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Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: November 10, 2019 07:33PM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: klaklaklak ()
Date: May 01, 2019 09:26AM

Over the past 3 years I have spent hundreds (countless) hours in Sahaja Express satsang videos, probably watched nearly every one, basically addicted (not anymore).
Recently I tuned in and saw a young man, who I recognize as being a relatively new Sahajan (joined within the past year or two if I'm not mistaken..). I remember when he arrived to Sahaja and started showing up on camera there. He struck me as sweet and quite earnest.

Recently he sang for Mooji and the sangha. Wow! Natural talent, to me his vibration and where the lyrics come from is utterly natural and lovely .

So he sings and idk, Mooji totally shit on it. Um. Can anyone explain why Mooji's expression and vibe is so condescending here? For the first time ever a mooji video made the stomach churn - i felt like puking. i've spent enough time with Mooji to know when he likes something and when he's just pandering/smudging someone away . We all inevitable do this in some degree to one another but this instance really set off my "inner GPS" because the kid seems to know himself yet is willingly playing the "prove yourself" game and Mooji STILL makes him run another lap

It's the "who here still believes themselves a person?" game gone way, way corrupted. This once fresh kid now doing the Sahaja hand-to-heart and prayer hands fixed at forehead pointed at mooji bowing and submitting his spirit to flipping eternal catch 22 of monte sahaja:

You're free but you don't know it. And we know this, cus we know It! It is only when you know It, that you can be in our ranks , superior to those who don't know it (yet)

The gag is tho, a lot of them do not seem enlightened. They seem good ambassadors of a brand, not truth

I truly believe Mooji feels threatened by anyone who is in the vibration of Truth. I've seen this. Someone powerful and universal will speak and Mooji finds a tiny thing to flaw them and drives it home rendering them mute. And then some deluded being will go up there sobbing with undigested praises and Mooji quotes them and reveres them as living proof the teachings work.

It seems he actually prefers anyone who is a little deluded/off because they are less likely to Q him, they're not in their power

I notice Mooji likes to keep arrogant men around because they're riding the same wave. He seems to walk all over women, even his beloved Krishnabai, to prove his points, meaning he'll cherry pick some casual comment they make and exaggerate it to teach the whole group a lesson how we can all be more broad, even if it was just a lighthearted comment intended to connect lol. He'll walk all over anyone to carry out his movement, but I notice he respects men who carry a little arrogance because he's riding that horse too. Doesn't like humble beings, the soft are too powerful mirrors for his tendency to trespass

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: 2cents ()
Date: May 01, 2019 10:20AM

KlakKlakKlak said:
"I truly believe Mooji feels threatened by anyone who is in the vibration of Truth. I've seen this. Someone powerful and universal will speak and Mooji finds a tiny thing to flaw them and drives it home rendering them mute."

I completely agree, and have seen M. try to break down those seem to speak from a very high place of experience. He hates it. After all, there can't be anyone but him who 'knows'. These sincere people unfortunately look to M. for validation - but it ain't gonna happen - only he can be top dog. And this happens in a confused way because he'll throw out statements like 'is there a Buddha here today?" - but he, in true NPD fashion, rarely acknowledges anyones experience as authentic-it'a always flawed - and he digs for the flaw to show his self-appointed authority. If everyone woke up, his 'supply of seekers' dries up. This was beautifully pointed out by It's Over Tony's info on Narcissistic Supply.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: AnnetteChappelle ()
Date: May 01, 2019 10:55AM

Many who claim they are awake have been banished from Sahaja. Zero competition allowed. ZERO.

How dare they? They are to remember who there Master is! There can be only ONE.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: May 01, 2019 12:45PM

Yes, this was actually one of the first early sings for me, which seemed totally off. Also if someone with real insight or a true seeing comes to him and asks for further guidance or so, Moo never could give those proper guidance. Never ever. We would totally dilute the moment of truth, I have often heard him then talking blabla for 15minutes about ego when someone shared truth and a genuine seeing. Moo has NO CLUE about the teachings. Its just phrases.

And another thing which put me off very early: seeing his devotees talking all in the same empty words to him "I am only here for this" or endless poems, they repeat themselves in the words they know he wants to hear. And so often he was totally pleased with it! How could TRUTH enjoy empty words and all this parroting? How could TRUTH enjoy totally unauthentic sharings?!

