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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: frodobaggins ()
Date: May 22, 2012 11:13AM

Hi John

Sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately im still a little stuck on a solution to get friends or partners out of this. Im hoping that is just a "stage" they are going through and they will come out of it eventually. Problem with my little theory is how long is the "stage". It maybe months, years or decades?

Im hoping Eric is going to post on here again and provide some insight onto how he got his partner out of Universal Medicine.

I personally would be concerned about Serge with children but most practioners are females and generally nice people. They really shouldnt be doing chukrapuncture on children (its like acupuncture) and the massage is very gentle to the point of not achieving anything but relaxtion. They will definately by now encouraged to use energetic clearing cards to sit on or place in their shoes. Check under the beds or pillows or your lounge at home and you will be bound to find some. Check anywhere you lay down or sit.... even under the seat in your car. Totally harmless unless your children are taught they possess some mystical power and rely on them to solve their problems as they grow up.

What is interesting is what is written on the back of the cards. In part it says " this card intended for the use in one home" and it does not work as well transferred to other properties. Again great marketing on Serge's behalf. It means if you move home you need to buy a whole new set of cards.

Your partners yearly spend is about the average from what i have been told.... if she turns into a practioner herself expect that to double or triple.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: frodobaggins ()
Date: May 22, 2012 11:15AM

General Info about Message Board and Private Messaging

To anyone:

Check your PM box (private messaging) and make sure it isnt completely full.

Clear out un-needed stuff regularly to leave space.

THanks Corby - if anyone has sent me a PM In the last week and I didnt reply its because i was unaware my mailbox was full. Please resend if you like.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: MacReady ()
Date: May 22, 2012 01:06PM

Rod H. said in regard to the 'Universal Healing Symbols':

"For example I now understand more about what is behind the energetic configuration of healing symbols and why they are effective"

I just wanted to point this out for anyone who uses them or is considering doing so; on the backside of the cards is a disclaimer stating that any attempt to reproduce the symbols will 'change the energy' and essentially render them ineffective. So, they apparently only work if Serge has them printed up. If anyone else, even a dedicated UM student, had exact replicas made they would not work. We can deduce then, they are in reality rather exclusive healing symbols, and not 'Universal' at all. The only miraculous element about them is that Serge has managed to convince so many people to part with money in exchange for his exclusive magical symbols.

Another, more general disclaimer from UM:


"This site contains comments and references to medical topics; however there is absolutely no assurance that any statement contained in this publication touching on medical matters is accurate"

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Re: Universal medicine
Date: May 22, 2012 01:50PM

Hi John, I'm really sorry to hear your story and wish you all the best in your struggle.

I just wanted to share a passage that was sent to me by a family friend which is probably the best piece of advice that I have received on dealing with the more negative aspects of this cult:

"Keep all lines of communication open between him and his family. He will need you in the future when he comes to see the cultish elements and the manipulative techniques of the founder for themselves. It may also be that he separates himsef from your family, which will be heartbreaking. Don't stop sending Birthday, Christmas and Easter Cards, and continue inviting them to ALL family occasions. Be as generous, warm and loving as you can be. If he becomes critical of you and the family, and demanding that you need to look at joining Universal Medicine, then firmly and compassionately, tell him that you will not do that; that you have your own beliefs that you are more convinced of, and that while you support him as a brother, that you cannot agree with the decision he has made to join this group. But, even so, you are there for him with your love and support. The other good witness you could provide is for you to live your own faith (in my case I'm Catholic) with more faith, hope and love than ever before, enabling him to see that your faith is allowing you to live life to the fullest without the horrible cultish traits. My experience is that people who are drawn to these cults need black and white answers in their grey world. They need a strong sense of belonging and a strict sense of being assured of being saved (sometimes form themselves)."

This has helped give me some strength in my own fight, and hopefully it can help others.

Best of luck to all.

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Re: Universal medicine
Date: May 22, 2012 04:47PM

Yes it is clear to anyone in their Pranic mind that Universal Medicine is really about ensuring the royalties and revenue streams. It amazes me how students are not at all suspicious and defend Serge as a simple man who doesn’t take any money for himself ( except to drive a rather nice Alfa or live in a rather nice house, and own a handful more) They look in amazement when you suggest that perhaps he is a human and perhaps he could be flawed...yet while he is NOT a guru he does somehow have guru or saint like qualities according to thier reactions.

Our place is littered with the copyrighted ink blots of the Master. Its quite annoying to find them popping up under your pillow, under your seat cover, under the lounge, etc etc. The only satisfaction is they make good Frisbees’ and the clunk as they hit the wall.

