Hay House and The Cult of a Substitute Religion
Date: March 22, 2007 07:16PM

There are a lot of dangerous products in the market right now and one very deceptive writer is Doreen Virtue whose Ph.D. is from a degree mill in California. Virtue's claim to fame is that she is teaching the world how to work with the angelic realm. Her trademark product is called Angel Therapy which is about working with one's angels to manifest what they want. Wow ... in the Holy Bible whenever someone was met with an angel their reaction was one of fear. Angels are messengers and they reveal themselves to people to tell them to do God's bidding. Virtue has revised this ancient role by telling people that the angels are our errand boys just like the Greek pagan myth of Mercury and his winged feet!

Now everyone is entitled to their beliefs. The Crusades were a dark example in Christian when faith went out of hand and people killed in the name of God. However, one must always consider the source. It is not uncommon for employers to do a background check on potential workers. Nor is it foolish to interview a surgeon before deciding on having them operate on you. So ... let's consider the source of all these seemingly beautiful angel messages.

Doreen Virtue is on her fourth marriage to a man named Steven Farmer, who is a plastic shaman at best and promoting the pagan practice of animal spirit worship. Her Ph.D. is from an unaccredited Clarkson University (at least the Ph.D. program is not accredited) and she charges $2500 to train someone to become a medium. Doreen claimed to have worked at a psychiatric hospital that is now closed and when people call to verify her employment the response is vague at best. If I were an investor this would spell penny stock to me.

Nonetheless, I challenge readers to return to the Holy Bible for guidance on this and any other teacher. First, the good book says that even the Devil himself and his demons disguise themselves as angels of light. Their lure and promise is that you TOO could be like God. Of course, having been a high ranking angel before his fall, the dark side leader himself knows the bible inside out to twist you into believing its OK to play with sorcery. Buyer beware in this age of spiritual commercialization.

Every major religion demands sublimation to God. Every major religion in its pure form has rules. The Old and New Testament forbid idolatry and many of these New Age guru are akin to the gold lamb that God destroyed when the Israelites forgot that he delivered them out of bondage in Egypt. By following without discernment New Age writers with belief systems contrary to Christianity ... you are walking back into bondage whether you agree or not.

Finally, God is NOT your errand boy and neither are the Archangels, angels, seraphim, etc. You are here to serve God and the angels has said in the bible not to worship them instead of God but to call on them to protect from dark forces. There are only 7 Archangels not the 109 made-up names that Doreen Virtue invented. If she invented her Ph.D. and professional background, she probably invented these other spiritual beings or perhaps they are running her. Nonetheless.... as God is my witness ... I declare that these New Age books are potentially violations of the First Commandment. In the end, no matter what magic the Egyptian Sorcerers pulled on Moses, it was God's will that was done .... Pharaoh’s earthly power was no match and the Israelites were set free.

The best cure is prevention of spiritual bondage ... trust wholly in God and him alone.

false prophetess Sylvia Browne ... and her deceptive book on The Mystical Life of Jesus. Consider the Source. Sylvia Browne told the parents of a missing child on Montel Williams that their son was dead and they needed to release him in order for his spirit to cross over to the other side. A few years later the child was found alive and well. Under her previous surname spelling of "Brown" she has a criminal record in the State of California for securities fraud where she debunked investors by telling them that her psychic ability indicated the investment would make them lots of money. These are just two incidents and don't forget she said the Sago Miners were safe on national TV until they were found dead except for one. Consider the Source. This is a book about Christ. Christ himself said that not all spirits are to be believed, they must be tested, and only those spirits who are of God are to be listened to. Now, going back to the Old Testament .... there is a commandment among the 10 that says "Thou Shalt Not Lie"........and "Thou Shalt Not Take the Name of the Lord in Vain" ... and "You Shall Not Steal".... Please note I am not a bible thumper and am open to spirituality. In all things practice discernment. The Bible also warns - Even the Devil himself disguises as an angel of light to deceive because especially he knows the Bible itself inside out to mislead spiritual seekers.

Browne did have a prophetic gift from birth just as Rice had her ability to write beautifully. The later is dedicating it to God who granted it in the first place. The former has not done what the bible asked for those gifted with spiritual gifts. Rather than use her psychic ability to build the church, Browne has created her own church, and is leading people away from the one true God.

All I have to say is - God can have mercy.

