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Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 13, 2019 08:26PM

This thread is for sharing important information about Moojis cult, posting ressources and reports from people, who left the cult. For comments and discussions please use the main thread

So it will be easier for Newcomers to find important information on the spot. For comments, discussions and general cult information please use the main thread []

So if you left the cult, please post your personal experience here, even if you have posted it already in the main thread. We can also copy from the main thread reports of others including their username and date of posting.

Important information:

1. Be Scofields article: []

2. Educate yourself about how cults operate with Rick Ross's new book: []

3. Watch the movie Kumare to become aware how everyone can pretend to be a guru and how easily people can be deceived.

4. You can make an offical complaint about Mooji foundation here: [] . If they receive more and more complaints they might look deeper into the organization. Complaints can be done here also: []

5. Here you can see how much money the cult money makes officially (money off the books is not included): []

6. Watch what Rupert Spira says about the responsibility of a spiritual teacher: [] and Part 2: []

7. If you have donated money to Mooji you can write them asking your money back as you now found out the truth about him.

8. Moo claims to be in the lineage of Ramana Maharshi. David Godman is an expert on Ramana Maharshi [] David Godman shared in several videos how Ramana Maharshi would handle critics about him. He would laugh about it and once even cut from the newspaper an article and glue it on a book in the ashram. Ramana was beyond being moved at all about crizizsm. You can ask David Godman via email about it. Moo in contrast is sending his troup of lawyers to silence everyone speaking up about him.

9. Amma Tanyas video: []

10. Video from Henri Jolicoeur about Moo: []

11. If you are a Mooji cult victim and you are afraid, if you suffer from abuse and do not know what to do, please seek professional help!

12. Levels of closeness in Moojis cult:

Always have in mind that there are many levels of closeness. And it might be very well so that if you are in level 1-5 that you will not see the abuse, manipulation and dark side of M. It starts to happen when you get dependant on him, level 6 to 8.

1. people who know M via internet or books
2. people who came to one or more retreats but do not make it to sahaja
3. people who have spent short time in sahaja and then go home and have a job etc
4. people who have been coming for seva more often and longer periods but still have a job and a home somewhere else
5. people who have been living around sahaja for years, have houses there, go to sahaja regularly (working, satsangs) but have money to support themselves (retirement, making money from renting to other devotees etc)
6. people who have left everything (job, home, family) and live in sahaja and are totally dependant on M
7. from the people of category 6 some get closer, have more important jobs, spend more time with M in very small gatherings
8. the close circle: his entourage, the bodyguards, those who know about the finances of the organization and about everything M is doing day and night

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Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 13, 2019 08:30PM

This is what I have seen, witnessed, experienced myself in Sahaja and what other longterm devotees in MS have shared with me over the years in normal conversations. (people do talk with each other although it is forbidden to do so. But not every inch in M's kingdom can be controlled, thanks god!)

1. Public shaming and gas lightening happen all the time in MS. It can occur in all forms, from subtle to gross. People are laughed at often in satsang meetings by M and the group.

2. Brainwashing, conditioning and mind control are very obvious once one has seen through it. It happens constantly.

3. In Sahaja people have to work very hard, often 12 or more hours. All people who live there longterm and gave up their jobs and families are totally dependant on M. Even after long workdays M demands them to come to evening satsangs which easily last till 12pm or 1am, when they happen.

4. When I was there the longterm devotees had no health coverage or any other coverage insurance and some did not even have a visa or passport, because they were from outside EU and stayed too long.

5. Free labour is not allowed in Portugal, but the dependant longtermers work for free or a small pocket money (80-100€ per month).

6. I saw many depressed and broken down longtermers. Crying and break downs happen regularly, people then are ignored by M and most of others, "as they are just in their mind"

7. I heard M saying that he is god, that he is Jesus and that MS is Arunachala.

8. In a small group M once talked badly about a group member and when this memeber minutes later came by M said very sweetly "Hi my love, how are doing?"