Frodo/John, I have conservatively estimated a spend of $60-70K over the years by my ever withdrawing ex. It's a death of a thousand cuts.. $70 here, $20 there on esoterically designed herbs, $35 on some esoteric cream, $40 on inkblots, $50 on some pillow slips, jewellery, course 1, 2 3 and 4 and several $2K retreats and a few more meetings....and a swim course and a meditation course...and that's before you start to spend all your partners bucks on going to all the recommended esoteric doctors, accountants, financial advisors, designers, cooks, books, music, etc etc etc etc etc.... and all the while they smile beatifically as they hand over the cash and in return get a endless drivel about the 'new era' and how Serge knows the energetic truth and everyone else on the face of the earth, ever, is a fool.. ( maniacal laughing for effect)

The epidemic spreads. I have met yet more people this week, not by seeking them out, just by tripping over them, going through the pain of relationships falling apart without any explanation to speak of. Clearly something Serge has said lately has triggered them off. So to all your UM people who would be reading this blog, I ask: are you so right in your world view that all the pain that Serge is causing here and a far is worth it? Is there any chance, even slight, that his so called Ancient Wisdom is a crock dreamt up by some whacky menapausal women 100 odd years ago all fighting over the Ouiji board, and you are being played for fools? that you are wasting your life and money pursuing and unachievable goal? that the wisdom to be true requires so many people to suffer seeing their loved ones withdraw into a world of spirits and shapes and gluten/dairy free diets, lust less lovemaking, and brain defying catch phrases? Is it? has the thought ever crossed your non esoteric minds????

If you get 5 , 10 or 20 years down the track and realise that you have been given up your REAL life for an imagined one of 'other planes' and 'better incarnations' how are you going to feel? are you going to look back on the family you dissociated from, the partner and husband you dumped, the friends you eschewed, who all REALLY loved you, and say " here was this beautiful sweet moment of existence that I can NEVER get back, and I gave it all up for this little man with crazy ideas who in the end proved to be human, just like me...?" which of course he will. (Sooner than later I can assure you)

I just want to shake you all out of your crazy dreams so you can come back to now and have an AUTHENTIC life in the only thing that really exists that you can know for sure. NOW.

Then next time I am walking down the street I can talk to someone about something real in their life and not this avalanche of misery that Serge and his second rate, ill conceived wisdom is heaping on people left right and centre.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: frodobaggins ()
Date: May 22, 2012 06:35PM

It's important people are aware that UM practitioners are not endorsed by any medical board. Any people offering health advice should at the minimum have approved qualifications that are recognized by the state. UM is self accredited to a degree. Yes his practice meets health and safety standards by NSW health but he has NO formal qualifications in pyschology. Serge has basically qualified himself in esoteric psychology and while it is one thing as an adult to make your decisions about treatment children should not be "guinea pigs" for serge. Serge has created his own courses which are not independently tested. Does anyone know if he is even a qualified naturopath?? This guy should not be allowed anywhere near children to offer any kind of assistance. Surely there are laws in place to stop people offering medical advice without formal medical degrees?

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 22, 2012 08:28PM

Advice to anyone married to a UM spouse:

If you own your own home or other property, go to the office where property records are filed. Make sure nothing has been borrowed against your property without your awareness or consent.

You dont want to discover that a mortagage or loan has been taken out on your property without your awareness--or consent.

I am not saying this has been done. I suggest doing this as a precaution.

Two, keep track of all monies spent on UM. In event that you must go to court and pay alimony, bring this information to the judge and state that if you are to pay alimony and child support, you want to set up a trust arrangement to ensure that money directly goes to the children's school, and for rent and utilities on a safe and clean property for them to live in.

If considering leaving an inheritance to a child or other relative who is in UM, discuss with an attorney or solicitor and consider it in the form of an administered trust so that the principal at least is preserved so that the beneficiary still has some income in his or her old age or for medical and dental needs later on.

Not everyone can keep healthy teeth if they omit use of flouridated products.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 23, 2012 11:53PM

The Food Angle

Quote[] Foods
Posted: May 11, 2012 (02:10:26 AM)

Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and Bridging Foods
The story of Bridging Foods – How the book came to be
How did this book begin, where did the name come from and what does Bridging Foods truly mean?
In June 2003 I had a life threatening illness, after surviving this I was introduced to a practitioner named Serge Benhayon through a friend. I listened to what Serge Benhayon presented to me in the Esoteric Healing session and felt that what had been presented supported me to make sense of my 'near death experience'. Within the gentle hands on Esoteric Healing session I reconnected to my true self and I felt my inner-most essence.

Serge Benhayon is the founder of Universal Medicine and a very well known practitioner of Esoteric Healing. He practices extensively on the East Coast of Australia from his clinic in Goonellabah and travels overseas twice a year to his European based clinic The Sound Training Centre (next to The Lighthouse) In Somerset UK.

I asked Nicole, a friend, to travel with me to Lennox Head NSW to participate in a Universal Medicine workshop in May 2004, as Serge Benhayon presents a number of workshops and courses every year. The Sacred Esoteric Healing Level One workshop gave us an opportunity to connect to ourselves, to have a sense of who we truly are and thus begin to understand that it is possible to know yourself from the inside out, from your inner-most. Nicole and I recognised that we had been living by looking at who we were from the outside in, from everything that the world teaches us and tells us.

From this experience Nicole and I were inspired to look more closely at how food affected our bodies, what was happening on the inside after we ate something and how did we truly feel?

