice everywhere, all kinds of servants appear who jump to the aid of the "oropsites".
One of these minions is Massimo Introvigne, who has repeatedly taken pro-MISA positions.
He did it now, delivering a series of articles that have already started to be published on the MISA websites: "Behind the scenes of the Bivolaru case"
The basic idea of this series is that the alleged victims have been convinced by some anti-cult groups that they have been abused.

The supporter of MISA claims to be a great objective analyst that his works were "favorably reviewed".
After he exposes some false, inaccurate news reported by the press about Bivolaru and then reviews the "demonic doubts"
who did not win their case in the courts, begins to sow the worm of "divine doubt", i.e. the doubt towards what
reports the women who have accused Bivolaru of abuse over the years.

"At the time he was arrested in France, Bivolaru was wanted by the Finnish authorities, who had put him on the Interpol list
for alleged abuse of Finnish women in France (here the word "alleged" is required under the presumption of innocence)
The late and renowned Swedish sociologist Liselotte Frisk investigated the allegations in Finland and found them highly dubious."

Wait for me a moment, Signor Introvigne! I understood that the term "alleged victims" is because of the presumption of innocence,
but to set about characterizing a priori the statements and complaints of the alleged victims as dubious before they do
to be debated in court, what kind of objectivity is that?
If Signor Bivolaru-Aurolsson is presumed innocent, so are the "alleged victims" of good faith.

But at the end of this first episode, the "favorably reviewed" shows his face:
"It seems that this erroneous information comes from the press releases of the prosecutors, behind which they are
the French government anti-sect agency MIVILUDES and a little-known anti-sect organization called GéPS
before the Bivolaru case.
What was well known were allegations that women were "brainwashed" in other countries and taken to France to have
sexual relations with Bivolaru. This is the essence of the case in Finland and the statements given by a handful of former members
become enemies of MISA (cases discussed in my book).
These former "renegade" members, who have been active in anti-MISA campaigns for years, are the "victims" who grant
pseudonymous interviews with French and international media. To date, none of their stories have been confirmed
by the verdict of a court of law. _

This was! "Apostates" are to blame! That is, former members left MISA and then became its enemies,
beginning to spread thus, by fools and influenced by others, false rumors about the righteous at MISA!
In this parrot's opinion, the women who made accusations against the righteous were convinced by others that they had been abused,
when in fact they were happy and received great grace, but others twisted their minds and turned them against the Great Messiah!
Thus, panarama refers to a page with sides of , in which it is written:
"Are apostates trustworthy? Ex-members who become apostates often 'learn' their role in anti-cult movements."

Introvigne presents a limited, even contradictory, logic captured by the following statement from the article above:
"We must not confuse two different notions: former members and apostates.
Most ex-members have no hard feelings toward the organization they left. Only a few become militant opponents.”

Those who left an organization, even if they did not leave with strong resentments and do not become militant opponents, must have had
still a reason to leave it, because no one leaves where he is very comfortable!
Their silence is significant because it means they don't want to talk about their experiences, maybe they were traumatic.
Why would you refuse to talk about good times?

But what about "enemies?" Why do they have "aggressive feelings"? Either they felt cheated, or they had very unpleasant experiences!
Did the Great Objective Analyst ever think that the "enemies" left MISA precisely because of what they experienced in MISA?
Perhaps they consider MISA to be a social danger and feel the need to put society and vulnerable people on guard.
In Introvigne's view, apostates are unreliable because they have left the sect, have something against them and therefore cannot be objective,
but that would automatically mean that those who remained in the sect are objective and trustworthy!?
It seems that they are for him since he always defends MISA, without asking why she is always accompanied by scandal, everywhere,
while so many other Yoga or even Tantra courses do not have any kind of scandal.
He only reads what MISA presents as a facade to the public, but has no idea what goes on inside.
What would he say about the fact that Bivolaru claims that the "holy spirit" appeared to him and urged him to preach the consumption of urine to the whole world?

