Don Hanson and Jennifer Hanson of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation
Posted by: be careful ()
Date: May 12, 2017 10:36PM

I would like to warn people about the above practioners.

I know of two people who ended up suicidal after having sex with TCM leaders, in the name of healing. One woman was seduced by Don Hanson and probably would have killed herself, if it was not for the intervention of her therapist (who is a close personal friend of mine). It took years of work to begin to undo the damage Don caused. In another situation, Jennifer Hanson, Don's ex-wife, seduced a man (a close friend), in the name of "the work" and left him devastated and contemplating ending his life.

These people preach "openness and connecting", in the sexual sense, which is then used to open the person up to Jennifer and Don's own sexual advances. Jennifer has seduced and slept with multiple people in the practice, while at the same time acting as counselor and "healer", and while still taking their money. Don encourages female participants to have sex with the male participants in his groups, and then turns around and encourges the said male participants to try to get the said females to have sex with Don.

I caution all to be careful of Transforming Cellular Memory, or as Jennifer Hanson has renamed her version Cellular Transformation. I would not be surprised if new names appear in the future as more people speak out.

Below is an article about a woman who suicided after working with Mr. Hanson.

Re: Don Hanson and Jennifer Hanson of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation
Posted by: pattyduke ()
Date: October 14, 2017 01:53PM

I actually did a group session with Don Hanson (wife at the time Jennifer Hanson/ Millar was not present) of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation back in 2003 in NYC. He help me along with others in our group that weekend and was extremely beneficial.
Sad to hear of what you describe about both of them for they have been practicing for years and never heard of these unfortunate situations~ there is no doubt both sides of a coin in any encounter and would be interested if both Don Hanson and Jennifer Millar have publicly stated any thing from these allegations?
if you do know would be great if you can share their responses.
Regards~ PD

Re: Don Hanson and Jennifer Hanson of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation
Posted by: be careful ()
Date: October 21, 2017 11:55PM

How are there two sides to a "healer" sleeping with a client while taking their money and leaving them confused and suicidal?

I'm glad you weren't abused by them. Not all are so fortunate. Did you notice the article linked above? That's three people to my knowledge who either contemplated or in fact suicided. I'm sure they are not the only three.

Re: Don Hanson and Jennifer Hanson of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation
Posted by: waacha-hiding ()
Date: November 14, 2017 05:36AM

I was made aware of this thread a few days ago. I speak in relation to Don Hanson's work. I read it and I could not feel anything. It was like it did not have any energy in it. I could not feel any substance to it. This work I know inside out. I was new to it when the article referenced was in the Independent. I witnessed peoples reactions to it. No one in a group that fluctuated in numbers from morning to afternoon knew anything about this woman save for someone speaking to her at a break. In groups that sometimes numbered 75 plus, this woman had attended but never spoke. The feeling among the group was a lot of confusion. People were perplexed. Here were people helping themselves and getting tremendous guidance and then there was all this outside judgement. It pains me that people can put forward information that I know had zero relevance to the person that Don is. That in a world so in need of sanity and direction a shining light can be stained in such a way. The claims are so off the mark as not worthy of examination.. gobbledegook and thats being pleasant. I woke two mornings in a row and thought of this thread. I wondered why it was it was coming back to me as I intended to ignore it due to how off the mark it was. When I really felt into it I realized it's a smokescreen. For what exactly I am not sure. You live and learn and I ask for people reading this thread to not take on board distortions based not in reality.

Re: Don Hanson and Jennifer Hanson of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation
Posted by: chooselove ()
Date: November 16, 2017 10:21AM

Don Hanson has been a mentor and teacher of mine for many years now. He is a person of upmost integrity and I have only ever witnessed him treating people with love and respect. He is a very simple and humble man, with no ego, even though he has a truly remarkable gift. I have attended hundreds of his workshops and seminars throughout the years and I have watched miracle after miracle take place in people´s lives as they become reconnected with themselves again, often after deep suffering and trauma. Personally I find it sad and hurtful to read these type of allegations against Mr Hanson, especially in relation to people who have mental health problems that they have probably been dealing with their whole lives. I guess it is easy to point the finger and blame and make someone the scapegoat rather then to take full responsibility for your own issues. As the person states above I also hope that people do not take on board distortions not based in reality. Working as a respected therapist for many years now I highly recommend this life changing work.

Re: Don Hanson and Jennifer Hanson of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 17, 2017 04:37AM


What is your exact association with Don Hanson?

Do you have any relationship with him?

You seem to be here as an apologist for Hanson.

