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Yoga School Buenos Aires Protected by Powerful
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 07, 2022 07:36PM

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The sect of horror: Pablo Salum tells how he entered, what he suffered and how he escaped from the Yoga School that still has his family

Ronald Payne
August 15, 2022


(Quote)After a procedure with many controversial alternatives –including a letter that, in May 1999, a group of 28 North American congressmen sent to the then president, Carlos Menem, to denounce alleged human rights violations and judicial harassment against Percowicz and other members of the EYBA, and a letter sent in 2002 to the government of former President Eduardo Duhalde by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and other well-known figures from the arc of Argentine human rights organizations–, the cause began to languish, despite that the file contained strong statements, such as, precisely, that of Pablo Salum.

"On his twitter @leyantisectas (that name also has its website and its Facebook and Instagram user), Salum – who dedicates his life to asking the State to advance in the fight against these organizations and works to unmask them from the organization freely said in 2018 that Judge Berges “I had never imagined meeting such powerful people linked to a pedophile sect: ministers of the national government, judges, trade unionists, all exposed”and that “Then the pressures began to circulate.”

"He added: “The #Sect moved your contacts in #USA, where he had powerful contacts, and managed to get the US Congress to send several members of Congress to pressure them to close the case; even its president, Bill Clinton, sent a memo to Menem”.

"After an episode in which a group of relatives of victims rebuked and attacked Percowicz and his wife in a restaurant in Belgrano, several human rights organizations mobilized to support him and ask for him.

“Immediately, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Pérez Esquivel, desperately calls the commissioner and shows up at the police station demanding that they release the pedophile “master”, the same one who ordered us to be abused,” added Salum in his Twitter thread. .

In dialogue with THE NATION, Salum emphasized that his fight is “non-partisan; no political colour. “It is not intentional. I am a victim who was robbed of his family, his life in a coercive organization. And that organization continued operating with impunity with the complicity of the powerful; because they finance campaigns, because they lend meeting places, because they make their supporters vote” (Unquote)

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Re: Yoga School Juan Percowicz
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 11, 2022 02:34AM

Western Capitalistic Yoga & How To Challenge It


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