9. One member of the inner circle said she is lying for truth (Moo) at least 3 times per day and I heard M in satsang 2 times saying, that sometimes truth has to lie.

10. Food was cut down several times while I was there altough the organization had millions of income. During retreat times more food was served, my guess is to make a good impression on the newcomers

11. Devotees living in MS have to keep silence and if people talk they get forced back to silence

12. There is a clear difference between longterm devotees who have given themselves over in total dependance and people who come and go. The longtermers have to follow stricter rules,are more controlled, are not allowed to watch other teachers online and have only limited free time where they can leave MS.

13. M wants that people confess their flaws in satsang (publicly) or where they are still "stuck in their mind".

14. M manipulates relationships and is responsible for break ups of marriages (including children) and couples. He does that by binding one person close to him and the other has to live outside MS, is not allowed to travel with him or gets an unimportant job while the partner raises to a very important job close to M. Seperating couples is very importnat for M because individuals who are not allowed to talk are easier manipulated then a well bonded couple.

15. The organization is hiding money from the records

16. M is involved in every decision, even small details are brought to him. He wants to know everything and has power over all people there.

17. M did spred lies about people who left the cult and did not allow anyone to have contact with those who left

18. One girl was kicked out of MS because she did not bow down to M. He got very angry about this.

19. If M gets critizied online he inquires exessivly who exactly this person is, he wants the name.

20. His teaching is very poorly: confusing, filled with trance inducing hypnotherapy elements.

21. M has sexual relations with young women

22. Most of the wooden buildings are illigaly built in Sahaja and they try to hide it from authorities.

23. M did lie in his facebook video in spring when he said the allegations are not true

24. People who got close and leave are contacted and often terrorized by phone, skype, email, Fb or in person showing up at their door by devotees

25. M is very afraid of bad reputation

26. M hired lawyers to silence people speaking up in the internet

27. Exorcism by M happens, not as a seperate ritual but during retreats, satsangs in india or randomly in MS. I have seen it at least 4 times.

28. Longtermers in MS are afraid of M.

29. M has a dark side, which they try to hide very carefully

30. The heron was watched 24/7 on several ponds by volunteers of the MS residents (the signed up for it, it was done in shifts although they have full time jobs) and their job was to chase the bird away. After maybe one week the pond shifts had stopped. (Now we know that the heron was shot by the sangha which means that M has one or more guns)

31. M demands from the longtermers to speak up for him immediately, when he is critized in satsang by someone. He gets very upset about critizism afterwards but stays calm in satsang while it is happening to the public eye.

32. People are not allowed to talk to others about their "status", meaning that M invited them for free food and housing.

It is possible that some minor details may have changed by now but the overall cult structure, the abuse and the deception has not changed.

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Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 13, 2019 08:34PM

IMPORTANT INFO from Rick Ross about how spiritual teachers, who charge money, should handle it (copied from main thread, just posted) :

"You are right these are "different times" that require different steps taken to insure integrity and prevent abuse.

When people like Mooji run a large enterprise that has substantial cash flow, but is supposedly for a spiritual nonprofit purpose, there must be meaningful financial transparency and accountability. Otherwise it becomes a cash cow for the guru to milk for his or her own selfish needs.

Meaningful financial transparency includes an annual published budget published publicly and/or distributed to all supporters, which discloses all expenses, salaries and compensation paid out from organizational funds in detail and that is independently audited by a reputable firm.

In addition to meaningful financial transparency there must be meaningful accountability to a democratically elected board composed of board members that serve fixed terms elected by the general membership of the organization.

There must be organizational corporate bylaws in place that explicitly provide for all of this otherwise the organization is little more than a dictatorship subject to the whims and selfish desires of the leader or guru."

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Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 14, 2019 12:33AM

In this video David Godman talks about how Ramana Maharshi behaved towards a former attendant, who left the ashram and made serious trouble.
In comaprison: Mooji threatens everyone who speaks up with lawyers. People who were close and leave Sahaja, are called by Moo "evil, the devil" and the closer devotees in MS are not allowed to have contact with those "evil ones", who left.


