Bill and Patsy Freeman
Posted by: Cactus ()
Date: October 19, 2007 11:56AM

Yo! So Patsy Freeman continues her MO to enslave unsuspecting college students in yet another college town. Like a broken record, her history repeats itself again in another unsuspecting town. A patsy can only beget more patsys...she'll use you and then abuse you. Just ask any former victims in Seattle and Scottsdale. They all tell the same sad story of broken families and lives. Yet, upon departure, all have found FREEDOM after the Freemans.

Patsy, to the contrary, claims that everyone departing from the group becomes alcoholics, drug addicts, or experience a sordid or sad illness. NOT SO.. LISTEN NOT TO THE DECEIVER!!

As repeatedly done in Seattle, Phoenix, then Portland, and now poor Spokane? When will her warped attempt to manipulate, control, confuse, and financially destroy young college students end?

When, oh, when will souls presently enslaved under her strain of mind control be released? Soon. Her remaining "dear ones" are few. Her cash flow dwindles. Awaken those few that formerly followed her commands to independently begin to question anew. Arise, dear souls, Arise. Living in fear of this false idol is opposition to Faith.

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