the chosen is a lie mocking the Jews ! and using your Gentile Fools to recruit
Posted by: totowashere ()
Date: October 02, 2022 07:30AM

i want to make this very clear to anyone buying into the movie called
"the chosen " this is for Christians that are being told G-d is going to forget Israel and bless the gentiles ? you have been duped once again by the false teachings of the mormons ! this was also a ply from the late David Berg that would trash the Torah , and dare to mock the rabbis and those who truly were of Jewish blood ! this David berg was a evil scheming Bastard and a man that took delight using and abusing Christians and Espically Jews for sex toys

The Children of God Cult is no different than the mormons and now there is this video dipcting Jesus of Nazareath as a raving petifile ?
Stop watching this video that was produced by a hollywood actor that twisted both Mormonism and Judism with Christian Beliefs

Those buying into the idea you can "PROVOKE the Jews to Jellousy
are taking this to the Extreme even to dare to say they are jews cause GOD spoke to them in their ears or give them dreams , signs , visions and wonders
those laying claim that these hill song type latter reign are the "chosen " cause you are actually NOT when you buy into the lie that
somehow you can Harass a elder orthodox jewish lady to the point she is in tears sitting helpless in a nersing home !

im fed up with this Shove the Gospel down your throat approach as the so called Westborragh baptist and not those self righteous Christians that take this scripture of PROVICATION of the jews to the EXTREME
even stealing thier own Culture , Judiac Laws and ther very Identity
for over a decade i bought into this lie the more you study these self appointed rabbis like Fruchentaubaum that has been twisting the bible for Centries because of the trauma of what happened to him and his family in the hollocust !
God said to love them that hate you , do good to them to those that use you and pray for them that persecute you

Stop acting like your so self righteous! thank for one minute
even Abraham Isiac and Jacob had faith not works
did God forget them ? NO !

We believe on the Lord God and We shall be saved , there is no added
working like slaves and putting people under harsh laws
but the Gentiles are now doing just that here is just a few babylonian ways these self righteous Christians under the banner of the "chosen are

1. Self made Mega Churches
2. non denomination begging _ puke puke
buy buy this buy that , dvd books tapes and even coffee cups , pens and
t shirts called "the chosen
3 lets not forget the books and the plain out right blasophomous video of those
creeps in hollywood that absolulty hate Isreal and want to wipe them off the map
4 the change of diet and fasting " Knock it off that was for Isreal not the Gentiles !
5 dressing in clothes that the jews wear , long dresses , and complete submission to their husbands ?
why so they can be sexually assulted like pigs and cows

many Jews are opening their eyes to the Messiah Jesus
but my advice to you mega self righteous puke type slap people in the face with a white coat , tell them GOD said to " punch that man in the stomach and get rid of that Cancer aka Todd bently

Now its the N.A.R is a posion that has been in the cult of David koresh
even Jim Jones and look where that ended !
im absolulty pissed off at the fact i was in this mess because i love ISRAEL i am not their enemy i will not take their culture from them
guess who were the FIRST CHOSEN it sure waa not some idiots called the Mormons that wanted to make a hollywood movie !
Hollywood will stop at nothing to make the Jews look like they are bad people

yes there was scribes , pharasies and sadducees
did Messiah hate them ? hell no !
he walked with them he talked and let them her HIM
and thy did noyt kill him HE WENT WILLINGLY to the CROSS
to be crucified !

mind you there was 3 crosses that day on the Mountian called the SKULL
one accepted one rejected
what did the theif and murderer say Lord will you remember me when you
are in paridise ?
there was NO FREAKIN WORKS was there !
no money no fancy buildings
time and time again he used parables because ( the chosen ) JEWS
that were a part of ISREAL ! hello they are Jewish in Blood !

those parables were used as hidden code to hide who HE Was cause they
turned against their beloved Messiah !

and it seems we are coiming to the fullness of the Ignorant Gentiles that keep running head long into more fire churches , more mlm scams , give more money till you loose eveything you own !
what will it take to wake up these blind sheep ?
loose your house , car , job . how about they drain out your bANK account for buying isogenix ! or another lie buy my books

the biggest seller is the old saying " GOD SOKE TO ME TO TELL YOU THIS
even children claiming to get dreams from God

your being LIED TOO by the father of all lies fools
dont you know lucifer disguizes himself as a angel of light
yet you play with this fire you will be burned
but they dont learn . from Q anon to Conspiriacy with Alax Jones
they are chock full of them waiting to bait you
but will you read the word of God ?
Nope yoy want to play G-od

well hows that working for you ?
millions scammed , mega churches growing fatter
now home churches are just as wrestched with this
self righteous lets FORCE THIS TEACHING on the Jews with a attitute to scare and belittle them and their culture
im a Christian and waking up to this insanity makes me want to Vomit

wake up get educated on this
there is a video on this by fighting for the faith on u tube
stop listening to your own vile wretched self serving hearts
Bow down to GOD ALMIGHTY that will judge everyone of us one day
and you will not be telling HIM all the wonderful miracles you did and the special dreams and healings you did

cause he will say in that DAY I NEVER KNEW YOU

i will not be seen with thses types of shaved headed bald self rightous , biggits that lay claim they can Declare healings or pray on others using guilt by association and love bombing

Jesus never did it so what makes your narcissim a exception to the rule
men of God need to Act like Men
love their wives as Messiah loved the Church and wives love their husbands
and trian your children p in the Lord

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