The story starts at minute 14, but the beginning is also great.

Do not dismiss that Moo is so affected by criticism and trying to keeo the internet "as clean as possible". A truely enlightened master has moved beyond that.

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Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 14, 2019 12:50AM

This is the agreement Henri Jolicoeur was asked to sign by Moojis laywer:

(Letter was posted with youtube video, Henri later had to delete this video)

Dear Mr. Jolicoeur: This letter, upon your signature, will serve as a written agreement (the “Letter Agreement”) between you, Henri Jolicoeur (“You”) and Mooji Foundation Ltd. and its patron Anthony Paul Moo-Young (collectively “our client”), concerning your creation and online distribution of videos and other material concerning or relating to our client. You hereby agree that a) You will remove from the internet all content created and distributed by you, or otherwise under your control, and which concerns or relates in any way to Mooji; and b) You will refrain from creating and distributing any and all content that relates in any way to Mooji, including but not limited to false and defamatory information, videos, photographs, and/or other statements. Our client acknowledges and affirms that it will refrain from taking legal action against you upon receipt of this executed Letter Agreement and compliance herewith. You acknowledge and affirm that should You violate this Letter Agreement, our client has the right and your permission to take any and all legal action against you. You agree that this Letter Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales, without regard to choice of law principles. You agree that any action arising out of or related to this Letter Agreement may be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Canada and You further consent to the personal jurisdiction of these courts. To accept the terms of this Letter Agreement, please return a hard-copy to undersigned legal counsel for the client, Elisa D’Amico, K&L Gates LLP, Southeast Financial Center, 200 South Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 3900, Miami, Florida 33131. You acknowledge that You voluntarily enter into this Letter Agreement with a full and complete understanding of its terms and legal effect. You represent that You were advised to consult with legal counsel before execution. Sincerely, Elisa D’Amico


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Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 14, 2019 02:33AM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: February 03, 2018 10:34PM

9 Ways to Spot a Fake Guru or Spiritual Teacher [by Paul Lenda]

Who is Mooji?

1. Charging a large amount of money.
2. Giving themselves fancy titles. Sri sri sri sri...
3. Inability to take criticism.
4. Overly focused on the end goal of spiritual enlightenment rather than the process of getting there.
5. Behaving hypocritically.
6. Focusing on fulfilling an egocentric desire.
7. Displaying spiritual materialism.
8. Behaving selfishly.
9. Promising a fast path to self-realization.

1. Charging a large amount of money:
Five days retreat with Mooji in Lisbon in 2018 in Aula Magna at the university campus, no food, and no accommodation. It's very expensive (275 EUR), high canceling fee (50 EUR), and no refund (10 days before start). Such canceling fees show it‘s not the satsang anymore but it’s the business although the aula has about 1500 seats. Mooji may not prepare any lectures regarding to particular spiritual topics. There may by only questions/answers setup and no meditation again. "Satsang Intensive at Aula Magna, Lisbon, Portugal, 23/2 – 27/2/2018. What is the price? The fee for attending the Satsang Intensive program in Lisbon is€275 EUR. The fee for online attendance is £95 GBP (early bird price of £75 until 15 January, 2018). What is the cancellation policy? Attending physically at Aula Magna in Lisbon, Portugal: In case you cancel your participation at least 11 days before the event starts, you will be charged a €50 EUR cancellation fee, and the rest of your payment shall be reimbursed to you. If you cancel your participation to the event with 10 days or less before the event starts, then you will get no refund of the event fee. Please note that tickets are non-transferable, and as such it is not possible to sell, give or otherwise transfer your ticket to another person.

