Targeted for hate last evening again.
Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: January 14, 2008 02:30AM

Yesterday evening someone yelled out, "Hey Jew boy!" at me three times about 1 block away from my apartment. This was the second time since September of last year that I had an incident that I had to report to the ADL and also to the police.
Last week, in New Brunswick, over 500 grave stones were toppled and some were broken as a Jewish cemetery was targeted for a bias crime. It seems that these types of incidents are on the rise as far as I can tell.
My father, never an optimist, always said that the US could get worse than Germany. The Talmud says that when times are good, people are brotherly. Well, times aren't good anymore and people aren't as brotherly as they were in the hippie era. This is definitely not the 60's anymore.

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Re: Targeted for hate last evening again.
Posted by: Nina ()
Date: July 26, 2008 11:48AM

I'd had young men drive by me, throw stuff - usually bottles - and scream "fat dyke" at me

now, it's true that I am fat and I am a dyke

but really, shouldn't we be beyond that by now?

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Re: Targeted for hate last evening again.
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: July 28, 2008 06:28AM

I have had anonymous death threats (I'm assuming) made against me on my answering machine on more than one occasion. I used to have a pest control business and I actually got a message like this (paraphrasing, but close to original message):

"Murderer! F**king butcher! We are going to get you! Hitler only killed a few million Jews and you probably are responsible for killing twice that many roaches! We are going to get you for your crimes!"

Other messages were simple "Murderer! Death is coming"
and of course the fun: "When you put your key in your ignition, will you set something off besides your engine?"

Yeah. This is why a pet peeve of mine are all the PETAs and ALFs of the world. These fools whip up their base to almost murderous stages. The FBI should really investigate a little better...

And yes, I reported the calls to my police department and made statements. One friendly cop told me that the information I gave them would help IF I AM FOUND DEAD. Hey! Thanks a lot! And now, yes, I carry a concealed (legally) firearm even though I am no longer in that industry.

BTW, I found the orignal long and hateful message shows the true morality of the PETA/ALF/Home grown/nutjob people. "Hitler only killed X amount of Jews and you killed Y amount of roaches"????

I guess these PETA/ALF fools consider little difference to people and roaches. I also consider this an anti-semite assault as well since they specified JEWS with ROACHES.

Hate sucks.

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Re: Targeted for hate last evening again.
Posted by: Sallie ()
Date: December 09, 2008 11:00PM

Consider the fact that America does not necessarily teach the youth that ''all men are created equal'' (the mantra that provoked many Americans to fight against slavery). Instead many schools are now increasingly teaching and preaching the ''less evolved'' and ''more evolved'' mantra. They are beginning to teach that we all ''evolved''...some more than others.....
Hitler used the term ''anthropomorphic apes'' to describe Jews...he based it on his belief that Jews were ''less evolved''....
Those thoughts were safe as long as they remained locked in his demented head. But eventually they got into the school system. Then ... of course... we know the rest.
I think anti Semitism is definitely on the rise.

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