The Facts Speak for Themselves
This is a generally good book but I challenge readers to keep the following in perspective: Sonia Choquette's Ph.D. in metaphysics is from the American Institute of Holistic Theology which is unaccredited. She attended the University of Denver and the Sorbonne in France but from what I gather ... did not receive a certificate or diploma or baccalaureate. In Diary of a Psychic I recall her stating she dropped out of Denver and worked as a flight attendant. She has stated that she studied the Kabbalah when mainstream Judaism does not allow anyone to study it unless they are Jewish, a man, and 40 plus. Sonia once stated in her radio show that another psychic told her she was a rock star on the planet Saturn (I kid you not as God is my witness) either in a co-reality or previous incarnation Listen carefully to her radio show and other public appearances when she gives readings. There is a pattern of her saying many of the same things over and over again. She constantly tells people they are psychic so they will train with her at $3500 for level 1 and 2 at a spa resort in Illinois. More recently she has announced a new course for the price of $4000 for people to learn how to read her three oracle cards at Miravel. Before Sonia met her husband she got involved with a man who left her for another man. If she is so psychic and trained since age 12 why didn't she pick up bisexual tendencies before being dumped for another gender? She charges $800/hour for personal readings but why is it that a lot of people whom I know who have read her are often told the same thing? Her response is that she attracts a soul group. Everyone is told to do The Artist's Way, that they are psychic, to read Mindful Loving, to do The Hoffman Process (which she is on the board of advisors - maybe she gets a kickback or something), come to her workshops (of course, more money for her), and she recommended to a listener to do alternative medicine... such as homeopathy which has been proven to have ZERO ingredients to be of effectiveness. She also recommends in her earlier books (such as True Balance) the following teachers: Sai Baba (an Indian guru with controversial allegations of abuse on young followers), A Course in Miracles (written by a woman in New York City who was an agnostic Jew yet claims to channel the voice of Jesus Christ), Lynn Andrews (a plastic shaman who has been exposed for making all her books up), and in her newer book references Dr. Emoto on the impact of thought energy on matter. Dr. Emoto's Ph.D. is also from a questionable university and his findings were done not according to scientific protocol nor have his reports been peer-reviewed to maintain quality control. If you don't believe me do your own research ... and just listen to her radio show ... the same things over and over again is a pattern of messaging that is too obvious if you go through the archives carefully of her shows. In many of her writings she states that one some level you choose everything that happens to you, everything you think of creates your reality, and it begs the question: (1) in one of her books she is quoted as saying that “even the people murdered chose that reality” yet last I checked capital crimes were to be prosecuted and would she say this or even believe it if the awful fate befall someone she cared about? Would she be so spiritual about it? Would she be so calm and esoteric to say it if it hit close to home? (2) So did she have a thought about attracting in a man who would betray her to be gay on some deep subconscious level just as Henry did to her in Diary of a Psychic or in Heart’s Desire?

Hmmmmmmm....... Finally, the facts speak for themselves ... she is a graduate of an unaccredited higher educational institution that she is now on the faculty of, claims that Christ taught her to be psychic in her autobiography, says she is Catholic yet practices spiritual methods that the church does not approve of such as divination, and so forth and so on. Though she is a well-meaning lovely lady the facts for any consumer should be taken into account. All that said, Sonia's guidance has turned around the lives of many people, overall she is a sweet wise guide who uplifts many people's vibrations. But as much as I personally adore this writer for her genuine sweet nature ... as a lawyer and Catholic I cannot overlook certain facts.

Choquette’s earlier work was much better until she aligned herself with Hay House (publisher of Sylvia Browne’s books) and has become more concerned with keeping up her game and being brand consistent in her messages to truly now be of any personal use to those who seek her out. Her beautiful gift of second sight has now dimmed as her business model and personal livelihood is now so tied into having six sensory groupies all over the world in devotion of Sonia’s saying as their substitute personal religion. The very gift that brought her acclaim when she operated from a sincere spirit of service is now second to Choquette’s quest to be special and spiritually superior.

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Hay House and The Cult of a Substitute Religion
Posted by: gondolf ()
Date: March 26, 2007 06:55AM


Dorreen Virtue and "Angel Therapy" is all the rage in my town right now. I presumed that what she is doing is trying to get people to contact angels for guidance. You seem to be saying here that she is teaching people to use angels to get what they want, not necessarily for guidance on what is right, spiritually speaking. Is that what you are saying?

I was really kind of hoping she hadn't become just another conduit for teaching selfishness and greed, but you seem to be suggesting she has. Am I correct on that score?

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Hay House and The Cult of a Substitute Religion
Posted by: Gulab Jamon ()
Date: March 30, 2007 01:44AM

There is another thread already started on Hay House in the "multi-level marketing" forum too, so check that one out also.

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