2. Giving themselves fancy titles. Sri sri sri sri...
Tony Moo Young changed his name to Mooji, Sri Mooji, MoojiBaba and Sri Mooji Baba: (Sri: great/holy), (Ji: Sir), (Baba: guru/teacher/saint)). He took too many prefixs and honorific titles from other Indian spiritual teachers: Sri Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Sai Baba. If people call him Sri Mooji Baba, it means in very modest form: Sir Great Teacher Moo. I am also wondering why he has adopted a lot of Hindu/Indian culture/customs, his Indian clothing, greeting, and words atc., although he comes from Caribbean/Jamaica culture regions and has lived in the UK most of his adult life.

3. Inability to take criticism:
Mooji avoids any criticism regarding to his person or his spiritual pointing in the most discussions and in addition, he is not critical of any other religions, politics, society or the outer world openly. Mooji was exposed some criticism at his second appearance: Buddha at the Gas Pump (2017) because he let his followers worship him. Mooji refused smartly such criticism from several points of view. Mooji has not set up any rigorous ruling in Monte Sahaja yet; ashram is a community of love, easy spirituality, sex, and money. For that reasons, there is no criticism of Mooji from inside of the community.

4. Overly focused on the end goal of spiritual enlightenment rather than the process of getting there.
Mooji usually talks about the completed enlightenment or spiritual self-realization significant parts of his satsangs and presents it, as if one reaches a full joy, tremendous happiness, deep peace, beautiful bliss, and unfathomable silence. Mooji creates and activates a kind of dopamine award in the minds of his listeners and followers and hypnotizes the audience with the huge spiritual expectations with achieving the pure Samadhi or a spiritual ecstasy very easy. Then the listeners get an unrealistic impression, that the attending any steps of spiritual enlightenments must always be a pure spiritual heaven and a permanent joy. Mooji’s satsangs or pointing out play mostly spiritually motivation role, present only spiritually recreation events, and are based on the unreal effortless approach of the instant spiritual awakening.

5. Behaving hypocritically:
Mooji’s huge hypocriticism is to talk about and explain states of the pure awareness or the self-realization, which he has not permanently experienced yet and to present them as if were his own spiritual achievements. Mooji pretends to be an enlightened being and a beloved master, but he is only a teacher. For these reasons, Mooji has also created the cult of a realized Guru in ashram to be better excused, covered up, and protected from his own spiritual failures and sadness.

6. Focusing on fulfilling an egocentric desire:
Mooji permanently fulfills his sex desires and sleeps with a lot of his young devotees in ashram and during traveling; his sexual life is very promiscuous. Mooji’s second strong desire is to seek name and fame for himself and to be recognized as a famous spiritual master, he has been working on his spiritual reputation purposely for many years.

7. Displaying spiritual materialism:
Mooji has built a large ashram in Monte Sahaja and announces it a spiritual heaven, where the highest pure consciousness resides. He associates places and himself with some spiritual radiations, extraordinary spiritual power, God’s grace, and spiritual and material prosperity. He presents himself as a more realized or holy person and blesses almost everything and everybody.

8. Behaving selfishly:
Mooji does not behave classically selfishly; I think that he is a giving person and he is ready to share a lot of spiritual or materialistic stuff. But Mooji is also very spiritually condescending to anybody who has had any spiritual deep experiences or awakening without his assistance or blessings. I have noticed that in several Mooji's satsangs. Mooji usually puts any spiritual experiences of other people down and falsely acts from the highest spiritual level of the void. He is a spiritually selfish, proud person, and he cannot bear the spiritual greatness of others. In addition, his strong cult of personality is a sign of the narcissism. He built up a large throne on a pedestal with golden picture frame behind him in the ashram hall; in addition he posts his photos almost everywhere. His selfishness lies mostly in his narcissistic personality features and his easy pseudo-spirituality.

9. Promising a fast path to self-realization:
Mooji is a spiritual populist like a political populist who has a simple and quick solution for everything. According to him, the spiritual awakening is simple, almost effortless, in a short time achieved, and with immediate benefits. Mooji mistakes the simple sensation, meditation, or silenced mind for the Isness or the true Self in his pointing out and exercise-invitations. Mooji has minimal spiritual genuine experiences and he could also be called a spiritual “fast food” Guru who serves an instant spiritual awakening “coffee”.

