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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: GODHIMSELF ()
Date: February 18, 2019 11:51PM

Happy to know that Amma Tanya his encouraging the distribution of her videos .

I hope that sooner than latter some of the ladies that have been having an improper relationship with Mooji will speak up ... and make videos and help expose Mooji to possibly save much pains to other ladies

Mooji his in a difficult place right now ...a guy that use to sell chai in a small
kioske in the UK is now one of the biggest spiritual teacher on YOUTUBE with millions of views ...and a multi millions dollars organization and thousands that adore him. If he is a sexual predator ...he as to live a hypocritical life of lies and deceits and continue to play the "spiritual master " POOR GUY I wonder how he must feel in his heart to keep the show going ..with those dark secrets in his heart.

We have seen such hypocrisy before Swami Nityananda ..Sai baba ( a proliphic pedophile) Swami Vishnudevananda Swami Muktananda ..Swami Kriyananda and so many others ...They may have started their journey sincere seekers and then became entangle in their own bullshit ...and then they have to pretend because
they are making millions of dollrs ..and are adore my so many followers
that are in a state similar to a hypnosis trance ,

But those hypocrite can also be unmasked and lose everything like Sogyal Rimpoche
It only take a few brave ladies to come forward and tell their stories

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It is the powerholder who is capable of improper relations...
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 19, 2019 12:26AM

Err, the powerholder (whether male or female) is the one alleged to have the improper relationships.

Because the powerholder is the one in control.

Not in the situation discussed here, 'the ladies'.

So lest any reader be given the impression that participants in this discussion are sex mad,
let us remember that abuse occurs at many dimensions and the law can be broken in many areas by a guru who commits no known sexual misdeeds but is abusive in other ways.

Andrew Cohen, an American born protege of Poonja, became well documented as a notoriously abusive guru - emotionally abusive, financially abusive, rituals of humiliation.

Non sexual abuses perpetrated by gurus

Disruption of local or national politics (Rajneesh and various Indian godmen)

If an abusive guru and ashram behave in ways that disrupt national politics (Indian godmen) or disrupt local politics (Rajneesh), that too is abuse.

* Disciples' children denied health care and education

* Disciples' lives and careers thwarted and derailed.

* Children abandoned or neglected because disciple parents are preoccuppied with
the guru.

* Disciples who are professionals committing illegal acts by putting the guru's
orders above the best interests of their patients/clients. (Example. In SYDA yoga one ex disciple revealed that psychotherapists who were disciples were encouraged to recruit their patients into SYDA yoga and would tell the guru confidential information about clients who also were disciples.)

* Housing disciples in unsafe conditions

* Disciples denied adequate medical care.

* Inadequate diet

* The guru creates goon squads that terrorize the local population

* The guru takes over the government of the local area through bribery and large
purchases of property

* No aftercare for disciples who become ill or disoriented

* Pressuring disciples to hand over large sums of money

* Immigration fraud

* Disciples becoming unable to function in mainstream society due to meditation
induced dissociation

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: GODHIMSELF ()
Date: February 19, 2019 04:38AM

Yes corboy
Many of the things that you mention might be present in the Mooji cult.

But for some of us that have been studying the pure life of Sri Ramana Maharshi

for many years think that a guy that use the name and pictures of Ramana

Maharshi in all of his fonctions and claim that he his teaching in the line of Sri

Ramana....and then to learn that he his using Ramana good name and teachings

to go fish for sexual gratification with young innocent young girls


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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: February 19, 2019 04:52AM

Lets all hope and pray that the victims of Moo find comfort in each other, support each other and hopefully at some time in the near future launch a class-action law suit against Moo and his manipulation abuse of power.

I think making videos that expose Moo is all well and good, but it's best to address these serious abuses of power through the courts. I'm sure there will be no shortage of expert witnesses who will testify that Moo runs an exploitative cult.

* he uses hypnosis, trance-induction and psychological manipulation, including public shaming, gas-lighting and intimidation in order to control devotees.

* he harbors people who are mentally ill in his compound and falsely claims that they are having 'awakening' experiences... when really they should be taken to the hospital and be given proper care.

* he extracts donations from followers by pretending to be enlightened, when he is clearly not. This is 'obtaining funds by deception'.

* He and his very dodgy charity obtain free labor from devotees using fraudulent means.... they claim that this 'charity' is helping the masses, but it is really only making people confused, ill, and unfit to re-enter normal society.