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Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: December 16, 2019 03:38PM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: RO ()
Date: May 01, 2019 09:13PM

To this Forum...sorry for the length but this is a big deal for me to tell,

WOW! I really hope that this isn't true. What I also hope is that myself and others are not just twisting his message to fit a narrative we want to believe! This is one of the only times I have told my experience and the first time fairly publicly.
I went to an M Silent Retreat in Zmar in May 2016. I had watched his videos incessantly convinced that I was on to something and this was God tapping me to wake up. Because this whole process started with Eckhart Tolle, I still feel that I was being led toward certain things as a benefit to me...including this. When I arrived I was overcome by anxiety and a bad feeling. A very strange thing had happened to me in the airport. As I went through customs the man asked me where I was going. I told him and he said to me "I don't think you will find what you are looking for there". Guys, it was creepy, but I thought about it and dismissed it as my Ego or Mind (textbook right).
I went to one of the Sangha and they helped assure me I was in the right place and that everything would be fine. There was an uneasy feeling because of the Shop that was set up to sell things and the Resort type atmosphere. I settled in and settled down and thought that I had better give this my best shot because I had invested too much to throw in the towel.
This is where I will tell you...there are some things said on this forum that made me go immediately onto the M site and purchased the Satsang from May 19, 2016 Session 1 I know we'd hate to give M any more money, but for $7 if you are serious about this topic you can go and purchase it yourself and see. Go to 2:21:00 and watch! I can't believe I said what I did and he responded the way he did!! This was surreal to say the least!
That is where the story gets crazier. After this exchange I went back to my room after Satsang. The next day after morning Satsang I became VERY Angry...I mean RAGING! Not out of choice. It was just overwhelming me. I wanted to go home. It was lunchtime and I looked up and realized M was eating in the white building with the Sangha. I went up there and the "guard" stopped me. I told him I needed to see M. I said "who would be so bold?" I was balling at this point and dropped to my knees and just sobbed into the ground. The next thing I remember is M coming out and rubbing my back telling me to get up. I got up and even in that state, immediately noticed a camera in my face. It was like my suffering was something they couldn't miss capturing! I hugged him and we embraced for a while. I said "I'm a Fraud!" He said "We all have to be a Fraud for a little while. some lunch and I will see you at Satsang"
I went back to my room and was calmer, but didn't know what to do. I went to the Shop and went directly up to the bookshelf, grabbed the first book I was attracted to, bought it, and went back to my room. It was a book called "The Truth Is" by Papaji.
After Satsang that night I went back to my room still feeling a little off. I decided to read the book. I opened it up and told myself I would read a line and then close my eyes and contemplate it. When I read the second or third sentence BOOM! All of the sudden my mind went blank and I had this realization that EVERYTHING was being created from this Source. It was so clear, real, and simple that I began to laugh. I remember being in such bliss and not wanting to go to bed because I felt like it would be gone when I woke up. Eventually I fell asleep and I woke up the next morning feeling like my time was complete. I enjoyed the rest of the retreat in such a calm, peaceful, blissful state that didn't leave me for months.
Sorry, there's more...I realized on my way home that Shree was staying in the same little hotel as me in Lisbon. Guys, what are the odds that I stayed in Lisbon an extra day, Shree is staying in the same hotel, and leaving on a flight the same time! We met on the balcony and talked and agreed to meet up in the morning to travel to the Airport together. Along the way, I didn't say much. She told me about how she came to leave her job and follow M. At the airport she even talked a little about politics! It was really weird, like she was not even a follower, but just worked a Job for him. It didn't throw off my mind or mood, because before we left she said that I looked really happy and at such peace. She said it in a way that was unique although I won't say she seemed "surprised".
It has been 3 years now and I have almost completely put down M and his teachings. In fact, the next time I went to watch him I had to stop because I felt like he just keeps saying the same things I already understood. Now it was time to just live my life!
I truly feel like God or this Source has guided me in my life somehow. If I continue to have faith in how I've matured and grown spiritually, then coincidences keep happening and I trust they are for the best.

SOMETHING is going on with M, but he is not to be worshiped! Be careful and listen to your OWN intuition. I pray this helps anyone who needs to hear it.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: RO ()
Date: May 02, 2019 03:53AM

I just re-watched it when I cut it out and saw the part when I laugh about the nonsense of needing "him". I truly think his reaction was offended and even the video puts out this energy to me.

However, this is very psychological and I will not drag him through any mud because of my choices to pursue answers.

PLEASE keep a strong, appropriate mental (and physical) distance from him or any other teacher! God will guide you also!

Thank you all!

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