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Re: International Enlightenment Fellowship/Andrew Cohen
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: February 24, 2011 07:29PM

This may have been mentioned before in this thread or elsewhere in connection with Andrew Cohen's 'EnlightenNext' but there is a property in London, UK owned by EnlightenNext called The Window which is being used as a corporate events venue.

On a recent visit to London, a friend who had taken part in a business seminar held by a company called Business Link, which is a UK government funded advisory service, pointed this out to me. She had attended the seminar at The Window, the website for which does not make it apparent that it is run by EnlightenNext.

Out of curiosity I went to see for myself and found that throughout the premises are displayed Andrew Cohen's books and EnlightenNext magazines, posters and placards, yet people and organizations visiting the place were obviously not there specifically to sample any Andrew Cohen wares.

A smart move on behalf of Cohen and his lackeys: they obtain a nice newly renovated property, make it available to all manner of top-level businesses and surreptitiously promote their products as a charity offering what might appear to be some vaguely benign spiritual self-development. Thereby they target the money-makers and draw them in by stealth.

Perhaps this is common practice in the international EnlightenNext community, I don't know, but thought it worth pointing out.

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Re: International Enlightenment Fellowship/Andrew Cohen
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: February 24, 2011 09:35PM

Sneaky. The only mention of Cohen's org that I could find on The Window site was on the map:


I wonder where the purchase money came from, that is prime commercial space and will be a prime cost.
The purchase of Foxhollow was funded by an inheritance manipulated from a besotted devotee--and later sorely regretted by that devotee.

The dispensers of our tax money should be fully informed about the organisation they are supporting.

The usually means a registered charity in the UK.

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Re: International Enlightenment Fellowship/Andrew Cohen
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 25, 2011 12:07AM



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Inspiring Change 2008/09EnlightenNext is an educational charity in. Islington, London, supporting the
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Re: International Enlightenment Fellowship/Andrew Cohen
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 25, 2011 12:09AM

Go to the search button on the upper right hand corner of the window for Ross Institute message board.

Put triodos in the slot and select all dates

See what comes up.

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Re: International Enlightenment Fellowship/Andrew Cohen
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 25, 2011 12:54AM

And note what was stated in the citation above--Triodos' statement

"Philosophy of life

"We want to support non-coercive expressions of religious belief. We lend to a wide range of spiritual and religious groups that respect human freedom and nurture the spirit."

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Re: International Enlightenment Fellowship/Andrew Cohen
Posted by: Martin Gifford ()
Date: February 25, 2011 06:01AM

This 'getting to be independent people' can only be done one brain at a time and only accomplished, if it is ever to be accomplished, by the owner of that brain.

But we can disrupt the culture that is currently conducive to producing sheep.

And we can create a society that is conducive to producing independent people.

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Re: International Enlightenment Fellowship/Andrew Cohen
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: February 25, 2011 06:57PM

My friend who had attended a government-sponsored seminar at The Window told me everyone there was oblivious as to what EnlightenNext was about, even the Business Link organizers who'd hired the conference room. She mentioned it to a few people and none of them knew anything about it. One said they thought the place was run by some New Age self-development group but didn't see it as being of any significance.

When I visited the place, I saw lots of high-level business people milling about. A few were waiting to join whatever conference and perusing the Andrew Cohen books. When I made a false inquiry about hiring the space, I was informed it was run by a charity.

Triodos may claim that they support 'non-coercive' expressions, but The Window is clearly a planned attempt to subtly coerce members of the UK business community into consuming EnlightenNext products while at the same time make money out of them. They could at least explain on their website what they represent and what the money the place earns is actually supporting.

It is alarming to think that even the UK government is being drawn in to offering tacit approval of the likes of Andrew Cohen.

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Re: International Enlightenment Fellowship/Andrew Cohen
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 26, 2011 12:28AM

Something that business people had better be aware of--it is time well spent to study the actual ideology behind a charity from which one rents space for conferences or retreats.

What is worth pondering is that there are situations in which it is not be able to separate a method from the ideology that gave rise to that method.

And that there may be limits to the adage, oh, take what you like and leave the rest.

If the charity's actual ideology is cruel, denies the inherant dignity of the ordinary, untransformed non wealthy human being, and if that ideology fosters a harshly competitve elitism, a group or business which trustfully rents conference or retreat space from such a group or, yet more trustfully, picks up a brochure and learns 'corporate psychology' from them, may unconsciously, be affected.