* he has sex with his devotees after subjecting them to mind-control and deception. He lies by saying that having sex with him will facilitate their 'enlightenment'. (What a fraud and a disgusting human being.)

I'm quite sure that using lies such as "Having sex with your Guru will bring you closer to God" is fraudulent behavior and will be looked down upon by any jury, judge or magistrate. I really doubt Moo has a leg to stand on.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: clearvision ()
Date: February 19, 2019 05:09AM

from: Amma Tanya White's facebook page:

Mooji Update:

I am making this post public so that EVERYONE may view it.

Over the past several weeks I have been inundated with daily emails from both men and women who have shared both their gratitude for my speaking out as well as their own personal accounts of negative experiences they have had either at Sahaja, (Mooji's ashram) or with Mooji directly.

Initially, I attempted to respond to every email personally until it began to take a toll on me and my own process of grieving and dealing with the revelations that had come to light about the Man I once called my Guru.

So, I took a step back, shut down my page, (of my own volition by the way, not by Mooji, the Sahaja Sangha or FB; trust me I don't scare that easy and refuse to be silenced when it comes to speaking out against wrong doing) for some time before reappearing.

The emails continue to come on a daily basis, however, I no longer feel pressured to respond to each and every one of them as I did before. However, I do still respond to those which I feel called in my heart to do so.

Most recently, after having dealt with the initial, emotional avalanche of my own anger/rage, grief and profound disappointment that Mooji is not whom I thought him to be, I have been sitting with gaining clarity about what my role has been in revealing this information, what it is now and what it will be going forward.

I am fully aware that my video was an atomic bomb for many and has shaken many people to their core, myself included.

And while I do not regret for one second having spoken out via the video, I feel that it wouldn't be right to leave people impacted by this news, standing in the rubble of that announcement to fend for themselves, particularly, those of you who have emailed me telling me just how much this has impacted you.

Simultaneously, I am also aware that I must be mindful of my tendency to rescue and place my care taker/champion for the underdog hat on, sometimes to my own detriment.

So, I have gotten very clear about what is my fight and what is not and how I want serve in this situation going forward. It is important to me that I maintain healthy boundaries in this situation so that I don't find myself taking on and processing others trauma and grief vicariously, which with my being an empath is highly likely for me to do.

All of the above being said, here is what I've gleaned from the numerous emails I've received and continue to receive on a daily basis.

There are several distinct groups that most people fit into. There are those of you who have had your own personal experiences either with Mooji or Sahajah and the Sangha, but don't want to speak out for fear of retaliation from those associated with Mooji. Then there are those of you who know of the dysfunctional things that have been happening both at Sahaja and with Mooji because a friend has confided in you about their experiences and have thanked me for my courage in giving voice to it. And last but certainly not least there are those of you who feel that something should be done about this so that more harm is not done to others, and have expressed to me, in fact DEMANDED that the women in particular who have confided in me should come forward, to which I have responded and continue to say that is not a decision I can make for them. Everybody is in their process with this and has the right to determine what's best for themselves and how and IF they want to be vocal about it as I have chosen to do.

For those who feel that this news has rocked their world and they too have had an negative experience with Mooji and feel that you would like to communicate with others who like yourself have had similar experiences, I would like to put you all in contact with one another and allow you to support each other throughout your grieving/healing process. As I said to one of the women who confided in me, I can not begin to imagine what it has been like to hold this experience bottled up inside in secret for so many years with no-one to talk to. Therefore, I feel it would be highly beneficial and healing for you all to lean on and support one another. IF you feel that is what you're wanting to do, please email your personal email address and name and I will put you all in immediate contact with one another.

With regards to taking further legal action on this. I did not personally have a sexually inappropriate experience with Mooji. Therefore, that particular battle is not mine to continue to fight. I did my part by speaking out via my video when I discovered this was happening behind the scenes. However, if there are those of you who DO want to speak out and pursue legal action based on your own experiences, I will support you in whatever way I can 150%!! I just can't be the ring leader on that front. You must stand in your power, speak your truth and know that you are not standing alone. But it must be YOUR fight and YOUR decision to do so. I can not do that for you.

In conclusion, I want to say this. Silence and secrecy kills and allows dysfunction and abuse to go unchecked which allows it to fester and proliferate.

At times when reading some of the emails from those of you who have confided in me about your personal, negative experiences with Mooji or the Sangha in which you've ended by saying, but please don't mention my name or share this, I will admit I have felt extremely frustrated and angered by that stance. It is exactly that silence which has allowed Mooji to get away with this abuse of power for so long!