Mooji is not true and seems to be not an enlightened being at all, but more likely a group therapy amateur psychologist or a teacher.

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Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 14, 2019 02:36AM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: StartingOver ()
Date: April 01, 2018 11:25AM

I was a long time supporter of mooji and spent quite a bit of time at Sahaja. As someone who was very close to Mooji and the Sangha I can tell you that sahaja is actaully wiretapped to record and monitor phone calls and conversations on the land. Mooji has spies there and uses them to give him info on those visiting which he uses to pretend that he knows what they are thinking. His old security who spent years with him is terrified of him. I recently has a conversation with him and really felt bad for the guy.

It seems Mooji really screwed up this guys life.There is definitely a cult around him. I left him with my dignity barely in tact but I am very greatful I was able to escape as many are still there and not so fortunate. I really feel bad for alot of the people I know there as they think he is some God. Little do they know he is tricking them and using there vulnerabilty as a means of entrance into their minds. something has to be done to stop him. There is a documentary on Netfilx about the osho scandal, oddly enough spme of those people who were with Osho are now with Mooji. Really fucking scary.

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Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 14, 2019 02:40AM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: xivoparig ()
Date: August 10, 2018 06:26PM

This account may be deleted but I am posting anonymously to help others and for fear of being found. Mooji is a straight up conman in the worst sense praying on the desperate and vulnerable. He is a rapist and everybody has to be warned. This happened over a year ago over the span of 2-3 months or so. I don't want to post much more than that as his may be reading.

I was having a rough time with money and having a home and I ended up at a Mooji talk in London. At this point in your life, anything free is a blessing. I wasn't the only one in this situation, there were a few of us that were given food, shelter and in exchange for an 'open mind'. I was thankful for this - much better than the streets and you don't mind filling the time with hearing someone speak. We went along to hear him talk to the masses and it was quite inspirational and this went on for a while with us 'following him'... well there is nothing like a free lunch.

I started seeing some females who I met in similar situations as me who would have 'private talks' with Mooji and come out of rooms looking detached and something bubbling below. I had a friend, let's call her 'Sarah'. Whenever I asked Sarah what happened, she would put on a fake smile and spout that life is beautiful we have to believe. This wasn't the real them and it bugged me that something wasn't right. Mooji never really invited me privately in but his crew spoke to me a lot about 'giving myself' to them whatever that meant, submitting for the higher good and belief. It was wishy washy to pinpoint what I was supposed to believe but the sheer force of belief coming from the crew made me didn't want to question this for fear of being thrown out on the streets. I felt like I had to contribute something but I didn't know. Work? Giving out leaflets? Not sure.

So far, there was a positive focus and sense of wellbeing but for what price?

This happened one day a while into my stint with them. I had to sleep when I could being with so many others so I found a quiet corner behind some bags in a venue. I curled up and was trying to drift off amongst the people coming in and out setting up. I couldn't fall asleep so I was lying there trying to relax. I finally sat up and I could see mooji and one of his crew members who I always saw float around mooji and not say much (I didn't even recall hearing his voice) talking to each other. They had their backs to me and i felt a bit strange as nobody else was around and they couldn't see me. I heard them talking about 'Sarah'. Mooji was asking top crew guy if 'sarah' was ready to give herself. ' The crew guy was saying how 'i've been working on her, she'll be *sleeping* with you within the week'.
I was shocked at the frankness of this abuse and it made sense from sarah's detached personality. She was being forcd to prostitute herself to mooji!
Mooji was asking about some others and what they are 'contributing' and the crew guy was talking about them giving money (some followers had money and were not sleeping on the street).

I sat back down behind the bags and lied down quietly as I could sweating if they found me, they would not only kick me out but silence me.