The page also features a photo of individuals wearing Anonymus masks and displaying a sign that reads
” Ask me why I wear a mask? ” Will it be a reference to the anonymous “apostates” on this blog?
It's an abject maneuver because some of those who accuse MISA of sexual abuse have publicly revealed their identity,
with face, name and surname:
- former instructor Mihaela Frîncu, whose letter to the International Yoga Federation IYF brought the exclusion of MISA
- Bivolaru's former lawyer, Mihai Rapcea (video and blog )
- former MISA instructor from Italy, Virgil Catalin Calin (video and blog articles )
- Cecilia Tiz (video and blog )
- former student Roxana-Malina Chirila (video - with the victim Reeta from Finland - and blog )
- former student Ashleigh Freckleton (text and video , podcast part 1 and part 2 ).
Ashleigh has a web page - Cultawareness - which warns of the danger of cults, from which it follows that
she was the victim of her own page!
And the victims who filed complaints are not anonymous in the sense of Anonymus, but have an identity known to the French authorities
and which will become known at trial.

How is anonymity justified when posting about MISA?
MISA sues former students unjustifiably, even if they have no evidence and lose the lawsuits, just for intimidation (CNCD and court ).
When someone goes public and makes statements that don't suit them, hey, the people from MISA-ATMAN also file a lawsuit !
Instead, the above accusers and victims - direct witnesses to the events in MISA - are not suing
for they are afraid of what might come out of such a trial! That says a lot.

The servant Introvigne, MISA's eternal defender, should rather ask why, when evidence emerges
about MISA's involvement in the sexual exploitation of students, the incriminating evidence disappears from the websites of MISA and its subsidiaries,
without any explanation?
For example, the evidence proving that this branch had a shop (Kubera) disappeared from the page of the Scandinavian NATHA branch
on which he sold online the porn films produced at MISA , in which the leader NATHA himself appears, together with his wife!
Or the case of the instructor and coordinator of the women's group in Prague of the Rezonance school, Magdalena Holancova who,
after she was proven to be active on porn video chats under the name Elsa , she suddenly disappeared with her face, but not her name,
from the website of the MISA branch in the Czech Republic .

All this and more have appeared on this blog - some translated into English - but the Great Analyst has no eyes
than for the dust thrown in MISA's eyes.
How is it that, after posts appeared on this blog about the fact that Bivolaru and the gang are active in France ,
were they even caught in france? Can the MISA servant remove any "dubious post" from this blog?
No, they just label them as "dubious apostates".

In Part 2 of the said series of articles, entitled
"Behind the scenes of the Bivolaru case. GePS, the strange origins of a French anti-sect organization ” ,
"which claims credit for the arrest of the founder of MISA in France", the author continues his discrediting maneuver
and ridiculing the women who accused MISA and Bivolaru of sexual abuse, seeking to induce the idea that they
allegedly driven to file complaints by dubious organizations hunting down, at all costs, any kind of group
"alternative" spiritual practices, which do not fit into the "usual" norms.

One passage is particularly noteworthy:
"I do not accept the theory that any woman (or man) who engages in a spiritual path that explores alternative forms of
of eroticism, some of which involve erotic encounters with the master of the group or with other partners with whom he is not in a relationship,
is by definition a victim of abuse. I interviewed dozens of women (and men) who are part of and support such groups
that they knew before joining them what it was all about, and that they gladly and willingly participated in such experiences."

One can clearly see the meanness or foolishness of this individual, who only considers what suits him in the situation
and judge wrongly. He does not have both eyes covered, like Justice, but sees with one eye, the one that looks all the time towards the MASS!
Of course, such relationships are not by definition abusive, in the case of those who "participated with pleasure and willingly".
But judging with the same measure - an indispensable principle for any fair judgment - also imposes the other side of the problem:
the case of people who "DID NOT KNOW IN ADVANCE what it was about and did NOT participate with pleasure
and willingly to such experiences"!
Moreover, the simple fact that there are people who did not know in advance what they were going to participate in, is a huge question mark!
Why hide such information? Can this secrecy be justified only by the safety of the "master of the group"?
What about the safety of the common member? This one doesn't matter, can it be sacrificed on the altar of the "master" anyway?
The fact that there are women who refused on the spot to participate in the "initiation" shows that they did not know what was coming because,
if he had known beforehand, he would have refused to make the trip.
And if there are people who did not know in advance what they were going to participate in, but still gave in to the insistence and participated
"without pleasure and good will" and then they regretted it, it is not normal for them to warn about what is happening, if only because
other people do not get to live such experiences?

another quote:
"The reports about MISA and Bivolaru emphasize the fact that, in 2008, this group was excluded from the European Yoga Alliance EYA
and from the International Yoga Federation IYF.
But this implies the existence of a Yoga "Church" or "Vatican" with the authority to "excommunicate" "heretics",
which is obviously false. The question of "authenticity" in both yoga and tantrism is politically negotiated and often misunderstood.
Teachings offered in India are now also influenced by their western counterparts and federations and umbrella organizations are trying to
to present themselves as the custodians of a mythic 'authenticity' while competing for power and money."