Perhaps long term, their own corporate culture may turn cruel. Its one thing to be a business. If your business is subtly socialized to see itself as part of an evolutionary vanguard, then the psychological shadow is--to despise anyone who is not part of this evolutionary vanguard. Ones competitors are no longer respected as men and women worthy of a handshake.

The sense of shared humanity between oneself and others is lost. One is only worthy if on that thin, always thin, cutting edge of the avant-garde.

There is a steely intensity, but long term, play and creativity are lost. One cannot take a joke if one is out to Evolve the Universe. Without humor and humanity creativity is stifled and---ones best and most creative employees will leave--they will dislike the cruel seriousness that begins to set in as ones company takes on the Evolutionary Mindset.

As a case study, we can glance aside from Enlightenext for a monent and look at a winegrower who laments that some of the pleasure has departed since too many other vintners are no longer content to love and grow wine but have bought into Steiners methods, even though they claim not to believe the Steinerian mindset.

It appears that methods derived from Steiners elitist mindset turned formerly nice persons into cruelly elitist types.

Here is a blog by a man who is a winegrower and who has a vineyard and been in the industry for decades. He expresses grief and dismay that biodynamics, derived from Rudolf Steiner's methods of Anthroposophical agriculture, has had a sadly divisive effect on what had once been a competitive, yet friendly industry.

Some of the winegrowers he refers to claim not to buy into or believe Steiner's ideology, but use the biodynamic methods. Strangely, though they are not conscious believers in Steiner, they are, from this man's report, behaving as though Biodynamics is not just one agricultural method among many but...a proof of superior moral standing.

When people believe they are saved, or of higher moral standing, this can be a community killer and ruin a corporate culture that once, though competitive, had enjoyed a sense of colleageality.

So there may be unforseen effects on corporate culture if one fails to fact check the ideology of a charity from whom one is considering rental of room space. If that charity has a concealed ideology that is cruel and elitist and teaches methods that are directed at the business community, anyone learning those methods, even if they never know or care about the ideology behind those methods may yet emerge with a harshness they did not have before.

Here is what the winegrower has to say.

Remember that Andrew and his disciples (at least the ones he has not yet driven away) believe they too are on a path of accelerating the evolution of humanity, a belief shared by Steiner, though Steiners cosmology was different.



I was recently visiting one of my distributors and when this subject came up I was told that they often hear in their Friday morning sales meetings how Biodynamically grown grapes are superior and that Biodynamic farmers care more about the environment than conventional farmers. Nice touch for a once friendly industry!

It’s the “Big Lie” concept all over again that Biodynamic farmers care more for their environment than all other farmers. Biodynamic farmers do not have a monopoly on being environmentally sensitive farmers and I’m sick of hearing this lie from quasi-supporters, that goes something like this “Yes, Rudolf Steiner is a little wacky and maybe even a nutcase, but at least I know that Biodynamic farmers care about the environment and tread lightly on the land, and that’s good.” To me, that’s bunk, because it’s not true! I care for my vineyard, my soil and my environment as much or more than anyone else and I resent those who claim otherwise. But what I really resent is that Biodynamic farming is attempting to divide our industry, an industry that I love and have spent 40 years of my life working in, just to get a marketing edge. That’s shameful.

Stuart Smith


Writing this blog has helped me better understand Rudolf Steiner and clarify the negative issues underlying Biodynamic farming. I’ve always taken offense that the Biodynamic supporters claimed superiority with their “living soils, healthy vines and better expressions of terroir,” and now I realize that they are also claiming that only through Biodynamics can your vineyard obtain its greatest potential and thus result in the most authentic wines. It reminds me a little of the Christian doctrine that only through Jesus can you find salvation. The clear implication is that if you’re not a Biodynamic grower your products are inferior and will always be inferior because you can never reach your vineyard’s greatest potential.

I’ve taken personal offense at these claims and resent anyone claiming they care more about their vineyard’s health, soil and wine quality than I do. But there was something more that I couldn’t identify and it left me unsettled. Personal indignation is all fine and dandy, but I felt I was only half-way there. That is, until recently when I recognized that what was bothering me was the divisive nature of Biodynamic farming. By publicly claiming superiority they, de facto, belittle and ridicule everyone else’s farming methods and wine quality for not being Biodynamic.

