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Isaac Shaprio - sex with students
Date: January 20, 2022 10:38AM

On an online forum, former Papaji student Isaac Shapiro's name came up in a list of teachers/leaders. Someone wrote:

"Isaac shapiro should not be called a teacher/leader.
He has been abusing his power for years by having sex with many of his students"

This caught my eye, as there have been various rumors about him having sex with students for a number of years.
I think it would be well worth exposing him in this safe, anonymous place.

Does anyone have any information on this? Any stories, or anecdotes?

He appears to be no different than a long line of ex Papaji students: Jaxxon-Bear, Madhukar, Yukio, and Mooji, who went on to absuse their (perceived) power by having sex with students

Feel free to share any information you have on Shapiro.
Sexuality is one thing, but abusing the power differential between the teacher and student is another.
This kind of stuff has gone on waaay too long!

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Re: Isaac Shapiro - sex with students
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 21, 2022 12:54AM

Is there a link to a source?

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Re: Isaac Shaprio - sex with students
Date: January 23, 2022 03:44AM

Hi Corboy,
It was in a private group, so I'd rather not divulge the identity of the writer.

I'm looking around for more such stories about Shapiro though.
I realised I can add yet another name to the list of Papaji students that have sex with their students. John David (formerly Premananda)

There's acutally a facebook page on exposing him called
"John David formerly Premananda is a Fraud" []

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Re: Isaac Shaprio - sex with students
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 23, 2022 05:41AM

This is not to excuse gurus but to call the entire guru role into question.

My opinion is that the social scene gurus allow to develop around themselves is a toxic work environment.

Ni human nervous system can resist the temptation.

The scene also attracts opportunists drawn to the power, the prestige and the aching trustfulness of the students who congregate around the guru.

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Re: Isaac Shaprio - sex with students
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: January 23, 2022 06:08AM

corboy Wrote:
> The scene also attracts opportunists drawn to the
> power, the prestige and the aching trustfulness of
> the students who congregate around the guru.

This will sound like baloney to a lot of people, but some of these gurus have a very strong shakti field or however you want to call it. I've experienced this with Isaac when I attended a satsang of his. Maybe this is another factor besides the ones you listed.

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Re: Isaac Shaprio - sex with students
Posted by: shamrock ()
Date: January 24, 2022 01:54AM

TBH I think accusations as serious as this need to be substantiated with more than "someone once said something about it on a website somewhere."

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Re: Isaac Shaprio - sex with students
Date: January 24, 2022 06:15AM

Hi Shamrock,

Yes, so let's see what else comes up.
The comment was made on the members forum at Buddha and the Gaspump.

A great many of Papaji's "bad fruit" went on to abuse their position by having sex with students. They were "presumed" awake, because Papaii was also "presumed" awake. They all took advantage of the huge power differential between student and teacher

Accusations can be a trickle at first, then the flood gates open. So, let's wait and see who might find this thread.

Threads on James Swartz and Mooji started small too.

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Re: Isaac Shaprio - sex with students
Posted by: Cult_victim_123 ()
Date: May 21, 2022 02:54AM

Has there been any updates to this? I cant find anything online

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Re: Isaac Shaprio - sex with students
Date: July 23, 2022 12:20AM

One thing I just noticed, is this disclaimer that was put on his Buddha at the Gaspump video:

“This guest has recently been promoting conspiracy theories lacking in any credibility. This type of misinformation may be dangerous and harmful. We encourage you to discriminate carefully.”

Apparently at some point, rather than have a just a disclaimer, the entire video was taken down.

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Satsang Theatre Longing Souls Boundary Porosity
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 23, 2022 12:56AM

Corboy: The one area I disagree is with the person stating that one has to give permission to surrender oneself to a guru-takeover.

One has been placed in a state of boundry porosity and, very likely trance by the events one goes through at an ashram prior to the guru's arrival onstage.

Two, that pre-darshan indoctrination is designed to disrupt adult critical thinking and to stimulate the trusting longing child who lives within us all.

This indoctrination separates our trustful inner child from our street wise inner parent, leaving that child self within us vulnerable to seduction by an exploitative ashram business.

We are not told about the exploitative business model concealed behind the sweet singing and incense.

In such a state of mind, one might as well be drugged or drunk. It is impossible to 'give permission' when in this state of mind.

This said, the author's story is well worth reading.

The astonishing experiences people undergo in ashram communities and during guru events may be accounted for by a subconscious undertow that occurs when a multitude of longing people have all focused that longing upon a single person, and in an environment that promotes boundary fluidity.




here is no doubt that group behaviour has a powerful effect on the human psyche. Mass displays of emotion (or hysteria) are contagious. Human beings have an innate yearning to belong to a tribe – any tribe – and Amma’s ashram can tick the empty boxes for lost souls seeking meaning to their lives, whether consciously sought or not. But there is more to Amma’s powerful hold over people’s minds and lives than simple group conformity. Someone commented earlier that a soul surrender takes place. That’s a good way of describing it. You could also say it’s a form of spiritual possession. It’s important to stress that that can only happen with the PERMISSION of the individual.

16 years ago I thought I had been enlightened; touched in a special way by divine, cosmic forces; specifically chosen… That dangerous line of thinking led me to divorce my rationalist, scientific husband (whom I thought “would not understand the new me”), give up what I saw as vain and futile materialism and follow what I believed to be a “spiritual” path, “following my heart”. My family and friends noticed the changes – it was impossible not to. Some were too alarmed or confused to deal with it and withdrew their friendship. Others, the more concerned ones, warned me: “do you really know what you’re doing?” Yes, yes, I reassured them (and myself). I know things you don’t know. I’ve seen something you’ve not seen, something other-worldly. I’ve seen THE INFINITE in Amma’s eyes. Gabble, gabble.

Yet true good can only lead to good. And what followed in my life was not good. Today, 16 years later, I am not married any more and probably never will be again. I am childless and too old now to change that. I have no family or real friends left. I have no home of my own any more, no job, no income, no future. All I have to look forward to is old age, poverty, loneliness and then death. And then what?

There has to be more to this life than what happens here on earth, otherwise it is all pointless. I don’t believe in the endless wheel of reincarnation – that’s a get-out clause for moral irresponsibility (“doesn’t matter if you screw up this time, you’ll get another chance”). No we won’t. We have one lifetime on earth and one only. The decisions of our youth shape our later life. So, kids, take heed before it’s too late.

When I think back to that innocent boat journey I took that day through the tropical backwaters of Kerala, I liken it to the fateful journey of Captain Willard’s character in the classic Vietnam film, Apocalypse Now. Like Willard (played by Martin Sheen) I did not know that the river was taking me directly into the Heart of Darkness. I’m not comparing Amma to the mad, evil Colonel Kurtz. Nor am I blaming Amma for my own poorly conceived life decisions and mistakes. But I am talking about the journey into one’s own heart, the encounter with the deepest darkest recesses of Self. That’s what Amma unlocks in people’s hearts.

The moral of my story is: if you go knocking on an unknown door out of idle curiosity, be careful of what lies on the other side.

Thank you, Bronte Baxter, for this blog.

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