What authority do the mentioned international federations have? He even called us MISA, which made a title of glory out of its membership
to these and boasted of it, presenting it as proof of its authenticity:
"Accessing the website of the International Yoga Federation ( ), the members section , we find that
the only Yoga organization in Romania recognized by the international authority is MISA, full member
in the International Yoga Federation, having the right to vote in the General Assembly of the Federation.
MISA is the only organization in Romania that is a full member of the International Yoga Federation
MISA has never flaunted this status that certifies the theoretical and practical value of yoga courses on an international level
and the traditional teaching method."
"The International Yoga Federation (IYF) is the world authority on Yoga".

EYA and IYF present themselves as a "Vatican" of yoga with the authority to "excommunicate" "heretics"? MISA does exactly the same thing,
which has created its own umbrella-federation and claims, in turn, that it is the only authentic school!
And Pope Bivolaru excommunicates those who no longer recognize his authority .
But Introvigne pretends not to see this, he has already put his monocle on one eye and considers himself an impartial and objective analyst.

In the 3rd part of the mentioned series of articles , the author throws down a rain of details, a veritable smoke screen
after which they seek to hide the true essence of the problem.
We will not go after this trick and note only the funny passage at the end of the article:
After Bivolaru was arrested in 2023, Gascan reported that he considered MISA to be "a second branch" of Ashram Shambala,
which, as previously mentioned in this series, is patently false."

So, apart from MISA, there is at least one other group that claims to be the hand of Shambhala (founded in Russia in 1989)!
But the representative of the "others" was not in Shambala, like Haiducu-lu-Sapte-Chakre from MISA.
The others would be the Ashram of Shambhala , but MISA is stronger, because even its television was opened at them !
What a competition, what a knock on the brand of Shambhala, what a trample on the bomb! Will it be a coincidence?
Gâscanu was probably fooled by the fact that MISA has the Shambhala yantra on its logo.
But he was wrong: MISA cannot be the "second branch", because Bivolaru can never be a branch.
He is the Trunk Itself, the Unique One without a second. Either it's the Trunk or it's nothing!

In the 4th part , Introvigne finally puts his "impartial objective" brass on his face:

"They contacted non-French women who were telling cap and sword stories about how they had been brainwashed
in their countries where they attended MISA courses, invited to go to Paris, blindfolded by drivers
in Paris and were taken to locations in France. where they were forced to have sexual relations with Bivolaru.

While readers of the French press are led to believe that this was the result of a Sherlock-Holmes action by the GéPS,
these stories had been known for years.
The late Swedish scholar Liselotte Frisk met the women – and found them hard to believe – when she investigated the Finnish case in 2018.”

"Uh, there are stories of cap and sword, à la Sherlock-Holmes, they are hard to believe..."
But are the MISA stories with aliens, with visits to Shambala, with messages from the "holy spirit prophet of urine" easy to believe?
May the justice of God and the sufferings of those "hard to believe" women be upon this scoundrel, because I see that he has already arranged the "scholar"!
This is what the scholar said (Rest in peace! but it's hard to believe) in a production on the internet , I quote from page 9:
"MISA members have also produced films with erotic content. The films are described as "artistic and erotic" and not pornographic ,
containing spiritual teachings. It is emphasized that these films were not produced by MISA, but were private initiatives of the members
(Stoian interview)."

I was going to say "Should you die?", but that is no longer the case.
These are the scientific methods of the objective researchers of Lu' Pe?te: they only interview charlatans, like the con
by "Swedish expert on religions" Nylund, whom I quote:

"Symposium participants are admitted on the basis of an ID card, for which they must send photos, sometimes in a bathing suit,
the MISA coder, to "read" the aura of those who want to participate, to be able to determine if they have no health problems."
"In order to select the participants for the camps, among which there are many young people, these international symposia gather
a large number of photos. These photos were confiscated by the Romanian authorities and classified as pornographic pictures,
obviously because they don't want to understand what the photos contain (i.e. a single person in a bathing suit) and what their purpose is ."

The former students, who show the evidence provided by MISA themselves, are not asked by any (s)expert, that they are apostates and are not objective...

