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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Mara Fiota ()
Date: January 29, 2019 02:34AM

rrmoderator Wrote:
> Mara Fiota:
> What do you think Mooji had done wrong?
> What is wrong with group in your opinion?
> What mistakes have been made by Mooji?
> Please offer some specific examples.
> Unless you only registered and decided to post
> here as a Mooji apologist and/or troll.

where is the past my angel

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: January 29, 2019 05:50AM

Bill Free is a beginner “spiritual” teacher and one of many servile exponents of Mooji and Monte Sahaja ashram with his childish-naive radio / YT channel broadcast from ashram: for instance: Dialogues with Sahaja. - A dialogue on Awakening with Rose: []
Rose, Mooji’s devotee from London said “….I do not see my future here in Monte sahaja ashram’….” She has been with Mooji in Portugal since the beginning for 7 years. She seems to be nice but she also looks exhausted, burned out, confused, distracted, and atc. Is there an arranged exit-program for such long-term Mooji’s devotees like Rose? She is now a part of the ashram management involved in many “projects”. Does she have a dissent salary, regular income for a heath/retirement insurance, savings, a share of the ashram property, an own housing there, or a place where to return? Or is she one of many devotees or free labor workers who live on the EU welfare payments there without future or home with only a change to return to their parents?
She may also be one of many Mooji’s female followers in ashram who have slept with Mooji, got emotionally attached, after that have become his long-term devotees, later on volunteers to promote and serve the Mooji’s cult. After so many years with Mooji, many devotees might get fed up with the Mooji’s worshiping, a pioneer atmosphere in the ashram, false free happie’s environment, constant competition or politics in the Mooji’s hierarchy-management-bedroom, and a submarine’s effect with no privacy may be present there as well. But the real awakening out of it may come for them or is here now!!
Maybe she deserves to leave with empty hands because she has promoted a false Guru and has assisted to mislead people around for years…


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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Heythere1010101 ()
Date: January 29, 2019 06:23AM

Hey i wrote in an earlier thread, i know you guys have questions but just writing the amount i did (for me) was a big deal for now.
I feel like something is up with the sahaja group, i dont think its any more or less than any other group has effected the world under the name of religion or spirituality, nothing anyone hasnt heard before.
That being said i have been reading many different perspectives about this now, and first of all it is very traumatizing to go from loving them and pretty much devoting your life to mooji/sahaja to hating them in one second, i dont really think that is helpful to "hate" on them, it scares people away who actually need your help.
The thing is, desiring to go there and be in that environment, or not be in that environment is a trigger from things already happening in you, its your own trigger. The various reasons or examples are endless. For me i had many personal desires for going that i was barely aware of until after leaving. Mostly i thought i was going to find God, but it really wasnt the case i wanted the magic, adventure, peace, happiness, the flawless beauty of the people attracted to being there, the "easy going" way of life and literally salvation from basic human struggles and inner conflict.
I wanted something in this case i labeled that something "enlightenment" and experienced the amount of whatever my expectation of that was, beyond that i was utterly overwhelmed and traumatized. By another load of impressions and experiences i dont really have words for right now.
One thing im noticing is that it can really make you feel an unhealthy divide between "enlightenment" and "non enlightenment" whatever that is. Like worthy/ unworthy, in sahaja, you really start to believe you are "not enlightened" because obviously if there is one whos enlightened and a TON of others apparently are not including you, everyones trying to "make it" to Moojis "enlightened" state.
However he does state things clearly and simply enough and from a true enough place that most people will resonate with his pointings or at least be like, "cool guy", "yeah, that sounds about true". From that to both extremes of hating or worshipping him.
Im starting to see it really is subjective to the person (haha) funnily enough, using satsang, mooji worship, the environment of the sahaja community, & using that to cope with or learn about whatever they happen to be experiencing in themselves at the time that they cant explain themselves and noone is giving them a clear concise explaination.
For example: for somebody experiencing mental distress, and a people close to them only know about allopathic medication, trying to force them to take meds but they dont want to choose that, & have no other influences or info. about alternative medicines/medications/therapies.
They stumble upon a mooji satsang on youtube, bam, it is THE recipe, its a new fresh outlook, one you have not discovered. The thing is the essence of what Mooji is teaching has substance, undeniable power and truth in it. BECAUSE like the lady who just posted the facebook video said "it doesnt belong to him". These teachings have literally been around forEVER in almost every culture in one way or another. The modern way of finding out these teachings happens to be through Mooji right now in the western world.
Its when you go into the details is when things get weird.
It seems like it is a genuinely helpful path for people for a while, then some other stuff surfaces, whether in them or in Mooji/Sahaja crew.
When i was there, there were many misguided and vulnerable people in the "inner" circle (people who seemed to regularly live in or around sahaja). It was the first time they were hearing these very powerful teachings, but there was kind of no further instruction but "LOVE" (guru/self/neighbor/life).
That is actually enough for some which im very envious of, but for many, things can become convoluted and utterly unbearable. Youve finally admitted, "nothing is real". Okay, now what? Moojis way of addressing this is "what next?" "No next" it works for some, others it doesnt. Some dont need next anymore, for quite a while, some are now living in a confusion unimaginable to most people. Permanent acid trip, ready or not, is a good way to describe it.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Heythere1010101 ()
Date: January 29, 2019 06:38AM

