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Re: ISKCON of Dallas/Dallas Hare Krsnas
Posted by: The Whirlwind ()
Date: February 15, 2021 01:30AM

The Whirlwind Wrote:
> The "leadership" of the Dallas Hare Krsna
> community is abusive, and they are presently in
> the process of purging their "community" of any
> and all devotees whose loyalty to their temple
> council regime is in question. I know of two
> devotees who have been banned from the Dallas
> temple in the last couple of weeks, one of whom
> was even forced to move. If the Hare Krsnas in
> Dallas want the rest of the world to believe that
> they're not a destructive cult, then they're going
> to need to try harder than they do, and if they
> want to be taken seriously as a mainstream
> religion then they're going to need to be able to
> stand up to some scrutiny.
> As things are now, ISKCON of Dallas does not stand
> up to scrutiny at all. The main problem, as I see
> it, is a general lack of accountability on the
> part of the temple management council and temple
> president, to the general congregation. The
> temple president and the local GBC (Governing Body
> Commission) representative are the same person; as
> a consequence, there is (chain of command wise)
> nobody to whom devotees can go, if a problem with
> the management arises. It's a closed, and
> self-sealed system they have in place, in Dallas.
> For another thing, the temple president is temple
> president in name only: the REAL temple president
> is the older Chinese lady who runs the restaurant.
> She's the one who's holding all the strings, on a
> day to day basis.
> The management of ISKCON Dallas seem to not want
> nobody around who might have a mind of his or her
> own, and who does not depend on them like children
> depend on their parents. A lot of devotees stay
> silent, out of fear. Not me; these people do not
> scare me. They've been to used to getting away
> with too much, for too long. Devotees are tired
> of the abuse and total lack of accountability, and
> are beginning to organize against them a little
> bit. Presently, the Dallas temple president is
> sick with Covid-19. I hope he takes this time to
> re-assess whether it may be an appropriate time to
> resign his position as temple president, to retire
> or something like that. It might be a good time
> to step down, prabhu.

Wow, it turns out that the Dallas temple president is not really on the GBC after all. I have this information on very good authority. This appears to be a falsehood that was being propagated (for whatever reason). Why would prabhu tell everybody that he's on the GBC, though? Why would he let everybody around here believe that?

Nityananda dasa is NOT an official GBC member, although he may perform some of the duties of a GBC. He does serve on the North American Council, so he is respected in North America. But he's not GBC.

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