Don Hanson and Jennifer Hanson of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation
Posted by: be careful ()
Date: May 12, 2017 10:36PM

I would like to warn people about the above practioners.

I know of two people who ended up suicidal after having sex with TCM leaders, in the name of healing. One woman was seduced by Don Hanson and probably would have killed herself, if it was not for the intervention of her therapist (who is a close personal friend of mine). It took years of work to begin to undo the damage Don caused. In another situation, Jennifer Hanson, Don's ex-wife, seduced a man (a close friend), in the name of "the work" and left him devastated and contemplating ending his life.

These people preach "openness and connecting", in the sexual sense, which is then used to open the person up to Jennifer and Don's own sexual advances. Jennifer has seduced and slept with multiple people in the practice, while at the same time acting as counselor and "healer", and while still taking their money. Don encourages female participants to have sex with the male participants in his groups, and then turns around and encourges the said male participants to try to get the said females to have sex with Don.

I caution all to be careful of Transforming Cellular Memory, or as Jennifer Hanson has renamed her version Cellular Transformation. I would not be surprised if new names appear in the future as more people speak out.

Below is an article about a woman who suicided after working with Mr. Hanson.

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Re: Don Hanson and Jennifer Hanson of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation
Posted by: pattyduke ()
Date: October 14, 2017 01:53PM

I actually did a group session with Don Hanson (wife at the time Jennifer Hanson/ Millar was not present) of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation back in 2003 in NYC. He help me along with others in our group that weekend and was extremely beneficial.
Sad to hear of what you describe about both of them for they have been practicing for years and never heard of these unfortunate situations~ there is no doubt both sides of a coin in any encounter and would be interested if both Don Hanson and Jennifer Millar have publicly stated any thing from these allegations?
if you do know would be great if you can share their responses.
Regards~ PD

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