I know it can be scary to speak out. But I want to encourage you to dig deep and find the courage to do so because you will be helping countless people in ways that you can not even begin to imagine. And if you chose to speak out, please do so in a way that is productive, connected to your heart and in integrity.

When people go on a campaign of spewing toxic vitriol about people such as Mooji who abuse their position of power, adding fuel to a scandalous drama in an attempt to destroy and Mame, you do a grave disservice to the revelation of truth and the change that needs to unfold is hindered primarily because people won't take you seriously. They just chalk it up to people spreading rumors and gossip about the one in question. And often times as a result, victims remain in hiding and the abuse is allowed to continue.

So I say all of that to say, be clear, honest and hold the highest intention for good when and if you decide to come forward.

For myself, my intention has always been from the moment I posted the video exposing Mooji, to eradicate anything that is not in service to Light and uphold all that is. It has not been to destroy Mooji as some of those who have emailed me in support of him have suggested. In fact, I pray that Mooji himself finds the courage to get help, because clearly he needs it if he does not see that what he is doing particularly with some of his young, female devotees is wrong. Sometimes power has a way of deluding even the one in the position of power, which could very well be the case with Mooji.

Furthermore, what makes this situation most dangerous is that Mooji does point to and speak high, spiritual truths, even though his behavior is not in alignment with the truths about which he speaks. This I feel is what makes it challenging for people to reconcile within their hearts and minds that what people are sharing about their experiences both with him and the Sangha is true. I know it was what was challenging for me. I kept saying, "But how could the one who has helped me so much through the teachings, also be the one who is capable of doing these things" ?!

Simply put, it's TOTALLY possible.

So, I pray for him as well as for his victims.

I hope this is helpful to those of you who have taken the time to read it. While I can not be your savior in this crisis, (because believe it or not, I do have a life outside of Mooji lol), I will do my part to help in the creation of avenues that support you.

I am still processing what this is meant to teach me and will be for some time I'm sure. I am particularly exploring what kept me brain-washed and blind for so many years. I know that there are those devotees who feel that I am being blinded and following darkness and the devil, (yes this has actually been said sigh) choosing to believe the victims. I assure you nothing could be furthest from the truth!

I am actually Waking up from the thick fog of psychological conditioning and hypnosis that I was under for so long! My prayer is that others will wake up too!

I am at peace with my decision to speak out and have not one smidgen of regret about doing so! NOT ONE!

I have always been wired to speak up against injustice and wrong doing. That has never and will never change! I am however, learning to establish healthy boundaries and to discern what is my cross to bear and what is not, as well how to recognize when the caretaker/rescuer within me has been activated. In those moments, I take a breath, step back, assess and ask vitally important questions such as , "Ok...what is my part to play in this situation and for how long" ?

At this point, I have determined that role to be one of support to those who need it by connecting you with one another. And for those who desire to speak out about your own personal experiences up to and including legal action if you choose to pursue that route, I will be your unyielding, unwavering cheerleader and will direct you to the people and resources that will aid you in doing so.

Blessings to each of us as we continue to heal from this.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: February 19, 2019 06:30AM


Well Done!!

It's interesting that Amma Tanya White claims that she was 'hypnotized' by Moo, which is exactly what happened to me!!

Very interesting also to learn, after reading Amma Tanya's Facebook page, that she has been accepted into prestigious Ph.D. studies and that her life is going from strength to strength.

A far cry from what the cult members were predicting - that she would suffer some evil magic ju-ju because she denounced her Guru! So much for bad karma!

Just goes to show that what the deranged Moo Cult members believe is utter bullsh*t and a pack of lies, to boot.

I hope their extra-terrestrial friends in their space-ships come down to rescue them all soon... they are gonna need all the help they can get.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: February 19, 2019 10:48AM

There are several reports about Mooji’s sexual promiscuity and harassment at [] from Xivoparig,
[] from Aga G, [] from Anna Dun.
Some Mooji’s girlfriends were confirmed in Constantin’s thread and Applejuice’s threads here at mooji a cult?.
Now, Mooji’s favorite concubines are Krishnabai (R) and Lakshmi (L) at this video at 0:57: [].
We need more such anonymous detailed reports/stories at least additionally two or three in the first wave…

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 19, 2019 09:25PM

Amma Tanya White wrote:


there are those of you who feel that something should be done about this so that more harm is not done to others, and have expressed to me, in fact DEMANDED that the women in particular who have confided in me should come forward, to which I have responded and continue to say that is not a decision I can make for them. Everybody is in their process with this and has the right to determine what's best for themselves and how and IF they want to be vocal about it as I have chosen to do.

