ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: RUN_FOREST_RUN ()
Date: March 08, 2023 05:31AM

Just leaving this here:


Over 40 years of pedophilia in Swami Prabhupadas grand spiritual organization.

Under the Swamis direction, he set up a bunch of schools or kids as young as 5 years old. Abusese of these kids started early on when he was still alive. The schools were operated by unqualified teachers, had no counselors and there was no system in place to deal with abuse. all was swept under the rug.

Years later, the whole thing cracked open. The society formed a hush hush protection agency internally to monitor and take responsibility.

But alas, it continued on to this very day an age. Jai ho!


And you honestly think ISKCON is the only place this garbage has gone on unchecked or swept conveniently under the rug of "don't criticize the devotees"! code of silence?

Gaudiya math was riddled with this shit as are many contemporary gaudiya off-shoots.

Is it any wonder? A cult built upon the foundational philosophy that the highest form of devotion is to realize ones "true eternal spiritual form" as a 12 year old "majari" maidservant of the eternal sexy couple radha krishna...

You have grown-ass gurus like Bhaktivinode sitting in a little hut writing little fantasies he is having of being a 12 year old cowherd girl helping krishna and radha "get off" for eternity. But you know, it's "transcendental" so it's all good prabhu...

How is this a healthy spiritual system and considered remotely rational as an objective form of spirituality?

Siddha pranali. Read about it. Bhaktisiddhnata practiced and advocated it.

Any religious system that has some sort of naive ideology concerning sexuality, family life, sex and the repression or renunciation of something as biological and naturalistically sound as sex is directly responsible for the enormous amount of sexual perversion and frustration as well as ultimately things like rape and so forth. The fact of the matter is that most of these kinds of transgressions that deal with sexuality in the world have always had a religious underpinning. You will always find some sort of pervert out there who is attacking people having their origin of thinking and aberration directly related to religious ideologies that vilify sexuality. That is a fact and can be shown statistically.

Teaching young men and women about respectful sexual relationships as well as how to communicate and relate to one another as humans sharing an Earthly experience is a lot more fruitful than the majority of garbage that children learn in religious contexts. Me and my God Brothers sitting and suffering through Chris Butler's lecture rants did nothing for us in terms of bettering our ability to forge healthy relationships in the future and raise families.

Voiceless are the victims of cult spirituality. They are taught that to speak up is "vaishnava aparadha". They are taught that what they are experiencing as any type of injustice or discomfort is their "karma". They are told that the guru is gods representative on earth and not to be questioned and only to be fully surrendered to...

And these cults go unchecked hiding under any banner they can continue to operate under. Now they call themselves "hindus" even though never in the history of this specific cult was this label used to describe themselves. They cry Hindu-phobia when you call them on their crimes and BS ideologies...

Prabhupada knowingly and naively initiated to very high posts blunt perverts. He naively thoht that his chanting and fairy take scriptures would "purify" his flawed followers who needed psychological therapy and gave them instead access to innocent kids... such grand insight he had.

But then again is it any real wonder? The swami himself was married at 22 to an 11 year old. He laughs in his lectures how his wife cried when he approached her for sex...

Bhaktiviniopde was also raised in a culture where he married his wife when she was 6 years old. Guess what? She died at childbirth. That's what happens when you impregnate kids...

These guru's think it is "normal" how they grew up. Prabhupada claims in lectures that a 12 year old girl is ready to have sex at that age. That as soon as a girl has a period she is "ready"... He believed in polygamy as a healthy practice... he "arranged" hundreds of marriages. Some were underage.

Think before you get enamored by the singing and dancing devotees you see on the street. This is not a healthy spiritual system. It is not based on rational thought and it has definitely not resulted or attracted the most brightest tools in the shed... It took ISKCON nearly 40 years to write up a code of ethics and set up any type of system to deal with abuses. and naturally the so-called failsafe are all controlled by unquestionable gurus... convenient to say the least...


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Re: ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: RUN_FOREST_RUN ()
Date: March 08, 2023 08:22AM

For reference and context of my mention of Butler, AKA, Chris Butler, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahmsa in this post. He is a guru disciple of Bhaktivedanta swami and I grew up in His overseas gurukul where brahmacharis were also molested/groped/touched in unwanted ways. That's what you get when you put a bunch of boys going through puberty into a school together with no parents or models of a healthy relationship...

You can read more about that off-shoot ISKCON/Gaudiya cult here if you care: []

The moral of the story, the abuse is very much still alive and will forever tarnish and erode this cult. Sorry to say.

RUN while you can. Do not raise your kids in the clown show. Do not trust any "schools" or "daycares" or "bhakta camps" they promote. You are leaving your kids in the hands of delusional people.

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Re: ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: March 15, 2023 07:35AM

Damn! I thought that this was a marrying young girl was a Muslim thing.
Asides from bowing down, chanting on beads, I guess this oo was inpsired by the Vedic culture.
How fascinating.
I am sure that I would have been convinced to find this normal.
Why an absolute nightmare over all.
I am not sure why we call the truth ugly. It is lies that are ugly.

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