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Re: Don Hanson and Jennifer Hanson of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation
Posted by: TimetoAct ()
Date: November 25, 2017 06:33AM

Seventeen years ago I went to Arizona to study and train in Transforming Cellular memory with Don Hanson. The day after I arrived there I was sexually assaulted by him in a disused quarry outside of town where he had brought me for a 'swim'. I was told that I was 'too tense for spirit to work with me' and he began to massage me and then suggested I undress. I was concerned for my survival at that point and did what he suggested, leaving my underclothes on. The massage became an assault when he put his hands between my legs and touched my genitals. I froze at that point and became very confused.

Several days later after this he violently rejected the challenge made to him on this during a circle by his wife of the time. A sexual seduction and ultimatum was made by him and what followed for me were two and half years of chaos, soul loss and sexual harassment. I was repeatedly told that I had a chastity belt around my hips due to my religious education - and that I needed to get my sexual energy flowing again. It was true that my hips were locked up - there had been a lot of violence in the house I grew up in.

When I finally got up the courage to leave the group I experienced intense backlash from the people still involved in it. I understood this was due to the level of denial and spiritual bypass that exists within the group dynamic. I had gone through it myself and had defended him fiercely when he was challenged by others when I was caught up in him and the group dynamic.

It took many years to recover from my experiences there. When people didn't do what Don wanted they were labelled as being in 'victim consciousness' and blamed for not taking responsibility.

During my recovery I have sat with many sides of the situation and looked at why I stayed in relationship with him for so long, why I didn't speak up, why I allowed myself and others to be bullied and harassed and where my responsibility for myself lay as a 28 year old adult when I met him. I did give my power away, I did put his voice before my own, I did try to make the situation work as best I could, and I did believe for a time that I was healing. However in truth I came away from it more traumatised than I ever was before I went in. I was very young, very naive and in a very vulnerable position when I met him. I did have childhood trauma and this was greatly exacerbated rather than healed by his behaviour.

I have also examined what was his responsibility as a teacher and therapist and someone I was paying throughout that time for training and healing. I have come to understand that due to the power differential inherent between a teacher and student or a therapist/healer and client, that the responsibility for the sexual assault and exploitation sits firmly with him.

In the years that followed my departure from the group I met a significant amount of others who were devastated by their experience of him and his work, including several who were also sexually manipulated and coerced. I tried to have him stopped from working in my country but as he is not from here and I was over 18 when it happened there were no legal grounds for it.

In the absence of being able to make a formal complaint against him, what I wanted was that he no longer continue to work in a field where there are vulnerable people seeking help and healing. I work in these areas now and know of several therapists and healers who have lost their licenses to practice, and their work and livelihoods for far less violation of boundaries and unethical behaviour than what I experienced during my time with him.

As my experiences happened so long ago and I did challenge him on it after I left and did receive an email from him in 2003 apologising for ‘drawing me into his misbehaviour’, I had hoped that his treatment of people had improved and that he no longer caused harm or had sexual relations with the people attending his workshops. However I recently met yet another person who was struggling after being in contact with him, and was about to email him directly to query his current practices when I came across this thread.

I am so sorry to hear yet again that others have gone through what I have. While I am sure there are some people who benefit from the work itself, the reports that the sexual abuse patterns are still active and that people are traumatised from it signals a highly dysfunctional system wrapped up in the guise of 'spirit and light'

I met the woman who committed suicide named in the newspaper article listed in the first post in this thread. In my recollection which I have cross checked with others who were there, she disclosed that she had been sexually abused as a child to the group. This was ignored by Don who said he would come back to it later as he wasn't feeling any energy in it. She was visibly distressed for the rest of the session. Afterwards she withdrew into herself and I never saw her again. When she committed suicide there was a major outcry in the media, I had left the group at this time, and moved to another country to recover from what had happened.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations and subsequent revelations of abuses of power and sexual misconduct in many industries I am heartened to see so many people, mostly women but some men too, speak up of their experiences and finally not be blamed for getting caught in someone elses' power play and predatory behaviour.

Yes to echo the first post in this thread, be very careful of him and his work, and I suggest that if you are unable to 'feel any energy or truth' in what I am saying that perhaps you may have become numb to the pain of others if it's not what you want to hear. I was numb for many years at a very fundamental level when involved with him.

Re: Don Hanson and Jennifer Hanson of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 25, 2017 11:13PM

rrmoderator asked in an earlier post:



What is your exact association with Don Hanson?

Do you have any relationship with him?

You seem to be here as an apologist for Hanson.