Note: As can be seen from the last article of the series in the original , comrade Introvigne - just like_MISA's media channels -
he only posts pictures of Bivolaru from when he was younger, and the "initiates" still don't spontaneously vomit at the sight of him,
as I am now, when I see this .

Introvigne wrote a book about MISA, entitled "Sacred Eroticism: Tantra and Eros in MISA", whose presentation is here or .
Here is an edifying fragment that demonstrates his much-claimed "objectivity":
"Massimo Introvigne does not apply the 'sex magic' category to MISA.
There is no "clear-cut difference" between magic and religion, on the other hand, the label of "sexual magic" is not always accepted by practitioners.
Furthermore, the category of "sexual magic" would not apply to MISA in any case. Thus, the Italian sociologist opts for the use of "sacred eroticism".

"The label 'sex magic' is not accepted by practitioners".
Of course he doesn't accept! They are divine by birth, they are holy from the start and they practice "sacred eroticism"...
What will they say about them, that they are falling apart? Not! They will say that the "holy spirit" called them to become the apostles of urine!

This is Introvigne's "objective research method": take for granted, from the start, what the "practitioners" say.
If the "practitioners" say they are saints, that's it, it's settled! It doesn't matter what the critics say, they are apostates...

Massimo Introvigne is a promoter (lobbyist) of cults and controversial religious movements, under the guise of freedom of belief .
He was director for Italy of the "Transylvanian Society of Dracula", a fact that does not bother the people of MISA, who usually
he vehemently criticizes all those who "manifest evil resonances".

ANNEX - excerpts from the article "The man who helped bring down the tantric yoga sect"

We tried to understand why there were no victims in France. I understood then that if there were no victims in France,
it also exists elsewhere, particularly in the southern hemisphere. I found articles reporting testimonies from young women who were invited
from Argentina, New Zealand, Australia and France for sexual initiation with Gregorian Bivolaru.
They were abused copiously. Then they returned to their country.

Most likely, Bivolaru avoided involving French women in his practices, perhaps for fear of seeing a complaint filed
in the country where he lived. It is clear that if a woman in Buenos Aires is abused, the time needed to take action,
becoming aware of her victim status and claiming damages could take years or never happen.
And right now, you live thousands of miles away from where the incident happened. You are far from everything. It is very difficult to make a complaint.

About two years ago, I collected testimonies from women in the southern hemisphere, but also in Poland, Scotland, Iceland and Finland.
All were victims of this guru. These testimonies were then translated into French, submitted especially to Miviludes

- When you see Bivolaru's photos, this guy with a plumber's education doesn't seem very charismatic.
How could he have so much influence?

He is described as a scholar. He is a man who reads a lot. His home is full of books.
He also writes a lot, mostly conspiracy theory texts with paranoid ideas.
He is an ambivalent character. Some victims describe him as gentle, at least initially.
Others indicate that if he encounters opposition, he is capable of great anger, insulting people, punishing them, being very harsh.
He is a Janus, a man with two faces.

- How did he achieve his goals with women?

Conditioning covers several aspects. The procedure is immutable, perfectly established for all victims.
For two weeks before meeting him, they will have to watch pornographic videos, read a certain number of books,
either mystical or with pornographic references, to familiarize themselves with lesbianism, etc.
They may be deprived of food and sleep, which will weaken their alertness. To this must be added the practice of urinotherapy or urophilia,
which consists of drinking partners' urine.
Women are then ready to meet the Master and finally have states of enlightenment and above all become
a beautiful person, to evolve in life, to integrate in all situations, etc., according to the promises made to them.
Provided he goes through the famous initiation. After a soft, even warm session, things will get more intense with some sexual practice
which can last around ten hours with sometimes acts of violence.

- Do you have any idea about the number of his victims?

Victims are generally scared. They fear reprisals for themselves, for their family. So very few came forward.
That said, there are women's groups already fighting against tantric practices. They are talking about hundreds, even thousands of victims.
But I cannot confirm these figures. Gregorian Bivolaru himself claims to have slept with more than 1,000 women.
What is certain is that the victims we contacted represent only a very small tip of the iceberg.

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Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
Posted by: Hans7 ()
Date: April 24, 2024 09:27PM

For German speakers, a very extensive research into the Atman/Misa cult:

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Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
Posted by: Hans7 ()
Date: May 19, 2024 05:49PM

The google translated to English transcript of the German podcast "Toxic Tantra" from ARD audio library - Seelenfänger.
An extensive research into the Misa, Atman and Deutsche akademie für traditionelles yoga


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