Im pretty sure i worked on a team with the lady rose. I am also confused about the permanent residents able to earn a living?? There is literally no other work out there besides work trades. People in sahaja trade and "barter" goods between one another.
I have no clue, but i have an idea once your "in" they provide some kind of compensation or financial help from the retreats and so forth. Its possible that is not the case though, one "inner" person said they work until they have enough money and keep coming back. It seems if youve got good timing and patience this is possible, but yeah, i seem to have left short and it seems impossible to go back now.
Speaking honestly, I keep thinking its my punishment for leaving at the "wrong time". For me, it feels like if you cut out, your out, something will not let you back through, its another dimension or something.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: January 29, 2019 06:42AM

Mara Fiota:

You did not answer any of my questions.

I can only conclude you are here as a troll and/or an apologist.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Heythere1010101 ()
Date: January 29, 2019 06:52AM

For the younger generation it is a big relief to find a group like moojis where it seems like you are not being pressured by the "worlds" expectations and can literally disown the world without drugs or some self destructive mechanism. Maybe that is a good thing? Who knows.
The teaching is watch the "I" thought.
If ANYONE does this, for any amount of time you will see, we as a society & individuals are very ignorant to our essential nature and thus living in much chaos and ignorance, thus unsatisfied with life.
The point is ANYONE who practices this will find their nature, whether your sitting in a whole foods or your wearing tailor made spiritual clothes for tonights satsang.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Heythere1010101 ()
Date: January 29, 2019 07:47AM

I didnt find out it was a charity organization until after i left. Theres really no way of knowing that unless youve visited the charity website. Sometimes they set up small events and community projects in allentejo.
But yeah, there are some financial loopholes going on for sure?
Im not sure how they can put on a retreat, finance everything that goes on there, accumulate massive amounts of land and attract thousands of people and still pass as "charity"? But then again i have no idea how charities work.
Definitely somebody business savvy who knows how to get things done there.
Pretty sure your supposed to raise money for a cause though? And then how would they get their "allowance" for the rest of the expenses?
The sheer size of the land and surrounding campsites is mindboggling. Actually this was the first thing i wondered about when i got there.
Anyway . . . .one interesting thing is that still if i watch mooji or see an excerpt or something hes not looking at all concerned about any of these things. He seems pretty lucid and in touch for someone who behind the scenes is having some major under the table stuff going on?
I am curious about that because im not gonna stress out over this, if hes the one whos actually facing the consequences at some point.
I can say yeah, things were weird there, and definitley writing in stuff like this is important for people looking at the same things.
But im not going to open a case file and make myself sick over something if ultimately it is coming down into someone elses hands.
It is really helpful to be able to communicate about this though.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: January 29, 2019 07:50AM

Are you able to distinguish between free-spiritual-sex-hippie’s ashram/community and a false delusional cult society with worshiping of a liar-guru. And between the non-duality teaching/the true Self as a pure philosophy and regular spiritual practice like meditation on daily basis and to keep the mind focused on a work.. atc.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: January 29, 2019 08:07AM

Thanks Horowitz for sharing that Youtube video.

It was extremely painful to watch, mainly because Rose looks so terrible! What is she covered in? Sweat? Do they allow people to have showers there at the cult compound?

Rose could not say anything coherent- she seems to have problems with her memory and her eyes look glazed over. She looks really, really tired.

She smiles all the time as thought she is spaced-out. She has nothing interesting to say about Advaita, or anything else for that matter... what a worry! I guess they just work people into the ground in the Moo Cult and toss them aside, then replace them with new recruits?

She does say that they have a high turn-over of staff... she says "Things change pretty quickly around here".

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Heythere1010101 ()
Date: January 29, 2019 08:08AM

This is really helping me to let things come to light i have had absolutely no outlet to communicate.
There was also a few private meetings while i was there where only the members of sahaja are "allowed" to attend. I ended up somehow at one of these, i think because i was doing seva that day and it was definitely off.
I will just say mooji was saying a lot of very strange things about extraterrestrials and other dimensions and further in stated that someone in the sangha had said he wasnt enlightened.
Also, now that i think about it the whole "spies" and recording thing doesnt sound far off,
first of all because many have these little mics attached to them,
second because he specified who said it and where they had been talking when they said it.
Anyway, the entire room gasped and looked horrified stunned and offended and mooji even went on to complain that people dont wear "his" mala (mala with his picture on it), but they wear ramana and papajis mala. That was very strange to me.
Literally saying people do not give him the status and authority he deserves. After that many people were grovelling to him and cursing the unidentified "sinners" who were "guilty" of these things.
The whole thing was very unimaginable. But it seems he uses guilt and other tactics to keep devotees and sangha members "loyal"??
Also he was talking about how he didnt have to be there and at any moment he could choose to leave if he wanted because he was not attached whatsoever to sahaja or the sangha.
People there really believe this and are actually threatened and afraid of it. You dont treat the guru good, he gonna leave you !?
I found all of this absurd to say the least.
This is some crazy shit, i cant really believe it myself actually. And when your there, you just dont believe it, its just something that happened and then it passes, everyones "in check" again.
Its strange but everything would just totally go back to normal except everyones a little uneasy now.

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