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Re: Don Hanson and Jennifer Hanson of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation
Posted by: waacha-hiding ()
Date: November 26, 2017 04:27AM

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-- Corboy

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Re: Don Hanson and Jennifer Hanson of Transforming Cellular Memory and Cellular Transformation
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 26, 2017 10:00AM

Australian nurse in 'self-healing' cult killed herself



Bill Corcoran
May 21 2003 12:11 AM

AN OUTGOING Australian nurse who became involved in a "self-healing" group in Ireland was found hanging in her apartment a couple of months after she joined the group.
Work colleagues of the deceased, who attended yesterday's inquest into her death, said they believed the Australian woman had been "brainwashed" by the group. They also alleged that it was the group's influence that led to a deterioration in her state of mind.
The inquest heard that the support group, which is affiliated to Don Hanson, a spiritual healer from Arizona, also facilitated a medium known as Sari who acted as a conduit for a spirit called Michael, said to possess healing powers.

The coroner's court heard that it costs ?450 to take part in Mr Hanson's group sessions.
Joanne Pace (37) of Manor Road, Palmerstown, Dublin 20 arrived in Ireland in 2000 to work as a nurse in Cherry Orchard Hospital in Ballyfermot.

She was found dead by her flatmate on March 27 of this year. Nurse Roselyn Borden told Tallaght Coroner's Court that during her time at the hospital, Ms Pace went from being a bubbly, happy person to someone who was introverted and non-communicative.
"At the start of last January she started to lose a lot of weight and stopped being in contact with people. I feel there may have been a connection between the Don Hanson Group and Joanne's death.

"I believe it is a cult of some sort and she was taken over by this group and she was not able to come back from it. I think she was brainwashed," she said.
The coroner's court heard that in the months leading up to the nurse's suicide her new flatmate also noticed changes in her behaviour. Patrick Murphy said that when he initially arrived to live in the flat Ms Pace liked to keep a very clean house but in the weeks leading up to her death this changed. He said that he was aware she was taking self-help courses but he didn't think too much of it until she began to deteriorate.

"When she started to act depressed I asked her what was wrong. She said: 'You can't help me. Nobody can help'."

The Dublin organiser of the Don Hanson Group sessions, Irja Karjalainen, told the court the group held workshops that helped a person to learn how to "release the trauma, pain and suffering" they were experiencing in their lives.
Coroner Kieran Geraghty asked Ms Karjalainen who Sari and Michael were in relation to the group work that was carried out.
Ms Karjalainen told him that Sari was not affiliated to Don Hanson's philosophies on life, but she attended the group sessions and acted as a conduit for the spirit Michael who was a "Supreme Being" who gives directions on how to live your life.

The coroner recorded a verdict of suicide.




nquest witness says dead woman was "brainwashed"
Wed, May 21, 2003, 01:00

An Australian hospital attendant, who committed suicide two months ago, had gone to "healing workshops", Dublin County Coroners Court heard yesterday.
Ms Joanne Pace (38), Manor Road, Palmerstown, Dublin, hanged herself from a bannister on March 27th. The County Coroner, Dr Kieran Geraghty, returned a verdict of suicide with the cause of death asphyxia.

Garda Niall Sheridan told the inquest he had called to the house on that date.
Mr Patrick Murphy, a house-mate of the deceased, said Ms Pace worked nights in Cherry Orchard Hospital and had become withdrawn in the months leading up to her death. He had found her crying in the sitting-room on March 17th and she had said he couldn't help her.

On the morning of March 27th, Mr Murphy had woken up and seen a flex hanging from the bannister. He cut Ms Pace down and called the gardaí.
Ms Rosaleen Bardon, a care attendant at Cherry Orchard Hospital, said she had picked up Ms Pace from Dublin Airport three years ago when she started work in the hospital. Ms Pace had been very popular in work but had begun to withdraw into herself from January. Ms Pace went to healing workshops but they were "a cult of some sort". Ms Bardon said: "This group changed Joanne in some way. Joanne was brainwashed by this group."

Ms Irja Karjalainen said she was a sponsor with Don Hanson workshops. Ms Pace had attended three or four of their groups; suicide was not promoted by the group.

She told Dr Geraghty she had communicated with a "divine being" called Michael and she was in communication with spirits all the time. Suicide had been discussed by the group, but she said she had no strong feelings on euthanasia .
Ms Helen Hand said she had attended the last workshop with Ms Pace about a month before her death. She had never heard suicide encouraged in the group but she believed in Michael and in his messenger, Shari.

Summarising the post-mortem, Dr Geraghty said Ms Pace had a plastic flex wound around her neck. He gave the cause of death as asphyxia due to hanging with a verdict of suicide.

He extended sympathy to her family and friends.

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