I can’t think of a better way to divide our industry than by pitting winery against winery and grower against grower – something I’ve never seen in my 40 plus years in the wine industry.


In recent years Biodynamics has been embraced by an ever widening group of vineyardists and wineries around the world. Some of the world’s most renowned wineries farm Biodynamically and many consider Biodynamics to be the “Rolls Royce” of organic farming.

Yet, after reading Steiner, I conclude that Rudolf Steiner was a complete nutcase, a flimflam man with a tremendous imagination, a combination if you will, of an LSD-dropping Timothy Leary with the showmanship of a P.T. Barnum. His books, writings and lectures should be catalogued under “science fiction” because there is not a scintilla of truth in any of his writings. Reading Steiner is tough sledding because it makes no sense in our real world, yet when viewed as “science fiction” masquerading as some sort of Jim Jones new age cult you are forced to admit that Steiner was extremely clever and creative in actually making this stuff up. Unfortunately, it is quite sad that someone—anyone—would actually believe in this hoax and profoundly disturbing that the Biodynamic movement is gaining ground.

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Re: International Enlightenment Fellowship/Andrew Cohen
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: February 26, 2011 12:41AM

The Window venue is in Islington, London. The main local newspaper there, the Islington Gazette may be interested in publishing an article on The Window and EnlightenNext's dealings.

They can be supplied with the main points of reference such as the book by Cohen's mother,

Luna Tarlo

American Guru by William Yenner

the What Enlightenment? blog

and relevant links at this forum.

Clients of The Window such as Business Link FutureBrand Cafe Direct and others listed at can be informed.

as can any of the partners of The Window listed at

EnlightenNext should be obliged to provide information on their website as to what their venue actually represents. In that case, the local borough Islington, [] may also be informed. It is not within the interests of local government to be seen to support unethical business practices.

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Re: International Enlightenment Fellowship/Andrew Cohen
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 28, 2011 09:51PM

in m

In my opinion, protected by the First Amendment, I would suggest that this is an adroit use of derivative legitimacy. These gurus and teachers are in most cases deceased.

RabbiAbraham Heschel fought on the front lines for justice and civil rights[, against the very sort of oppression that has been described for years by Cohen's students.

Some had troubled histories (to say the least) Jiddu Krishnamurti, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (TM)

And some are still very much alive--Werner Erhard

Irina Tweedie was classified as a Sufi teacher during her lifetime. In her memoir, Daughter of Fire, she described what we unenlightened green meme scum would consider abusive brutal treatment by her master.

What Corboy considered a very irritating feature of Daughter of Fire was that Tweedie never in any way established who her teacher was, what his lineage and attainments were, to justifify or establish some social context for the deference he demanded from her. She also gave little description of India, as though it was all mere phantom not worth noticing if one was bent on spiritual attainment--a stance that I as a proud green memer, consider insulting.

Later on one of Tweedie's English students wrote his own memoir of studying with her, entitled The Face Before I Was Born. Tweedie responded to one minor and human lapse--letting copyrights for her book lapse, resulting in a temporary hitch in reprinting it in a new edition, by brutally cutting her student loose, as though in one moment he was human and in the next a mere object.

Her student in agony, went through contortions, rationalizing this as training.

I read it and was reminded of the behavior of persons who re-enact abuse or abandonment issues they suffered when young, by doing the same thing to others in their care, in the next generation- demontrating a lack of mastery over one's inner processes, not evidence of any mastery at all..

I go on at length about Irina Tweedie, because Luna Tarlo, in her 1995-96 memoir The Mother of God, mentioned that she was with some of Andrew Cohen's students who made a visit to Irina Tweedie some time in the late 1980s.

Tweedies memoir would be valuable to anyone seeking to rationalize cruel and unpredictable behavior.

Note that among the Masters mentioned is Jesus Christ and in the list--Ken Wilber.

A Virtual Celebration • March 26, 2011 • 10:00 am–8:00 pm (EDT)

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And please don't forget to register in the box below to receive the MP3 recordings from this event.

Join spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and more than 25 religious and cultural luminaries for a series of intimate and deeply inspiring stories celebrating the life-changing power of the student-teacher relationship. This free 10-hour audio webcast is our gift to the cosmos, offered in honor of the day Cohen met his own spiritual teacher 25 years ago.

Click below to hear Andrew Cohen describe his vision for the event to some of his featured guests. (Or access audio directly here.)


Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber will open this all-day celebration with an extended "Guru-Pandit" dialogue about the historical and cultural significance of a bond that has the power to transform the human soul.

Exemplars of the Possible

Have you ever met a real hero?** One of those rare individuals whose living example inspires you to reach higher and give more of yourself than you ever thought possible? Heroes challenge our limitations, light the fire of transformation within us, and cast wide the doorway to infinity.

**My uncle had two heros-his mother, who was denied all forms of public assistance after being left a widow and supported 5 children, and his grandfather, who had risked his life to be a union organizer in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. My uncle never met this grandfather but decided to pattern himself on him, and became a union man, a master carpenter, and instructor at the tech institute.Corboy

We find true sources of inspiration in all areas of life, but spiritual heroes are in a class of their own. Many of us have had the good fortune to meet genuine spiritual masters and teachers as we’ve pursued the path to higher development—extraordinary men and women who have the ability to awaken us to the Absolute, open our eyes to eternity, or reveal possibilities that were previously unimaginable.

An 8-Hour Marathon of Spiritual Inspiration

On March 26th, you are warmly* ('Warmly'--this differs from the experiences reported on the What Enlightenment blog, by Luna Tarlo in her book, and by Bill Yenner and others in his book) invited to hear more than 25 spiritual and cultural luminaries speak about the extraordinary men and women who inspired them. Sharing intimate stories of how these relationships left them forever transformed, these modern masters, mystics, philosophers, and thought-leaders will explore the ennobling depths of spiritual empowerment that can occur between an authentic teacher and a sincere disciple. Throughout this special 8-hour webcast, you’ll hear powerful, first-person accounts of individuals discovering their own highest Self in the reflection of another human being.

(Corboy note: IMO one cannot find one's own higher self by grovelling for years at someone else's fluctuating moods)

An Open Exploration . . .

All through history, men and women of every faith have recognized the sacred significance of the teacher-student relationship. Seekers of higher knowledge have searched for those who can open the doors of their minds and their hearts. Sincere spiritual aspirants have sought out Jewish rabbis, Christian monks, Zen masters, Tibetan lamas, Hindu yogis, and Muslim sheikhs to guide them on the path to higher development.

What is it that has always made the relationship between master and disciple so uniquely transformative? Does that traditional relationship still make sense for those of us pursuing more contemporary or alternative spiritual paths? In an age filled with so much cynicism about the possibility of living a truly enlightened life, how can this time-honored relationship help point the way to everything we most deeply long for?

On March 26th, you can join thousands of listeners around the world in an active exploration of these questions. For eight hours straight, you’ll be able to tune in to our free webcast, submit questions to Andrew Cohen, and engage in our live chat forum, participating in an interfaith, cross-lineage investigation into the role of traditional spiritual hierarchy . . . in a very post-traditional world.

An Expert Guide to this Complex Territory

Awakening to Your Highest Self will be hosted by Andrew Cohen—an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, author, and the founder of EnlightenNext—on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the day he met his own teacher. In March 1986, Cohen experienced a profound spiritual awakening through his meeting with the acclaimed master of Advaita Vedanta, H.W.L. Poonja, and shortly thereafter became a teacher himself.

Ever since that life-changing encounter, Cohen has been a bold advocate for the transformative power of the teacher-student relationship, exploring its continued relevance in a world that has, for sometimes good reasons, decided to leave this particular spiritual tradition behind. In 1991, he started EnlightenNext magazine (originally What Is Enlightenment?) to provide a public forum for inquiry, debate, and dialogue about controversial topics like this.

As a teacher himself, and having engaged with other teachers from countless traditions over the past two decades, Cohen has developed an unusually nuanced perspective on both the challenges and the promise of awakening to one’s highest potential through the guidance of a spiritual master.

On March 26th, join Andrew Cohen and his renowned guests from both traditional and non-traditional paths as they illuminate this subtle and inspiring territory, shedding new light on the deepest dimensions of the timeless encounter with the Self in another human being.

