Guru Swami G - Part 2
Posted by: bql ()
Date: July 16, 2018 05:15PM

The main thread gives errors when trying to post a new message so I figured I'd create a new thread...

Main Thead: []

Here's a general summary (paraphrasing) of everything discussed in that thread and things I've looked up on my own...

1. She is abusive, moody, controlling, short-tempered, etc. The opposite of how she appears to be in her videos.

2. Many of her students/members have left and don't have anything to do with her. She only has a small group who stick by her side.

3. Ex-students/members feel as if they were abused mentally by her and made to feel worthless and weak. She belittles, mocks, and condemns them for various things.

4. She has had multiple failed marriages & two children on her "spiritual path". (She seems to ignore all questions about these two subjects when asked.)

5. She claims to have been in multiple cults (Holy Order of Mans, Scientology, ISKON, and claims to have had various gurus in India she was a disciple of) prior to becoming her own self-proclaimed guru. ***I contacted the Holy Order of Mans admin ( and various former members on facebook who would have known her in 1967-1969 when they only had one house in San Francisco. No one remembers or recalls her despite her being listed on the directory. It's also interesting to note that when she tells the story of the golden light she experienced in a youtube video (, she calls the leader "Father Blighton" which he was never known as. He is known as "Father Paul" by all the real members of HOOM.***

6. She claims her main guru to be Rishi Rajiv ( ***I contacted various people from Rishi's contact page on this website and they claim they don't know who she is.***

7. She was in the military, claims to have been sexually assaulted while serving and got PTSD due to it, takes the drug Clonazepam regularly, and gets a military disability check each month.

8. In order to get a disability check she apparently presents herself as psychologically / emotionally / pathologically disabled.

9. She has a wealthy devotee who paid for her house, car, motorcycle, gastric bypass surgery, music instruments, day-to-day expenses and practically everything else her military disability check doesn't cover.

10. She once highly praised Nithyananda and recommended his teachings. Now she claims she always knew he was a fraud. ***Comments I found of her praising Nithyananda: Image #1 | Image #2 as taken from the comment sections of these two videos: Video #1 | Video #2***

11. She claims to have a non-profit organization called 'Zen Way' which she says all of her donations from students & other people who send her money go into. ***This non-profit doesn't exist. It's not a real registered non-profit organization. The EIN number published in the main thread was never registered and isn't legit.***

12. GuruSwamiG had 8 "sages" at one time in her group (Sarojini, Dharma, Jyoti, Udit, Barindra, Amrit, Gurudutt and Siddhananda). The only one who has stuck around is Siddhanada.

13. She seems to have a psychological hold over a few of her devotees. One in particular she somehow forced to move to FL from Washington by having her ride on the back of her motorcycle.

14. She has no issue sharing your private/personal information with others if you leave the group and have something bad to say about her.

15. A lady she once treated and did kundalini work on for psychological issues killed themselves after meeting her.

16. She has no problem telling any of her followers to stop taking their meds while she has PTSD and takes anxiety drugs.

17. She is a hypocrite full of contradictions!

I am most likely missing other things. Feel free to add more.

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Re: Guru Swami G - Part 2
Posted by: bql ()
Date: July 17, 2018 01:51PM

GuruSwamiG made a video the other day about the positive/supportive Nithyananda comments she made 11 years ago about Nithyananda..

It's interesting how she tries to dumb down what she really said about him by saying "I just said he was okayyyy" when there's actual proof she said much more positive/supportive things about him as are linked in #10. She has spent a decade attacking the guru Nithyananda in youtube videos claiming he is a rapist/fraud/murderer/charlatan/etc. I believe she does this as a way to distract people from her own abuses and fraud.

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