David Icke Booted Offline (so far, partiality)
Posted by: facet ()
Date: May 03, 2020 05:35PM

Hello Everyone,

Hope all are as well as can be and taking good care.

I’m not sure if it is correct to post here about this, though for me this is important and does come under the undue influence and coercive persuasion tags, and cults since this man has been responsible for a lot of crap peddling for many, many years without much regulation.

He provided much material to keep those involved cult type groups under a regime of fear and uncertainty.

David Icke, person who I’d say mainly responsible for re igniting belief in ‘Reptillian’ aliens amongst the general public and supportive societal structures and figures has been removed from Facebook yesterday, and by today YouTube — this is triumphant.

He started (in the UK)with his tv appearances and books, up until recent times where he has been able to remain in partial obscurity on internet platforms.

If you have been involved in any sort of spiritual program, course or related you may well have come across beliefs and trends regarding shape shifting reptillian aliens within them. This awful agenda often instantly pushed the psyche into fear, and therefore immediate control.

In my view, David Icke has been the sole responsible person in pushing this trend into its existence among people and in an unregulated internet world there was nothing that anybody could really do aside from discount him greatly for his harmful activities.

Luckily for me, debunking his theory was as simple as learning a little bit about the human brain and being shown an old fiction story book where he likely got his idea (or I’m being kind here, programming) from.

Looks like he has been booted for sharing harmful misinformation about recent global event covid19 and combining it with the 5G network conspiracy fears that are currently at the public’s helm.

It took this long !

Much harm has already been done with his previous stories, I can only hold steadfast in the hope that this really is now the first stirrings of a more regulated internet.. I know not what everyone might see as beneficial though something has to start somewhere.

It is difficult not to dislike this person for what they have done, though I absolutely realise that he himself is likely a programmed individual and did not get the necessary help he needed or enough social / financial rebuttal against his activities early on.

Happy to see this news this evening, could be the start of recognising these previously more obscure sharings as the un acknowledged radicalisation that it really is.

Edit: I’d like to back track on what I said about being kind. It is obvious to me that this man was selling a belief early from early on. If anything, he is the believer of his own lie as often is the case with individuals who’s survival relies on what they say.

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Re: David Icke Booted Offline (so far, partiality)
Posted by: facet ()
Date: May 19, 2020 12:32AM

The latest David Icke response to his webshite being targeted by hackers states: ‘obviously not a bloke in his bedroom but a major player’ -

Why of course it would have to be of great expense, to be somebody of note and great importance, with no female ever being able to fit the role of hacker.

That’s one hilariously narcissistic and closed way of perceiving for someone who claims to have answers on ‘what’s really going on” via his claims.

After being removed from platforms Facebook and YouTube, declaring that there is fascism and silencing going on, david has relocated himself to bitchute, an alternative platform aimed at those who cannot use more long standing platforms anymore due to their content. Until regulation is brought in, this will continue to happen creating an even deeper dark web than is currently already in existence.

Despite being obviously alarmed by the increasing current dent in his pocket, he continues to publicly mock UK press releases concerning Covid19 symptoms that the general public should look out for, and is still left unaccountable for his harmful behaviour.

David’s journey through his own lizard brain continues, and he’s not content with going alone. Or without a few bucks in the bank.

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Re: David Icke Booted Offline (so far, partiality)
Posted by: facet ()
Date: November 14, 2020 07:57PM

Score ! Pun intended :D


Next stop are Instagram, and any domain hosts inc pre available ones upon sign up via tumblr, blogger, etc.

If he truly believes in what he says, I wish this man health, and a settled mind free from the stressors of the subject matter he puts out some day.

Conspiracy theory is damaging to the general public, and most importantly, upcoming generations of young people.

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Re: David Icke Booted Offline (so far, partiality)
Posted by: braveheart64 ()
Date: May 21, 2021 07:43PM

hes was a sneaky bugger and he would gas light and charm his way online and on tv , goes to show you they get worse as time goes on the greedier they become

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