I had to leave and I knew I wouldn't have long with Sarah. I was ready to go and I had to plan my exit so I chose my moment to speak to her about what I heard. She called me a liar and how I didn't believe enough. She was on the verge of tears and her words didn't match how she felt with this conflicting information I was telling her. She was too far gone. I left straight away and I never found out what happened to her. If you're reading sarah or if you ARE a 'sarah' then I urge you to trust your instincts and not fall into the mooji trap. He's preying on the weak with having to believe in something. Don't give him money, don't give him your body. He is using a positive persona and behind this is a twisted evil man. I'm now doing ok, I have a job, a home. There is a way out of this cult.

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Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 14, 2019 02:43AM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: xivoparig ()
Date: August 11, 2018 05:26PM

Thank you corboy. That is good good advice for everyone.
I am trusting no-one. Not even you. I do not want to be interviewed and I recognize the danger in speaking about what happened. The whole Mooji cult works on followers deflecting and entrapment. The constant repetitiveness of tasks, chants that make the cult a part of your daily life. I saw this starting to happen to me. I saw lots of potential people in this position, giving their money and bodies away to this cult. This is the first place that came up on search so I posted. I want Mooji exposed and I am hoping this gets publicized and the press jumps on him. I know that if Sarah or others search the internet this post will come up and they can read and reflect on themselves how to get out before they are in too deep. My message to Mooji and any other cult that IS your life is don't be blinded and lead on with 'belief'.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: xivoparig ()
Date: August 12, 2018 03:06AM

Well I had to sleep where I could which is what led me to find out this! We were kept 'busy. What I can remember is some people didn't have any real names. They had new names, identities and personas and leave the material world to find true happiness. In a nutshell this did mean cutting yourself off from people. There was a sense of freedom and movement ..but it wasn't real freedom. It is hard to explain as there is a trance like state everyone was in. I wasn't fully integrated but I was being beckoned into the group more and more as time went on. If I was there for longer I'm not sure how cut off I would be and how deep it got. I was one of the group that was very new and kept my guard up more than others so mooji's followers didn't talk to me as much as they talked to others who after formed a strange bond that shunned us new blood out. From general chit chat those very close to mooji people didn't want to talk about their 'old lives' or personas because it 'wasn't important' when I approached them. They seemed like they had nobody but the golden path of this trickster mooji. Maybe they were too far brainwashed. There were different levels of people. Those who were deep into it were closes to mooji and they had no life before meeting him and the new blood were all being reeled in and slowly transformed. It was a false sense of trust. It's terrifying to think about.

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Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 14, 2019 02:44AM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: NSH999 ()
Date: August 12, 2018 03:16AM

I wanted to add to this discussion with a few thoughts. I am trained in psychology, computer programming, and the arts. I have watched several hundred hours of Mooji videos since 2008. I had one interaction with Mooji in the form of a letter that he answered on live broadcast around 2015, a very unsatisfying answer to me thanking him for freedom. It was a major let-down to see that he did not really care about the things I was telling him. I expected he would have responded very differently based on the kind of teacher I thought he was. I was not looking for something special, just a real human authenticity, like the kind shared between friends.

I think Mooji started with good intentions but has become corrupted by the fame, power, access to vulnerable people, and access to money.

His videos from 2008-2012 have a very different character and message. Back then he focused exclusively on the non-doul inquiry and asking profound questions like "can the seer be seen". His message had a very clean-and-free feel to it, no signs of corruption. Having dealt with a cult directly before learning about mooji, I tested his message and it rang true and allowed me to heal from some damage.

From my understanding he did not have a sanga back then but traveled from convention to convention and gave talks. His early talks were marvelous and had a rich authenticity, happiness and hope in them.

I felt that sometime between 2012 and 2014 he had his first fall from grace. It happened when the satsang gatherings started getting very large. His message become less powerful, his directions for seekers seemed to become deluded, and he started to look down on others more. He became offended in videos and started to ridicule people, if only in a passive aggressive style.

