Consegrity Death/Murder
Posted by: consegrityscam ()
Date: November 29, 2005 09:37AM

This information comes through David Harrison, one of the sons of Consegrity Co-Founder Debra Harrison ([]). I cannot promise you that he is not lying to me, but this would be something very terrible to lie about to your friends and people you work with.

Consegrity is another energy/holistic healing practice. However, what happens when one of the founders of this wellness program gets sick?

As far as I can tell from listening to David, his mother had been getting sick for well over a year. She was losing weight despite eating lots. She was constantly hungry and thirsty. She became tired quite often. I learned of these symptoms just after she had passed, and I told David that it sounded like she had diabetes. Sure enough, when the toxicology report came back she had a blood-sugar level of 900 mg/dl. 600 mg/dl is serious enough for an emergency room visit. She died from complications of untreated diabetes.

I am not a doctor or involved in the medical field at all. Nobody in my family has diabetes and all my knowledge was from basic health education classes in highschool, yet I was able to recognize the signs of diabetes. Why on earth, then, would Dr. Mary A. Lynch, retired doctor, not recognize those same symptoms - especially when she was living with Ms. Harrison at the time that she passed?

Despite frequent requests from Debra Harrison's children, Dr. Lynch insisted that she not be taken to the hospital - Consegrity would work for her. Still, Ms. Harrison's condition worsened. During the last few months of her life, Dr. Lynch was feeding Ms. Harrison lots of fruit juices, orange juice mostly. This is a very bad thing to feed a hyperglycemic. Sadly, Ms. Harrison passed. Dr. Lynch waited 45 minutes to call 911 for assistance.

2 days after she passed, Dr. Lynch cashed in on a $500,000 life insurance policy solely in her name. She removed much of the equipment from the wellness center that Ms. Harrison was the director of. She took much of Ms. Harrison's property from her estate near Wichita, KS and St. George, UT. She also had the locks changed at these locations. At the estate near Wichita, after she had taken most of the late Ms. Harrison's possessions, she left a book in the ranch house - "Why Your Life Sucks...and What You Can Do about It" by Alan Cohen for Ms. Harrison's children to find.

She was listed as executor of Ms. Harrison's estate, but thankfully there was a clause allowing the 5 children to remove the executor by a majority vote. Before this was brought before the courts, Dr. Lynch offered to resign from her post as executor if the children signed a release clearing her of all accusations of wrongdoing concerning their mother's death. Fortunately for them, they were still able to think clearly and simply had the court remove her.

Now Dr. Lynch has skipped the country with the $500,000 and with much of Ms. Harrison's possessions hidden away God knows where. There is currently a criminal murder investigation initiated by the state of Kansas, of which Dr. Lynch is a person of interest. Her lawyer insists that she is simply on vacation.

This is a horrible way for someone to pass. Diabetes is a treatable disease. One trip to the doctor would have gotten Ms. Harrison all the training and medicine she needed to live a healthy life. Instead, her good friend and colleague convinced her not to go to the hospital and even fed her orange juice which helped to speed her death along, perhaps deliberately. Alternative medicine is fine and all, but when they insist that you not trust conventional medicine at all, that is when you should be concerned for your own safety.

Once again, I must remind you that this is simply information through David Harrison. It is certainly possible for it to be untrue. I am simply repeating what he has told me over the course of the last two months.

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Consegrity Death/Murder
Posted by: consegrityscam ()
Date: December 15, 2005 11:59AM

Update from the Consegrity website:


It is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of Debra L. Harrison, co-founder of Consegrity, Inc. I also announce the resignation of Mary A. Lynch from Energy Medicine Training Center (EMTC) effective November 3rd, 2005, and her removal from the Board of Directors and Officer of EMTC and any affiliated companies of EMTC, effective December 5th, 2005.

There are no longer any principles in EMTC or Consegrity, Inc. The current stockholders, as heirs to Debra L. Harrison's Estate and Trust, have no intention of continuing these businesses. Therefore, effective immediately, Energy Medicine Training Center, Consegrity Inc., and any other affiliated business, will no longer operate in any form. As a result, all business related activities, advertisements, marketing, and support, are suspended. All Consegrity classes, CWC, SPC, & SKIP, etc. are hereby cancelled.

The use of the Consegrity name, logo, or curriculum, without express written permission from the Executor and Trustee of the Estate of Debra L. Harrison, is prohibited. Anyone in violation of this prohibition will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Chris Ducey

Executor and Trustee to the Estate of Debra L. Harrison
- from [] mainpage

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Consegrity Death/Murder
Posted by: Noa ()
Date: April 01, 2006 08:07PM

This is very true. I am the nephew of Debbie Harrison, and I found this by googling her name.

All very accurate... Mary is an evil woman.

- Noa

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Consegrity Death/Murder
Posted by: maggieblue ()
Date: May 17, 2006 02:04PM

Where is she now?

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Re: Consegrity Death/Murder
Date: October 09, 2012 10:46PM

Mary Lynch is dead as of March 31, 2012. She died from a toe infection that she refused to treat with antibiotics. Here are a couple links pertaining to her death.




Debbie Harrison was my Aunt, she was very involved in our family life and my childhood up until she became intertwined with Mary. After that ties were slowly severed due to the fact not all of the family bought into what they were saying and therefore Mary would not have doubters or naysayers in Debbie’s arena. Through the course of meeting Mary and creating Consegrity she finally found what she felt was lacking all her life, and that would eventually cost her her own. I think she had a weakness for it just the same as people who adhere to any fanatical cults or beliefs. She was susceptible to manipulation. Yes, Debbie holds a responsibility in this cult by being a part of its nonsense and promoting it, but I do hold the belief that Debbie was a victim. I think Mary was very calculating and at the end of Deborah’s life made financial and business related moves to protect herself… she knew Debbie was wasting away and protected herself beforehand. That in it of itself screams of culpability to me. As much as I would like to vilify Mary in this feedback I offer I would rather not focus on her and let you know what I knew of my Aunt. My reasoning for this is purely to protect the women that I knew as a child. It was very difficult reading the information on the internet and seeing her name opens up a rather tender wound. She may have gone down a dangerous path, but that wasn't all Debbie did in her lifetime. I would have others know a little behind her name as well.

Debbie was a sweet and giving person. When my family needed a roof she supplied it. Once when my mother couldn't attend a mother daughter function with me Debbie graciously stepped in and made the hole from missing my mother a little less gaping for a moment (my mother was living in California at the time while I resided with my father). She had a presence and quiet dignity to her. Debbie was an incredible homemaker and when she decided to go after her education in her later years she did so with great tenacity and resolve. Nothing was as infectious as her smile and her laugh. When I was about 11-12 years old she had planned a family trip to our Grandmas home in California, as she was getting ready to depart she saw my brother and I forlornly watching her family prepare for an adventure…. She decided to cram us into her minivan and take us with her. Debbie did these acts of kindness effortlessly. I believe she really wanted to make a positive impact on the world. She offered anyone around her a since of acceptance and security. She was a beautiful glowing women before she lost her way.

When I think of her I try to push away the nonsense that clouded the end of her life and choose to remember what a wonderful person she was. I hope that other people who have lost loved ones to cultish behavior can reconcile their emotions behind “who the person they loved once was” and “who they eventually became”.

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