Our Gift to the Cosmos

This 8-hour blast of spiritual inspiration is Andrew Cohen’s gift to you and to the cosmos—provided free of charge—in celebration of his own meeting with his teacher twenty-five years ago. As with all EnlightenNext programs, donations are welcome to help make it possible for us to continue offering events like this one. Please consider giving at whatever amount you are comfortable, and join us in the spirit of generosity that this special day represents. All donations are tax deductible. (Making a donation is easy and secure: simply register for the event in the registration box at the top of the page, and you’ll see a link to donate on the final confirmation page.)
in the registration box at the top of the page

(subject to change)

10:00–11:00 am EDT

Introduction by Andrew Cohen, speaking about his life-transforming
meeting with his own teacher HWL Poonja

(Poonja later repudiated him--see Luna Tarlo's book, The Mother of God-Corboy)

11:00 am–12:00 pm
"Guru-Pandit" Dialogue between Andrew Cohen & Ken Wilber about
the role of the student-teacher relationship
12:00–1:00 pm
Jeff Salzman on Ken Wilber
Rabbi Michael Lerner on Rabbi Abraham Heschel
Swami Chidanand Saraswati on Swami Brahmaswarupji
Shaykh Fadhlallah Haeri on Swami Chinmayananda
1:00–2:00 pm
Audrey Kitagawa on the Divine Mother, Flora Nomi
Steve McIntosh on Jesus of Nazareth
Swami Atmaswarupananda on Swami Chidananda
2:00–3:00 pm
Vernon Kitabu Turner on Sant Keshavadas
Nora Bateson on Gregory Bateson
Michael Zimmerman on Werner Erhard
Patricia Albere on Werner Erhard
3:00–4:00 pm
Rajesh Dalal on J. Krishnamurti
Deepak Chopra on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Jonathan Granoff on Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
Who?s Your Spiritual Hero? essay contest winner
4:00–5:00 pm
The Three Gurus (Swami Shankarananda, Swami Chetanananda, and
Master Charles Cannon) on Baba Muktananda and Swami Rudrananda

Jean Houston on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Margaret Mead
5:00–6:00 pm
Rabbi Zalman Schachter on the Sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn
Ma Jaya on Neem Karoli Baba
Lama Surya Das on Neem Karoli Baba, Kalu Rinpoche, and the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje
Rupert Sheldrake on Father Bede Griffiths
6:00–7:00 pm
Marc Gafni on Mordechai Lainer of Izbica
Roshi Bernie Glassman on Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Shaykh Tosun Bayrak on Shaykh Muzaffer Effendi
7:00–8:00 pm
Don Beck on Clare Graves
Annette Kaiser on Irina Tweedie
Rollie Stanich on Father Thomas Keating
Swami Vimalananda on Swami Sivananda

Register for this
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By registering, you will also gain access to free MP3 recordings of the event (available after March 26).

Tales of the Masters
as told by their students:

Rajesh Dalal
speaking about
J. Krishnamurti

Jean Houston
speaking about
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Jean Houston
speaking about
Margaret Mead

Rabbi Michael Lerner
speaking about
Abraham Joshua Heschel

Sheikh Tosun Bayrak
speaking about
Sheikh Muzaffer OzakSwami Shankarananda,

*Master Charles Cannon, and Swami Chetananda speaking about
*Baba Muktananda

Deepak Chopra
speaking about
*Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Steve McIntosh
speaking about
Jesus Christ

Lama Surya Das and Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
speaking about
Neem Karoli Baba

Lama Surya Das
speaking about
(Kalu Rinpoche

Lama Surya Das
speaking about
The 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpei Dorje

Jonathan Granoff
speaking about
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

Annette Kaiser
speaking about
Irina Tweedie

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
speaking about
Rebbe Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn

Swami Chidanand Saraswati
speaking about
Swami Brahmaswarupji

Swami Atmaswarupananda
speaking about
Swami Chidananda

Don Beck
speaking about
Clare GravesVernon

Kitabu Turner
speaking about
Sant Keshavadas

Roshi Bernie Glassman
speaking about
Taizan Maezumi RoshI

Audrey Kitagawa
speaking about
Divine Mother Flora Nom

iRupert Sheldrake
speaking about
Father Bede Griffiths

Rollie Stanich
speaking about
Father Thomas Keating

Michael Zimmerman and Patricia Albere
speaking about
Werner Erhard

Jeff Salzman
speaking about
Ken Wilber

Nora Bateson
speaking about
Gregory Bateson

Swami Vimalananda
speaking about
Swami SivanandaSheikh

Fadhlalla Haeri
speaking about
Swami Chinmayananda

Marc Gafni
speaking about
Mordechai Lainer of IzbicaAnd more to come...

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