Serge Benhayon talks about the energy of food. He does mention certain foods, like gluten and dairy, and the energetic affect they have on our physical body. He does not say what to or what not to eat but rather to feel how food makes you feel.

“Is it worth the body losing energy in digesting one thing, when it could easily digest something much easier, faster and have more energy in the process?” SB

Nicole and I collected recipes that would support our own choice to begin a gluten and dairy free way of eating. The end result, six years later, is Bridging Foods. With the title being suggested by Serge Benhayon and the overall book completely inspired by the teachings of Universal Medicine. So, Bridging Foods is as you would imagine a bridge, a cookbook; that presents you with a choice to eat gluten and dairy free.

The information and recipes within Bridging Foods allow you to explore your own food choices and how different food feels in your body. What you do or do not eat is now your choice. May the book serve to support you to make the food choices that bring greater harmony and vitality to you and your body.
With love,

However, as someone else noted:

"This recent post expands on some of Serge's claims. It's pretty far out material, and certainly a world away from what he preaches at most of his 'entry level' workshops".


Serge claims to be the reincarnation of Alice A. Bailey, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Pythagoras. In a recent interview he claimed to be one of the 'hierarchy of ascended masters' not merely in 'clairsentient' or psychic communication with them, which is how he previously claimed he sources the information he presents. He claims human beings originated from Mars and Venus (where we existed in non-physical bodies as 'beings of light' from memory).

He claims that we were never meant to physically manifest on Earth and will one day return to our intended state of 'beings of light' but only when we take responsibility for the way we live and follow his teachings, otherwise we're condemned to keep repeating physical existence via reincarnations on Earth until we get it right.

He claims that the folly of all human history is due to the influence of four disincarnate spirits called the Lords of Form, and that all religions, spiritual teachings and alternative healing modalities (Yoga, meditation etc) apart from his are the work of the Lords of Form.

He claims the Lords of Form have legions of 'entities' - astral spirits and cosmic beings which they use to influence mankind in various negative ways, the general result of which is crime and other harmful, abhorrent behavior.

Along with Elvis Presley's reincarnation he also claims to know where Hitler's is, and has also claimed that Shakespeare's reincarnation has been in attendance at his workshops. He recently claimed to know all the mysteries of the universe, but not in scientific terms, he can only relay how such information relates to human existence.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 24, 2012 12:07AM

This gluten free stuff is turning into a marketing angle.

Yes, yes yes, some persons are gluten intolerant. Many learn to avoid gluten and dont have to tie it in to an expensive life of attending workshops and burning mental energy by contantly monitoring the energetics of foods, according to some Theosophy spin off.

I am meeting more and more people who were happy and healthy for years, never said a thing about digestive issues, never said a thing about feeling run down and abruptly concern themselves with the need to be gluten free.

People who suffer long term from celiac drag through life for years and struggle with impaired vitality for years. They live as though walking with lead in their shoes. A British physician wrote an essay some decades ago about how he had spent all his childhood being susceptible to infectious diseases, tired much of the time, and how he had to budget his energy carefully when in medical school. He wrote he even found it a little bit embarassing to be unable to play football with his medical student mates or stay up late socializing.

This is not the same as what my vigorous friends report who suddenly decide they need to get rid of gluten.

Final and public service note:

A buddy of mine suffered years from digestive troubles and spent years being told she had celiac disease.

In her case, it turned out she did NOT have celiac disease. Turned out that she had a condition called Sjogren's Disease--autoimmune. The body cannot produce enough mucus and one has dry mouth and a multitude of other troubles.

Dont let anyone persuade you that you have frailties you dont actually have.

If we are allowed to live long enough into old age, we are going to mourn the lost opporuntities to eat and play without an oppressive set of energetic guidelines.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 24, 2012 05:57AM


sites and a possible explanation When a person or organisation seeks to "clean" their interent presence, there has to be some reason for it. With Universal Medicine, I know already of 3 internet sites that were critical of them and now no longer exist.

There was a Wikipedia page on Serge and his group that was not positive in its appraisal of them. This has been erased.

The Bad Beliefs blog that inspired this site was deleted and all links associated with it removed.

The Lonely Planet Tree Thorn Forum had a discussion on the groups' involvement in local schools that was causing some discomfort. This discussion has now been shut down.

Why is this?

If it was just one site disappearing, I could believe that there was nothing behind it. But 3 sites seems to suggest a coordinated attack on anyone speaking out against this group. It's just too many to be coincidental. And these are just the ones I know of.

Why does UniMed feel the need to have an only positive interent presence? Is it because those that have spoken out against it are speaking the truth, and highlighting the inconsistencies in what it's preaching? As a business that charges a lot of money for its courses and literature/products, it would seem that they are seeking to protect their financial income. Anyone interested in the group who finds negative (and truthful) information on it online may think again before spending their hard earned money.

The bottom line is that Universal Medicine is a business, and having a clean internet presence is a good way of ensuring that their revenue continues to grow.

Posted 8th March by Andrea Cione
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