What we here in this discussion can do is provide a safe and hospitable place.

Remember, people involved with Moo in any capacity have described how scared they are, how isolated they are.

xivoparig, who gave the first detailed allegations of impropriety, told us how frightened she was, frightened for her friend's welfare and afraid of retaliation from Moo followers. I have grouped xivoparig's writings together
and underlined key components. Notice how fear pervades those posts.

Note too that everything xivoparig describes appears to have been corroborated by other persons who have since joined this discussion.

So far CEI is the one place Moo's minions have not shut down.

We must keep this a safe low pressure place.

If anyone does show up and take the risk of saying or indicating that she has been harmed, what we must do is listen.

Listen. Listen, wait and be patient.

We must not bombard her with questions or seem hungry for prurient details.

We must not send her private messages asking or demanding that she
allow any of us to interview her or ask/demand that she help any of us do an expose video.

We must not request or demand interviews.

This place is for listening.

Here are some of the things xivo wrote August of last year. Right afterwards this discussion was visited by trolls.



Date: August 10, 2018 02:26AM

This account may be deleted but I am posting anonymously to help others and for fear of being found. Mooji is a straight up conman in the worst sense praying on the desperate and vulnerable. He is a rapist and everybody has to be warned. This happened over a year ago over the span of 2-3 months or so. I don't want to post much more than that as his may be reading.


..his crew spoke to me a lot about 'giving myself' to them whatever that meant, submitting for the higher good and belief. It was wishy washy to pinpoint what I was supposed to believe but the sheer force of belief coming from the crew made me didn't want to question this for fear of being thrown out on the streets.


Thank you corboy. That is good good advice for everyone.
I am trusting no-one. Not even you. I do not want to be interviewed and I recognize the danger in speaking about what happened. The whole Mooji cult works on followers deflecting and entrapment. The constant repetitiveness of tasks, chants that make the cult a part of your daily life. I saw this starting to happen to me. I saw lots of potential people in this position, giving their money and bodies away to this cult. This is the first place that came up on search so I posted.


Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: xivoparig
Date: August 11, 2018 11:06AM

Well I had to sleep where I could which is what led me to find out this! We were kept 'busy. What I can remember is some people didn't have any real names. They had new names, identities and personas and leave the material world to find true happiness. In a nutshell this did mean cutting yourself off from people. There was a sense of freedom and movement ..but it wasn't real freedom.

It is hard to explain as there is a trance like state everyone was in. I wasn't fully integrated but I was being beckoned into the group more and more as time went on.

If I was there for longer I'm not sure how cut off I would be and how deep it got. I was one of the group that was very new and kept my guard up more than others so mooji's followers didn't talk to me as much as they talked to others who after formed a strange bond that shunned us new blood out.

From general chit chat those very close to mooji people didn't want to talk about their 'old lives' or personas because it 'wasn't important' when I approached them. They seemed like they had nobody but the golden path of this trickster mooji. Maybe they were too far brainwashed.

There were different levels of people. Those who were deep into it were closes to mooji and they had no life before meeting him and the new blood were all being reeled in and slowly transformed.

It was a false sense of trust. It's terrifying to think about.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: February 20, 2019 03:16AM

Corboy, it’s perfect analysis, you are definitely right.
If there are some Mooji devotees or ashram visitors who want to write a report about Mooji’s Guru low ethics, sexual promiscuity and other improprieties, it should be done similar like Xivoparig wrote. One makes two or three long statements for the others and oneself as a therapeutic act, one sets oneself free with it, and cleans up the route behind oneself, and moves on….
Mooji must be isolated in his ashram with his hardcore devotees.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: February 20, 2019 04:31AM

Yes Everyone,

we must be patient. According to Startingover, Amma Tanya is connecting people to each other. This is a good first step.

Rome wasn't built in a day!

You know, I was just reading about Universal Medicine (another cult) and it took one brave woman 10 years to get the truth out there. Finally she has mainstream media attention for her story, but it took a long time.

She worked tirelessly. Ten years!!

So we will have to wait and see. But I am confident this will not be the last we hear of Tony and his antics.

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