I would like to contrast this to the old videos of Papaji online who I believe to be an authentic teacher in his time. He was humble, did not perform for the camera and never knew his videos would be on youtube for the world to see. There is something simple, and quaint about a happy man sharing his wisdom with others (in the Papaji videos). He does not perform like a professional, often having real mis-understandings and confusions on camera.

I would frequently get frustrated with Moojis' message in 2013-2014 and would go on to watch many hours of Papaji and compare their ideas, teachings, style, and pointing effectiveness. I started to feel that Mooji was leading people on and creating a scene rather than pointing to the truth. I started to distance myself from him, but I did question myself wondering, if I was 'projecting' my own faults onto the guru, as had been explained by him many times.

His new messages started to say very different things from his original pre-2010 sayings. He developed spiritual materialism as some have pointed out. Specifically he says that 'people should feel something special from you, when you enter the room'

I believe he started saying this as a manipulative tactic to create a confirmation bias in weak minds. When they interact with people and they feel that 'regular people' can 'feel something special from them' it means they have met the abstract goal and are on the right path. But this 'feeling' can come and go at the drop of a hat, change of weather etc.

Based on other teachers and my own experience it is not necessary or desirable to seek outer confirmation of ones inner peace and contentedness. People may never notice a truly enlightened mind, and that other people are always free to think what they want forces followers to be overly self critical of themselves in relations with others. This ruins their confidence and creates a self-doubt and an overtly self-centered mindset "Am I glowing with the light of awareness yet?" This process is causing the individual to retreat into personal imaginary perceptions rather than real seeing of the freedom in life. Mooji says you are the awareness, you should glow for the others, causing people to put pressure on themselves to solve an unsolvable problem: you cannot control the views of others no matter how high your aspiration and vibration.

There used to be a message of freedom, but this spiritual materialism of places having special power, people having special power is not non-duality but a very old and tired form of myth and mysticism.

Things finally hit the fan when I encountered two great non-doul teachers with very different approaches: Paul Hedderman, and Tony Parsons. Both are strange people in their own right (not everyone likes them either), but they do non-dual teachings without leading a cult behind them. They openly criticize and speak against the style of Sanga that Mooji has created.

This brings me to my main thesis:

Mooji Sanga is Moojis personal cult and retirement plan. He created it from scratch as a means of securing a comfortable life for himself. It seems to have taken a turn for the worse, as some of his videos started to remind me of the film Fight Club when the original gang started recruiting more followers until everyone is blindly following an authority system they do not understand or take accountability for.

Finally, in 2016 I stopped watching Mooji after seeing him allowing people to worship him. after seeing a crowd of people reaching out to touch is garments, people falling at his feet and carrying on, I knew things were really done. This was not freedom but a cultural movement, a cult of sorts.

Most informal videos from 2016 and beyond show Mooji surrounded by mostly attractive looking European females who all look like they wash with the same soap and use the same hair products. When a whole group of different people look like they smell the same, you know something is up.

It was when I started noticing this female thing and that his messages were becoming increasingly distorted and changed from freedom to actually entrapping. He used to say "you don't need to know anything" and now he was saying that "you must know that it is true" and "you don't want it enough yet" and a whole mixed bag of negative affirmations. I could see in his videos that he was saying things to program specific females and to get them to think in certain ways.

I feel a little sorry for him, and that I don't think this is what he wanted. But I also hold him accountable, because this is not the truth he originally spoke of nor the freedom, nor the peace, nor the authenticity that he once had.

Instead of preaching the good news, he preaches an entrapping method of becoming confused with ones identity. He tells people they are something that they are not, and then asks them to demonstrate to him that they are what they are not. Nothingness and Consciousness and The Way may be real experiences, but they are not required by any means to live a happy life in harmony with ones surroundings. Instead of just pointing to basic fundamentals, he now leads people on a goose chase that only ends when they choose to give it up.

In summation, I am very sorry to be writing this, as I once admired the man. But now I feel it is time to discuss why so many people are seeing that Mooji has lost his touch and is probably doing more harm than good.

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